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Current registration coupons valid till 1st Mar, 11:59PM.

Rs. 250 off on Rs. 500+: Sign up offer. (Register & get Rs. 1000 worth Coupons)
20% off: Sign up offer.
18% off Max Discount Rs. 750 Coupon: PEPOMGM79DAE or PEPOMGM72JBV or PEPOMGM39XBP

Registration coupons from 2nd Mar: 30% off Max Discount Rs. 250 & 20% off Max Discount Rs. 750.

Furniture – 25% off Coupon: VHFR25
Home & Kitchen – 20% off Coupon: KIT20PER
Storage Devices – 8% off Coupon: SD18PER
Photography – 18% off Coupon: PHOTO8PER (Max Discount Rs. 750)
Music & Video – 18% off Coupon: MUSIC18PER
Appliances – 20% off Coupon: APP20OFF
Baby Clothing – 30% off Coupon: BABY30PER
Gold Coins – 15% off Coupon: PJEW20PER
Precious & Gold Jewellery – 20% off Coupon: PJEW20PER
Fashion Jewellery – 25% off Coupon: FJEW25PER
French Connection Clothing – 50% off Coupon: FCUK50PER (excl innerwear)

Casio, Playboy, Swatch, Ed Hardy and Christian Audiger – 25% off Coupon: PWATCH25B (Max Discount Rs. 500)
Esprit, Fossil, Cross and Kenneth Cole – 25% off Coupon: PWATCH25C (Max Discount Rs. 1000)
Tissot & Citizen – 25% off Coupon: PWATCH25d (Max Discount Rs. 2000)

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57 Responses to “PepperFry Discount Coupons”

  1. Mayukh says:

    I have not ever experienced such kind of worst online shopping site… please think twice before placing any order…there are several other sites which provides better services, offer and products…

  2. Himanshu says:

    Hi I got one coupon today which is working damn fine for me. You can get 20% off on various products at the But maximum you can save is INR 1000

    Coupons : PEPIBIBO20PER

  3. bharu says:

    value of discounts decreasing with time..

  4. S Gurumurthi says:

    I am one more satisfied customer of Pepperfry. I have purchased many products since the last six months. (Initially their discounts were much better and till December 2012 they also did not charge shipping). They are always reachable on their help lines and the “Customer Care” team have always responded with “Care”. They were also liberal with “Pepperfry Points” when they could not fulfill any order (Till Dec. 2012).
    I will continue to purchase from them if I see something that I need – will always check if they have what I need first before I do the same from other sites.
    Hope to see them in good health when the “Online” market settles down.

  5. ABHISHEK says:

    I am satisfied with the service and the price is very good.i wd suggest to pepperfry that every product i ve recieved through quantium qurier is broken or worst condition.plz dont ship with that quarier company.they dont know how to handle the product.the dtdc is better qurier and they ship quickly.from next time if i got broken thing i ll go for return

  6. Kunal says:

    Using pepperpoint discount coupons we can get any item in low price compare than other sites. It’s my personal experience I have ordered philips induction cooktop hd4908 at 2600 rs. When i search it in other sites it showing 3300 to 3400. Delivered in 5 working days. I think pepperfry is no.1 site

  7. Gaurav says:

    Dont buy anything from Pepperfry, there delivery is pathatic and in my case they even didnt delivered it. I am follwing it up from last 1 month but no solutions is given till date…

  8. yazadani says:

    nice website .i have personal experience buying from pepperfry … thrice i have ordered… they usually deliver product within 10 days… good service,cash on delivery also available.

  9. Pepperfry says:


    Thanks for getting in touch. To share your feedback on please email us on:

    Warm Regards,
    Team Pepperfry

  10. Varun Kanungo says:

    Well after reading some of the comments about pepperfry it seems that many people are not satisfied due to many reasons from pepperfry, My personal experience regarding FMCG product is the same, they deliver products which are very near to expiry, the shipping is also late, the refund is also late and someone has very correctly mentioned that it is hard to get refund,

    I have purchased around 10-12 products from pepperfry and all I can say is excluding all the above facts I would still rate Pepperfry 7 Marks out of 10, b’coz of its competitive product prices, packaging, shipping (although a bit dellay) and their timely response whether it may be negative for some buyers.

  11. RAJESH says:


  12. Ram, Coimbatore says:

    i have personal experience buying from pepperfry … thrice i have ordered… they usually deliver product within 10 days… dont write negative reviews about it… most crappiest website ever must be indiatimes shopping i suppose!!

  13. bangalore says:

    I won’t recommend Pepperfry to anyone; they take the money and don’t ship the product ontime and if you call their customer care they will insist on cancellation of order and do the refund (god knows why they accepted the order online)
    After that forget about the refund as for me it is already 4th week and I am still waiting for the refund.

  14. sri says:

    I have bought few items in pepperfry, they are very good in service and delivery too. Will give 10/10 as geno said

  15. pradeep says:

    Don’t buy anything from pepperfry. They are fraud. They are taking peoples money and earning interest. Even after 10 days from order, they don’t ship products. Customer service never give any update when product will be shipped. Buy from pepperfry if you don’t care loosing your hard earned money.

  16. dime says:

    called and chat 10 times no reply. SMI don’t miss guide people. or SMI is part of pepperfry ?????

  17. dime says:

    order no 100391432 date : 29/11/2012 till date no updates on thier site. called customer care more than 10times no reply: no updates . spend just 3Rs give a call 022611417379 and find the staus of the order-details you will gett an experience how they sell……………………… just think before you buy at pepperfry…………… is a peppery experience………………..

  18. Geno says:

    I have had the best experience so far with pepperfry. They did resolve my issues to my satisfaction. I would vote 10/10

  19. sanjiv says:

    i like pepperfry so much. when i canceled my order. they refund tha amount. after they give me 300 peperpoint for concession+discout amount. total 492 rs. then i purchase with that peperpoints amount totaly free. now i recved my freebie product. how u say that pepperfry is cheaters. thnkx savemoneyindia for giving me a pepperfry link or coupons.

  20. Asmita Chatterjee says:

    Ref to my comments posted on 22.11.12 ((I have ordered for a silver coin (order no.100320023) on 18.10.2012 till nate not delivered no information available from Pepperfry regarding the status of material)). Till oday no material received. Every time I asked for the status they re replying with “please wait for 48hours to update the status”. Very unfortunate circumstances. Do not know how to tackle the situation.

  21. sanjiv says:

    pepperfry is very good site. prodcuts r awaysome. but delivery is so slow taken moren then 15 days for delivered tha product. but peperfry discoutn coupons is awesome

  22. Nitu viluo says:

    i got my order today…satisfied..but yes i have to admit very slow delivery just like tortoise..

  23. gaurav kumar says:

    chor site sab ka paisa kha kr baith jati h aur product deliver nhi krte aur smi pepperfry ki promotion band kr totally fraud site

  24. Asmita Chatterjee says:

    I have ordered for a silver coin (order no.100320023) on 18.10.2012 till nate no delivered nor information available from Pepperfry regarding the status of material.

  25. Nitu viluo says:

    cant trust it anymore…

  26. DIME says:

    don’t buy at pepperfry they have no ethics
    check this out

    Dear Gagan,

    This is with reference to your Order No: 100301982-APM1461MA151878 with

    We have initiated a refund on 25th October, 2012 and the amount of Rs. 1079 will be credited back in the same account used for payment. You should be able to see the credit in maximum 7-8 working days from the date of initiation.

    they decline now : already i had ordered next prduct-paid-delivered. now they say it is a system error

    date of order: 06/10/2012 date of refund intiated : 25/10/2012 date of decline : 14/11/2012 after 45 days no clue when i will get the money back


  27. amit kumar chatterjee says:

    The worst cheater site. Never buy silver /gold coin from this site. I received my ordered coin material after 45days of constant follow up through phone and e-mail. There is a need of regulatory authority to control this type of company. My order for cloth was also got out of stock and they informed me after 15days, and no cash, only gift voucher they had returned .

  28. Jigar Shah says:

    They have over priced products. Even after discount they are heavily over priced…sometimes you can check in their product also to see the same. They forget to remove labels :) refund and return process is cumbersome. Compare well before buying.

  29. Himanshu says:


    Coupon Details : Rs. 400 off on orders of Rs.1099 and above.
    Started Date:- 2st November 2012
    End Date:- 8th November 2012

    Terms & Conditions :
    • The coupon is not applicable on Diapers, Cameras, Storage Devices and Gold & Silver coins.

  30. Mini says:

    I dont agree to this comments. I have been a regular customer with Pepperfry. They are just awesome and all the products are shipped on time.

  31. Kamal says:

    Pepperfry coupons are not working………………………..

  32. Ruchir says:

    Thanks,most sincere owner.It happens mostly when an oversmart site decides to refresh(F5) a page or all to track and sometimes to update like NSE.But strangely only this page is having problems-your Pepperfry one and not any other site or page.May be it is following path of pepperfry-Controversial.OR May be chrome being too tracky and a long page if not fully loaded by default moves up and down.Reasons beyond your control.I guessed but was wrong.

  33. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    No page has auto refresh. Please give more details.

  34. Ruchir says:

    Please stop auto refreshing.Not only internet bill will be more for many but it is so annoying.Can’t type.Not many sites do this,amazing site like SMI should not do either.

  35. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    They have increased the price. Before it was Rs. 2835 – Rs. 700 coupon discount.

  36. Mrignayani says:

    I want to go for the Jaipan Food processor but the homepage of the shopping portal shows a price that is about 1500 more than the listed price 2125. May I know the procedure to buy it at Rs.2125/- ?

  37. Mansi says:

    I have order around 8000 MRP prodcuts and just paid 4000 INR for a lot of products within one month and I have got no issues.
    They have got good online chat option and nobody can find 50% discounts anywhere else.
    So, this site is great and thanks to “SAVEMONEYINDIA”

  38. CHELLA says:

    Don’t buy anything from pepperfry.
    Very poor customer care service.
    I ordered an item 23rd september., as of now no status about the product.
    Very worst online site, i had seen.
    So before buying anything think a lot & make your purchase.

  39. Ruchir says:

    @ Mudit The only thing that is needed is constant grilling and writing and calling.

  40. Ruchir says:

    @ Manish-Not such a big thing.Diff is class and Company by a small margin.Some delay and no stock could be reason which is unprincipled but it happens.
    My friend ordered 2.5 litre cooker,got SMS out of stock,will send 3 litre for free.Ultimately sent 2.5 litre.I have purchased a casio watch worth 1000 for 550.Original and perfect.
    We both had very fast delivery and updates on mobile.Excellent experience till now.
    @ Milan-To say that it deliberately delays is generalisation.We all do that.Very popular site will have frequent out of stock issues.I have to write a letter to very reputed to their NOIDA office to complain after which they refunded after keeping the money for more than a month and to appease sent a Pen Lighter for free worth Rs 99.It was out of stock.Many sites have these delay issues.Indiatimes,Starcj and so many are notorious.

    If we ALL tell our stories,then in my guess,70% would rate very good,15% OK and 15% bad.

    Most of us pay by credit card and if it is refunded before bill preparation,no loss and to eat the amount for nothing,not that easy.Easily proved and you can ask for huge compensation.But my experience says,Pepperfry is not cheat.Tradus is and if seller does cheating,it will act innocent and eat commision.To understand who is cheat and who is not requires a longer experience.

  41. Mudit says:

    I agree with Tom. Very bad experience with Pepperfry. My order was cancelled 15 days after placing it. They wanted to refund the amount as Pepper Points, I objected and now I have neither the cash credited back to my account nor the Pepper Points.

  42. Tom says:

    The worst E commerce site i have ever seen….dont buy anything from pepperfry…they attract people by showing such wonderful offers….but they cancel our order without any reason…im very dissapointed with pepperfry

  43. vivaswan says:

    thnx once again for 500 off on 1100 ……:) u guys r just awesome. :)

  44. SHREE says:

    Thank U MANISH for for your valuable information. Can’t believe that these kind of things happening around still.
    Its the time when people started to trust these online dot coms, but seems like now people will be a bit afraid before shopping online.:(

  45. Manish says:

    Never buy any thing from they are sheer cheaters, see link given below

  46. anil gupta says:

    1050rs mae 500off yah bhi work nahi kar raha hai

  47. Mr Perfect says:

    Hi Team
    Its better to mention recomondded products cleary.

    Mr Perfect

  48. Anil says:

    I had recently bought diapers for my kid on pepperfry, They shipped the item exactly on the 6th working as they have mentioed. and I received the item on time also, with good packing.

  49. Somnath says:

    450 off on 900 rs. Coupons not workin on new account also

  50. Milan says:

    Don’t buy anything from pepperfry. They are fraud. They are taking peoples money and earning interest. Even after 10 days from order, they don’t ship products. Customer service never give any update when product will be shipped. Buy from pepperfry if you don’t care loosing your hard earned money.

  51. vivaswan says:

    thnx for the offer ….love u smi…….:)

  52. ankush says:

    Can you please confirm whether it is expired????
    I am trying to apply and it is saying it is invalid coupon. waiting for your response.

  53. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    It is valid only on Clothing section.

  54. sunny rupani says:

    coupon code 450 off on rs 850 both are not valid

  55. Anil says:

    Hi Team,

    You Guys are doing a wonderful job. All the coupons are working and the site was very useful. Keep the good work guys…..

  56. Raghavan says:

    • Rs. 450 off on Rs. 900+ Coupon: PEPTT85LB or PEPTT98CB

    This coupon is not working…………..

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