PepperFry Rs. 200 off on Rs. 201 + 1% off

pepperfryBoth discounts add up:
Rs. 200 off on Rs. 201+ Coupon: AIRWICK***** ( ***** = Any 2, 3, 4 or 5 digit number. Examples: AIRWICK11 or AIRWICK111 or AIRWICK1111 or AIRWICK11111 )
1% off: Choose Payment Method > PayUMoney

Website: PepperFry (Home Decor | Furnishings | Lamps & Lighting | Kitchen & Dining | Appliances | Bath | Housekeeping | Pet Supplies | Furniture)

Example: Wipro CFL 15W Pack of 2 Rs. 105

Error – Your cart item(s) don’t meet the coupon conditions: Try on another product.
Error – Sorry, This coupon has already been exhausted: Try another coupon combination.
Error – This coupon code is invalid: Try another coupon combination.

36 Responses to “PepperFry Rs. 200 off on Rs. 201 + 1% off”

  1. Mogli says:

    they sent email that only first 5 orders will be processed and rest cancelled… now it
    is clear they will ship the first five order :-)

  2. Sumit K says:

    Order Cancelled.. :(
    and rest not yet shipped.

  3. san says:

    order canceled.!

  4. Mogli says:

    I think they have processed first few orders and rest cancelled,,, can anyone
    conifrm this, of total how many were cancelled…

  5. Satya Ranimekala says:

    They cancelled my orders, and some of still not yet shipped. I will not visit this site again

  6. VENKAT says:

    Orders till now not shipped.
    Feeling they might cancel :(

  7. Prince says:

    2 orders shipped!

  8. Ganesh says:

    Pepperfry intiated refunded some of my orders like frying pan, tawa i bought 3 orders 3 qty all 3 refunded, but they accepted LED bulbs 3 order..hmm lets check ..anybody same refund issue happen or only for me…

  9. san says:

    had any ones order got shipped.?

  10. Hawkeye says:

    Not working since 7 am showing invalid code

  11. Sumit K says:

    tried 200+ cobination but doesn’t work.. :(

  12. CK says:

    20 orders I have placed. I thought they cancel the orders.

  13. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Tried all possible options, but none of them is working now. Looks like the offer has exhausted now.

  14. Nandhakumar says:

    Maximum number not working

  15. lok says:

    Not working tried everything

  16. Jagadeesh says:

    it’s not working for me with – Pronature Brown Sonamasoori Rice 5 Kg

    pls help me friends.

  17. VENKAT says:


  18. Saurabh says:

    New error ‘code is inactive’!!

  19. J says:

    It is working. Ordered more than 10 orders. Just try with different numbers.

  20. suresh says:

    placed 2 orders.. thank u… :)

  21. ck says:

    try AIRWICK11558

  22. Prince says:

    Working ! 3 orders from the same account :)

  23. ng says:

    its working.
    i ordered more than 3.
    minimum amount should be 220 or more. And it applies on housekeeping category right now

  24. vicky says:

    Done 2 orders but I think they will cancel the order as coupon error.

  25. ved says:


  26. ved says:

    Jin logo ke discunt copun nahi lag rahe hai .. ek aasan tarika … apni marxi se 4 disit ke no. Lagate rahe koi na koi luck hoga..

  27. ved says:

    Koi bhi item jaipur me uplabdh nai hai . Why.

  28. palash says:

    3 order successfully placed

  29. andy says:

    done 2 orders woww

  30. palash says:

    Placed order successfully

  31. Lakhan says:

    Not working any coupon waste off time

  32. Anonymous says:

    is this promotion ? time waste not working

  33. Rahul says:

    pls try AIRWICK11223

  34. Sreenath says:

    “Your cart doesnot meet the requirements” :( :( :(

  35. Mahendra says:

    not working…

  36. Azharudeen says:

    Shows already exhausted in 2 mins after this post

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