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The three angled design of Pepsodent Fighter allows the brush to reach comfortably all the way to the last tooth. Brush head shape is inspired by index finger for better reach. Its inter-dental bristles profile cleans in-between teeth effectively and is soft so that they don’t hurt gums.

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12 Responses to “Pepsodent Brush Set of 2 Rs. 15 – YumeDeals”

  1. msquare24 says:

    I have always got good products (worth the money) from YumeDeals.

    Product Model Quantity Price Total
    Pepsodent Brush Set Pepsodant Brush Set 1 Rs15.00 Rs15.00
    Sub-Total Rs15.00
    Total Rs15.00

  2. Ajit says:

    Me too fully agree with all the above comment. They supply the damage product to me and when try to contact for it they never reply. I really feel cheated. Beware before making any purchase from Yumedeals.

  3. rahul says:


    isko b shipping ka chaska pada hai flat rate Rs. 25/-

    aajkal inki kamai corrier co. walo se jyada hai

    chor sale

  4. Naresh says:

    Dont shop from Yumedeals and MGinger……..

  5. Naresh says:

    my money has been not refunded also ……SMI please remove the Yumedeals

  6. srinath says:

    flat shipping charge of 25rs ??????? imply 15rs + 25rs=40rs ..smi pls mention shipping charges also .

  7. SuRe 6193: says:

    Its Original Product But At Wholesale Rate U get at Rs. 14/- but for retail Customer it is Good .
    Because the toothbrush that costs 16 Rs. will costs u 15/- and u will get another toothbrush of MrP 11/- free.
    but at wholesale u will get at 14/- and will get 11/- free of cost. So, its not a new deal at ALL

  8. Loothunter says:

    Yumedeals, another piece of sh** in online shopping . #Small budget thief :) they DONT want to deliver products to out of their very own city & also they never respond ur emails :P #deaf n Dem support system

  9. GANESH says:

    Pepsodent brush set of 2 showing value is 16+11 = 27, so only discount of 12 rupees , Original product or fake one ????…hmmmm me no try Yume deals or Tradus mega deals…Chennai whole sale shop selling price of colgate, pepsodent , Oral-b 16 rs brush is 9 rs…So i am sideline…

  10. Rajesh Malvekar says:

    i am absolutely agree with Vikram & Manoj I also gone through one of my transaxtion with them so please aware of any shopping.

  11. MANOJ says:

    Yes they dont deliver the product rather they dont want to talk with us when ever we want to talk them they always reply we will get back to you soon but they will never revert back. They have taken my money also and not refunded till date. They are cheater.

  12. vikram says:

    Never Deal with yume because they send very cheap quality product if not send than no refund of your money also they not reply of your mail.

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