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photobook20Features Holds 20 photos, one per page & Just right to showcase a Weekend getaway, Birthday party keepsake, Office party.

Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 49+: Payment > Paytm (valid only if offer is displayed in this step)

Buy: Photo Book (select 20 Pages)

35 Responses to “Photo Book + Rs. 50 PayTm Cash Rs. 51 – Zoomin”

  1. pankaj says:

    Muze to product ab tak nahi mila

  2. Vamsi says:

    Any one done transaction on 2nd Dec 2015 and got cashback. Please help me
    paytm coustomer care people saying

    “You have done transaction on 2nd Dec 2015 due to that cash back is not credited”.
    i need proof can any one help me

  3. Himanshu says:

    Abhi nhi h kya offer?

  4. dj says:

    Bhai mujhe nhi mila cashback 2 din ho gye

  5. andy says:

    its awesome guys n dnt wait just order it!!

  6. ssn says:

    Got the cashback and received via FedEx with in 4 days. Thanks SMI and zoomin :)

  7. kanhu behera says:

    i hv received album.. its small


    I have received the cashback within 30 minute and product was also delivered yesterday. It was shipped through fedex courier.

  9. dj says:

    Bhai hume to 328 rs hi dikha rha h

  10. Sathish says:

    Cashback received in 5 mins..Thanks to Zoomin & SaveMoneyIndia…

  11. Sathish says:

    Amount Deducted Rs 51.30 waiting to get cashback…
    Can you pls tell how much time it will take to
    add cashback???

  12. Sadaf says:

    For 20 pages total price is coming to Rs.49,,will get the cashback for it or not? Or cashback is for 32 pages?

  13. Surendra says:

    They have cancelled my order and told that your image was currupted… How is it possible. If you can not print my pics than why are you giving such type of order. I wasted 500mb data on uploading the pics..feeling sad..

  14. kk says:

    can we order twice from the same device using different id?

  15. Mounish Sai says:

    Amount Deducted 51rs. Cb Received (y) Instantly :-)

  16. Mounish Sai says:

    Amount Deducted 51rs. waiting to get cashback

  17. Dr Krushna says:

    got in rs only 51…

  18. ASK says:

    Hey.. when I will get the CB?

  19. BALA says:

    @ RAHUL…Yes u need to upload from your your harddisk or using flickr

  20. rahul says:

    please tell we need to upload photos on websites?

  21. balasubramanian says:

    Hi its working on 20 pages

    total 51rs coming..
    then 50cashback from paytm.

  22. 0007 says:

    MY TOTAL CART VALUE IS Rs.51.70 and i got cash back instantly in paytm

  23. Bhaumik says:

    Cart summary
    1 Ă— Photo Books Rs. 329.00
    Subtotal Rs. 329.00
    Shipping Rs. 45.00
    Taxes [ details ] Rs. 22.75
    Total Rs. 396.75

    For me its showing 396.75, Am I missing any thing? Or its for first purchase new account only?

  24. sunil says:

    showing 279 + 45 not getting it for 45 how to do?

  25. nandu says:

    this is very simple book, this does not allow you to add any clippart and nothing, you will get very simple book without edting (not even crop).
    my view, its not best deal. I guess, they are testing there tool

  26. shubham says:

    order one albume but till ow no. cashback added.

  27. chetan says:

    yashish…did u get cash back?

  28. chetan says:

    I order with 49 rupees …still didn’t get cash back…y?

  29. vijay says:

    ordered one for 51.30 got cashback of rs50 instantly

  30. yashish says:

    @007 and @bittu what was your total cart value?

  31. 0007 says:

    i order the product and instantly got cb 50 back..good

  32. yashish says:

    I got a total of rs 49 as shipping. wil I get the cb?

  33. bittu says:

    ya got 50 cashbak throu paytm

  34. bittu says:

    but how to go through paytm?
    any link?

  35. Ashwin says:

    Just ordered a 32 page photo book for Rs 104 (shipped) after discount. I paid via Paytm, so will get 50 rs cashback. Effective price : Rs 54
    Thats a sweet deal. Thanks SMI.

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