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Create your very own notebook with your favourite photo or collage. Size: w:140mm x h:210mm. Pages: 150.

Voucher: PNB1G1

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12 Responses to “Photo Notebook Rs. 50 – PrintVenue”

  1. Ranjiv says:

    no scheme about two photonotebooks@one on site

  2. Printvenue says:

    Now the deal has been changed. New deal is Order Two Photo-Notebooks and pay for one only. Kindly log on to for more offers and schemes.

  3. Ruchir says:

    Completely true.Not possible to recheck status every hour or so.And many times as we see we cannot understand and panic or whatever,so people reporting deal over cannot be implemented only on that basis.And sometimes stock is back and that may prevent from benefiting from restored deals.
    At the most and I support that request that after confirmation,it is very good for all in short to add a word like Expired,out of stock,price increased,correction,suspicious offer etc. in bold red or watermarking the image by stamps like Sold out etc. This is currently done by most other sites but there almost all deals are reported late and almost 20% from here.Other sites are useless except one or two but very few know about them.Other sites are bad at quantity+quality of deals etc.
    But whatever the gains,you will find most are had courtesy SMI. You can update about expiration faster but will not be able to search for new deals which can potentially benefit many readers.Otherwise at the most annoyance at one’s fate.

  4. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Expired, because most of the deals are available for a limited time.

  5. Ankita says:

    Then Why the Voucher is not working???

  6. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Deal is checked before posting. It is not possible to update current status of 2000+ deals which are on website.

  7. Damru says:

    voucher Voucher: PNB1G1 nat working jee, pleage help
    thankyou jee

  8. ramesh says:

    Fake siteā€¦.
    Voucher is not working then why they are not removing the advertise?? worst site dont youse this site ???///

  9. Sanjay Arya says:

    Deal is not working, who verfies for this website…is it verified or just posted without verifying?

  10. PULKIT says:

    not working…….

  11. Ankita says:

    Fake site….
    Voucher is not working then why they are not removing the advertise??

  12. john says:

    not working

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