Pigeon LPG Hose Rs. 144 – ShopClues

pigeon-lpgShopClues has Pigeon LPG Hose for Rs. 144. Features Steel Wire Reinforced, Flame resistant, Long lasting & 1.5 mts length.

Coupon: SC3PS35

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4 Responses to “Pigeon LPG Hose Rs. 144 – ShopClues”

  1. Parth says:

    Please read the Description & You will find this in it !!!

    ” You will receive: Dinner Set 44 Pieces “

  2. ShahJahan says:

    In product description it says, “50 Feet Pigeon HOSE PIPE”

    50 feet?!

  3. sakthi says:

    thank you boss

  4. Retail says:

    dont buy, u will get this one for 100/- out side shops

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