Prepaid Mobile Recharge upto 50% Cashback – Amazon

a-payrecharge• Recharge for Rs. 100 or above and get a Flat Rs. 50 Cashback. Applicable only on your first recharge using Amazon Pay balance.
• Recharge Jio Rs. 399 and above packs and get flat Rs. 99 Cashback. Applicable only on your first recharge using Amazon Pay balance.
• Recharge with Airtel plans Rs. 349 and above and get flat Rs. 75 Cashback. Applicable only on your first recharge using Amazon Pay balance.
• Recharge with Aircel Unlimited plans listed on this offer page and get flat Rs. 75 cashback. Applicable only on your first recharge using Amazon Pay balance. (Unlimited Plans)

• Get 20% back upto Rs. 20 on all your subsequent mobile recharges on Amazon with Amazon Pay balance. Maximum Cashback that can be availed under this offer is Rs. 300 across recharges.

Amazon: Mobile Recharge | Buy Amazon Pay Balance | Terms & Conditions

35 Responses to “Prepaid Mobile Recharge upto 50% Cashback – Amazon”

  1. Suman says:

    Unable to recharge all are getting failed in my number

  2. Chottu Charsi says:

    @abdur, sorry i mentioned this in jovial mood.I apologise if my words offended you. I still respect your valuable advice and will follow in future too. Bas thoda mazak karta rhta hu, as you can see my name also. :)

  3. Abdul rehman says:

    If anybody becomes Because of my reply then it is not my responsibility, stop begging & start talking with customer cares for your own queries rather than begging here.

  4. Abdul rehman says:

    If u have used Amazon pay balance already then use haptik(50%) or Niki(25%) for max 100 cb, they credit the cash back in less than 2 days.

  5. Abdul rehman says:

    @pritam @ chottu charsi, I told first jio recharge even if any other recharge already done, blame me only for that not for all of your recharges

  6. Abdul rehman says:

    @pritom please wait for atleast 3days if it is your first Jio recharge you will get cash back

  7. Abdul rehman says:

    @chottu charsi
    On 12th November I replied to your query on Jio recharge but on November 17th some else using my name replied to you so I did not to use my name on that day to help you to get your cash back I asked you to write to Amazon customer service , I request you to please respect people don’t blame and use vulger language

  8. pritom says:

    i am not getting my 99 cash back on 399… plz don’t trust Amazon… at least other sites give you the promo code money as they promised.

  9. Chottu Charsi says:

    Thanks, I got my remaining 79 rs cb by writing to Amazon. Amazon customer care is very professional. They are awesome, great customer service. Thanks SMI and Amazon.

  10. Anand says:

    I ordered product cash on delivery loaded 500 rs extra on cash on delivery so got 100 cash back 20% for first time load offer extra then recharged jio 399 and got 99 cash back again so my 399 recharge costs 399-199 = 200 rs only so for 70 days not bad

  11. Anonymous says:

    Write or speak to customer service they will add money if it is your first Jio recharge

  12. Chottu Charsi says:

    @Abdur Haa bhai sab teri hi karni h :P
    tune bataya or mane kar lia.. ban gaya mai chu.. Haha :P

  13. Abdul rehman says:

    Sahi bola chottu charsi, bangaye sab Bewakoof jo naa samjhe ishare

  14. Chottu Charsi says:

    I dont know what happened but i got 20 rs on recharging my jio no.
    I already recharged my other operator no.before this jio recharge.
    So i think it should be your first recharge to get the benefit.
    Remember: if you done any reacharge earlier on any operator, you will get 20 rs cb.

  15. Abdul rehman says:

    Read this clearly
    Recharge Jio Rs. 399 and above packs and get flat Rs. 99 Cashback. Applicable only on your first recharge using Amazon Pay balance

  16. Abdul rehman says:

    Those who have used amazon pay offer can use niki or haptik and pay using Amazon pay to get ?100 cash back

  17. Chottu Charsi says:

    Hi @Abdul , Following your advice, I have first added 1000 rs in amazon then recharge with rs 459/-
    Hopefully cashback will come. Thanks bhai :)

  18. Abdul rehman says:

    Yes who have not yet recharged jio number till today will get ?99 cash for recharge know,it is for first jio recharge using Amazon pay no matter how many recharge of other operators you have done you will get this cash back for first jio recharge

  19. Chottu Charsi says:

    @Pranav i also have the same query.. Please respond guys. Thanks

  20. Pranav Marathe says:

    I have already done the first recharge through Amazon Pay in the past for some other number. Can I avail the 99 cashback Jio offer today?

  21. Anonymous says:

    @asif how did u get twice cash back from same account or other account

  22. Asif says:

    I recharged the same no. Twice from Amazon pay and haptik and i got cashback all four times

  23. Amit Garg says:

    I also received rs 50 cashback

  24. Himanshu says:

    No CB received 2 days passed

  25. vijay says:

    Got 50 cash back within a day.thanx smile.i done through mobile site.

  26. Dilip says:

    Hip hip aa Gaya chase back

  27. Elena says:

    @anand i have talk to the customer support, you won’t get cashback if you recharge same number from different account confirmed®

  28. AMIT GARG says:

    @ anand – you can recharge on app.

    same mobile number can be used from different account but it can be considered under fraudulent activity.

  29. Anand says:

    1) Can we recharge with app also as in terms it’s written only Amazon. In website so please clear for cashback also 2) if I recharge with different Amazon account on my same mobile number will I get cashback 100%cashback 50rs

  30. Anand says:

    The best way to utilise Amazon pay balance great now we can utilise money in recharges also so it’s a great offer as now I can add more money to pay balance but still waiting for few more payments and options also. Waiting for mseb utility light bill payment and one more that’s transfer money no to other Amazon account so small money can be utilise and used in prime accounts for buying and further thanks for 50cashback o

  31. AMIT GARG says:

    find link for recharge

    Direct LInk

    Click on Mobile recharge on this page

  32. Abdul rehman says:

    @anjana Open amazon pay you will find recharge option

  33. Anjana on ksdhayap says:

    Hi/ its not working. Where to recharge? No option @ amzon for recharge

  34. Abdul rehman says:

    @ismail Wait for 10 days read offer details

  35. Ismail says:

    Cash back not credited

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