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princeware-lock-sealShopClues has Princeware Lock & Seal Lunch Pack for Rs. 238. Features Cold and Heat Resistant -20C TO 110C, Airtight, Transparent, Microwave safe, Freezer safe & Capacity: 885ml.

Coupon: SCPL14

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  1. Amit says:

    Correct, Shopclues is a cheater and SMI is supporting cheaters..

  2. Ruchir says:

    Forced to pen down as truth is seeing us all.

    @SMI-I think you understood or now admit that ratings are a sham.I explained in short.

    2-So acc to you,seller is so shrewd that he has invented a name to sell unbranded towels.Was it for charity or is mad or to have an exotic name to look like a premium one.And whether a cheat if he is(not for you) does it a day a month.Not at fasting periods etc.Whether he knows that he is cheating very well and you presume next time he will be a saint.Any guarantee.What is established,throw it to dustbin,what could be for a person,maybe.Hmm.
    Check its reviews where feeback is clear and clear what was bought what was given etc.Most are ridiculous and meaningless.Counting them is not intelligent.

    So,Cenizas is not a brand-
    Brand Information: Cenizas
    Cenizas is a brand of Home Décor, It has great collection of Bedsheets, Bathroom Essentials like Bath Rugs, Bath Towel, Hand Towels. For Home Décor Cenizas has Cushion Covers, Cushions, 100% Bedsheets, Door mats, Blankets,Curtains. Cenizas has it’s customers accross India Let yourself experience the quality shopping with Cenizas.

    Selling at 799,price-999

    Selling at 999

    Selling at 399,price-999

    Also stated by me at cenizas thread where emmemm told me. Plz check it.

    If price 999,selling at 399-999 on reputed sites,what will premium towels cost,thousands plz tell us.

    Or Cenizas is not a brand but emmemm is a promoter,is it.It is a brand and I quote-
    March 3, 2013 at 12:06 am
    @Ruchir: never did I said that these are original Cenizas towels
    you swallowed my words without chewing
    PS: I got 3 of them from Pepperfry using discount coupon and getting them around 1400 in all
    another site with original product:
    you can try returning to shopclues if possible..

    Or he is mad that he is using special coupons for fictitious brand and grabbed three whenever got the opportunity.He is loving both fictitious brands he have and dancing with them.Smileys and proud all over at that thread

    Now princeware,logic is weird.The person who has cheated or you say fiction will send original item this time.How is it different.And will you encourage a cheater you also acknowledge for your cheap deal,if it is genuine.For profit,will you buy an item from chor bazaar,very cheap but immoral and illegal.Will you fight for a murderer if you know he is for money.If you still think you are right,plz tell,I will answer this thread if you can counter me.

    BTW,I got it. BMWC is the owner of bookmywishdotcom-BMWC.Gujarat all ditto same etc.Maybe still at Tradus also.Site was cremated in no time,remember and BMWC is selling at various sites,Shopclues for sure.Trying to recover from loss from even if cheating.MY guess and intuition and inside Sherlock tells me this and I am never wrong on these guesses.We can send notice at address at bmw portal contact address.

  3. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Cenizas is not a brand. Seller is using a fancy name to sell his unbranded towels. I don’t think you will face this problem with branded items like Princeware.

  4. Ruchir says:

    @SMI-I will not write anything here after this,no problem.It is your site.I am not gaining anything as far as I can imagine and not losing anything now onwards. So,cheers.

    But last points.
    1-Seller was hidden,surprisingly sometimes seller is visible easily and those who even knew BMWC could have been trapped as everybody tends to buy things before it runs out.The first time person visiting your site and this thread probably didn’t knew about BMWC and so repetition about its business practices.

    2-Now about 3960 ratings.If BMWC can trick you,only very few people can be called perfect.Let me explain.No. of ratings does not mean anything.Percentage is more imp,but flawed sys. And plz understand this fact that ratings are from certified buyers and non.Who is Certified buyer and why non certified certify at all.Only actual buyers should and have power of feedback like Ebay. NO addition.

    And have you seen reviews who are giving 5-5-5-5 ratings and have written-I want this deal.For Shopclues deals visit webmaggu or Or it looks to be a good deal.Are they reviews and can you still attach importance to these reviews.Good.One person who is not categorised non certified is writing 4 reviews sequentially.Moreover reviews are not mentioned with product.That means you can send cheap products as original to have good ratings with min margin and in 4-5%,you create windfall margins.70-80% as fake items in the name of researched branded ones.Then most don’t report and check it and give correct review.Mobiles etc are observed in a sec but people don’t check Cenizsa,would believe JJ is a brand of Cenizas. Anyway if he has cheated anyone,he is a cheat.And there are many reviews but the reviews are buried and unlike Ebay where you can see 200 reviews in a single page,you will have to visit 10 pages and till then you find strange reviews not helpful in any way.Real review not read,that means
    So it depends upon your logic,whether you see ratings etc which is a flawed system OR you can ask REAL buyers who bought Cenizas and got JJ and no bill,no address etc to contact seller.Ques is who is saying he has actually received what he bought or has he just received the same item but local.If system of ratings is flawed,unreal things are more unreal.And those who has lost money and were cheated clearly lost real money.That was not bookish and not just a statistic from a totally flawed system designed to trick all and we believing it to be God written although system flawed as a 4th grader can understand.
    To run a site is a different thing,but is that infallible logic or not,let everybody see this last review and let them judge us impartially.We have probably given our reasons to believe and not to believe BMWC.
    Thanks.Nothing personal.Difference of opinion.Only third party can decide about the sharpness,I hope you agree.But you have complete powers of saying anything on your site,agreed.NOT on truth which is the property of only one-God.
    As far as words are concerned,those who don’t buy but only visit threads won’t like hard words for BMWC and SC.But those who are saved from losing money will appreciate and let BMWC and Shopclues only be worried.So,it depends upon who you attach importance to.

  5. Venkat says:


  6. rakesh says:




  7. Anivesh says:

    looked useful. got it

  8. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    You have posted similar message 11 times till now. Seller has 3960+ ratings. Mistakes do happen and you have option to return the product if you don’t like it.

  9. Ruchir says:

    Princeware Lock & Seal Lunch Pack This item is not giftable.
    ShopClues CODE: 305200
    Selling Price: Rs.565
    Qty: x Rs.565 = Rs.565
    Click here for more details
    Sold by

    Shopclues ka bachcha knows it will not sell if clearly shown as BMWC item.Not an easy thing to see seller.But Shopclues cannot fool all.Neither boar BMWC.

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