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Good Buys:
Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Soap Bar 50gm Rs. 1
Lipton Green Tea Pure and Light 10 Tea Bags Rs. 1
Comfort Fabric Conditioner Lily Fresh 200ml Rs. 1
Vim Dishwash Lemon 115ml Rs. 1
Pedigree Grilled Liver Meat Jerky Stix 24gm Rs. 1
Vivel Almond Oil & Shea Butter 75gm Rs. 1
Vivel Avocado Oil & Olive Butter 75gm Rs. 1

Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash 15ml Rs. 35 + 7 Samples Rs. 7 = Rs. 42 (free delivery)
Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach 9gm Rs. 35 + 7 Samples Rs. 7 = Rs. 42 (free delivery)
Fem Gold Creme Bleach with Real Gold 8gm Rs. 36 + 7 Samples Rs. 7 = Rs. 43 (free delivery)
Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash 50ml Rs. 54 + 7 Samples Rs. 7 = Rs. 61 (free delivery)
Nivea Pure Talc 100gm Rs. 60 + 7 Samples Rs. 7 = Rs. 67 (free delivery)
Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo 100ml Rs. 69 + 7 Samples Rs. 7 = Rs. 76 (free delivery)

37 Responses to “Product Samples Rs. 1 – Amazon Sampling Store”

  1. qwerty says:

    wow they Shipped Lipton green tea through INDIAN POST :O Amazon choose worst Delivery partner for Free Samples.
    i’m sure either i will not receive order or if they deliver,packet will be totally crush.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How to get things in Rs1
    They r showing there mrp.

  3. rohit says:

    Ye “+ 7 Samples” ka kya chakkar hai? Like yesterday I’m only getting Pedigree stix for Re 1, but not interested in it.

  4. sabya says:

    comfort fabric conditioner & vivel soaps avlble now
    add Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Neem Wash(rs.20) for free delivery

  5. bhawna says:

    how to buy 5 samples with oxylyfe for 40 only???

  6. WebUser says:

    For me its showing shipping charges as 40/-

  7. clash of clans says:

    bought 5 samples with oxylyfe for 40 today and 2 with oxylyfe for 37 yesterday

  8. kumar says:

    lipton n pedigree samples only available

  9. ramesh says:

    i got 20 orders 1 ki

  10. ankit says:

    ye to shipping charge 40 rupee le rhe h

  11. Satya says:

    if today is there any offer

  12. rohit says:

    Only pedigree liver stix are available. First treasure hunt, now this..

  13. T aziz says:

    ordered 4 product , let see

  14. mehul says:

    Delivery by 27th Nov . sooo longgg.

  15. sarthak says:

    Delivery charge 40

  16. T. Apu says:

    Good. This is much better than the 1Re. app gimmick few days ago. Everyone who want will get something :)

  17. mayur says:

    got 2 dove from1 accounts. thanks

  18. ujjwal says:

    SMI, super offer, thanks!!

  19. sripad says:

    got 4 products+ bishnupurana @29
    was a bit late comfort fabric conditioner got soldout while doing check out

  20. Mohit says:

    Dove Bar 995?

  21. ssn says:

    Can you please post the other products to get free delivery…!

  22. gurjit thind says:

    Orderer 4 items for rupees 44

  23. Nicky says:

    Ordered all the 5 items for just rs 2/-

  24. heera says:

    got 5 products @ 1 rs :p

  25. suraj says:

    not free shipping

  26. Rk says:

    No shipping charge when you add dove soap

  27. Rk says:

    Bought 3items @3?

  28. clash of clans says:

    I bought 1 item at 9:05 but there was 40rs shipping charges so i cancelled the order

  29. sripad says:

    pricing error dove 75gm rs.995 & 50gm out of stock

  30. suri says:

    no stock

  31. gagan says:

    Currently unavailable

  32. Santanu says:

    Very less samples were available and there was no free delivery on most items

  33. mehul shah says:

    You lose SMI, First the offer started at sharp 9.00 am. Only we have to add the product to cart & in final step there was a automatic discount. Also there is free delivery for these samples no need to add beauty product. Now all sold out.

  34. Dj says:

    got 2 dove from 2 accounts.

  35. siva says:

    Offer not available

  36. suri says:

    not working

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