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proton-usb-adapterSnapDeal has discounted Proton USB Adapter to Rs. 69 + Rs. 30 shipping for orders below Rs. 299. Features Adds 4 USB 2.0 Hi Speed Ports to your computer.

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6 Responses to “Proton USB Adapter Rs. 99 – SnapDeal”

  1. ANKUR says:

    i bought same but its not working, only 1 or 2 ports will work. Same is available by Quantum for about rs.170 and that works awesome !!!

  2. Sachin says:

    Do not buy these product as it work only for a month.

  3. Ruchir says:

    Proton is not a brand.It just sounds better than 4 USB port adapter.Neutron,Methane to confuse. Ultimately all has a certain name inherently.But it is not a good one.Bought one for almost free in an Ebay combo deal but this item bad one. Better than Zeb although.But even after it took an attack,first was and is Iball Lappie. Will always be around 300 or more but will work perfectly in the lifetime.Below that I feel,you will have many issues and 300+ or Iball,you will realize what difference it makes in the fullest sense.Still better obviously Belkin,if Asus makes etc

  4. DINESH says:


  5. Sarika says:

    It’s available almost free of cost in Delhi (15-20 bucks)

  6. H.S.Gupta says:

    it is available in Kolkata @ Rs. 45-65 … but those are non branded ..

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