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4 Responses to “Protoner Fitness Equipment & Accessories upto 35% off + 21% off – SnapDeal”

  1. BALDEV says:

    coupon not working

  2. pradeeep says:

    working great

  3. pradeeep says:

    coupon not working :(

  4. Vinay T says:

    OMG! Not these. These weights are rubber weights. I have these at home. They are made by mostly melting and remoulding lorry tyres. They stink for months, they are uneven and will certainly break and chip if dropped depending on the height from which it is dropped. Not to forget they are bulky too for the given weight. If you mount the weight to the dumbel rods, then a 10 KG dumbell will look like 25 KG ones. You cant even hold them as it gets big.

    These rubber weights are good if you store the entire set in a garage and load them only to bar bells and not for dumbells. Buy Iron weights for anything less than or equal to 5 kilos. Rubber weights only for 10 and 20 kilos.

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