Rechage & Bill Payments Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 100 – FreeCharge

freecharge50Cashback would be capped to 3 transactions per Mobile / Email / Registered Number.

Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 100+ from: SMS MCD ***** to 09664266000 (***** = any 5 digits. Example: MCD 02444)

Website: FreeCharge | McDonald Refill n Recharge Offer Details (currently working without any purchase)

75 Responses to “Rechage & Bill Payments Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 100 – FreeCharge”

  1. Naresh says:

    Got a message stating this is only for delhi region….? Please revert if it is working in bangalore also…..?

  2. nikhil sahay says:

    got cashback 3 times. nd got code today also for this recharge. :)

  3. mnm says:

    Nice… I got two tyms

  4. Rohit says:

    This offer is expired. Don’t waste your money on this bullshit offer.

  5. tinku meena says:

    now condition is changed, if you real purchase and you have a purchase code, then you receive sms.

  6. Rajender says:

    We can receive promo code only by sending the last 5 digits of a proper order number which cost 300+,Not by sending random 5 digits.The order of 300+ number can be used to get promo code otherwise we wont get any response.
    I have received my promo code by using my order id which cost 350.
    @SMI provide the proper info or give sufficient links only

  7. Bhanwarlal says:

    Code mot received

  8. Raw says:

    freecharge sucks…
    no sms receiv,,,

  9. Partha says:

    Mera 2sms ka paisa bekar geya Koi bhi SMS replay nehi aya.
    Free charge Chore hai .
    weast my Rs3.

  10. anurag says:

    East or weat paytm is best

  11. anjali says:

    Paytm izz best..not gt scnd code aftr sendn da msg
    .paytm wrkd paytm iz best.

  12. divyanshu goyal says:

    Free charge is hopeless guys.. They cant give any offers like patm..i received 2000 free talk time..Paytm is awesome.. Freecharge is doing only waste our time..never trust on this site..!!

  13. Subrata jana says:

    sms send,, but not get code.. sms charge apply

  14. acb says:

    Freecharge is best.Paytm made all my wallets .all my 10 wallets zero.don’t believe Paytm.

  15. Partha says:

    Main be se Raat ko 23:03 pe kiya lekin Mujhe abtak koi code receive nehi hua.
    Mera Rs1.5 weast geya.(SMS charge).
    paytm best.
    FreeChatge weast

  16. kashyap says:

    thanks @ tinku

  17. tinku meena says:

    offer is end. don’t waste sms cost to sending sms.

  18. tinku meena says:

    code is over now. code is redemption by maximum customers. so now don,t send sms.

  19. sks says:

    not working now…

  20. rajesh says:

    message sent but not getting promo code

  21. Sarah says:

    Dont try..not working ….crap

  22. Gags says:

    Now its not paying from Credit. You have to pay Rs 100 to get Rs 50…

  23. Aman says:

    not working now tried from 3 different numbers.

  24. sid says:

    bhai ye code kitne der k.baad ata hai..

  25. Abhi says:

    Nehi mila yaar, 1.5 rupaya gaye kam se !!! kya ho raha hai , kuch to bolo

  26. tinku meena says:

    kashyap you can use between 1to 7 digit.

  27. Prashant says:

    Thanks SMI got cahsback thrice and even working with credits.

  28. Kashyap says:

    We can use any 5 digit no. To send message??

  29. ram says:

    Not working
    Don’t try.

  30. Yusuf khan says:

    Hii frinds its working
    thanks SMI

  31. Ranjitsinh says:

    I got Thanks Sachin and Tinku meena

  32. Sarabjeet says:

    I recharge 3 time and cash back received 150/- rs.

  33. tinku meena says:

    hy, ranjitsinh remember that one promo code use only one time recharge.

  34. Sacheen says:

    100 ka rechg karoge tab payment fc creadit wallet se karoge to bhi 50cashback milega frnds :D

  35. anand says:

    One number 3 codes recieved fourh not able to recieve
    Can we payusing freecharge credits also please reply how

  36. Sacheen says:

    Ranjitsinh@ plz again send MCD *****(Any 5 number) and u get new promocode than used for 2nd rechg :D

  37. Sacheen says:

    This MCD offer 100% working :D 3time i get 50 50 50 with using freecharge credit :D thanx smi u superb

  38. Sahil says:

    Send msg again with digit change


    You need to msg to the given number for three times to get the three different codes for the three recharges .

    one code is valid only once

  40. BALAJI says:


  41. Ranjitsinh says:

    I rch and get 50rs cashback but Second rch .. says code allready used … What can I do Frnds ?

  42. Ashish T says:

    FreeCharge is behaving like a Hitler now being arrogant with its previous n latest offer.Raising 300 crores does not help raising hopes of users help.I hope now PayTM rocks.

  43. neha says:

    Paytm rocks…..its faaltu bakwas offer..8its saying invalid order no in reply of sms..paytm rocks…paytm recharge gives offer on website recharge also….

  44. tinku meena says:

    you can receive only two code by sending sms on 1 mobile number.

  45. Pramod k says:

    Full bakwaas…. No code nothing.. Waste sms. I agree I love paytm

  46. Avanish raj says:

    yeah..its working..nice but no option for paying frm freecharge credit u hv to pay via credit card

  47. xyz says:

    Hahahaha ye offer daikh kr lagta h freecharge Ki b phatii h

  48. ASHISH says:

    Free recharge give
    50-50rs cash bck
    That means they r giving
    Totally free talktme.
    All can use from credits
    Free recharge always rocks……

  49. Asad Khan says:

    Are aaps me jhagar kyu rahe ho jisko jo achha lage waha se recharge karo…tumhara kaam hai sirf information dena ki kon company kya offer de raha hai…

  50. sunny says:

    Paytm is best…they r giving 10 cash back on 30…ie 50% need to send sms..freecharge offer is annoying…didnt worked on my no

  51. pavan says:

    After Successful Recharge i got..

    A cash back of Rs.50 has been deposited to your FreeCharge credits account as a part of the McDelivery_50_Discount offer.

  52. cheetah says:

    ghazab offer
    i did 300 rs recharge

  53. Arpan says:

    For getting a code ew need to provide space between mcd and 5 digit number

  54. Suman says:

    paytm best…
    jitna chahe utna bar karo…

  55. karthic says:


  56. raju says:

    its workng fine…sms cost only 1rs…thanks SMI

  57. zeeshan says:

    Yes its working with credits also
    Used 3 times on same number and same account

  58. Amod says:

    freecharge can not compare to paytm.
    I think paytm is best, I don’t know for you guys but for me paytm is awesome…

  59. anmol says:

    Thank u smi

  60. Saurabh says:

    SMS costs @ normal rates. Superb Offer
    Thanks Freecharge and SMI…

  61. k says:

    is this working with credits

  62. srinath says:

    smoothly done 3times per mobile.

  63. SivaBalaMurali says:

    its working …. i got 50rs cashback on 100

  64. Aman says:

    Code received & applied successfully but it is still asking for payment of 100 rupees. Pls suggest

  65. Satish says:

    Not working now…..dnt wasre ur money in msging

  66. sharad says:

    received code after given space between mcd & five digit….message chargable @std rates.

  67. Nitin says:

    ha it cost 1 or 1.5 rs, mera 1.00rs lage msg k.

  68. sharad says:

    still code not received after sending message mcd12345 on given number.

  69. dev says:

    1 can get code upto 3 times..

  70. Munish says:

    @Raja s Free me mil raha hai… fir b attitude

  71. sk says:

    worked 5 time got code

  72. manaswi says:

    Does sms costs ?

  73. Raja S says:

    C’mon yaar…give the offer with some coupon code….its ridiculous…sending sms then getting code then apply it… anyway its some what giving competition to paytm

  74. BIKI says:


  75. Partha says:

    Please Share the offer Details.
    How abil this offer

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