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Mobikwik-newKeep a track on MobiKiwk Google+ on 12th September to find out when and how! Only the first 100 to jump on it will get 200% Cashback.

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68 Responses to “Recharge & Bill Payments 200% Cashback – MobiKwik”

  1. jugal kishor says:

    200% case back maximum 140rs got it

  2. biswajit says:

    Really this is a stupid site always mobikwik cheating with us

  3. Mayank AhujA says:

    Mobiwik always give a offer to make fool others and earn money by us… don’t trust such a stupid site… use paytm or freecharge…

  4. subashbks says:

    Kishore.. contact them here..

  5. pramod lalla says:

    kya yar dimag ki asi taisi ho gai

  6. kamlesh says:

    dont worry yar,
    ham sab ko is offer ne confuesed kiya tha, aur bad me tune

  7. sanju says:

    kya karu priyanka…ye mibikwik ullu banata he….dena he to a6a offer do…yuhi time waste karta he…idiot he mobikwik….aur sorry all guys jooth bola isliye…..

  8. kishore says:

    dont use this site they will block ur account. if u want use immediately complete ur ammount. i lost Rs240/-. my account is blocked. no reason. i gave so many complaints through mail. there cust care no also switched off. pls any body try use this. they r cheeting. there method of cashback also different with others. if anybody knows correct phone no and mail pls publish

  9. bhanwarlal says:

    When promo aply error send us valid otp

  10. Anonymous says:

    every time they cheated this is stupid site

  11. samz patel says:

    nowadays paytm rocks…
    grow-up mobikids…lol

  12. sam says:

    bekar site..pls do not waste money and time guys pls…

  13. saurabh says:

    Sanju and mobikwik dono fake…

  14. Sacheen says:


  15. Priynka says:

    Sanju U R Fake……!!! Max Cash back only 150…. this site is fake..

  16. sanju says:

    I got 200 cash back…..very good offer ….thank mobikwik…….

  17. Raja S says:

    Close this stupid and fake offer….

  18. rakesh says:


  19. Dhaval says:

    Yes 200% cashback with maximum cashback 50 Rs.

  20. sanjay says:

    how to get this offer
    i dont understand
    anyone helppppp

  21. ketul says:

    Whats the promo code of it.

  22. aditya says:

    got it cashback 150……at 11:11 pm yesterday….thanks…..

  23. PRABHAT SOMANI says:

    Recharge Cashback Offer: Use Promocode ENTERMOBI after paying min. Rs 50 and get Rs 50 Cashback. (Only for you) !

  24. sonu says:

    paytm is best………mobik ne hume kay bhikari samja he kya….

    says wait till we announce offer…..
    hume dusara kuch kam nahi he kay…..

    mobik suckssssssssssss in deep

  25. RK says:

    Great offer, get 150. Mobikwik is best.

  26. neo says:

    ab inse offer lene ko dimap marna padta hai.muje 3 din ho gaye complaint karte huye tab aj 50 mile. new mobile par code dalo to bolta k pehle is device par use ho gaya hai code. when I asked them how is it possible they dont reply but credited the money.

  27. Rajesh says:

    All Bullshit offers …….. wasting peoples time from morning till evening for one code .
    Guys use PAYTM or freecharge…. they are strait forward and don’t make the customers wait for one whole day for one coupon code like dogs…..

  28. Sanket says:

    Abhi paytm bhi kuch de nahi rha isilye iske phiche hai

  29. Sacheen says:

    KEEPCALM code se babaji ka thull milega :D frnds ye offer closed hogaya kabka..kyuki 100 user ne 1min me use karliya coz

  30. dev says:

    ek dum faltu site hai. guys use paytm .

  31. vinayhero says:

    Promocode is KEEPCALM

  32. Aman says:


  33. SAI KISHOR says:

    After a big struggle
    finally got the talktime

  34. Sanket says:

    The code was KEEPCALM

  35. ankush says:

    what the bullshit offer
    on online since 5 yrs I don’t see offer like this .you have to wait untill world dies
    c’mon mobisick are this the way to treat your customers
    give it now man if you have any ethics

  36. Amit says:

    Plz tell me promo code kaise use karte hai plz step by step

  37. brandon ani says:

    sbse jyada dimaag khraab krne waala aap hai ye….otp aadha ghnta ke baad aata h hmesa…

  38. mahi says:

    mobikwik me paisa barbad mat karo mera 500 balance uda liya

  39. Xd says:

    It will give promocode to all of u but give offer only first 100 people who will use this……….so paisa barbad…bcoz ye paise pahele lega fir batayega bhaiya…u missed ….u are not among first 100 u r late…

  40. Bhav says:

    Not working for me?

  41. Sachin Petha says:


  42. Sri says:

    How can a person keeping looking their page for 24 hours.

    People have to be really sensible before they give any offer.

    This is India so you think you people will run behind you or what ?

    People be aware this offer is just to promote their Google + page. Nothing more than that.

    You wont even get a single penny by siting on their page.

  43. RK says:

    Genuine offer. They already tell only first 100 user will get the offer and you have to keep eye on their social networking site. So, how can it be fake? Last time I get 100 cash back via mobihurry code.

  44. brandon ani says:

    fake hai khaali dimaaag ka dahi krne ke liye hai nothing else

  45. Rachit says:

    Bewakoof nahi bana raha its increasing traffic and it will then give only few 200% recharges and close the offer.

  46. manish says:

    maine isme 25 rs daala promo code apply kiya to bolta h for valid transaction only.logo ko banata h mohikwik decoit h.

  47. Sacheen says:

    Fake offer making fool

  48. yogesh says:

    friends how to use this ogger please tell.

  49. zzz says:

    Till now PROMO Code is not published.
    Keep a track on mobikwik social channels
    to find out when and how! Only
    the first 100 to jump on it will get 200% cashback.

  50. prashant says:

    Friends this site is thirdclass. Sirf bebkoof bnata h.

  51. sanju says:

    Give me the code??????

  52. Bhav says:

    Hi guys,

    i think Anjali is wrong. she didn’t got any code.

  53. Aryan says:

    Bewkoof bana raha hai mobikwik abhi tak code nahi aaya

  54. Vikas says:

    anjali is special custmer of mobikwik

  55. anjali says:

    Bt code is bt wrking..wat da hell mobikwik..

  56. sanju says:

    anjali juth bol rahi he friends ….. shame anjali

  57. Tanzeem says:

    Anjali tell me

    where the code shown ??

  58. akhil says:

    plz give the code

  59. Tanzeem says:

    Congratulations Anjali…
    Mujhe ni mila avi tk…

  60. Rahul says:

    still they didnt posted already anjali got code!!!!!!! :D

  61. ASHISH says:

    Anjali plz mention the procedure
    For getting code

  62. anjali says:

    Got code…yiippiieeee

  63. sonu says:

    mobik just want to increase people viewing number for google +

    cheap idea ……..shame on u mobik

  64. jagadeesh says:

    How to get this offer

  65. Arun says:

    Mobikwik Alwase new idea customers cheated

  66. madhu says:

    give me promocode

  67. Tanzeem says:

    How we get promocode?

  68. anjali says:


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