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Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 100+ Promo Code: GOSF10

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154 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 100 – PayTm”

  1. Rocking mohit says:

    Please yaar kuch ache offer toh upload kar do yaar

  2. Muthu says:


  3. Ram says:

    is it working today?

  4. bunty says:

    Dnt share any trick here pls

  5. Surender says:

    Got 100 cassh back wowww

  6. vamsi says:

    where is the offer yar waiting

  7. Bhavesh says:

    Kub expire hua pata bi nahi chala

  8. mahinder kashyap says:

    Only 10 Rupees cash back

  9. monika says:

    Please give me ani trik

  10. Monu says:

    Maine 1000 rs kamaya only 1 device se 10 id pe

  11. King says:

    Code is working BUT the cash back is only Rs 10 on 100+.

  12. mahinder kashyap says:

    Koe New Promo code Lao paytm App ya Site ke liya

  13. Eldho Jose says:

    Offer will come today 10 PM – 10:30 PM

  14. Sanket says:

    Bakwaas offer…!!! Only for 1hour dena hai toh 1 din ke leye toh dena chahiye

  15. sreenath says:

    i have done it 2 times from 2 different devices and got total 200 cash back,when i tried in the 3rd device it showed 10rs cash back.the offered held for only 1 hour

  16. mansih says:

    only 10 rupees case back

  17. kunal says:

    Only 10 rs. Cashback its not good…!

  18. Kuldeep says:

    Got it.Gud Offer. But after so long…

  19. rams says:

    i got 100 cb notification after applying coupon but at payment page sbi is under maintainance so i thought i will do it on tomorrow but everything is gone.

  20. lakshman says:

    I got 100 cash back but This offer only 10pm To 10:30pm Only

  21. Anil jangir says:

    Only 10rupees refund
    Ye galt baat ha jitna dikate ho utna dena chahiye

  22. Ubaid says:

    I LOVE SMI… i got 100 Cashback… guys it was working at 10PM…after that i dont know.

  23. saan says: was.. for limited time or limited count

    means eithee 30 min or 1000 user will get 100 then rs 10…

    coz in my 1st dvc i got 100
    and in 2nd its dispaly 100cb.. but i cant recharge that time.. and when i tried after 15mints it display 10cb

    so offer is good and real too..thnx paytm n smi

  24. jay says:

    Katham ho gya… But really maza aa gya 3 main kiya tha or firr 2 main kiya…. Yea device restrictions ne dimaag ka dahi kr diya

  25. Anonymous says:

    100 rupya aa gya bhai log

  26. King says:

    Got 100 … :D

  27. Harry says:


  28. verma says:

    Only rs.10 casback… too late

  29. Nilesh says:

    yes got it 100 cashback

  30. pritom ahom says:

    I think some people give fake comments to make others fool. & these people have partnership with this website .so please don’t publish any unnecessary comments on this site only comment what you found in reality.
    It’s a kind request to all.
    And when i use this promo code
    GOSF10 it’s show me only 10 rupees cashback.

  31. Utkarsh says:

    Showing only Rs10 cashback

  32. verma says:

    Kitna aayega… ye rs.10 bol rhe hai… after pay

  33. Anonymous says:

    mera bhi casback aa giya 500rs ki jugad hi gai bhai… 5 accounts pe

  34. Dh says:

    100 rs cashback dikha k 10 rs diya fraud..

  35. Ashwin says:

    Received cashback successfully. Thanks Paytm and SMI :)

  36. Goa kaDost says:

    it says i will get 10 rs cashback.shud i proceed &pay. OR whether it has to show 100 cashback.???

  37. rajendra says:

    Now showing only 10rs cashback

  38. Ahmad says:

    Not working Now, Just 10 Rupees cash Back offer in Wallet!

  39. BHargava says:

    i got 10 cash back only

  40. raj says:

    this tym paytm ullu banawing…paytm sucks

  41. rachit says:

    Only Rs 10 cashback.. :C

  42. Nikhil says:

    Cashback reduced to 10!!!!

  43. SATYA says:

    wow GOT RS.100/-

  44. mp says:

    Y it’s showing 10c b

  45. @nkiT says:

    It says you’ll get Cashback of Rs10 :O
    We get Cashback of Rs 10 or Rs100?
    And Can we Use Paytm wallet for Payment?

  46. harish says:

    it is showing Rs.10/- cashback only for me… Anyone of u got Rs100/- as cashback… pls reply

  47. MUSTAFA says:


  48. Apoorva says:

    Why I got only 10/- Cashback?

  49. vab says:

    Ik gante se mera recharge pending hi aa raha bekar offer hai

  50. geetakshi says:

    hi anybody tell me who received rs.100 cash back or rs.10

  51. akshat says:

    when I applying promocode it says rs 10 cashbach

  52. s p singh says:

    10 hi mil rahe h

  53. maddy says:

    I too got

  54. siddu says:

    For me also ot os showing 10 rupees only.

  55. Sritama says:

    It is clearly writing 10 cashback on100

  56. Anonymous says:

    Shit yaar offer expire… What d

  57. Amit says:

    Yippee Rs 100.0 added as cash back in Paytm wallet. SMI Roxx
    Recharge done at 10:34
    Cashback Received at 10:52

  58. Daya says:

    Why it is showing only Rs. 10/- cashback. Anyone can please help me.Thanks

  59. reasham says:

    It says Rs.10 cashback will be recieved

  60. linu says:

    is it anyone get 100rs cashback?

  61. prem says:

    When I apply code it says 10 rs will be cashbacked to account no 100! Offer expired or what is the problem,??

  62. Saurabh says:

    Giving 10 Rs cashback only

  63. satya says:

    it is showing only Rs 10 cash back.. but you mentioned 100?

  64. vicky says:

    thanx SMI…got 100 cashback…

  65. hudhud says:

    Now its Rs 10 only /-

  66. Devansh says:

    I am receiving only 10 cashback not 100

  67. Vaibhav says:

    Promo over now they are giving only rs.10 cashback

  68. srsenapati says:

    ohh shit.. i only recharged 3 times ,now its 10 cb on 100

  69. shivam Mittal says:

    Are bhai plzz koi bta do kese jb apply krta hu to kewal Rs. 10 Cashback ka aa rha hai

  70. Nilesh says:

    After promo code applied msg said you’ll get 10 cashback
    But you are saying 100 cashback please confirm..
    I’m existing user

  71. mohan sai says:

    only 10rs CB wat is dis

  72. riya says:

    offer change ho gaya ab 10 rs ho gaye :(

  73. Samik says:

    When applied, it says cashback of 10 !!

  74. Anonymous says:

    Got it in two a/c using credits !!

  75. Akshay says:

    Its showing that Only Rs. 10 will be credited instead of Rs. 100

  76. keti says:

    only 10 cb chitter 100 lika kyu???

  77. RAMU says:

    its showing 10 cash back for me :(

  78. Shamikh says:

    iske chakkar me q pad rahe ho apply new100 to get rs 100 cash back. Its working. I have done 20 yet

  79. siddarth says:

    Recieving only rs 10 nw

  80. prakash says:

    promo code is showing only 10rs cashback instead of 100..

  81. gaurav says:

    Diya 100cash back par ata hai only 10 rupee

  82. Raviraj says:

    its not 100rs but 10rs cashback

  83. Rakesh says:

    when apply code then it shows 10 cash back ?
    what i do?
    tell me friends?

  84. siva says:

    Sorry SMI. Now i got it Case back

  85. Pavan says:

    Now it showing cash back only 10

  86. yash says:

    On applying the promo code it displays a msg of only 10 rs cashback. What to do?

  87. preeti says:

    kyu murkh bna rha h it show..10 cb not 100

  88. DKmeena says:

    its working but cashback is only rs10 on rs100 recharge

  89. baba burkindar says:

    yar 100 me 10 cashback hai…jhut mut ka pagal kar diya :(

  90. Subhajit says:

    it shows 10 rs cashback……why?

  91. Siva says:

    I too got the money.. I dont think any risky in sharing the Bank Acc No and branch details..

    Only risky one is PAN number..

  92. saan says:

    1st time got 100 and ²nd time 10
    .working on paytm wallet too and one user devixe

  93. Raj says:

    its over

  94. SHIVAM says:

    I did 10 times on a single no
    It was unlimited for any number.
    But offer has stopped now!!

  95. Nausuad says:

    After applying coupon confirmation is just 10 rs Cashback.

  96. Raghu says:

    great,, got cashback

  97. ANN says:

    did u all get the 10rs cashback msg instead of 100?

  98. raj says:

    Promo code was applied successfully but showing CASH BACK 10 will come like the way it was showing

  99. Jitender Sheoran says:

    I also got 100rs. Cash back!!!
    Thanks paytm…

  100. jyoti says:

    Its working

  101. SUVRo says:


  102. meena says:

    ab sirf 10 rs mil rahe hai

  103. THIYAGU says:

    When it will expire. ?

  104. manny says:

    Party ended too early :(. they have changed it to 10 rs cashback now.

  105. tinku meena says:

    game over, done 4 recharge, 400

  106. ANN says:

    showing only 10 rs will be cashbacked

  107. siva says:

    Not working. So sad

  108. rahul says:

    its showing 10 rs cashback

  109. Sandeep says:

    Working Got Cashback.
    Now the cashback changed from 100 to 10

  110. varun says:

    I applied the promocode and it gave me rs10 as cashback wtf is this…

  111. Ashish says:

    Nw Over, Now you will get cashback of only 10 and noot 100.

  112. H.S.Gupta says:

    wtf ?
    congratulations! you will get a cash back of rs 10 on this item ?

    the hell is this ? only 10 ? did paytm changed it ?

  113. Neeraj says:

    got 100

  114. sk says:

    saying 10 cashback not 100 why ?

  115. chandu says:

    cashback amount is 10 or 100..

  116. DHARMIN says:


  117. Rajesh says:

    I recvd cash back within 10 minutes thanks SMI n Paytm. Now Freecharge turn now expecting zakkhas offer

  118. ravi says:

    Paytm smart offer of the year..

  119. sreenath says:

    go for cash back

  120. shahzada ivan says:

    its working guys, but only one time for one device.

  121. rajesh says:

    Thanks Savemoney team and paytm.

  122. Dipak says:

    kitna tym mai mila cashback..??
    mujhe toh avi tak nhi mila..

  123. dhruv says:

    only 10rs not 100

  124. DEEPAK says:


  125. jitesh says:

    mere to cash back aa gaya….

  126. maddy says:

    Did any one got the cashback

  127. Troubleshooter says:


  128. chandu says:

    got it..
    With wallet and also with Netbanking

  129. Technext says:

    When applying say 100 cashback
    But Receive 10 cashback instead of 100.
    Paytm.. Lol

  130. MALIK AZAM says:


  131. jay says:

    Ho Ho Ho,maza aa gya aaj toh 300 ka jugaad ho gya teen device say + paytm wallet rocks agar single device na hota toh aaj toh full party hoti but mini party bhi chalta hai…

    Paytm rockxxxx now waiting for paytm competitors specially freecharge

  132. Pramod says:

    Thank you SMI

  133. Harish says:

    Cashback credited in 15 min only

  134. Anonymous says:

    Got Cash back

  135. Siddeshwar says:

    Got it man

  136. Niraj says:

    It’s working. Genuine offer.

  137. adi says:

    yes it’s work with paytm cash so hurry up

  138. chandu says:

    can it be done using paytm wallet or compulsory debit/credit card.

  139. Troubleshooter says:

    it worked. But Still i didn’t get cashback

  140. Harish says:

    Got msg of cashback…

  141. Anonymous says:

    is it working using paytm wallet

  142. sonu says:

    Thank u SMI n paytm

  143. Ravindra kumar sahani says:

    I will get the cash back

  144. Anonymous says:

    i got it…hurry now…

  145. manish kumar says:

    its working for 1 user
    thanks PayTM
    but new code jaldi jaldi lao

  146. affan says:

    WOW… itx Done..

  147. SANJAY says:


  148. anmol says:

    not received cashback!

  149. GAURAV says:


  150. Prabhat says:

    get it…

  151. Ankit Jain says:

    its working !! thank u SMI

  152. Jitender says:

    Working. Thanks SMI

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