Recharge & Bill Payments Rs. 20 Cashback on Rs. 10 – FreeCharge

freecharge10No Promo Code Required.
• Only Valid on FreeCharge Apps – Android, iOS, Windows.
• Only Valid on Debit/Credit Card Transactions.
• Offer valid till 5th October 2014.
• Cashback is usually instant but in some cases may take upto 24 hours.

Download FreeCharge App for: Android | iOS | Windows

228 Responses to “Recharge & Bill Payments Rs. 20 Cashback on Rs. 10 – FreeCharge”

  1. Akshay says:

    Freecharge koi to new offer nikalo. Tum ne offers nikal ne band kar diye..

  2. anand says:

    offer expired on 5 th october

  3. gajendra says:

    10 m cashback 20
    yah offer kab tak valid hai.

  4. ashish says:

    I tried today mrng not got cashback:( :D

  5. Mayur says:

    is it still working today? has anyboday checked?
    I got more than Rs.2500 as caskback using 6 cards. :)

  6. nitya says:

    Is this offer working now? it was valid till 6 october. please answer anybody. Thanks in advance :)

  7. Sacheen says:

    I am just done 10 time recharge by two debitcard..
    100 recharge in my number 200cashback(pay 100 n get 200 100rs rechg)

  8. Sacheen says:

    Friends all d & c Card unlocked now..enjoy 10 pe 20cb working today lastday :D
    1card se 5 time 20cb milega

  9. Bhanwarlal says:

    working now

  10. sachin says:

    20 cashback abi bi work kar rha k ni

  11. anurag says:

    10rs recharge not seccseful .and 20rs cashback not received but 10rs is debit from my debit CARD.

  12. Vijendra says:

    Sab dc/cc ko Freecharge ne hi block kar rakha tha.. There is nothing to do with banka.

    When i tried at 11pm on 5th oct it said bank denied transaction but when i tried at 12:18am on 6th October my debit card ia unblocked.. So conclusion is Freecharge was blocking cards on their sites after 5 transaction in a day and after 10 transaction overall per debit /credit card..

  13. Avish says:

    the app not working .. oops something went wrong error

  14. bhanwarlal says:

    best offer

  15. Ashish says:

    Today is last day, so loot lo dosto….. Till now got Rs 1500 as credits…..3cards..almost daily 15 transactions….yipee

  16. tinku meena says:

    anonymous, bro same problem i facing today, two time recharge not successful but amout deduction in my debit card. i send a mail to freecharge but till now response.

  17. Anonymous says:

    10rs recharge not seccseful .and 20rs cashback not received but 10rs is dedicated in ATM DEBET CARD. 2 TIME.

  18. tinku meena says:

    today my card unlock and i done 8 recharge with single card.

  19. deepak says:

    FreeCharge is saying unlimited but they put TC on cc/dc…
    maximum 5 transition per day and 10 per card…

    On paytm, i have done 8-9 transition and my card didnt block…

    FreeCharge should have put have condition on card and mentioned in TC…

  20. Amit says:

    I have checked with my Bank, they have not locked the card. As per them, issue is at merchant side.

    I think there gateway is PayUMoney and they are blocking cards.

  21. Mohit says:

    Isn’t there any way to allow more than 5 transaction on a single card ?

  22. anonymas says:

    how to unlock my card after 5 transaction i am not able to recharge again on freecharge…

  23. andy says:

    tinku bhai try paying to some other site lets see its working or not..

  24. tinku meena says:

    tomorrow Saturday and bank open on half day. so i go bank and collect information for my locked card.

  25. tinku meena says:

    bank goes on holidays. my card locked after five transaction.

  26. Monu Chauhan says:

    ye freecharge bakwas offer de raha hai @ 5 baar se jyada nahi hota hai

  27. laxmi says:

    I got 200 cashback with one card only.. 10 transactions with one card..

  28. mahi says:

    cash back nahi aa raha h recharge success ho gaya maine 3 recharge kiya ek ka bhi cash back nahi aaya.

  29. jazz says:

    i got 200 in one card
    thanks freecharge and SMI

  30. Sacheen says:

    Priya@1 account se unlimited + same numb pe bhi unlimited..trnx kar sakte hai,,, :D
    but 1 debit ya credit card se only 5time hoga :(
    means 2 card = 10times
    4card = 20times

  31. Sacheen says:

    4 card se 200pe 400cb milta hain means total 600 hua to 1000 kaise milega ? :D

  32. Anonymous says:

    I spend only
    200 rs.
    and got 1000 rs.
    in 4 different atm card.
    and get 800 cash back
    finlly got total 1000 rs.
    hip hip hurry

  33. jimmy says:

    arrey genius logo, problem fc ke saath ni bank k saath hai. Bank k rules hai agar ek hi amount ki transaction 3-5 baar ho jati hai toh same merchant pe toh us merchant ko woh block kar dete hai taaki koi fraud naa ho. Yeh bank k security measures hai. FC thodi naa block kar sakta hai unko toh paise chahiye kaise bhi aaye. thoda dimaag use kar liya karo. Cheeze use karne lag jaatey ho kabhi uske baare mein deep study bhi kar liya karo.

    Same Merchant- Same Amount ki transaction agar baar baar request karta hai bank ko toh bank hi block kar deta hai. Fir 24 hrs baad hi open kartey hai us merchant pe. Kai banks sirf 3 transactions ke baad block kar dete hai aur kai 5 tak allow kartey hai. Even private banks bhi deny kar dete hai payments agar ek hi amount ki baar baar request lagey system mein. Sidhi baat, No bakwaas.

  34. ANJUM says:

    As per offer, Cashback is usually instant but in some cases may take upto 24 hours, but in my case I have not received it so far

  35. Ashish says:

    @G d
    My cards r locked only on free charge website. Not other online websites. Done payments on other gateways.

  36. priya says:

    hello admine , ek account se kitne transation kar sakte hai

  37. G d airan says:

    Ashish you have to go to bank branch to get ATM/Debit card unlocked
    Customer of bank advised me to do so
    After 5 transx ATM card blocked
    So try for 4 transx only of same merchant and same amount

  38. Ashish says:

    Its about 36 hours but my cards r still locked…. Shamjh me ye in as raha ki inn website ke baski nahi hota to ye aide offer chalate kyu hai?

  39. manoj says:

    my atm card also locked. this site is wrost

  40. PK says:

    After 4 times facing an error “transaction failed” what d hell is this yaar??

    Is this error from FC or Bank?

    Plz help me out..

  41. andy says:

    my cards unlocked now try yours too frnds.

  42. andy says:

    No prob @Anand bro we are here to help each other.
    kabhi-2 mistake ho jati hai.

  43. anand says:

    Sorry friends i just knew that after net 24 hours card gets automatic unlock as not by paying through another site my 3 cards were unlock after 24 hours not by transacting on other site sorry friends for wrong message andy mera nuksaan karane ka maksad nahin tha i also got wrong message from other friend sorry once again

  44. tinku meena says:

    when freecharge unlock my card, then start happy hour for me.

  45. Harry says:

    I got it….

  46. adarsh says:

    I have recharged for 10 rs but I didn’t get cash back…????????
    Does it works?
    Or after how much time it will give me 20rs …

  47. neo says:

    beware guys
    I have done 5 recharge but after few hour I got another 5 transactions message from my bank that Rs.10 debited for freecharge but I haven’t done those transactions. I dont know what to do or say.
    my card details has been leaked by freecharge.

  48. shahzada ivan says:

    Not working on add credit transections.

  49. Sacheen says:

    Andy is 100% right

  50. gulli says:

    freecahrge ki hawa nikal gyi…not mor than 5 transactionssss…

  51. andy says:

    after 5 transactions card debit or credit blocked by freecharge even you do card payment through different site it will not unlock, just wait for some time and i am sure freecharge will unlock again.
    ye anand jaise log bina matlab dusro ka nuksan karwate hai.

  52. anand says:

    Not worjing on add money do 10 rs recharge
    jinke cards 5 transaction baad block ho gaye hai simppy do transaction of 10 rs on another app or recharge site and do again on freecharge app simply this will help lots of people mujhe thanks jarur bolna

  53. andy says:

    and valid for add money transection also??

  54. andy says:

    valid for prepaid recharge only or for postapid bill payment aldo??

  55. sonu says:

    its not working on my phone toay

  56. Sacheen says:

    Ahemad yes..aap karo apna 2g n 3g packed aapko 20cb pakka milega ok

  57. ravish says:

    I got two times 20 cash back . thanku SMI

  58. kalyan chowdary says:

    rc with 10rs only u will get 20 FCC …

  59. lj says:

    kitni der bad waps transaction shuru hoga debit card m…???pls koi btao…

  60. Shiv Kumar Rathi says:


    It working even the advertisement has also come in today’s Bangalore Times

  61. ranjith says:

    I didnt get any cash back…

  62. Sacheen says:

    Satish@ kya re kyu sab ku ullu bana raha hain ? Aisa kuch nahi hota jo tune trick batayi :(

  63. Sacheen says:

    Jaju @ pagal ab refer code wala offer end hogaya aaj :D
    50cb+25 on 10rs rechg ka gameover :(

  64. Ahamed27 says:

    Can I recharge my 2g rs.17 or 3g rs.28 pack and get 20 cashback… Please some one help..

  65. jaju says:

    IRF14 AND referoffer still wokin ….club these offer …and simply mje lo…….do two thing use vcc and google add settings…..

  66. Rakesh says:

    Freecharge excellent. Simply rocks.

  67. shashi says:

    how to recharge more then 5 times by one card..? Is it possible?

  68. kalyan chowdary says:


    Up to supporting of ur bank…unlmtd..max 20

  69. Nitin says:

    how many transaction can be possible with 1 debit card, limit?

  70. shihas says:

    used 3 different debit cards n did recharge 5 times with each card on same number and another 2 number many times.thanx 300 cash back.

  71. kalyan chowdary says:

    Guys don’t do recharge immediately one after another…make a gap between 10-15 mins..100% it wl gives succesfull return of 20 credits to ur accnt

  72. A says:

    Can I recharge Rs10 on the same number a no of times ? and get the offer?

  73. aaditya says:

    Why are you becoming a hero by sharing tricks. Soon free charge waale will block all these.

  74. Satish says:

    After 5 transaction use ur card on another online site to pay (add to wallet) just rs 10 & again u can recharge for 5 times.

  75. Sangam says:

    I’m not going to waste my time anymore…transaction failed many times…paytm is best…paytm ki jai ho!!!!

  76. pinku mallik says:

    Is this working in net banking

  77. Sangam says:

    Always payment fails

  78. unyk says:

    I also got payment error message but got through the forth time. So, keep trying guys. It works.

  79. Karan says:

    Not working…tried thrice

  80. h.s.gupta says:

    haha recharged 5 different numbers from same account and same debit card.. bit while on 6 th try freecharge said.

    bank refused dute to risk … :p

  81. mohnish says:

    We are sorry but the transaction failed.
    Reason: Bank denied transaction due to risk

    Every time this note occurs on frchg app when I try to pay

    & paytm transaction from bank easily done..

    Frchrg is making fool to their customers..

  82. Tanmay says:

    I used them and recharged for 50. I got 30 discount but I paid using my credit Card. SO I got 20 cashback too. Indirectly I got it for free. So I suggest that you all also check your e-mail ids for the code….. Please reply if you found it.

  83. HR says:

    wow feecharge wala bhi offer dene laga bhai too nice…

  84. sangam says:

    working :d

  85. ABC says:

    Yes xyz its also working today for those who have recharged earlier.
    I have recharged 5 times on that day and 5 times today also.
    Sexy offer.

  86. Monu Chauhan says:

    sabse bekar offer aur sbse bekar freecharge ka app hai

  87. dude says:

    How many times we can do the recharge

  88. Mayank says:

    Wow its working.

  89. kalyan chowdary says:

    U have better to use debit/ credit card..its not working on net banking and FCC

  90. sadhu says:

    no only credit

  91. Manish says:

    hey is this offer is working in net banking ….can anyone tell me…..

  92. Chandrakant says:

    Yes its working now.

  93. kalyan chowdary says:

    Don’t use credits..only u have to use debit/credit cards..

  94. Deep Rangani says:


  95. Avish says:

    is it working with credits?

  96. XYZ says:

    I have used last time already 5 times got Cashback. Can I use again ?

  97. tinku meena says:

    its working.

  98. Saurabh says:

    Is this offer working now?

  99. Sanny says:

    today offer expired…

  100. Anonymous says:

    @rajesh plz reply to @VK i am also facing d same problem

  101. james says:


    Urs badluck man;
    by investing same as ur amount, i got cash back of 1900…

    Nd i gift recharge of 200 to others.

  102. vab says:

    @Rajesh hum freecharge ke money ik se dusre a/c mai trasnfer kar sakte hai kya .?

  103. Sacheen says:

    Yesterday night 9pm k baad to 1 debitcard se 15 time tranx ho raha tha.. :D aur usi din wohi card se subha 5 tranx hue means
    1 debitcard=1day=20 tranx=400fc credit
    200 ki recharge :P total 600 :)

  104. RAHUL says:

    dis offer is expired?? please any1 tell me if u cnfm..

  105. Anonymous says:

    Hi rajesh offer still valid on 26 or not???

  106. MAHESH BEST says:

    Recharged for Rs 10.
    more than 15 Times.

    Got 300 Credits.

  107. Anonymous says:

    @rajesh how to get 95 casback again in already used account

  108. mohnish says:

    Free charge app shows inactive merchant / bank denied transaction / payment not proceed. Lagta hai freecharge wale thhak gaye hain recharge dete dete,..

  109. mahi says:

    invalid payment problem aa rahi h
    kal sabka wallet balance 0 kar dega

  110. vijendra says:

    payment page me inactive marchant ka message aa raha hai..

  111. afzz says:

    login problem aaarahi hy

  112. Vijendra says:

    Login problem aa rahi h Freecharge application me. Anyone also facing same

  113. Jazz says:

    Amazing Freecharge. Got more than 100 freecharge credits
    Thanks freecharge team
    Thanks SMI team

  114. tinku meena says:

    paytm and freecharge rocking at this time, but what are doing mobikwik, anyone tell me. hahaha

  115. monu chauhan says:

    Srif ak hi offer replay kar rahe hai @ freecharge wale dum hai to koi new aur 20 trs per card recharge wala offer code upload

  116. monu chauhan says:

    Paytm walo daro mat ye freecharge wale app se jyada dani nahi hai

  117. rohit says:

    @rajesh thanks for sharing…virtual card minimum 100 rs ka bnta h PR hm recharge to 10 rs ka kr the h to baki 90 ka kya hoga…

  118. Harish says:

    I have recharged 25 times with 2 cards….. Got 500 credits…

    Abi to bhot time h…. Lets see how much can I do…..

  119. vk says:

    @rajesh aap n jo trick batayi thi phle usme aapne bataya tha ki refer code dal k again n again ap kr skte ho.but ek registered id p ek hi bar ho skta hai.nd ys google ad reset krne s kya hota hai.kindly giv information to all of us, again thanx

  120. vk says:

    @rajesh , recharge krne k bad Google reset kia and app manager me s clear data kia but says ek email id s ek hi bar ho what to do?

  121. Sacheen says:

    Friends jisne jisne kal debit card use karke 5 time 20 cashback ka benefit leliya wo log aaj fir se wohi debit card use karke aur 5 time benefit lelo… :D

  122. Aman says:

    Email 1 from freecharge: Hurry! No promocode required. You can avail this offer as many times you want and also don’t forget to share this offer with your friends and family.

    After recharge: * These FreeCharge Credits expire in 60days of being credited to your account.

  123. deepak says:

    Sab bakwas hai, kuch b nahi ho raha hai. Unique debit card is required every time to get cashback. Bakio k bakwas me phaskar time barbad na kare.

  124. tinku meena says:

    Jimmy you are right bro.pagalpanti Karl rehe hai sab ke sab.chaar din ki chandni fir andheri raat.

  125. Ashish says:

    Dosto, kal waale debit cards jinse further payment band ho gyi . unse for sure ho gyi hai. I just recharged 5 times agn wid those cards. Cheers

  126. Rajesh says:

    @Bala one card is valid only for 1 recharge

  127. Rajesh says:

    @vab bhai maine kabhi HDFC ki net banking use nahiu ki hao… isliye mujhe nahi pata hai ki HDFC main virtual card ki facility hai yaa nahi

    @kanha sorry i didnt get ur question

    @vk login in sbi netbanking then goto E-card thn genarte a card of min.100 rs. 10 rs will deducted from ur account and remaining 90 will revert in bank account..with in 24 hrs.

  128. tinku meena says:

    Jo log ye vcc aur Google ad id and clear data ki trick ko yaha par post karke apne ko hero samaj rahe hai,me unhe bata du ki abki baar Jo freecharge app ka update aayega usme ye sabhi trick ko block Kar diya jayega.this is for your kind information. Ok

  129. jimmy says:

    Well done idiots. Talking about all the methods here openly. Now, what will u get at the end is baba ji ka thullu from freecharge in few days to come. You talked about same device and different accounts they stopped it. You talked about yoooowayve, they blocked it though after sometime opened but company got to know about it. Now its turn for vcc blocking. keep it up idiots.

  130. sandeep says:

    me got 20 cash back yesterday, but now Rs 10 cash back only

  131. vab says:

    Thanx bhai Rajesh I m using now vcc .and 190 cash back only pay 20..

  132. Tanmay says:

    Yaar koi aisi trick batao na jisse ek hi card se 50rs ka cashback baar 10 pe mile (refer and earn se)…???

  133. hussain says:

    Its very slow cashback n recharge is oso talking too much tym…. Not so good

  134. GEEK says:


    Are u a idiot or what??? who told you VCC and Netbanking are same??? of course one needs a netbanking account to generate a VCC. But both r different things…u cant use your netbanking a/c in place of debit/credit card and vice versa. But a VCC can be used as a debit or credit card for online transactions.

    and for OTP, i think you dnt understand it and thats why u r talking like an idiot. OTP’s are the One Time Password sent by bank or cards provider companies like Visa/Master to their customers registered no for extra security. one can disable this feature (upto Rs.10000) from their Bank a/c anytime using their online banking a/c or by giving a application to their home branch….
    Hope u understand now…. :-)

  135. Rohi says:

    @Rajesh your method is a fail because when u have created online virtual card and you are making payment, the payment mode will be considered as NET BANKING -NOT AS CREDIT/DEBIT CARD.
    When u pay using your online virtual card u r required to enter OTP as receieved on your phone, ,,so….:P :P :P

  136. Mani says:

    Thanks SMI got recharged from 3 cards, 4 per card total 12 transaction done. got 240 cashback. now looking for another debit cards.

  137. Sena says:

    Thanks smi ! 100% working offer got Rs200/- using two diff cards Free charge rocking!

  138. Bala says:

    @ rajesh. I couldn’t use 1 card to many times.

    Reason for cashback failure:
    You have already reached the limit of maximum 1 redemptions per card for this offer. As per our records, the earlier transactions where this card was used are FCVA14080******

  139. GEEK says:

    yup! Total Rs95 is coming as cashback….FC has removed re1 coupon from its other offers like 10/20 or 20/30 or 30/30 are already expired. otherwise it would be more attractive offer… had earned upto Rs200 before… anyways 95 on 10 is not bad either…so enjjjoyyy :)

  140. lakhan says:

    10 pr 20 ka cash back mila h but only 5 times

  141. bablu prajapati says:

    hi friends offer ek dum mast hai jitne atm card utna cashback mere pass to 8 dabit card hai.

  142. vk says:

    @rajesh how can we use sbi virtual card many times?

  143. kanha says:

    @rajesh, but we cant get 50cashback 5times in one card, so 95 ×5 nehi ho sakta na…

  144. kanha says:

    @rajesh, thank you for ur sharing.. keep it up.

  145. vab says:

    @Rajesh mere pass hdfc ka credit or debit card hai .kya mai v use kar sakta hoo SBI virtual card ko ager ha to kaise please explain

  146. HR says:

    kitna cashback le sakte hain.?

  147. rohit says:

    got 200 cash back using two cards…thanks SMI..

  148. ankit says:

    ye 10 rs me 20 ka cash back kab tk valid hai.?

  149. ankit says:

    freecharge se jab bhi recharge karta hu recharge failed aa jata hai . or paymet Wallet me cr. ho jati hai.
    this is not good. bakwas i have so many tym but no reply.

  150. rajesh says:

    my total cashback is till now 15000 yesterday it was rs only 5000 …wohooooo :) :)

  151. rajesh says:

    @Vikram Singh
    bhai yeh india hai yaha har chej main juggad lag jati hai bas tarika aana chiye …

  152. rajesh says:


    1.first create a account on freechrage app and go to Refer and earn option in freecharge app options there you will get ask to share open that.
    2. then goto invite there share with any app. like- whatsapp …. you will se msg like paise kya ped par ….there you will a promo code like-

    SO copy this code.. logout this account and again create a account
    5. make a recharge of RS 10 on (always use different no.) put that promo code in i have a promo code option …because of this promo code you will get rs 50 cash back and 25 alag se uss id par milega jiska woh share and earn ka promo code hai … total hogya 20(freecharge )+(50 cash back )+25(share and earn option) so total you will get 95 rs cashback on just paying 10 rs..
    7.once reachrage is done now go to google setteing in main menu of your phone option…open goto ads and then reset adbt. id.
    8.then goto appliction manger open freecharge clear data of that app. repet all above steps again and again
    10. as u all user have comment that from one card you can recharge 5 time that soo good..
    so your total cashback is 95*5=475

    aur agar isse bhi jayada cashback chiye kisi ko toh then just google about online sbi virtual card….

    fir toh haat dukne lag jayenge par cash back nahi milna khatam hoga …..

    aur agar kisi ko problem hai na kisi yeh sab mat batao yaha aisa waisa jo bhi hain toh freecharge and paytm wale bewkoof nahi hai jo itna cashback de rahe unko itna cashback dene ke baad bhi bahut kuch mil raha hai…

    ask me any question if you have…

  153. monu chauhan says:

    Ye freecharge wale logo ko bewakuf bana rahe hai srif 5 trs hota hai @ paytm best hai

  154. Ragu says:

    its for New & Old users also …

  155. Raghu says:

    Its working, as usual great offers from Frecharge & SMI , i have recharged 10 times( 5 times with 1 card and another 5 times wid other card) , got the 200/- into my wallet, superbbbbb,thanks .

  156. anurag says:

    I have not received cash back. Bakwash offer hain

  157. rishu says:

    Bhai rajesh….i dnt completly understand u.
    Will u please xplain it.

  158. Sacheen says:

    Thanx SMI
    I make today 10 recharge used 2 debitcard 200cashback :P thanx again

  159. neeraj singh says:

    Bhaiyo tension mat lo card me koi problem nhi h problem ye h ki iss offer par transaction ek card par 5 baar hi allowed h ok dusre card se 5 baar phir se kr sakte ho..

  160. Mukund patel says:

    Nice offer 5 times done

  161. vab says:

    Any one tell me about vcc ? In detail.

  162. mohan says:

    Awesum offer keep the offer going paytm look u suck

  163. santosh says:

    Nice offer
    Tnks smi

  164. Nikhil says:

    5 times from one card

  165. Nikhil says:

    no code needed ..
    Recharge with 10 u ll get 20
    U can redeem 5 times from one card

  166. kanha says:

    @rajesh , please tell in detail.
    total investment kitna hoga??

  167. vinod says:

    10 rs hi cash back mil raha hai

  168. Manu says:

    @ Rajesh.. Plz share the tricks..

  169. sanky says:

    I got only 3 times.. 4th time didnt got anything

  170. Suman says:

    Paytm sabka baap hain jo kehta hain wo karta hain…
    Freecharge reason deta hain ki cashback nahi hua…
    Paytm rocks…

  171. Vikram Singh says:

    All are hearby informed to not avail any secret tricks which can be harmful for future use. As freecharge will block all tricks like mobikwik app. And can add additional security.
    So, keep your tricks upto you and don’t share in public.

    Issued in Public Interest.

  172. kuttty says:

    @rajesh: how to earn?

  173. damodar says:

    very bad banate hai only 5 time use ho raha hai uske baad trantion failled ho raha hai please help me.

  174. rajesh says:

    trick to earn more cashback

    create a account on freecharge than open its share and earn option promo code use that code into next id of your recharhge… use promo code that will also give you 50 cash back+20=70

    you will get 70 rs cash back each time….

    for any more question and multi time recharge ask me i will share with you….
    just today i reedem 5000 rs cashback from freecharge…!!

  175. Mayur says:

    Guys… I got cashback 15 times for the same mobile number… :)
    used 3 diff cards for payments.. 5 each…
    maza aagaya….
    Good deal from freecharge after long time…

  176. Kfl says:

    Recharged 7 times (7×10) using credit card and got 140 cash back in wallet!!! Thanks SMI

  177. ali says:

    I got 3times

  178. Anil says:

    Do recharge of 10 Rs 5 times, u will receive a cash back of 100 Rs, then do 100 Rs recharge using IRF14 and get 50 rs cash back again.. awesome

  179. Pradeep Manhar says:

    thannx mij

  180. anand says:

    Waah freecharge ka jawaab nahin kya offer laata hai pay for 1 get 2 free
    paytm ki cash back limits 50 hoti hai but freecharge par jyaada hi kuch milta hai sabse badhiya koi id koi number koi mobile ya debit card ka restrictions nahin hai jeeyo freechaarge jeeyo thanks smi and freecharge
    Abse jyaada freecharge use karna paytm ko kam

  181. Chandrakant says:

    try using different debit/credit card once limit of 5 transaction per card exceed.

    Its working if you are using different card. I have done 20 transaction with 4 diff card. :)

  182. RAJA says:

    Done 5 times. Great offer freecharge

  183. Sudeesh says:

    Its working fine…But is it really worthy??? Absolutely no…!!!!
    Do rs 10 recharge twice…u will get rs 20 each cashback. So total 10+20+10+20 = 60 worth rechg for rs 20

    Now paytm…get 2 paytm-groupon coupon for rs 18 and do 50+50 rechgs. So 100 worth rechg for just rs 18…!!! Also u can use Credits in Paytm.

    Which one is good…use ur brain n act accordingly

  184. Anonymous says:

    I Got Ten times Cashback on single account..

  185. kanchan says:

    How I use this

  186. andy says:

    not able to do more then 4 times btw i am using otp option now what to do??

  187. ram gopal patel says:

    Wow its amazon good offer I like it

  188. jana says:

    its just 70 cashback of 100+promo..its working now..

  189. anshul says:

    Yipee! Got 200 rs cashback in my credits on recharge 10 times.
    But can someone tell me that if I use credits to recharge will I get cashback

  190. monu chauhan says:

    Maine ye offer use kiya hai bahut bekar hai 5 baar se jyada payment nahi ho rahi hai very bad freecharg app @

  191. girija says:

    @Lalkishor me also same problem.after 5 txn it is showing recharge failed,bank has denied this txn due to risk…. is it arise a problem to my card.. plz help any one

  192. MIH says:

    try changing verified by visa password after transactions to avoid frauds

  193. DTS says:

    I GOT 80 RS FOR 40 RS SO TOTALLY 120 RS I GOT. we can do from same FREECHARGE ACCT and from same BANK ACCT any times

  194. ketul says:

    It says freecharge account credit will expire in 60 days.

  195. jaju says:

    Guys just recharged with rs 76 got 38+20(58
    ) Cb…..both offer clubbed use. IRF14 AND 20 ON 10….AMAZING OFFER…..

  196. RAMU says:



    7*20 = 140

  197. manish says:

    up to 5 times on same ID or same number….

    its rock…..

  198. Praveen says:

    Please tell me the promo code

  199. Lalkishore says:

    recharged 5 times and received 100 cashback.
    After 5 times response came transaction failed, bank denied due to security risk.
    is there any solution for this?

  200. Ramu says:

    I did 5 times got 5*20=100. Thanks to free charge.

  201. AMIT GARG says:

    Can we recharge same number again and again

  202. mohan says:

    Plz dnt use credit

  203. ustad says:

    Tried 5 times, got 5*20=100 cash back…woot

  204. HR says:

    kitni baar?

  205. Gaurav says:

    How many times can we do this..

  206. Sid says:

    Did 4 times..Got cash back for every recharge..!!!

  207. JANNAT says:

    wait for groupon & paytm
    for 9rs get 50 worth of recharge

  208. Tim Chriss says:

    Nice deal.. got Rs 20 cash back. We can’t use Freecharge credit. Only Credit/Debit card payment. I tried with multiple accounts with same credit card and it worked. So we can say hurray… SMI grttt job..


  209. meet says:

    unlimited times but keep in mind that all credits will be expired in 60 days.

  210. kiran says:

    how many times u got it

  211. Rohan bhatia says:

    How many times we can do this?

  212. suraj says:

    so any one made a trail using with credits

  213. Pulakesh says:

    Get it for 4 times ….. wow …..

  214. raj says:

    worked for me with credit card.

  215. Rohit says:

    Has anyone done more than one time?

  216. Saurabh says:

    HI GUYS…
    Donot pay through wallet…

  217. srinath says:

    done thanks smi

  218. Garry says:

    no cashback received

  219. suraj says:


  220. Saurabh says:

    1. How many times we can do this?
    2. Is working with credits?
    3. transaction got failed while doing the recharge…

  221. Rahul ji says:

    I got message on no which i recharged was, surprise! Rs.20 Cashback added to your account! Recharge with it. m Share the joy with friends! Offer ends 25 Sep. Credits expires: 60days.

    So it means credits will expire after 60Days ?

  222. XYZ says:

    Please answer SMI for Ashok question.

  223. nani says:

    yea nice offer its working for all the users

  224. Anurag says:

    Done .. guess nothing special promo code needed
    But transaction failed :(

  225. Anand says:

    Really great offer Freecharge rocks…
    Thanks SMI

  226. ashok says:

    how many times i can do this….. is there actual payment required or can pay via freecharge credit.

  227. andy says:

    only for new user or old also??

  228. Saurabh says:

    How to avail this offer?

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