Recharge & Bill Payments Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 30 – PayTm

paytm30• Valid across all PayTm Apps.
• Offer valid until 11:59PM on 1st Sep.
• Valid for both new and old users.
• Cash back will be credited into the user’s account within an hour of the order.

Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 30+ Promo Code: APP30

Download: PayTm App | Terms & Conditions

115 Responses to “Recharge & Bill Payments Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 30 – PayTm”

  1. RAHUL says:

    Helo, Paytm staff
    today’s teachers please repeat dis offer.

  2. kamlesh says:

    its rocking

  3. Sanket says:

    Offer ended….!!!

    But was a very great offer.

  4. bito says:

    paytm bhi freecharge ho gyi….. they too make a limit one promocode on one no. ??? WTF!!!!

  5. sam says:


  6. Avtar says:

    now paytm all recharge is in process not success any recharge

  7. damodar says:

    we love me paytm rechargestar.

  8. saahil says:

    paytym rockssss

  9. Avtar says:

    no cash back on 2nd id

  10. manish says:

    jabardust chhij h jeete raho aise hi offer dete raho. freecharge ka naam hi free h baki sab m
    ahanga h.

  11. JITENDRA says:

    very nice offer 30 cas back…

  12. rajan says:

    Paytm wala gadha n no cash back

  13. RAHUL says:

    Hi.. Paytm Staff,
    If Der possible for dis offer,, please validate next day.


  14. sandeep says:

    its working with credit balance…too good..

  15. Oby says:

    atlst shud giv 4m website also b’coz der r many user nt usein android fone’s… ;(

  16. SURAJ says:

    in app

  17. SURAJ says:

    it worked for me with credits

  18. jacks says:

    Is this offerf still ongoing ir closed?

  19. vivek says:

    paytm team plz make it till tomorrow…..raat ko net nahi chal raha mera…phonne me

  20. KK says:

    its working only on paytm app. And now its nt working with credits..

  21. Anil says:

    Working fine even on Credits :)

  22. Anil says:

    @Vivek, u r absolutely right:)

  23. atul says:

    is this is also valid on paytm website

  24. vivek says:

    kab ayega next offer…..same 30 rs. wala paytm team

  25. azad says:

    offr closed

  26. uttam singh says:

    Any body know how to send money from one wallet to another in paytm. please help me…

  27. GAURAV says:

    Offer not working. is offer closed.

  28. arvind says:

    Hey guys.. i have done recgarge.. I checked my online account.. I havent got cashback.. But i gota mail saying 30rs credited to user account… can someone pls clarify??

  29. vivek says:

    now not working…

  30. Vaibhav Jain says:

    In last one month I got a total of 500rs cash back. Paytm is awsm. :)

  31. swati says:

    After getting 30 cash back u can use CB40 3 times

  32. Prasad007 says:

    Working till now…dude :)

  33. PARTHA says:

    i Recharge now yestarday but abi tok cashback not recived….

  34. mahesh says:

    How it was possible?

    Can u explain to all(Friends)?

  35. pankaj says:

    paytm ne malamal kar diya re.. amir bna diya

  36. kiran says:

    recharge made at 7pm cash back not credited till now

  37. pd says:

    Paytm is best.. freecharge wale rewards k nam pe bna rhe h public ko koi cashback nhi milta

  38. tinku meena says:

    hy thx anjali for supporting paytm.

  39. anjali says:

    Jai ho jai ho paytm

  40. tinku meena says:

    thanks manish. yo bro.

  41. om tewatia says:

    I recharge 10times from 10 id and get cash back . I made 300 . Paytm is best . And free charge bhi thik have . Likin mobikwik wale sale chor h ek no. 1 .don’t trust on offer of mobikeik

  42. manish says:

    Jai ho jai ho paytm baharat ki site use swadashi

  43. tinku meena says:

    everyone loudly says, paytm ki jay ho.

  44. tinku meena says:

    freecharge and mobikwik do something for customers.

  45. tinku meena says:

    i got rs 450 in last two days on cash30.with different id.

  46. tinku meena says:

    paytm ke offers ki barsaat ko dekhkar mobikwik aur freecharge ye soch rehe hoge ki kahi paytm psgal to nahi ho gaya. paytm says, aata maji satkali.

  47. sanju says:

    100% working

  48. Vivek says:

    Paytm sabse super hai.I got cashback.

  49. Adi says:

    Freecharge Over…
    Paytm Oxford…

  50. kalyan chowdary says:

    I got 30rs refund to my wallet..I love paytm its secure and easy way to do recharge

  51. vineet says:

    haven’t received the cashback…

  52. dev says:

    use cash70 upto 7 times a day. and get RS. 10 cashback for a minimum recharge of rs.30

  53. poorvi says:

    30 rs ka Ricrg krvya lakin 30 rs cash beck nhi aya kitni hours me ata he?

  54. man droid says:

    now waiting for cash back

  55. man droid says:


  56. Sakshi says:

    Paytm the best !!
    Thank you…

  57. someone4011 says:

    worked like charm ;)

  58. Prashant says:


    It’s applicable for all who have done the transaction yesterday, today also it’s applicable I got the cash back both the times, Thanks SMI and Thanks Paytm

  59. Bhanwarlal says:

    Promo code aply but not cash back in 20 hour

  60. yenom says:

    not working now its saying ‘invalid code’. but it was a great offer. thanks a lot savemoneyindia ;p

  61. sharad says:

    gags@…………just received cash back 30 again for today’s deal….yesterday already got.

  62. sharad says:

    rishika@ if you have used coupon on’ce after 4 pm today then you coupon will not be successful. if you are using cashback of yesterday then you can another one.

  63. sharad says:

    waiting for cashback as coupon already successful……as per my experiance with paytm cash back will be received sure within one hour if coupon successful.

  64. Rahul says:

    Game Over

  65. Gags says:

    @ Sharad…Did you got the balance in your wallat for today’s transaction?

  66. AK says:

    No, you can’t do that. Don’t be greedy……Company band karwayegi kya?

  67. sharad says:

    working for those also which already used yesterday…..great.

  68. rishika gaur says:

    guys i recieved the cashback of 30 rs .. can i use this cashback of 30 for another recharge so that i can get a cashback of 30 again .. pls let me know

  69. azad says:

    yas its work . do multiple recharge with diff. id and same no .

  70. Anuj Kumar says:

    thanks, i goted

  71. raj says:

    It is still working.

  72. sagar says:

    can we do multiple recharge with same mob but diff mail id ?? is it possible??? pls

  73. Adm says:

    Working again

  74. sagar says:

    can we do multiple recharge with same mob but diff mail id ?? is it possible???

  75. Anonymous says:

    can we use same mob but diff email id to do this recharge?? it possible??

  76. Kulli says:

    just now i recharged..its working

  77. sadhu says:


  78. ziyadh says:

    got 30rs cashback.. thankzzz

  79. Priynka says:

    Super Offer…… Got CB……. Withing One Hour So wait For Sometime You Will Got Surely,,, SPECIAL Thanks To SEM !!!

  80. G D AIRAN says:

    It is still working.i have done 10 and received all cash back
    Transaxs done today

  81. Mayank says:

    Order Id 580564597

    Cashback not credited yet??

  82. surinder says:

    I didn’t get cash back rs.30 for promo code cash30 yesterday.. This must not be done to regular provide resolution.

  83. Raja S says:

    One of the best offer from Paytm…Thanks SMI and Paytm

  84. jack says:

    Frds its working I got 30cashback within a hour…thanks paytm..loving it…

  85. subashbks says:

    still working.. and recharged from 46 accounts.. yet to get CB in 6 accounts.. paytm roxxxxxxx… now i’m done

  86. Sidz says:

    its end now. i love paytm and smi.plz keep it up.very good offer

  87. Sacheen says:

    I got 3 times in my 3 a/c means 90rs :D thanx

  88. Ras says:

    Excellent offer.i just came to know paytm this month and i got around 200+ cashback.

  89. MAYANK says:

    thank to paytm
    i enjoy it
    please keep continue

  90. sonu says:

    have full faith on paytm ……..we all get cash back….thx smi

  91. Prasant says:

    extended up to 2 AM. Superb offer from paytm.

  92. srinath says:

    even i didnt get cashback till now

  93. Sudeesh says:

    Sorry….I just received rs 30 cashback…Thumbs up paytm

  94. Sudeesh says:

    Cashback not received even after 1 hr..Real cheatinggg….Any one chkd wallet balance?

  95. BIKI says:

    one after one offferrrrrrrrr

  96. arnab says:

    where i can found the credit on paytm???

  97. anand says:

    Wow best offer and it works with paytm wallet also is the best then any other site and true is they are very very honest

  98. Sudeesh says:

    Cashback not received even after 1 hr…Real cheatingggg….Any one chkd wallet balance?

  99. subashbks says:

    superb offer.. recharged from 30 diff acc using paytm cash … !!!!!!

  100. Banwarlal says:

    Great offer paytm

  101. Ruchir says:

    Yes, friends… Its working with wallet balance..You can also recharge same number twice / thrice but from different accounts

  102. Kfl says:

    I recharged for Rs. 30 using wallet balance, it’s still in progress. Not sure if it will be processed successfully or not.

  103. Avtar says:

    no cash back after successful code cash30 don’t recharge

  104. Shanky says:

    will work with pay using wallet balance??

  105. Tim says:

    Thnx a lot to SMI… got Rs 30 CB.. PayTM good job… Competing with FreeCharge ;)

  106. arpit says:

    It works on credit ,please tell

  107. Ajit says:

    The bad thing is if your recharge is failed, you can not use the promo code in next recharge. :(

  108. xyz says:

    still working

  109. Prasant says:

    now live till 10 PM.. Grab it…

  110. Kumar says:

    thanks smi. got cashback

  111. ansh says:

    cb40 40% discount max rs 40 can applied 3 times

  112. Dheeraj says:


  113. Vivek says:

    Can be used only 1 time only??

  114. ANURAG ARORA says:


  115. ANURAG ARORA says:

    how much time it can be used?

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