Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 50 – PayTm

paytm• May not work if Promo Code has been used before.
• Cashback is credited within 1 hour of the transaction into PayTm Account.
• Cashback can be used to recharge, pay bills & buy products.

Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 50+ Promo Code: GET50

Website: PayTm

277 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 50 – PayTm”

  1. rajveer says:

    Get50 offer is expire now not in working

  2. Jimmy Patel says:


  3. Abc says:

    Bhai log Lalach Buri Bala Hai…Isliye offer ka sahi se istemal karo aur dusro ko bhi karne do…

  4. kranti says:

    Rahul,Rajiv,Ms,Rajeev while posting a comment that I have done from 20,30,50 accounts and I got cashback to 20,30,50 accounts . if you are daring persons please mention the account numbers or account id’s to which cash back received otherwise please stop posting such nonsense comments, because of you in my work I didn’t observe the paytm offer when I saw it was expired. Be decent; Do politely ; Benefit for you.

  5. sathya says:

    idiots stop ur calculations & think about others. r u genius in mathematics…

  6. piter says:

    1 no. se 1 id mai ek hi bar hota tha to 60- 80 account mai kaise ho sakta hai

  7. anonymous says:

    @rajiv @RAHUL VERMA @MS @rajeev apni recharge ki dukaan band karo. Because of you bloody Jobless morons, good offers won’t stay up long enough for loyal PayTM users to benefit from it. Stop commenting crap over internet that you used up in 30, 50, 100 accounts. **** read and understand what literate people commented regarding not posting bullshit. Get a life and stop destroying offers before its usual period of runtime. kabhi to samjho. Hindi aur English me koi language samajh me nahi aate kya?


  8. tushar says:

    This is right.. How can one claim 50 times …its bcoz of them offer got ruined before its time for expiry..
    Guys stop this idioting

  9. Supravat says:

    I agree with ALONA. Paytm is the best ever site in all respect. Offer is expired before its span due to misuse the offer by some idiots or fool customer. Please stop comment that you have 70 a/cs, 80 a/cs or more. Think for others those are yet have today’s offer.

  10. alona says:

    Some idiots writing I got 50 accounts I got 80 accounts this is full of trash please sir we are true lovers of paytm if gives any offer we are using maximum one time or two times not more this, not listening the idiot comments because of we are not having more accounts dont stop the offers we proudly saying paytm is the best site giving offers and discounts so dont stop the any offer between time period this was comes remark to paytm thank you sir

  11. sanjay says:

    offer has been expired :(

  12. razat says:

    Amazing paytm … thanx thanx

  13. Prakash says:

    50-60 acc. se recharge karne wale Aisa jhut mat bolo

  14. RAJA says:

    I missed!!

    I taked paytm they said.

    Offer is withdrawal due to technical issues!!

  15. apu says:

    Please do not provide false information because some are posting 35 account done so please do not post such type action because pay tm not to offer again and to distance to make a offer to other.

  16. rajiv says:

    12 *50 =600 cash back


  17. RAHUL VERMA says:

    I love paytm
    maine 32 id se recharge kia muft me 1600 rs. ka
    maja aagaya i love paytm

  18. Unkown says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired

  19. rajiv says:

    Be calm and gentle don’t behave like fools with false statements that we have done 30 times and 80 times if you don’t changed your attitude you may not suffer but if effects others users.So be calm and stop posting false reviews

  20. VIVEK says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    I have seen so many guys posting got in 30 account and 50 accounts.. How is it possible.. Need to recharge for different nos.. I think you guys are working in any recharge shops is it?

  22. PIYA says:

    OFFER IS EXPIRE :,( :,( :,(

  23. raja says:

    Done in 5 accounts …@250 cash back…

  24. Vinu says:

    Thank SMI …As always !!!

  25. MS says:

    done in 80 account.

  26. vab says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired

  27. prateek says:

    Yrrr its showing expired

  28. neha says:

    guys if u have seen this offer then pls don’t bother. coz patym says “SORRY THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED”.

  29. Prakash says:

    Thanks paytm

  30. samar says:

    Getting 5*50 back.. but… 6*50 reamining.. kha na jaye.. pr thnx.. to smi

  31. rajeev says:

    I got 50 cashbeck in 30 account…it mean Rs 1500

  32. rahul says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired

  33. Anonymous says:

    offer expired

  34. loly pop says:

    I got 2500 in 50 did I’ happy.

  35. Saurabh says:


  36. Rishab Jain says:

    Can we do the payment via available balance in paytm wallet

  37. shubham says:

    Got 500 as cashback by using 10 diff. Id and recharge on diff no.

  38. Ben says:

    Promo code applied successfully . But cash back not received.
    Paytm is going to be a BAKWAS.

  39. amarjyot says:

    recharged 3 different account, thanks SMI for the update…

  40. rajesh says:

    code is again working guys… hurry now
    dont miss this time

  41. shakti says:


  42. karamshi says:

    offer expired
    got once 50? cashback
    thanks paytm

  43. karamshi says:

    offer expired
    got once 50? cashback
    thanks paytm

  44. S N MISHRA says:

    Code Expire…

  45. pir says:

    lagta hai offer galti se add ho gaya tha tabhi to jaldhi se expired kar dhiya

  46. Bharath says:

    Ayyooooo Offer expired.:-)

  47. yp says:

    5 *50 =250 cash back

  48. pardeep says:

    cashback not recived

  49. Bk says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired

  50. GANESH says:

    I try to recharge one of my account its showing offer code expired, bad luck..i am very late i think..

  51. New says:

    Khatam ho gya

  52. yk says:

    Expired :-(

  53. Pawan says:

    Expired :(

  54. james007 says:

    expired.. :(

  55. aayush says:


  56. Himanshu says:

    Got Rs 50 Cashback in 2 minutes
    Yipee :-))

  57. Bhargav says:

    Working … Awesome offer Thanx SMI & Paytm!

  58. arun says:

    This code was released in September. Those who already availed that time can’t use it on same number and account. Try with new account and new number. I recharged 20 until now and got cash back in all. 5 accounts and numbers were used in September so on those account got the error. You can recharge anyone’s number.

  59. achint says:

    best offer
    try to recharge with different accounts and different numbers.

  60. MINESH says:

    Received cashback in 4 a/c wow super offer

  61. JAYENDRA says:

    got rs. 50/- cashback

  62. Sudakkar Reddi says:

    I got 50 to 50

  63. vinit says:

    Nice scheme

  64. b sreekanth says:

    oh god i got 50 to 50

  65. nagaraj says:

    hurreyyy…i got it 2 100/- cashback received.

    thanq paytm…
    gving a such offersss…love uu

  66. Gautam says:

    hurreyyy…i got it 2 100/- cashback received.

  67. jackie says:

    done with 5 account and received cashback in two. till now

  68. Anil says:

    Got the Cashback… Gud going Paytm

  69. Harsh Patel says:

    i was used 2 account and get cashback money within 24 hours :)
    Nice deal

  70. Gaurav says:

    Thanks SMI got the recharge and Cashback…

  71. Rahul says:

    Vodafone sucks everytime while doing payment

  72. anand says:

    Not done telling offer already used so its a repeted 6 month old offer phir se kyu post kiya

  73. palash says:

    Done 7 recharges with different 7 account

  74. Gags says:

    Not gettong recharged..

    This code can be used only once per user.

  75. rahul says:

    Ek account par ek bar hai

  76. Deepak says:

    Done successfully ! Thanx Smi !

  77. archana says:

    This code can be used only once per user.

  78. ARVIND says:

    kya promo code windo xp par nahi chalta. plz tell me.

  79. Joginath says:

    It is over since 10th sept.

  80. santosh says:

    Get50 not work today .

  81. RAHUL says:

    Helo Paytm team,
    If possible, Give me dis..same offer. Now, Ur latest offer is too bad via groupon deal. So please don’t disturb thoroug deal.

  82. Sandeep says:

    Over not working…. any one help me…

  83. râvï kadam says:

    Mast app

  84. raj says:

    Offer valid from 2nd Sept 2014 to 10th Sept
    2014, till 11:59 pm.

  85. salman says:

    it’s not working why it is?
    please reply.
    it showing that not valid.

  86. RAHUL says:

    Helo Paytm Staff,
    please give me same offer of all user.

  87. ATUL says:

    As per the update the offer was suppose to close on 20th but its not working now.

  88. parveen says:

    sir i want this offer again

  89. MOHAN SAI PRASAD says:

    offer is over… i want this offer again.. tell me any offers frndzzz

  90. PARTHA says:

    offee is end…

  91. Er Ram says:

    Hello Friends,This Offer valid from 2nd Sept 2014 to 10th Sept 2014, till 11:59 pm.

  92. Dhyanesh says:

    thanks for paytm
    very gud offer
    it’s working

  93. Aman says:

    anshul rajput. How many accounts you have on paytm

  94. Sacheen says:

    Suman @ kitne bhi account ya id banao aur paise kamao :D but ye yaha par mat likho plz :( coz ye sab paytm walo ko pata chalega to wo freecharge n mobikwik ki tarah 1 phone per 1 id start karege..samjam aaya :D

  95. Suman says:

    i got cashback in my 15 account…

  96. Kesavan says:

    Really Amazing Offer Thank you Paytm
    Big Big Thank You for Savemoneyindia teams

  97. anshul rajput says:

    i had 40 ruppee in my account nd paytm had deducted with no reason give me some helpful reply if its possible @paytm

  98. SHIVAM says:

    Smi is the india’s best deal website!!

    Who is agree???

  99. imran says:

    super deal nw wrking,,,,

  100. bito says:

    vry good offer… msast hai..

  101. Sacheen says:



  102. Bhavesh Godhani says:

    This offer is very great i have get 50 rs.

  103. Pratik says:

    Freecharge is very very very good than Paytm, offer is working but paytm give offer in 1 year ,

    with Freecharge i got 200 RS in one month as freechagre is give continuous offer

    But good to see offer from paytm . Try to give offer regularly

  104. Er RAM says:

    Two paytm offers are running. One of them are “CB70″ and another is “GET50″.thanks paytm and SMI team.

  105. rajeev says:

    Successfully recharge and cash back.

  106. Raja S says:

    kindly consider my request and make it double time per number…

  107. Anonymous says:

    paytm not bad but paytm one code post multiple time
    only one app freerecharge is very fine and good app this is post code is different time time

  108. ammu says:

    very very good offer thanks to PAYTM ……….

  109. lb says:

    paytm sucks one offer posting multiple time….
    same code….usable once only…..
    freecharge rocksvmany offers time to time…

  110. BABA says:

    TODAY at 11;00 get50 not working

  111. Amol says:

    Offer valid from 2nd Sept 2014 to 20th Sept 2014, till 11:59 pm.

  112. Bhanwarlal says:

    best offer nice vaild

  113. Sumit says:

    end @ 20 sept

  114. Anonymous says:


  115. samir says:

    offer started again. i checked @09:00 AM

  116. Partha says:

    I am soo late Offer is Closed.
    Hi Paytm please Get a offer Again.

  117. Sacheen says:

    Paytm 50 on 50cb GET50 offer over now :(

  118. Arun says:

    Offer is over

  119. Sacheen says:

    Wow paytm u are awesome n rocking :D thanx S.M.I u are superb :D

  120. Suman says:

    paytm cashback ka validity unlimited or limited?
    please help…

  121. anand dwivedi says:

    It is working. Well done pay tm.

  122. Suman says:

    baap of all app…

  123. anjali says:

    u r da best yr..wanna giv u a u paytm

  124. Shiva says:

    Thanks SMI and paytm.. I got the cash back :-)

  125. Pawan Kumar says:


  126. samir says:

    still working @08:44AM

  127. hussain says:

    i did but i din got the cashback i am still waitng for cash back inshallah i will get

  128. R K Meena says:

    Nice offer thnx …paytm & smi

  129. Sudhir says:

    Great ……… its working ……. thanks to Paytm…….

  130. ASHISH says:

    Does this offer works on paytm credits/cashback
    New to paytm
    Often use free recharge
    Plz help

  131. tinku meena says:

    ys, it is working today fine.

  132. saurabh says:

    If you have already taken this offer, this is not for you !!
    I tried…

  133. SURENDRA says:

    Thanks for this offer, But it is not uitlized for old users

  134. Deepak D says:

    Working… thanks

  135. dcom says:

    paytm is crased payment failed try by 5 hours

  136. sumit says:

    Its working

  137. TUSHAR says:


  138. YOGESH says:


  139. krishnareddy says:

    now also working……………….. just now i had used that coupon……..mrng it didn’t work, but now its working….

  140. Deep Rangani says:


  141. Gags says:

    oFFER WAS VALID TILL 4th Sept 2014, till 11:59PM.

  142. nani says:

    it’s working…yahooooo

  143. Ranjitsinh says:

    Today Its Working or Not ?

  144. Raja S says:

    One of the best offer i ever seen… Well done paytm… Hope like this offer often comes….Thanks SMI…

  145. kunal says:

    it’s working…***

  146. nitya says:

    once again website down for maintainance :(

  147. neo says:

    this time no cheating by paytm and customer care response is in time. I have got all my cashback. yeah its takes time but you will be notified on your mobile number registered with paytm.

  148. rajesh says:

    The promocode has started working.

  149. nitya says:

    dont know, paytm never cheats, but 1st time, its showing “ENTER VALID PROMOTIONAL CODE”.

    i think paytm thinks they have been looted by all people :P so, they have stopped the offer :(

  150. Bhanwarlal says:

    Why expaird

  151. Rahul Kumar says:

    How the offer ends before 4th..??
    I tried on 4th at about 00:05 am it shows invalid code..
    Please SMI see upon it and paste the correct time..

  152. samir says:

    plz tell me how do multiple recharge by multiple ac with promo code. i have installed blue stucks. but freecharge sayes that you have used this promo code.

  153. varun says:

    dear frnds maine 5 recharge kiye the aaj par cashback nai aaya kisi aur ko bhi ye problem aayi hai?

  154. Pratipalsinh says:

    is this deal is still on?
    if anyone know how to do multiple recharges with this deal than please share here?

  155. Ziyadh says:

    10hrs before i recharged, and till now not got the cashback..

  156. Mohit says:

    @ garry download Bluestacks or youwave or virtual box, need atleast windows xp sp3 to run it bluestacks is the best among all, runs all applications

  157. Garry says:

    HI James,

    Please do tell me how to do multiple recharges.

    Also suggest me from where to get downloaded Android emulator

  158. avi says:

    Those who know some tricks, please share with us too.
    It wont matter if we also will get benifited.. You can continue to use your tricks, but do share with us also

  159. Garry says:

    Hi Subashbks & jimmy,

    please tell how to do multiple recharges with Freecharge & paytm.

    please helppp

  160. Kool says:

    Help me!
    Can Any One Help Me?
    While Login In Paytm! Paytm says Your Account Has Been Temporarily Blocked!
    Whats Happen ? When they unblocked my account ?

  161. tinku meena says:

    neo, send a email with your order id to paytm care.

  162. neo says:

    wat to do if cashback not added after 2 hours

  163. james says:

    I did 2000 of recharge in just 50+50…

    dat to on cellphn

    jimmy, i knw wht u mean……

  164. subashbks says:

    jimmy.. . I know about fc unlimited rc . . Not even needed youwave. . :p . . But how about paytm . . .

  165. Jimmy says:

    @kartik, you can do recharge worth 10K or even unlimited with only 50 and that too on same number. Use ur brain if u can. Those who thinks FC with Y***av* blocked, think again.

  166. Hemanth says:

    The offer is working fine…. Thanks SMI

    Paytm rocks….

  167. Ewin says:

    Recharge not done even after an hour “in process” and no cashback also.

  168. kartik says:

    guys u can get 110 rs recharge in just 50..
    pehle 50 ka recharge karo , and cash back k lie get 50 wala code aplly kardo..
    jab cash back aa jae to recharge karte tym , CB70 apply karo , and 50 ka recharge ho jaega and 10 rs fir cash back mil jaega.. total 110 rs recharge in just 50

  169. azad says:

    ha paytm credit use kr sakte h . mene subh 3 recg. kiye credit se and cash back bi aya bt after 8 and 9 am and now 2 pm rechg. status is pending or proces . recgarge is not seccseful instant . and dont know recg. is falid or done

  170. Mangesh says:

    recharge is pending,,,,,,,,no sms regarding recharge

  171. kk says:

    is anyone facing still recharge pending ? bcaz its taking too much time to recharge one number.. around 2-3 hrs

  172. pavan says:

    i got my 50 balance but i can’t get balance from paytm cash

    please help me to solve this

  173. Rajesh says:

    any body pls answer can use pay tm cash to recharge to avail this offer

  174. Sakshi says:

    Thank you paytm !!

  175. subashbks says:

    smi . Stop allowing the so called ADVOCATE from posting here.:) . I don’t know whats his problem.. And the funniest thing is that he’s supporting mobikwik. . .Lol

  176. Rajesh says:

    Can Use Paytm cash to get this offer ?

  177. advocate swapnil says:

    these paytm guys are cheating fellas!!
    never got any trouble using other sites like mobikwik or freecharge….they give instant cashback … shit like cashback after an hour!!!
    its hightime now tht we forget this crap paytm and move on to other sites and save ourselves!!

  178. samir says:

    its take too time (approx 2 hour) for recharge.

  179. PILOT says:


  180. Paromita Chatterjee says:

    have received 50 rs on my 2 accounts……Really PayTm roxx… :-)

  181. neo says:

    my recharge is not done even payment was successful now I have to wait. wow

  182. kk says:

    all my recharge in paytm is pending.. here my comments also pending.. seems like smi dnt want to publish comments on paytm.. lol :)

  183. Avtar says:

    now paytm is slow all recharge is in proccess from 3 hrs some problem in paytm recharge in proccess from last 5 days money deducted by paytm.

  184. kk says:

    all my orders are pending only.. paytm server is dam slow.. its been more than 2 hrs now.. recharge is pending only.. paytm has to bit improve in this server.. bcaz always there server having issues.. its bit annoying..

  185. KK says:

    my orders are still in pending.. since a long time.. anyone facing lik dis ?

  186. ritikajain says:

    30 cashback on 30rs is also working kya ??

  187. ritikajain says:

    Guys can i recharge my particular number multiple times ?? Please let me know the procedure

  188. vamsi says:

    i got rs-120 with recharge of 50 only..

    cash 50 – cash back + use promo code CB70 for rs 10 cash back on 30.

  189. KK says:

    now most of all orders taking too long time.. may be paytm server is busy i guess

  190. rupesh says:

    its working


  191. SONU says:

    code applied succesfully
    recharge is still in process from 2 hours

  192. Arun says:


  193. tinku meena says:

    its paytm time.paytm is rocking at this time. please loudly says’paytm ki jay ho’

  194. ARUN says:


    Code Is Working

    Plz Go On PC Don’ts Use App

    PC Pe Working Code

    Try And Bay

  195. subashbks says:

    lol.. Advocate swapnil. . Just now i’ve recharged from all my 46 accounts and getting cashback.. And also got 30 cashback from all accounts before.. Paytm never cheated me .go and file your case.. . Get a life man..

  196. ARUN says:

    Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code,Not working

  197. ARUN says:


    Get50 is not working

    Paytm is Plyaing with custmers.

  198. pp says:


  199. G D AIRAN says:

    it is working
    i got 2 cash back of rs 50 each in two accopunts
    one number one id

  200. BIKI says:


  201. Manoj says:

    guy’s now working, i recharged my two mobile numbers thanks smi.

  202. nikhil porwal says:

    working now check for DTH

  203. venkatesh says:

    Yes I got it. Thanks to paytm and smi

  204. samir says:

    it working fine

  205. Rahul says:

    guys its working
    smi and paytm rox ?__?

  206. Suman says:

    Thanks paytm for cashback 50.

  207. bhagyaban says:

    Now working sir attack soon

  208. vinay says:


  209. yash says:

    guys its working now …paytm don’t makes any one fool….and for paytm, u r the best…..

  210. sadhu says:

    guys its working, check it

  211. jannat says:

    You have received Rs. 50.0 Paytm Cash from Paytm . Updated Paytm cash balance: Rs. 80.0 .Use Paytm Cash to recharge, pay bills & shop online.

    Its working fine

  212. Prince says:

    @ Swapnil ! Don’t frustrate dear …Do recharge as this offer is now working nicely on all PayTm platforms nicely !

  213. Prince says:

    Now it is working ! PayTm is awesome ! Cash back working nicely on credits too friends! One more thing , you can recharge same mobile number many times from different PayTm accounts ! Enjoy with free recharging!

  214. Babjan says:

    Hey Guys,

    It’s working now…

    Try to use the GET50 coupon code now.

    It’s working

  215. Ojas Lakhani says:

    GET50 is working..
    U have to use promo code in capital letters only

  216. Ghansham Dass says:

    Now working

  217. human says:

    not working……..FAKE

  218. advocate swapnil says:

    cheaters deleted my ph. no. and mail i d

  219. Vikas Jaiswal says:

    promo code not working..

  220. Advocate ka Dost says:

    Saare bewakoof ek taraf advocate saab ek taraf

  221. advocate swapnil says:

    guys, please dont get worried. Now I am going to file a case against paytm in consumer court of Rs. 5 crore of forgery! Also dont forget to preserve the sms sent to u by paytm after recharging in offer period as well as the transaction id for the same!
    Ab hum literate log aur loot nahi hone denge!

  222. Sahil says:

    I think fake

  223. vishnu says:

    bhargav kyun juth bol rha h

  224. rupesh says:

    i think paytm also start making us fool. ITS NOT WORKING

  225. venkat says:

    Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code,Not working !!

  226. Guest says:

    Offer Not Working

    giving this error “Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code”

  227. palash says:

    its not working….

  228. bhargav says:

    I got 4 times with in 20 mins… later it show not valid

  229. vishnu says:

    not working yaar invalid code bta rha h

  230. Aditya says:

    Nt working till now…hope smi not fake

  231. Hemanth says:

    Tried using the code on 2nd September 12:23 AM…. didn’t work….. getting an error as “Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code”

    SMI please help…. also the terms and conditions link is not directed to a correct link.

  232. sam says:

    not working at 12.21AM. may be will work in morning

  233. Rocky says:

    I’ve been checking “Get50″ Coupon from 12AM (Sep 2). COUPON NOT WORKING!
    IT’S A FAKE!

  234. Babjan says:

    It’s 12:15 AM,Sep 2nd but still it is showing as ” Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code”. How to use this offer ???

  235. arpan says:


  236. Anil says:

    Not working now :(

  237. Pulkit Goyal says:

    Not Working. Try at 00:14 on 2nd sep.

  238. Vatsal Patel says:

    Got 50rs….

  239. anand says:

    Its saying invalid voucher on 2nd sept also what happened paytm

  240. shekhar says:

    Not working

  241. mohan says:

    Code not working

  242. raj says:

    Not working even after 12

  243. ShahJahan says:

    Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code

  244. Rhushi says:

    still not active

  245. HR says:

    Get 50 not working why?

  246. bhupi says:

    Its fake, no such offer announced yet by paytm

  247. SURAJ says:


  248. Ashish says:

    Frnz….code is not working???????????

  249. mohan says:

    Saying invalid code

  250. RECHARGE says:

    This is fake code,it is not working right now.

  251. Rohan says:

    coupon work nahi kr rha hai…

  252. SALMAN says:

    its saying when i apply code

    “Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code”

    have any solution???

  253. soumendra says:

    not working

  254. BIKI says:

    Offer valid from 2nd Sept 2014 to 4th Sept 2014, till 11:59PM.

  255. payal says:

    got it..!!

  256. Raja S says:

    Paytm “rocks”. Hope i save much more money as much as possible.

  257. abc says:

    did anyone get cashback till now???

  258. Raju says:

    Not working full fake

  259. Dipak Rahate says:

    No.1 PAYTM all febuless offers very very very nice na kabhi dekha hoga. I like it golden jublly site

  260. dev says:

    paytm rockssss. best site ever seen.

  261. Ankush says:

    Not Working.
    Please enter a valid promotional code.

  262. krishna says:

    rocking paytm…

  263. Gags says:

    Offer valid from 2nd Sept 2014 to 4th Sept 2014, till 11:59PM.

    will try it after 12.

  264. sranjan says:

    paytm is the best ,keep it up

  265. ankit says:

    it is saying Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code. what to do

  266. PARTHA says:

    Jast WooooW!!!

  267. sandi says:

    I got it….. Nice offer bj paytm

  268. Diya Fathima says:

    should I require credits to get this offer… and where should I apply this code .. please reply ..

  269. Priynka says:

    Thank You…..
    GOD Bless You Dear……

  270. Bhanwarlal says:

    Paytm always best but my id is maximum Recharge error

  271. BIKI says:

    golden days
    with paytm

  272. vivek says:

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  273. santosh says:

    Woo its amazing paytm

  274. Anil says:

    Paytm gone crazy!!!!

  275. aditya says:

    thanks smi got the recharge……..very very thanks….for both the offers…..

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  277. sahil says:

    working even on credits…damn good golden days…recharge shops to band ho jayengi aise

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