Recharge & Bill Payments Rs. 70 Cashback on Rs. 100 – FreeCharge

freechargeNot valid for those who have used Promo Code before.
• Valid only on FreeCharge Apps – Android, iOS & Windows.
• Valid on payment through Credit/Debit Card only.
• Cashback amount will be added to your FreeCharge Credits on successful recharge.

Rs. 70 Cashback on Rs. 100+ Promo Code: IRF14 (valid till 25th September, 11:59PM)

Download FreeCharge App for: Android | iOS | Windows

95 Responses to “Recharge & Bill Payments Rs. 70 Cashback on Rs. 100 – FreeCharge”

  1. Gaurav says:

    @suraj .Bro which code is working 50% cashback or 20 cb on 10 or both plz say

  2. suraj says:

    hello frnds it’s working today tooo….

    thnaks freecharge&smi

  3. h.s.gupta says:

    wow smi IRF14 is still working just recharged 100 rs got 50 rs cashback instantly .. but only for once ….

    i don’t know if its only for me or not.. but sab try karke dekho ….

  4. Rahul Kumar says:

    Whats the problem with freecharge with SBI..yesterday also freecharge didn’t give cashback of Rs 20..and today also after using the promocode IRF14..If freecharge cannot give cashback using SBI card then freecharge should have updated it..

  5. tamil says:

    today have the same offer?

  6. Sandy says:

    i got 50rs cashback only

    i think yesterday i recharged 10rs with 20 cashback so only i got rs50only today

    anyhow thanks to freecharge

  7. meet says:

    is it working now ????

  8. Ankush Mittal says:

    Freecharge is a playing games intentionally they declare after making recharge that cashback could not be provided because this card was used before why don’t the same message displayed at the time of making payment

  9. zzz says:

    Its working I got 70 instantly .. :D

  10. anoop says:

    Its not working I have only 20 cash back in my first recharge

  11. Anurag says:

    Only 20 Rs cashback….! Bogus Offer…!

  12. Sacheen says:

    Friends IRF14 code
    New a/c & 1 debit/credit card pe 1 time use karoge to hi 100 pe 70cb milega..warna 20cb milega :)

    & 1 debit /credit card se 5 time 20cb milega bina promo code :D

  13. Rahul says:

    Thank you. Worked like a charm.

  14. Gaurav says:

    GreAT dEAL. Got a chasback of 50+20.

  15. gaurav says:

    free charge shoul add rupay debit card for payment.

  16. rahul says:

    What hell is this?? Recharge is not successful and refund in credit in FC

  17. nitish says:

    i got 20 cashback this is not good remove this smi

  18. Rajesh says:

    I got only 20rs cash back… This is cheating don’t trust FreeCharge offers

  19. chaitu says:

    I only got a cashback of 20 rs. waste trying this

  20. Tanmay says:

    Why dont you try this, you can get 90 cashback
    rc for 50 and get cashback 45, or 2 x 50 = 2 x 45 = 90 cashback. But you will need two accounts
    Ist account-
    Rc for 50 and get 50% by IRF14 and rs 20 by 20 cashback on 10. total – 45…………..

  21. Anil Yeduvanshi says:

    Its working…. follow these steps
    1. Update ur freechare app
    2.make a transaction using CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD only
    3. Cashback will be added in a second after successful transaction

  22. Parthasarathi says:

    I agreed with sunil.
    Paytm is best.
    baki Saab weast.

  23. Ravi says:

    not work this code
    not case back Rs-70

  24. Anonymous says:

    yes got it

  25. lakhan says:

    Mera recharge nhi ho paya
    Irf14 code le hi nhi raha

  26. Sunil says:

    Freecharge koi website through recharge ki offer bhi to nikalo. ab sabhi ke paas android/window phone nahi hai or phone par net bhi bahut slow chalta hai. kai baar txn bhi expire ho jati hai.

  27. Sunil says:

    yaar freecharge ko to pymt se matlab hona chahiye. yeh kyon condition rakhte hai ki debit ya credit card se pymt honi chahiye. PAYTM is much much better then all recharge sites. no condition. even you got benefit through credit balance.

  28. Rahul says:

    Can i get 50 cash back by using Credit amount???/
    Anyone please help :))

  29. Tim Chriss says:

    yes.. this is still working. Got 50% cash back.. great job SMI.

    Long live FREECHARGE.. ppl who hate Freecharge, I can’t find the reason behind.. !!!!

  30. Sachin says:

    This is still working. Got Cashback 50 on recharge of 100

  31. Monu Chauhan says:

    sabe bekar hai freecharge @ i hate you

  32. mukhesh says:

    How many times recharge for single debit card? Reply plz

  33. Pranay says:

    Just now recharged using this coupon… Did not receive 70 but got only 50 rupees as Cashback still it’s a great….. Thank you admin.

  34. abdul says:

    This ofer is still working. I got 50 cashback on my recharge of Rs.150. Thank you SMI

  35. Anonymous says:

    Is it once per debit/credit card?

  36. Mukesh says:

    Still working.
    I recharged for Rs. 149, but got only Rs.50 cashback.
    Anyhow, 50 is also fine…
    Nice Offer

  37. BVRAO says:

    I recharged with 110 rs and i did not get anything as cash back.

    When i applied the coupon it said successful. In reality i got nothing.

  38. srs says:

    actually this offer is 50 rupees CB , yesterday 20% CB for Debit/credit card offer which expired yesterday it’s 50+20=70, now it’s only 50.

  39. Jatin says:

    You will get only 50, not 70, because Freecharge and Mobikwik are super crap sites.
    You dont get exactly what they promise.

    PayTM is at least far better than these in timely and accurate cashbacks.

    However, do not shop for stuff from PayTM shop unless you 100% intend to keep it. They mention that they accept return within 10 days but factually the do NOT accept.
    I had asked for a size change from L to M (which is not actually a return/refund) but they didn’t come for a pick up.
    What can you say about a website which doesn’t have a contact number, just an email.

    God knows which idiot investor is giving them huge sums of money even when these sites give crap service.

  40. rahul says:

    Is this offer still working?? Plz reply..

  41. sandy says:

    Got 50 cash back after recharge of 100. It should have been 70:(

  42. haneef says:

    Great Discount. Nice Freecharge i got 70 rs Yesterday.

  43. Sunil Jain says:

    Just Paid my Idea bill. Its still working but got only 50

  44. Rahul t says:

    I got only 50rs cashback on 100

  45. vinod kumar says:

    still working…

  46. goms says:


  47. dipak says:

    save money India no1 site thanks savemoney meri to life badal di

  48. amit says:

    guyzz is the offer still valid??

  49. deep says:

    i rechtged wd 208 n i got 92

  50. G Tattva says:

    got only 50 cashback on 100..wats wrng? mila usme khush hai hum.. ;)

  51. jayyyy says:

    it worked as if you hav 50 in credit then recharge with +1 i.e; rs 51
    pay rs 1 by debit/credit card, you will get 11 cash back

  52. xyz says:

    Freecharge b ab Choor . only 20% CB I got.

  53. harshad says:

    I got with2idsget140 cash back on200

  54. sam says:


  55. Ashish says:

    Works like a charm…
    Thanks SavemoneyIndia

  56. Batman says:

    Not working :(

  57. vab says:


  58. deepak says:

    yeah worked once only

  59. riya says:

    only 20% hi mila

  60. vab says:

    This offer use 20%+50%cashback. 20% on no promo code + irf14 50%cashback

  61. monu chauhan says:

    Freecharge bad i am recharge but show @We are sorry but the transaction failed. Reson. transaction declined by the issuer @ paytm best not any recharge and payment problem

  62. Lalkishore says:

    I got 70 rs cash back by recharging 100

  63. krishna says:

    Its fake not working

  64. Rajesh says:

    I am not got any cash back

  65. Jitender says:

    Working. Really Good Deal. Thanks SMI. Thanks a lot FREECHARGE.

  66. nikhil porwal says:

    Only got 24 rs recharge as per default 20% cashback of yesterday on 120 R’s

  67. Vishnu says:

    got 20% cash back only

  68. dharamvir says:

    Only rs 20 get.fake entry

  69. chetan says:

    Superb deal. I recharged 200 n got rs.90 cash back. Rs.50 normal cashback n rs.40 surprise 20% cashback. Amazing. Never seen this type of deal. Special thanks to free charge n SMI. Also paytm for gud offers.

  70. Chandan says:

    Bakwas offer , not get cashback

  71. ritesh says:

    only for a few hours…freecharge too bad..paytm is best

  72. Bawa g says:

    Works like a charm not valid on credit

  73. Dathu says:

    i just paid bill payment of rs 110 but i just cash back of rs 22

  74. Sandeep Matwa says:

    Good, please note that it works only on credit or debit cards.

  75. rachit says:


  76. Bhanwarlal says:

    20% hi mila

  77. Parthasarathi says:

    Net banking kaa deal ye freecharge kab layega.
    Surf debit ya credit card net banking se kya jata hai.

  78. rahul says:

    Ways 50+20 offer

  79. Sahil says:

    I did 155 recharge bt i got only 31 cashback

  80. Anonymous says:

    I got 20 rs. How come 70. Can SUMONE explain plz

  81. kapil says:

    I got only 20 rs cash back instead of 70 rs

  82. sonu says:

    Its working with credits, first add money to credit to make wallet balance atleast 100 and then apply code and pay with credits

  83. Arpitt says:

    NOt working for those who use dis code earlier

  84. Anonymous says:

    Working.. Great deal SMI..!!!

  85. Shruti says:

    Is it working with credits?

  86. balaji says:

    multiple transactions from same mobile and same account and recharge on the same number works ???

  87. balaji says:

    It worked with creditcard

  88. natik says:

    fake balance reduce from debit card,but not receive cashback

  89. Prashant says:

    It’s not working with credit n working fine with credit n debit cards n credits are valid for 60 days as it is mentioned in mail which I got from Freecharge

  90. khushi says:

    is it working with credits????

  91. hussain says:

    i just paid bill payment of rs 125 but i just cash back of rs 25

  92. Priynka says:

    Thanks!!!!! is it working with credit or what please let me know

  93. Afroz says:

    Good one.

  94. Anonymous says:

    its working 50+20 (20% offer clubbed)

  95. Pradeep Manhar says:

    wow great deal

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