Recharge or Bill Payments Rs. 20 Cashback on Rs. 50 – PayTm

paytm-dth• Offer valid for new users only.
• Applicable on Platforms – iOS, Android & Windows App.

Rs. 20 Cashback on Rs. 50+ from: TriDeal Rs. 5 (new website)

Download PayTm App for: Android | iOS & Windows

108 Responses to “Recharge or Bill Payments Rs. 20 Cashback on Rs. 50 – PayTm”

  1. SUVRO says:


  2. Rocking mohit says:

    Bhaiyo inki khud fti chal rahi hai ye hume kya offer denge bhai

  3. Parthsarathi says:

    Wah Yeh Paytm Be Biaaaa Khol me Offers Diya LoL Paytm.

  4. pritom ahom says:

    Paytm bhaya bohot din ho Goya Xmas por to koi dhang ka offer do yaar.

  5. ojas says:

    Paytm updated its contact no.
    Check ur latest mail of Paytm.

  6. abhishek says:

    bhai… tu update kyu nhi krta, we miss u nd ur offer bhai

  7. Avish says:

    SMI, what happened to paytm, freecharge and mobikwik?

  8. Parthsarathi says:

    Paytm Ki Biaaa.
    Aur Kitni Time ?

  9. anshul says:

    What about old user

  10. Ritu says:

    Is it for new users only?

  11. shivam says:

    Not a good deal like groupon. mere ko to 2 months ago hi pta tha iske bare me. I have used 180 tri coupons till now.

  12. devi dayal says:

    Guys there is no way to use more than 3 times

  13. manoj says:

    beta teri site band hone wali hai koi offer to deta nahi isse badiya hai kud hi band kar de freecharge se itne kama liye kam hai kya ab and kar

  14. santu says:

    ms how you use 100 coupn tell .

  15. MS says:

    validity extended 31-12-2014 maza agaya I haves used 100 coupon. I will buy more today.

  16. BhanwarlalR says:

    I bout 5 coupan but errors 3 pat dives use

  17. devi dayal says:

    There are some new rule are introduced by government so all are not able to give offers

  18. visesh says:

    uninstall paytm…
    bye bye

    last two any offer for old user…it’s better option to other recharge . website like…rechargeitnow…themoiblestore…get instant discount offer using payumoney payment option.

  19. Aggarwal Aman says:

    paytm ki offer theek hai phr bhi, na se toh badiya hai, 30% return on 50 rs atleast

  20. Raaz says:

    thnku bhai manish mne tera cupan use kr liya…

  21. Avish says:

    Where the hell gone Paytm, Freecharge and Mobikwik?

  22. prince says:

    uninstall paytm…
    bye bye

  23. manish kumar says:

    trideals ka coupon 5 rs wala hai new users ke liye TRIGZ4EVPKOCAQD

  24. Naga says:

    Gaana app must be installed in new device only, try youwave player to install gaana app. Or change ur android id of your mobile to install gaana app.

  25. Sachchida Nand Mishra says:

    Please help me…
    Maine gana app download kiya aur facebook register kiya but mere mail id par kewal rs.10 ka coupon aya…
    rs.50 ka Kaise & kahan mileage…

  26. Avish says:

    It’s been two weeks for old users offers

  27. Mohan says:

    @Naga i create fb accoints but no coupons recevid gaana app… its shows sorry gaana rewards not done this time

  28. Avish says:

    Where are you Freecharge?

  29. Aman says:

    Dear shaming. And which vcc u using??

  30. Payal says:

    @naga gr and gs groupon ke codes hai gaana ke nhi

  31. Naga says:

    Gaana app provide paytm coupons
    First they gave 50 rs coupon GN series codes(3 per number)
    Second they gave 10 rs coupon GRF series codes (3 per number), third they gave 10 rs coupon GS series codes (3 per number), now they give 10 rs coupon GN series codes (10 per number) and 20 rs coupon GRD series codes (25 per number). I m using old technique to create fake fb account in android and collecting those coupons. I have taken 3 mins to create one FB id and gaana registeration. Try this one. You ll earn much.

  32. Pankaj Saini says:

    I think …Paytm not interested in old and regular costumers.
    Why we are being ignored.
    …seeking for new costumers?
    But In this way…not good.

  33. ritesh says:

    Till the time paytm is not giving offer its better to use their app as we use it generally so they will start beleving old customers and start giving new offers for us…paytm will be back very soon with new offers stay tuned

  34. sai says:

    waste uninstall paytm app…bye bye…

  35. vijay says:

    you will pay 50+5=55
    you will get 41.5+15.8=57.3
    What an offer

    secondly when a new user can get 50? cash back on 50? without paying anything extra why he will pay 5? extra to get 20? cashback

  36. azaz says:

    bekar offer.

  37. Shamikh says:

    I have used 74 coupon. Still have 11.

  38. Tanmay says:

    They think that they are making new users…But they must know that they are also loosing old and faithful customers

  39. prince says:

    bye bye paytm…
    ek dum bekwas app..
    na koe offer h na hi kuch…

  40. Gaurav says:

    I unstall paytm foraver …

  41. devi dayal says:

    Paytm ” old is gold

  42. visesh says:

    goood byyye…paytm…i have another more option…so bye

  43. jindal says:

    paytm bkwas freeharge best

  44. sreenath says:

    dont use paytm,then only they will provide offers

  45. ALOK CHAUHAN says:

    Bye Paytm forever

  46. Anonymous says:

    Old users ko bi diya kro

  47. Pankaj Gupta says:

    Gud Bye Paytm Forever..
    Guys recharge from ur operator’s website.. They will provide some extra benefit. Leave Paytm.

  48. jyoti says:

    Kya yarr
    Har baar new user

  49. Sanket says:

    Uninstalled Paytm…!!! Kam ka na dham ka dushman storage ka…

  50. SHARAD k says:

    Old k liye kya h dear

  51. bablu prajapati says:

    ye sari campaniya old user ka itna apman aise karti hai jaise inka user banke koi inki gat katli hai.yar khuch to ijjat karo old user ki

  52. Ashok g33k says:

    uninstalled paytm forever…
    Bye bye paytm…
    Frnds recharge from ur operator’s website.. They will provide some extra benefit. Leave paytm.

  53. venki says:

    I am going to uninstall the paytm

  54. Avish says:

    SMI please update with new offers to the old users…

  55. Anonymous says:

    Only new users

  56. amm says:

    this is shit. how can u give offer to new user only should old user leave Paytm?

  57. Maris says:

    All are for new user..! Then what should do old users?? Have to uninstall???

  58. Prince says:

    Who is going to use this offer??

    When there is NEW50 !

  59. Chaitanya says:

    They are giving offers for only new users. They forget the old user.

  60. ram says:

    Friends ,how to verify mobile number each time ,plzz help me

  61. baba burkindar says:

    wowwww…. I am flattered

  62. Akshay Kaushik says:

    Ye new user k liye isliye offer nikal rhe hai jis se in k new users bad jaye.

  63. Prakash says:

    Chalo bhai hum sab old user bale so jate hein…
    ???? good night old users…

  64. pardeep says:

    great offet I never seen like this

  65. Avish says:

    where u gone freecharge? we the old users waiting for u…

  66. Rohan Bhatia says:

    Wht the …
    Again for new user …

  67. keti says:

    old user ko vinanti he ki pay tm use karana bband karade…
    paytm valo ko nae costmer banane do

  68. Santosh Kumar says:

    Old user ka jamana gaya kya ?

  69. Aggarwal Aman says:

    SBI vcc sucks, OTp ka msg he itna late aata hai kya kare ??

  70. sonu says:

    U suck paytm

  71. Shamikh says:

    @arpit… If I mention here definitely paytm will block this trick which I am using. Yes I am rooting my sigle device each time when I apply radio50 free50 and tri deal coupon after every 3 coupon on new account.

  72. Tanmay says:

    Use it for 10% cashback.. Minimum amount 150rs and maximum cashback 50rs

  73. Anonymous says:


  74. tinku meena says:

    kya kharab time aa gaya hai ab paytm wale bhi aise offer de ke jakhmo pe namak daal rahe hai.,

  75. arpit says:

    I will use it even with payment so plz tell the trick…plz tell if can be used in unrooted phones or not???

  76. Avish says:

    Ohh again offers for new users only. paytm disappointing older users again , very bad.

  77. krishan says:

    only for new user

  78. Sakthi says:

    Freecharge is best

  79. arpit says:

    How @Shamikh

  80. Parthsarathi says:

    Paytm ki Biaaaaa

  81. Shamikh says:

    @visesh I have a trick… I used Free50 305 time till now. But today after 4pm paytm change TC. They say make payment via debit/cridit or netbanking to use this orrfer.

  82. Bhavesh says:

    Purane customer ko bhi kuch mile aaisa kariye

  83. karma says:

    hey trideal is website of a person in my clg.

  84. Manohar Rao BRV says:

    Freecharge, Mobiwiki and Paytm sites are attracking new users only. Once the user is registered he/she can’t be the new user. And how can be a old user can be benefited? Please provide good offers to old user as well.

  85. visesh says:

    one another add offer priya…pay 150 get 250…

  86. visesh says:

    @hudhud…..use 1st FREE50 then after trideal coupen….u can get both offer in same id…i use right’s working

  87. hudhud says:

    it says valid for new users only … How can new user use three coupons ??

    after using first coupon he become old user and at first recharge we have lots of better options like NEW50 , FREE50 etc

  88. devi dayal says:

    Not working at all

  89. visesh says:

    samikh…please tell me how u can use 70 coupon in signal number??

  90. Shamikh says:

    are this is very old offer I am using this offer last 20 days. I have used at least 70 coupon.

  91. arpan says:

    all things gone right,but paytm cash is 0,is 50 rs credit to paytm cash.

  92. Amol says:

    It’s a cashback coupon,…

  93. shekhar says:

    Is it discount coupon or cash back coupon

  94. Amol says:

    Hey guys got a good news the price per coupon has been reduced to 5 rs.. Enjoy…

  95. Darshan patel says:


  96. G D Airan says:

    It is 15 not rs 10
    purchased 3 now

  97. sharad says:

    Sripad@ total invested rs. 100+ 10 rs. coupon = 110 then you will got only 150.

  98. sripad says:

    Why waste money here? U get 150 rs after spend 100 & only for new user & app needed to use this WTF lol.
    Use groupon-freecharge offer
    Spend 49=get 100
    Spend 98=get 200

  99. Phani says:

    Just recharged..Its working..
    Thanks for the updates


    freecharge is very better

  101. abby says:

    Its sold out for says it will be back tomorrow.
    I need more vouchers.will wait till tomorrow

  102. sunny says:

    I m not understand how it’s purchase

  103. Adhiram says:

    Is it applicable for old users

  104. PILOT says:


  105. biki 9658547113 says:


  106. vasu says:

    oh my god….only on android app…useless offer…

  107. G d airan says:

    Trideal on loading not working
    Showing no internet connection,try again
    Even internet of high speed is working
    SMI pl check And inform Paytm

  108. rockstar says:

    useless offer

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