Recharges & Bill Payments 5% Cashback, Rs. 10 Cashback Rs. 100, Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 400 – PayTm

paytm• Applicable on Recharges & Bill Payments.
• Cashback is credited within 24 hours of the transaction into PayTm Wallet.
• Cashback can be used to recharge, pay bills & buy products.

5% Cashback Promo Code: RECH5 (Max cashback Rs. 200. Can be used 3 times.)
Rs. 10 Cashback on Rs. 100+ Promo Code: AUG50 (can be used 5 times)
15% Cashback on Rs. 100+ Promo Code: FULLVALUE (Max cashback Rs. 38. Can be used 3 times.)
Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 400+ Promo Code: AUG300 (can be used 6 times)

Website: PayTm

197 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments 5% Cashback, Rs. 10 Cashback Rs. 100, Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 400 – PayTm”

  1. HM says:


  2. Murugu says:

    FULLVALUE applied. Vodafone Rs.185 FTT and Airtel Rs.197 3GData done. Rs.28 and 30 cashback credited respectively.

  3. Murugu says:

    BSNL FTT Rs.400 Done. Rs.50 cashback credited successfully within 16 min…

  4. VJ says:

    I recharged 111rs Airtel. It’s a spl rc. But i got 17rs cash Back. No issues so far while using this code.

  5. Murugu says:

    FULLVALUE promo code offer waste one. Promocode not valid on postpaid, data plans, roaming plans, special recharges including Full Talk value. Because of 15% cashback avail by processing fee and Service Tax

  6. Uttam says:

    Aug50 is working just used

  7. prakash sharma says:

    free50 or free100 or get100 expired .

  8. gayathri says:

    EOM50 showing expired please check it

  9. tanmay says:

    offer has expired within 12 hrs , if so please mention the time of offer to …time

  10. Robin says:

    Neither rech150 nor eom50 is working from yesterday, plz provide some eligible coupons

  11. Vicky says:

    all offers expired .

  12. simi says:

    offers not working

  13. ayaan says:


  14. ayaan says:


  15. rupesh says:

    ab lagta hai paytm mein dum nahin raha

  16. BHAGYABAN says:

    offer expire in 6 hours what is it

  17. Aashish says:

    Rech100 is not working

  18. lirkit says:

    rech100 working on wallet.
    thanks paytm. u r gr8

  19. Prem says:

    RECH100 Its Working with Wallet

  20. kitkit says:

    rech50 expired! !!
    any other code . please tell.

  21. Dinesh says:

    y not any offers from “free charge”..?

  22. venkatakrishna says:

    can we expect wallet add offers … ?

  23. mahinder kashyap says:

    Kal Use Rcha50 kiya Tha Cash back Nahi Aya…

  24. santosh says:

    for new users

  25. siiya says:

    free50 used account cashback not received. already 24 hours gone. may paytm give cashback or just make a fool

  26. sam says:

    Received cashback today

  27. Sharad says:

    received cash back.

  28. Chottu Charsi says:

    Jinka FREE100 ka cashback nahi aya usnke liye avashak soochna

    ” Hi there,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Please note that cash back was not credited due to some technical issues. It will be credited within 24 to 48 hours. In case it’s not credited, please get back to us at

    I hope this helps. Should you need any further assistance, let me know.

    Look forward to see you again at Paytm.

    Best wishes
    Team Paytm

  29. Aravind says:

    For newly registered users, free100 code shouldn’t not work immediately. Try after 3 days after of registration it is working

  30. Hemant Raval says:

    Very bed offer not working on both not a new nor existing Users

  31. Amit says:

    paytm you cheater.
    the code is not working for new users and neither for existing user…

  32. Ajit says:

    It will show – “for new user” if you login with existing account and “for existing user” if you login with new account :D :D

  33. siraj says:

    Promocode FREE100 not working on old and new users…I think it should be checked by…promocede rech150,rech50,free10(new users) are working…

  34. Gaurav Gautam says:

    This is only for new users guys..

  35. gurpreet says:

    FREE100 …tried on my existing paytm account…but it said only applicable for new users…when created a new account with my second phone…it said offer is valid for existing users only…CRAP

  36. Bhushan Singh says:

    Not working for old users.

  37. Manoj Kumar says:

    Don’t worry, we will get cashback as after applying the code it was displaying a message regarding the cashback. Let wait for 24 hours else we will Paytm.

  38. kul says:


  39. Devi dayal says:

    I have used it on my old account. But not received cash back. I think it’s only for New users and now we will not receive any cash back.

  40. Uttam says:

    plz confirm if anyone has got cashback today on 29th june15? For me its 4 hours and no CB!!

  41. SOUMALYA says:


  42. Gags says:

    Free50 – This code is valid only for users who have not placed recharge order on paytm
    Free100 – This code is valid only for new user

  43. nitin says:

    not working…

  44. manoj kumar says:

    FREE100 is working only for new user. So please mention here.

  45. niki says:

    There is no cashback coming.
    Its making fool of us.
    Let me know if anyone has got cashback,

  46. Uttam says:

    Please mention here its only debit and credit card, not netbanking and wallet

  47. rohit says:

    super…free50 4 times free100 2 times

  48. Rahul says:

    Checked both FREE50 & FREE100 are working.

  49. MAHESH BEST says:

    FREE50 Not Working.

    FREE100 Used Successfully.


  50. Mah says:

    Now RECH150 again working but RECH100 expired, So please remove RECH100 Smi.

  51. Mahesh says:

    RECH150 Expired, please remove it SMI.

  52. G1 says:

    Pehle to 250 pe 50 dete the ..ab 20 rs only…ie baba ji ka thullu

  53. kul says:


  54. lirkit says:

    ye huyi na mast and jhakas ofger. love u paytm.
    enjoy with wallet

  55. rupesh says:

    are paytm waalo !!! kam se kam 5 transaction per user id per day toh do. Offer aacha hai par 5 times waali limit per day honi chahiye. next day phir se allow karo toh maaja aayega

  56. Prem says:


  57. amar says:

    ek to itne bekar offer upar se nakhre

  58. Chottu Charsi says:

    Doston agar aap paytm ki website own pc se access karte ho toh paytm se logout na hoiye, only browser close kar de, next time jab aap paytm visit karenge to apko automatic login milega. OTP ka jhanjat nhi hoga

  59. ram says:

    @ anand …
    actually I have more than 150 account…how can i change all nos.
    Only solution is to remove otp. thats why I have send that mail to PAYTM…

  60. Anand says:

    Hey ram you can change your mobile number by sending request to paytm this will be mailed on your email id send them to change mobile number by request you can give any relatives number for that number

  61. ram says:

    I have send a mail to paytm…

    “”dear paytm…
    what is this…You have made otp (one time password) before login…I have two sim… and i have made two paytm account from this. but due to some reason, one of my sim card was close thats why I am not able to do login into my paytm account. Thats not fare by you…You have loose your credits and faith.
    Both accounts are mine and I use my both accounts equally but due to your this type of act, I have loose my one account..
    If you will continue your this type of activity, I will never use PAYTM is future.
    Thanking You

    now…wait n watch reply from paytm

  62. rupesh says:

    ab security ke naam par patm ne kuch jayada hi bandish laga di hai. Har baar login karne par OTP mangta hai. Ab jarrori toh nahin ki har samay phone apne saath hi ho. kabhi aisa bhi toh sakta hai ki jab urgent bill payment karni ho aur hamara phone humse dur ho tab kaise OTP dekh payenge. TOTALLY BAKWAAS ACTIVITY BY PAYTM. IF U WANT TO VERIFY UR CUSTOMER THIS CAN BE DONE AGAIN BY RECHECKING ON PROFILE ON ONE TIME BASIS BUT EVERYTIME OTP DEKHNA, ITS TOO MUCH

  63. Kapil says:

    yes u r right bijay…its nt fare…i hve also lots of id …by i hve nt register number

  64. naveen says:

    Mere paas 30 sim hai par har koi Mobile me nahi rahta par wallet sabhi use karta hu net se ab 25 wallet ka amount use kar band karna hoga
    Sab wallet use kam ho jawega 80% tak
    Bye bye Paytm

  65. Dj says:

    did 2 recharge of Rs.50 each using promo code RECH50 and got cb 10×2 within 15 minutes and no otp drama here.

  66. bijay says:

    What happened to Paytm . without notice suddenly login asking for opt and its only mobile number not even send register email id its very bad…i have one id but my register mobile number is disconnected now it asking opt number where this number is not working …and in my wallet there 1.5k rupees there ..what nonsense this doing by paytm …if you want verify again the mobile number give the mail and do after 10days so that we can release our money…if it will do like this then so many people have id and register mobile number is might be not working what they will do…

  67. lirkit says:

    don’t worry everything is ok here

  68. rahul says:

    Meri pas bhi bahut id hai jinka mujko nahi pata ki kis name se hai lakin mujhse to nahi mang raha hai sab id khul rahi hai bina otp ki

  69. prashant says:

    paytm ko achanak OTP nahi mangna chahiye

  70. kapil says:

    har baar maangta hai yaar…bkwaas ho gya paytm….mere paas to aise id hai jiska muje pta b nai hai kiska hai…wo paise sab gaye

  71. dilip says:

    Ram otp mere se to nahi nahi mang raha hai kaha par mangta hai bar bar mangta hai ya ik bar

  72. ram says:

    PAYTM ki band baj gaye h….Har din kuch na kuch aisa kar raha h ki hum paytm use karna band kar de …Baska nahi raha to apni site ko band kyo nahi kar deta …Roj roj ke tere drame se to peechha chhutega

  73. ram says:

    Lo g ab apni id open karne ke liye OTP dalna padega…PAYTM wale pagal ho gaye h>>>

  74. sanjiv says:

    rech50 working on wallet balance. i used suceesfully.

  75. vinay says:

    rech50 working on wallet or not. tell me friend

  76. mahinder kashyap says:

    Best Promo code Get50.

  77. dipak says:

    It’s wallet get50 very nice PAYTM

  78. lirkit says:

    code rch10 not working. it says that can be used two times even I used not even single time.

  79. DearVP says:

    unable to use get50 code more than three times. why?

  80. Ayon says:

    Rs. 5 Cashback on Rs. 20+ Promo Code:=== RC35===Payment=DC/CC;;;
    Rs. 10 Cashback on Rs. 30+ Promo Code:=== GET50===Payment=Wallet;;;
    10% Cashback on Rs. 250+ Promo Code:=== RCH10===Payment=Wallet;;;
    Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 300+ Promo Code:=== GET90=== Expired===

  81. AMIT says:

    GET 50 is valid from wallet balance

  82. vinod says:

    Get50 is working on wallet balance

  83. vinay says:

    rch10, get50 kis par work kar RHA h. wallet par ya debit/ credit card par ? koi bataya.

  84. shyam says:

    haan bhai Ram. Mai toh kab ka bhool gaya… ab ham recharge nahi paane wale hai, paytm ke bure din aane wale hai.. :P

  85. ram says:

    lo bhi log ab wallet to wallet payment bhi nahi ho sakegi, SMS karne ko kah rahe h , Ab to PAYTM ko bhool jana hi achcha h.

  86. rupesh says:

    5 rs. ke liye credit card or debit card ka use toh koi berozgaar insaan hi karega. PAYTM WAALO JARA AACHA OFFER DO. JAISE AT LEAST 100 PE 25 CB

  87. Anonymous says:

    wallet se toh payment karke recharge karo

  88. Santosh Kumar says:

    Wallet to wallet transfer ka option dekhne ke liye hai kya ?

  89. naveen says:

    5 rupaye k liye itna tension
    aur dc cc bhi use
    paytm pagal ho gaya
    ya 50 de de k
    5 me bhi cc ka use karana chahta hai
    PAGAL 5 ke liye to paytm wallet use karne do
    nahi to tera wallet band ho jayega

  90. lirkit says:

    only rc35 working. all other offers exipired

  91. ishu says:

    New offers ?

  92. ismail says:


  93. ismail says:


  94. dilip says:

    Offer acha hai lakin agar wallet se hota bekar offer

  95. Vamshi says:

    Waste of time… stupid offer not usefull

  96. Anshuman Goyal says:

    “Due to recently observed unusual activity, this promocode is not available for this order”

  97. abbas says:

    very bad offer

  98. gaurav says:

    5 rupye ke liye cc/DC waah re paytm 6 rupye to par transaction ke kat te hai.. Paytm katora le lo bheekh mango kuch din me bhikh mango ge tum log
    Net banking kya hoga

  99. himanshu says:

    Alona you are right…Paytm ab sirf dikhave ke liye hi offer de raha h….ye log jante h ki ye possible nahi h…

  100. alona says:

    Number one idiot offers giving if you want give any offer give netbank bank offer or wallet money offer dont give foolish like CC or DC or please stop your recharge offers if you don’t want give offers its OK but dont give offers like idiots

  101. RG says:

    Stupid offer, won’t accept payment from wallet. Credit/Debit card mandatory.

  102. sujan kumar says:

    Very vad every time need bank transfer.

  103. ids says:

    Gud offer ..cashback is credited within 10-15 mins.

  104. Pankaj Chauhan says:

    How to get the alert of these deals.
    Please tell me

  105. VICKY BANSAL says:

    10% not good offer

  106. Bharat says:

    Gud deal,Thanx SMI and Paytm

  107. Satyajeet says:

    No the offer expired at 11.00 pm

  108. himanshu says:

    yese offer 3-4 day’s tak to chalne chahiye

  109. rakeshji says:

    yr sbko pta h ki offr kal rat hi expire ho gya h 11 bje fir ab tk yha comment krk sbko kyo bta rhe ho ki offer expired now..
    kitne fool ho tum sab

  110. Shashank says:

    pranay bhai apne shayad pakistan k paytm pe subh try kiya hoga. The code expired midnight today. I tried it at 12.01 AM today. Sabpe kripa karke malum na ho to zute comment na diya karen. Apki comment hazaron log padhte h. Zuti nikle to apko gali denge. Sachchi nikli to shayad coment nahi karenge lekin man me apko thanks jarur bolenge.

  111. Pankaj says:

    Ohffo i missed it…

    How can we get alerts of these deals ?!

  112. arif says:

    offer expired

  113. sk says:

    sorry, this offer is expired

  114. Pranay Bodkhe says:

    gud deal

  115. Anonymous says:

    great…utilised yesterday… my cost of d2h recharge reduced by 50%

  116. mani says:

    except CASH90 no other code was working.

  117. mani says:

    earlier it was not working. now it is expired

  118. Rajesh says:

    soory gys offer was exparid

  119. ankit says:


  120. Trilok India says:

    Not working your Promo Code. But shows only editing very soon… What hel PayTm .

  121. vishbu says:


  122. Dinesh says:

    30 CB on 60+ is expired now.

  123. Babjan says:


  124. Rohan says:


  125. Anonymous says:

    offer has been expired guys

  126. Vivek says:

    i love paytm instead of freecharge n mobikwik because we cn use wallet money for offers only in paytm…
    Jabardast offer…
    Thanx paytm n smi..

  127. Debasish says:

    Sorry…”this offer has expired.”

  128. xyz says:


  129. Chhaya says:

    Frnds offer expires

  130. Hemanth Kumar k s says:

    Expired date

  131. Ravi says:

    Offer expired! :(

  132. Anand says:

    Offer 30 cashback on 60 expired

  133. anks says:

    Getting “Sorry, this offer has expired” Missed it! :(

  134. nagasrinivasarao says:

    offer expired

  135. Baby says:

    offer expired !! Missed the grt offer…

  136. sony says:


  137. Sourabh says:

    helo bro..offer expired

  138. Paras says:

    Offer expired. I am not able to apply. Ppl facing this ?

  139. rakeshji says:

    khatam … used 30 times

  140. raj says:


  141. raj says:

    now not working

  142. raj says:

    offer exipered

  143. Hari Datta says:

    Offer does’t exist

  144. akex says:

    coupon codes already expired.. :-)

  145. lirkit says:

    is it expired?

  146. Anonymous says:

    Offer expired :(

  147. Nitesh says:

    Used 6 time now offer expired…still thnx to paytm nd savemoneyindia

  148. mark says:


  149. Kuldeep says:


  150. Raju says:


  151. KAMS says:

    eXPIRED…Paytm please come back soon

  152. Asciiboy says:

    Offer Expired

  153. nitesh says:

    Offer expired :-(

  154. Sourabh says:

    bhai ab rchg nh ho rha error msg aa tha ..1phn se 3times use kiy .next tim error

  155. mahakaal says:

    not working now

  156. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Finally, the offer is over now.

  157. varun says:

    hello frdz is all codes was expired?

  158. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Getting “An unexpected error has occurred” message now.

  159. Vikas says:

    used 4 times, nice offer

  160. mogli says:

    Offer finished not working anymore ???

  161. Baby says:

    unexpected error occurred…wait they will come back!

  162. deva says:

    Good offers

  163. Anand says:

    Great offer best can be used from paytm wallet great offer

  164. VICKY BANSAL says:

    Good offer

  165. pankaj says:

    Used 5 times

  166. Amrendra says:

    Awesome Offer.Used 6 times.Got cashback in less than 10 min.Cool.
    Thanks SMI

  167. Sevy says:

    awesome offer after a long time.
    done 7a/c*6
    thanks Karan my friend for telling me n thnx SMI

  168. Nikhil says:

    @pranav – yes you can do that.

  169. ram says:

    osm offer…4 id n 24 time recharge in my 2 no

  170. pranav says:

    Can we rechage the same no. 6 times with 3 coupan codes??

  171. Vicky says:

    Good offer

  172. jiten says:

    great offer …recharge 12 times using two accounts

  173. NITIN says:


  174. sanju says:

    Already got cashback 2 out of 4

  175. sanju says:

    Awesome offer…recharge 4

  176. Anonymous says:

    recharge 20 number using my 5 account …very happy with paytm

  177. Rohit says:

    Use 4 times…awsm offer after long time.

  178. MUSTAFA says:

    great offer

  179. krishnareddy says:

    u can use each coupon code 2 times.. so totally 4*30 u wil get.. enjoy

  180. Mohan says:

    Paytm Rockzzz…Grab the offer now..Paytm wallet works no need to go for cards or netbankinng.

  181. Rupesh says:

    Soooper Offer!!! Just Awesome…PayTM is “SUPER HIT”

  182. Abhishek says:

    Awsome.. Offer Ever.. i recharge my 6 no. and get instant Cash-Back… Tqq Paytm.. For Such a Offer…

  183. soumyaranjan says:

    Awesome offer.

  184. Pumba says:

    You can use paytm wallet for HIYMK2USI3VF8I code.

  185. AK says:

    used 2 times, nice offer

  186. abbas says:

    rch10 expired

  187. Ramakrishna says:

    Nice offers. Rs 50/- cash back received for two transactions.

  188. lovely says:

    Debasish g osnay april me try kia lol…

  189. Debasish says:


    Paytm wallet app download karo..uske baad transaction history mey check karke dekho or register mail id mey vi check kar sakte ho
    By d way
    Avi toh wallet transfer feature band hey maintenance ke liye..toh tumne kab transfer kiya??

  190. tanha sameer says:

    Any one help me bro
    Maine wallet me paisa bheja but kis number pe bheja hu vo yad nahi aa rh h; number galti se galt hogya ab jis number pe bheja hu vo number dekhna chaheta hu koi batyaga kaise show hoga
    Sirf name or txn number show ho rha h aur nh kuch

  191. abbas says:


  192. Parthsarathi says:

    As the Offers name CATCH THE CASH .

  193. jitendra kumar says:

    Paytm ki company ab bhikhari ho gaei hai…
    Jaisa-2 offer de rhi hai.200 ka 10′/, yani 20 Rs cashback…

  194. Karan says:

    @kashish only for one number for one time, but u can use in four different numbers

  195. Kashish says:

    this coupon code is available for one time only but according to your description you said 4 times, this was written after applying second time, “This code is already used on this number”.
    Please stop cheating the customers…

  196. Madhu says:

    after one code only showing, sorry promocode is is already used?

  197. kul says:

    arai koi acchi si deal do ye kya 10% mobikwik se kuch sikh lo

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