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pt-dhamaka• Diwali Recharge Bonanza. 100% Cashback Every Hour.
• Valid on 10th & 11th November.
• First 2500 transactions every hour will get 100% Cashback. (12AM, 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM, 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9AM, 10AM, 11AM, 12PM, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM, 7PM, 8PM, 9PM, 10PM, 11PM)
• User can avail benefit of 100% Cashback promotion one time only.
• Not Valid for Airtel Prepaid Customers.

100% Cashback Promo Code: DHAMAKA (max cashback Rs. 50)

Website: PayTm

121 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments 100% Cashback – PayTm”

  1. rk says:

    for those, who are saying, they get 64 times, 78 times, itna kyon fakete ho faku ki tarah. lagta hai aisa post karne k liye paytm tum logo ko alag sei money deta hai. my middle fgr salutes you

  2. raja says:

    why do it send otp every time when I want to sign in new acc.I received rs50*78=rs3900 for from dhamaka I was free at home but I was very very happy with this amount Now I will give a gift for m…,…

  3. praveen says:

    got 4 recg. .. 200?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kasam se Bda tha

  5. Anand says:

    Finally got 1 recharge 10 pm thanks paytm and smi

  6. qwerty says:

    Get 1 more time at 8pm, Happy Diwali 2 all :)

  7. amar says:

    Bhai sravan 64 sim use kaise karte ho isi se bill gates banna ok

  8. raj says:

    promo code apply hone me bad kahata hai something wrong

  9. sravan says:

    hurrey till now i got in 64 acounts superbb awesome thnk u smi

  10. Anonymous says:

    i got the msg cashback will be added in 24 hr …will they give it? .has you get cashback within 5-10 min ..please anybody reply

  11. Swapnil says:

    Saw a New Error…”Rate Limit Exceeded”

  12. shoab says:

    today i got cashback in 20 account now waiting for 3pm :)

  13. qwerty says:

    able to get it 1 time at 3 am in night.

  14. vinay says:

    got cb in. 9 accounts by circulating 50 rs. thanks paytm and swi

  15. NAZIR HUSSAIN says:

    I GOT 2 TIMES…

  16. Lakshman says:

    Its not working

  17. ankit says:

    got 200 cashback.. :)

  18. SR says:

    i got it 4 times…

  19. Anirudh says:

    This offer was working easily till yesterday 6:00am. But after that even after applied successfully massage came.. . SHOWING100% Cashback IS OVER TRY IN NEXT HOUR

  20. Prince says:

    Got on 14 accounts :)
    Thank You Paytm n SMI !

  21. Anonymous says:

    not warking code mamu bana ve che

  22. pappu says:

    paytm please stop making fool

  23. wakir says:

    Waste offer it not works

  24. Kuldeep says:

    SMI It’s not working. I try many many times.
    Please remove this from SMI

  25. Mr X says:

    I got on 5numbers..thnx smi

  26. bhel says:

    not workings showing error wrong code 100% cashbak loot is over. come back for next hour loot .
    at 12:00am what an paytm sirji why ullu banabing..??

  27. Ismail says:

    I tried many times but can’t success.

  28. S Gurumurthi says:

    Tried it for the first time at 8:00 pm.
    Started at 7:59, and kept clicking “Apply” till 8:03 every two (or one) second, but kept getting the message,
    “100% Cashback Loot is over. Come back for next hour loot”.

  29. prem says:

    Have been trying from 10 am till recent 7 pm that is around 10 times on both web and app with both the accounts , Tried many types like putting DHAMAKA before 1 min aplying on time , applying 5 seconds before etc. etc BUT NOT EVEN ONCE I GOT THE OFFER

  30. Anand says:

    Aise shoab jaison ke kaaran hamein ek bhi baar recharge karne ka mauka nahi milta hai 100 target jaise skim inke jaison ke liye bana rakhi hai sabko mauka milne do

  31. SR says:

    i got it 3 times…

  32. adesh says:

    murkh bna rho hai

  33. shoab says:

    as of now i got cashbacks in 50 account … but i m not satisfied target 100 acccount…

  34. Nasruddin says:

    Finally I Done A Recharge Of 100% Cashback

  35. manish says:

    We can use only one time per mobile

  36. Sheena says:

    Bulu dnt make lulu…
    I have try this..but again see that message deal expired..

  37. bulu says:

    Hi Friends Stop ur mouth about saying PayTM Waste.
    You Come In Every Hours 00:59.
    Fill The Recharge Details And go to The Applying PROMO Code Section Just Enter (Not apply) The Promo code .
    In ur Clock time ..:59:59. Apply The promo code U Get Success Apply the promo code .
    Use my Method Get success.

  38. kumar says:

    not working for data cards

  39. SHAKTI says:


  40. Abid says:

    Can’t we recharge on same number more than a time??

  41. Murugappan says:

    Fake offer showing – Rate limit exceeded even at 2.PM itself..

  42. MUSTAFA says:

    i have done 15 account

  43. Anand says:

    Within few mili seconds offer gets expired it was showing 50 cashback but soon showed offer expired

  44. kul says:

    50 pe 50 ontime only for resitered no thats it

  45. Ajay Bansal says:

    Got another one in different browser
    Any one who are not getting cashback login to paytm fill and also fill DHAMAKA coupon code before 2 minutes. when time 2,3,4…o’clock. Apply code immediately and gets cashback.

  46. Rohit says:

    nai ho raha hai

  47. archana says:

    only 1 time. not for every hour.

  48. A says:

    Try exactly at 12 pm pm 2 pm you will definitely get it

  49. SR says:

    i got it 2 times…

  50. swamy says:

    This offer is not working .Application says “100% Cashback Loot is over. Come back for next hour loot.” even I tried at 12:01 Pm and 12:02 PM .Time waste ..

  51. Ajay Bansal says:

    I got 2 times in 2 devices
    How can we get more in single device ? Any one pls reply

  52. krishnareddy says:

    s.. its working for paytm cash also.. i ahd received50rs…

  53. karan says:

    time waste bakwas offer

  54. A says:

    Best offer got rs 200 recharge from rs 0

  55. Rekha says:

    is it working with paytm balance?

  56. dilip says:

    It is bakwas offer code lens me bad bhi bol raha hai next hours

  57. manish says:

    Bakwass offer hqi time waste

  58. King sharma says:

    bakwas offer only time pas

  59. manish says:

    It is not working on 11:01 AM IT IS SHOWING LOOT IS OVER TRY IN NEXT HOUR

  60. manij says:

    1hour me ek hi bar ho raha hai

  61. kul says:

    is it valid for paytm cash

  62. SAME says:

    not working on 10.03 am

  63. Akram says:

    I received 700 cashback

  64. Eldho Jose says:

    Use UC Browser for unlimited Recharges. I had used 5 different accounts in UC browser.

  65. Parveen Bhadoo says:

    clear cookies and browsing cached data to use many times on browsers…

  66. Parveen Bhadoo says:

    Use code on same device . just do with different browsers. or if u r on pc or laptop use any browser for unlimited recharges within 2500 first.

  67. him says:

    its showing as valid for registerd mobile on paytm… any idea whats this?? is this the mobile no with which you have an account on paytm or one can register a mobile number on paytm???

  68. BHEL says:

    150rs on 3 accounts

  69. BHEL says:

    mast offers hai i got 50rs cb on 3 accounts thanks paytm and smi

  70. prateek says:

    Are idiots,, itna tym n h paytm k pass ki.tumhare reviews padhe aa k… Smjhe, or yrr kya hua ek.device se ek baar h to,, mere pass device bhot h,, bhot.sare… Jitnw recharge chhau itne kr skta hu

  71. suman says:

    Jadha bar milgaya bolaga tho thumko jyadha bar back fitting karaga

  72. bunt says:

    Some idiots telled I got 2 times I got 5 timed now you see they changed only once for device dhamaka offer number one idiots we can found in paytm users useless candidates if they goting please be more times please be silent not act like smart

  73. T aziz says:

    Thanks SMI and Paytm

  74. Suneel ch says:

    Y its working only on 1 I’d in Mobile. Friends how u people recharged for 3 times

  75. Saurabh says:

    helo guys ..ek phn se 1time hi kar skte?? next recharge pe error msg aa rha h ..You have exceeded max number of tries

  76. Abid says:

    Good deal. . ;)

  77. Ajay Bansal says:

    Only one time in one device

  78. pooja says:

    got in 3numbers …wooo

  79. Kunal says:

    Got it instantly…Thanks smi

  80. Aniiis says:

    Awesome I got 350 cb in 7 mob using wallet credit

  81. ravi says:

    can we make a payment of more then 50 rupees as well? if yes how much will be a cash back – 50 or the equal to the payment amount ?

  82. ajay says:

    Can we do recharge on same number every hour or one time only.

  83. Tanzeem says:

    Paytm cheated with customers… Changed the promo code and only applying for 1 mobile per user.. Not different accounts.. Saying you have reached maximum number of tries.. . u paytm…

  84. vamsi says:

    HI Guys,

    Dont believe these false/bogus/fake/waste/bakwas/julai schems, paytm is good for these type of worst schemes. I have tried from two laptops starting it is displayed as promocode applied successfully then try after 5 min…try after 5 min…try after 5 min…try after 5 min like school bell it is ringing then finally it is displayed as 100% cash back is over.

    Note : Why they are doing this ??
    only they are getting lakhs of users are viewing there site due to that they will get more money that is enough…only for that reason they are doing this. If you want to still believe you can….. GD NT
    Happy Diwali

  85. TUSHAR says:

    This time got only in 1 account. heavy load,very slow

  86. deepak says:

    Got it when it’s 59 I.e only 1 min left continuously tap the promo code apply button as soon as it gets applied just checkout

  87. bapu says:

    paytm kangal kab hoga itna de raha hai

  88. ashok says:

    Successfully one time user name is done in list.

  89. ashok says:

    Code is good working. It’s successfully.

  90. Rahul says:

    received in two accounts but its valid for recharge on registered number

  91. Anonymous says:

    Great deal recharged 5 numbers..yeapy

  92. Par-Ash says:

    next 1 hour tk betho imke liye kuchh ni de rhe h bs promotion krna h

  93. TUSHAR says:


  94. Santanu says:

    100% Cashback Loot is over. Come back for next hour loot.

  95. Rajesh says:

    now offer is expired wait for 1 am

  96. petrik says:

    I got 50 CB…

  97. Bhargav says:

    I got cash back instantly

  98. Anonymous says:

    got :)

  99. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha…

    dhamaka kar dala paytm ne..

    4 mints me loot over… kya baat hai… paytm..

    diwali12am to sirf bahana tha..tu b modi ki tarah feku ban raha hai yaar…

    dekhne koi bihari mil gaya to waat laga dega..

  100. Harry says:

    Coupon code changed to DHAMAKA. Recharged successfully 2 numbers and cashback received.

  101. Rajesh says:

    I just got cashback instantly but code is changed now it is DHAMAKA

  102. srinivasa Reddy says:

    Rate limit exceeded***

  103. akg says:

    New promo code is DHAMAKA. I got 50 cash back. yayyy :D

  104. krish says:

    Varun ka ristedar hai isliye usko akele ko de DIYa

  105. akg says:

    Raat bhar Jagte raho, 50 rupaye k liye :D

  106. KaranKD says:

    airtel walon ke liye baba ji ka thulla

  107. Abhishej says:

    Raja nice reply man…haha ha…

  108. Hemant says:

    Gotiya showpiece akal … Hahaha…

  109. Lakhan says:

    Bhai aaj work kr rahe hin kya ye code

    Kisi ko cash back mila kya

  110. sunny says:

    ye VARUN airtel 4G wali girl hai kya jo ise aaj hi offer mil gya. :D

  111. Rafiq says:

    why its not applicable for AIRTEL since last month getting same msg not applicable for Airtel.. no celebration for AIRTEL user

  112. ARSHAD says:

    u knw y paytm say offer expr?

    its start only 1oth nov,not now

  113. Pranav says:

    If you try before the given date
    They will show expired.
    Try these codes after 11:59 pm.

  114. Raja says:

    Abe akal ke dushmano…offer kalse start ho raha hai…khopdi me gotiya kya showpiece ki hai kya?

  115. avi says:

    it is valid on 10th 11th nov

  116. Rajesh says:

    Mohammed try 2maro onwards

  117. VARUN says:

    super dosto i love i received 100% on every trns.

  118. Manohar Rao BRV says:

    These people are cheating us with invalid offer codes

  119. Manohar Rao BRV says:

    Same here also, all codes are expired

  120. suchitra says:

    Fake.. after applying the coupon it says…”Sorry, this offer has expired”

  121. mohamed says:

    while i submit promocode it says offer expired

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