Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 100 – PayTm

paytm• Cashback will be credited into the user’s account within an hour of the order.
• Cashback can be used to recharge, pay bills & buy products.

Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 100+ Promo Code: WC50

Website: PayTm

84 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 100 – PayTm”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Deal!

    It works i got cashback:)

  2. Suraj says:

    Offer expired now.

  3. Suraj says:

    Offer is expired now,
    @archana:- one time per number & per user

  4. Hemant Raval says:

    Yes, it works, I got 50/- Rs. Cash back

  5. puja says:

    got cashback on every account after mail.

  6. Prakash says:

    paytm thanks a lot l received cash back for every acc.The best site for recharge.

  7. Ajit says:

    Yesss, I got 50rs cashback

  8. keyur says:

    I got after 24 hrs.

  9. Manas says:

    Cash back received in time. Thanks

  10. yogesh says:

    wc 50 ka cash back abhi tak nahi aya

  11. Suzit Gupta says:

    Friends don’t woory…
    Its mah experience paytm never cheats…
    I got cash back after 20 hours…
    Thanks paytm…

  12. MTJ says:

    deal expired…paytm please check

  13. Arun says:

    Those who have applied code WC50 and haven’t received their cash backs should be patient. Payym never cheats and if a code is successfully applied you will get cash back. Yesterday was a lot of rush and they are facing problems in disbursing cash back but they are doing it and everybody will get their cash back by today itself. You are not alone customer not to get it. Everyone waiting for it. Sabko milega. Paytm never cheats.

  14. Sandeep says:

    Cash Back nahi mila h 12 hours say jaida ho
    Gaye h

  15. m says:

    recharged at 2.30 yesterday .
    code applied successfully
    didnt got cashback…
    april fool bna rhe hai abhi se

  16. Sadhan Kumar says:

    Shows coupon applied successfully but still i have not received my cash back waiting since last 10 Hrs.

  17. dkverma says:

    Mera cash back nahi mila paytm baiman hai dhokha diya bad paytm

  18. Neeru says:

    I have charged my phone but not got cash back .

  19. warith mansoor says:

    same thing had happened with me too. i am recieved cashback after 7 hour in 3 a/c out of 4 a/c. still left with one account…

  20. krishna says:

    Shit wasting my time I tried at 11:28pm showing expired I told to my frnds use this. But it is showing frnds saying it is trash. Can u answer abt this?? I believe but it is going to worst.. Please make a sense before putting offers or timings

  21. jaya says:

    I tried at 11:30pm but it is showing expired too bad.. There no time sense for the paytm

  22. nitish rajput says:

    It is over!!!!! Offer is closed at 11.25 ..any how managed to recharge 10 mobile no ..with different ids..its good to invest 50 and get rs100 talk time each cashback on 7 ids..

  23. RINKU SINGH says:


  24. Bindal Lab says:

    again expire

  25. Bharat says:

    M recharge nt successful and nxt time not accrpt the promo code

  26. priya srkr says:

    i not get any monye

  27. Maaid Bhat says:

    Received cash back after 5 hour’s approx

  28. javed says:

    No cashback even 4 hrs gone:-(

  29. DON says:

    cashback received in 3 accounts after 6 hrs

  30. Abhi says:

    When will we get the Cash back ??? :/ :/

  31. Nishikanta says:

    No cashback yet , even after 3-4hours ago

  32. chandra says:

    Showing successful recharge but cash back is not received after 5hours

  33. pankaj seth says:

    I got cb in 2 ac thanks to SMI and Paytm

  34. purav says:

    Yeah i too dint gt CB…Its now above 6 hours…may be possible there employees are on sunday leave…

  35. Sandeep says:

    No cashback yet, even after 10 hours…

  36. chintua says:

    Don’t worry about cash back
    It will come
    but take time

  37. sonu says:

    Cash receivesss

  38. Vinu says:

    Did 3 recharges.Did not cashback in any Account even after 2 hrs.

  39. panky r m says:

    no cb receive

  40. akshay says:

    paytm rokksss…
    awsome offer after so long time…

  41. sabyasachi says:

    Thanks to SMI & thanks to PAYTM also

  42. bablu says:

    offer is exp.

  43. vijay says:

    Received cash back in 3 account

  44. anand says:

    Great offer paytm thanks

  45. Anonymous says:

    i recharged in 7 no but stll not revirve cashback… what happn

  46. tanha sameer says:

    cashback to do bhai

  47. monu says:

    Cash back aa raga hai plz check u r wallet balance

  48. SK says:

    Still waiting for cash back… 6 hours over

  49. Manpreet singh says:

    Dear Firends,
    cash Back Ka time 2-3 Hors Ka Time Hai.
    PayTM Ka Server Slow Hai Traffic Ji Vajah se.
    Pehle 30 Mins Mein Cash Back aata Tha But Ab Nahi.

    Note-Cash Back Jaroor aati Hai.

    Are U Okay.
    Money Snover.

  50. Prakash says:

    not cash back received

  51. Shubham says:

    Done recharge but cashback not created

  52. sonaj says:

    mne 100 ka rechrge kia mko 4 bar cash back aa gya..
    sunne me kitna acha lgta hai na :p

  53. nitesh thakre says:

    My dear brother & sister
    This is paytm.please keep some patience.
    Cash back jarur ayega. I love paytm.

  54. aashish says:

    bhai logo ye mobil recharge ka offer h ya DTH ka.

  55. hiMAN says:

    paytm is best among all, best service. never faced any problems in this.

  56. chintua says:

    Not receive cash back
    What to do

  57. GANESH says:

    Recharged through my paytm wallet Rs.100/- , recharged successfully but not cash back awaiting 1 hour, anybody facing same issue…hmmm bad time.

  58. vinu says:

    rec. ko 5 hr. ho gaye abhi tak cash back nahi aaya.

  59. ROCK says:

    Paytm log pura chetter ho gaya hai. Recharge done on 5 account but received only 2a.c. aj dekh lunga paytm ko agar sab ac pa cash back nahi mila to.

  60. devendra says:

    nice offer

  61. prateek jha says:

    Yrrr have a lots of account but yrrr dont have funds in bank

    Yrrr kyaa kru

    Sirf ek account se hi recharge kia

    Or abhi cb n mila lekon mil jarur jaega

    Itna ptaa h mujhe

  62. KaranKD says:

    wonderful offer, done in 8 registered accounts got Rs400 back good smi thanks

  63. Prakash says:

    Are Arun gadha tumhara kya ja raha paytm de raha hai tumhara kya paytm is the best

  64. raj says:

    Its failing every time on payment page. Session expired…what a waste of time…

  65. akshay says:

    not receiving cash back…

  66. Anand g33k says:

    Arun bhikhari chup hoja… Tubhi to use karta h… Paytm will always rise cuz its marketing strategy is different from others

  67. arun says:

    uda le paytm jitna udana hai paisa. Alipay walo ka paisa aise hi gareeb janta mei baant ke yeh bhi freecharge ki mafiq bankrupt ho jega thode din mein. Jaise ab fc ni offer deta 3-4 months baad isne bhi nahi dena. Jaise paisa khatam China ka, waise hi yeh bhi khatam. lagey raho bhai log. 100 mein se sirf ek genuine user hai paytm ka baki 99 sirf offers mei recharge daaltey hai. Jab koi offer nahi toh koi recharge nahi. bilkul fc ki tarah yeh bhi mails ppe coupons bhej raha hai. Iska haal fc wala hoga. :P

  68. Anand g33k says:

    Paytm rocks … Others suck

  69. mahakaal says:

    yes priya…u can do it…

  70. mahakaal says:

    recharge list se tata sky kyu hata diye bhai???

  71. Priya says:

    I have already 200 cash back. Is this offer valid if I recharge through cash back?

  72. Sacheen says:

    8paytm id /8 time 50 cb /8 nos recharge

  73. Sacheen says:

    1 paytm id/1 time 50 cb/per 1 number recharge

  74. Sacheen says:

    8 time use karliya 8×50: 400cb thanx paytm n sMI

  75. Samarth Patel says:

    Fantastic Offer got 200Rs by 4 different login.

    Thanks Paytm…

  76. damodar aghaniya says:

    paytm is best i love paytm! got 50 cashback on 100+ promo wc50 thanks paytm & smi.

  77. Satyajeet says:

    Great offer after a long time from paytm. Very good one thanks SMI

  78. bhaai says:

    Just 1 time from one account and on 1 no.

  79. Praveen says:

    dear Archana,

    Only one time per user, number, A/c

    PayTm Really Rockkks…i got 250 with 5 A/c

  80. batman says:

    once per account

  81. archana says:

    I got rs 50 cahback . This code can be used for a maximum of 1 times per user

  82. swapnil says:

    Got CB, thanks

  83. Kulwinder Mundi says:

    paytm rockkkssss . I got rs 50 cahback .

  84. archana says:

    Dear SMI, How man time (maximum number of times) ?

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