Recharges & Bill Payments upto 50% Cashback on Rs. 100 – Shmart Wallet

shmart-wallet• Cashback amount will be applicable only on successful transactions conducted by debit to the Shmart! Wallet account only.
• In the event of Shmart! Wallet account not having sufficient balance, wallet holders would have to first add money using Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking.
• The cashback counter is on a daily basis.
• The cashback shall not be made instantaneously and would be credited only within 72 working hours of the completion of the successful transaction.

• 1st Recharge – 10% Cashback on Rs. 100+ (max cashback Rs. 150)
• 2nd Recharge – 20% Cashback on Rs. 100+ (max cashback Rs. 150)
• 3rd Recharge – 30% Cashback on Rs. 100+ (max cashback Rs. 150)
• 4th Recharge – 40% Cashback on Rs. 100+ (max cashback Rs. 150)
• 5th Recharge – 50% Cashback on Rs. 100+ (max cashback Rs. 150)

Download: Shmart Wallet | Terms & Conditions

64 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments upto 50% Cashback on Rs. 100 – Shmart Wallet”

  1. Anand says:

    Got 250 and 300 cashback for both mobile numbers 5 transactiona each great offer thanks smi and shmart

  2. Yogesh says:

    Got cb & added money successfully.Thnx SMI & shmrt

  3. Yogesh says:

    I am not being able to add money.Showing “cannot process due to data mismatch”. Earlier I done two recarges of rs250 & 245 on 16/09/15 but no cb received yet.Mailed the issue,no solution till now

  4. Ramana says:

    One person how many recharges done, daily five transactions r total five transactions, please tell me friends

  5. dinesh goyal says:

    Rs 110 ka richag kiya hmei casback
    Nhi mila please cb

  6. Rons says:

    Thanks sidz, net banking option working.

  7. him says:

    Yes Rons …. Me also having the same problem
    Any solution guys??
    Do inform when it starts working

  8. sidz says:

    Rons add money using net banking

  9. Rons says:

    From noon, not working for me while adding cash, saying data mismatch error on payment page. Anybody else facing such issue?

  10. sidz says:

    Kya ye 20 tarikh tak har roj 5 to recharge pe mile ga ya sirf 1st 5 recharge pe milega?

  11. Karan says:

    @sn yes

  12. kk says:

    I got d massage, offer extended till 20 th September

  13. Gaurav says:

    Mr.Sumit from today offer expired…

  14. bhadresh says:

    @mishra yes valid

  15. Sumit says:

    It is valid on app or website or on both ?
    Please reply

  16. S N Mishra says:

    Agar main wallet me debit card se ek hi transaction se money add karta hu and 5 mobile recharge karta hu to kya Cash Back milega?

    Any person
    Plz help me

  17. bhadresh says:

    received cb of 250 in 24hrs, thanks ,great offer

  18. Anand says:

    Yes I got 296 cash back according to recharges thanks very correct and respectable site app shmart thanks smi and shmart

  19. Rons says:

    Good Offer. I got total cashback Rs 360/- by total recharge of Rs. 975/- in five times (100 + 100 + 100 + 375 + 300). Over all I got 37% cash back. Thanks SMI.

  20. rajveer says:

    hi buddy I got cash back of rupees 300 just now best offer and offer extend from 14 September to 20 September

  21. sam says:

    @ rajveer , your sequence of recharge was bad, u should have recharged in increasing amount like 1@1000, 2@100, 3@149 and so on

  22. Anand says:

    Its 150 cashback maximum per transaction

  23. rajveer says:

    Hi, hi buddy I done five recharge today
    100,then 260,then 100,then 149,then 300
    Waiting cash back

  24. Vikas says:

    Good Offer. I got total cashback Rs 360/- by total recharge of Rs. 975/- in five times.

  25. krishnareddy says:

    Aravind: its ok ..

  26. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Worst Customer Service. Added money in wallet. Transaction is successful and got an email as well from Shmart as well. But the balance was not added in my wallet. There is no one listening to the request as well. They will listen only when the offer period is over. Disgusting !!!

  27. Aravind says:

    @Krishna Reddy : The maximum cash back is 150rs only. If you done 500rs recharge, then you will get only 150rs cash back not 300rs.

  28. vamsi says:

    hei guys max cash back 150, check terms and conditions

  29. krishnareddy says:

    anand: if u get 5th recharge u wil get 50%of recharge amount!!! if u recharge with 300 .. u wil get 150rs.. if u go thru 500 then u wil get 250!!!

  30. Sumit says:

    Yea @anand right you will get go ahead

  31. Anand says:

    If we do 100×4 recharges then 5th recharge 300 rs will I get 250 cashback any idea friends

  32. Dinesh says:

    As an average Shmart is providing only 30% CB. But u need to do 5 transactions on the same day itself. (i.e) ~100*5(times) = 500, then u’ll get 150 as CB.

    @Mogli: 6th RC they not provide any CB on the same day. if you do the RC on the next day, then only u’ll get 10% CB for ur 6th transaction.

  33. Maulik says:

    Hello Guys this is Totally Fake because i used one offer from Shmart on that i done my bill payment but i do not cashback and i called so many times on customer care number but it’s only busy busy or if anyone picked up my call so i did not get any response from there side so please be careful bye…

  34. sanju says:

    1st add money then after recharge??? Pls give me step by step process friends??

  35. Anonymous says:

    Recharge not done, cash back not came, customer care number not connecting, money gone :(

  36. Mogli says:

    Guys After 5th Recharge same day what will on the 6th recharge it will be 10% or 50% anyone
    having any idea about it ???

  37. alex says:

    can we pay airtel bill?
    please do reply if someone has paid airtel bill using this app.?

  38. Anand says:

    Its a trick by shmart its all counted by day wise recharges like on 14th sept I do recharges continously then only 5th recharge I would get 50 % discount as 1st recharge only 10%
    so do 4 recharges of 100 rs and by paying 400 get 100 discount and 5th recharge do recharge of 300 and get 150 cash back so total 700 recharge get 250 cashback on same day but if 3 recharges on 1st day and other recharges next day wont get 50 % cash back so becarefull its a very tricky shmart offer dont fall in just 50% cashback offer use your mind amd get 250 cashback on 700 recharges so average is 35% cashback average

  39. Mogli says:

    After 5th Recharge will it continue to be 50% cashback for same day ???

  40. MAYANK says:


  41. rajesh says:

    New offer has been dispatched 20 percent discount maximum discount last date 13sep

  42. manish says:

    waiting for cashback transaction done 24 hours ago

  43. Murugu says:

    I’ve received Cashback Rs.37.5 by recharge Rs.250 airtel FTT. Cashbach credited after 15 hrs from recharge of time.

  44. MAAHI says:

    Its fake.
    Added Rs.300 to wallet worked like charm.
    But when tried recharging it failed like it didn’t even tried..
    The transactions can’t fail that fast, there must be some lag for server-client communication.
    So its simple they just deducted that amount and no recharge was done and not even customer care replies to your queries.
    Please be aware.
    I lost Rs.300

  45. Raj says:

    bakwas app h.. mene 3 bar inhe ek issue that i am facing that a person can not recharge mobile no which is ported to some other operator.. this app automatically taken old operator and when i am manually select my operator it gives varification failed message…

    Such a lul bakwas app.. i think they have not any efficient developer

  46. nilesh s says:

    its fake earler they said i had done rc using net bansking so its not valid when i confrmed it was with credit card they said i have to use there wallet for same

  47. ubed says:

    last time it works…its good app…very nice…lets see this time…

  48. KaranKD says:

    MOBIKWIK and paytm are far better than this offer

  49. santosh says:

    Fake fake fake.vasted .mera pehela recharge ka walet abtak nahi mila.

  50. ashi says:

    @ravi . Nooo

  51. ravi says:

    if v add 300 in d wallet..nd do recharge of 250 nd 50 both separately…than can we get cashback???

  52. Kailash says:

    I confirmed from customer care they told me that once you get sms that is valid for entire offer period and no sms required every day.

  53. NK says:

    superb app
    very easy and fast transfer to transfer money to bank wallet with no charges… really awesome

  54. manish says:

    Very good site

  55. himanshu says:

    Brothers do recharge with this site awesome site made 800 till now whenever recharges fails it will be refunded back after 3 days for sure

  56. amar says:

    use only top why u people doing special recharges I am very happy from them total benefit yet 1100

  57. Raphikul says:

    Maine kuch din pehle 210 rupees se DTH recharge Ki thi lekin avi tak recharge vi nehi hua,Aur refund vi nehi hua..

  58. Avanish says:

    Very fake site… Friends please don’t use it. Otherwise u will not get any cash back. I loose rs 200, don’t use it.

  59. ashi says:

    @vikki It may take 72 hours

    vikki 72 ghante lag sakte hain cash back aane mai

    aur casback tum bank transfer bhi kar sakte ho

    SHMART is way lot better than PAYTM/FREECHARGE/MOBIKWIK

    You can transfer cashback to bank directly

  60. Dinesh goyal says:

    Aisi offer ka bhai visvas na kre mere Rs200+115 Mera totel lose rs200 To richa kiya to nhi aya or nhi wallet mei aaya

  61. rupesh says:


  62. vikki says:

    Cash back kab milega transection 2 ghante pehle ki hai

  63. nihar says:

    give cash back of earlier offer.

  64. rajesh says:

    not good offer.. shmart you should give a better deal just like before..

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