Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 25 Cashback on Rs. 100, Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 250 – HDFC Bank PayZapp

payzappPayZapp is available to all Bank cardholders and all Bank cards can be linked to PayZapp. Cashback will be auto-credited within 7 working days after the date of transaction.

Rs. 25 Cashback on Rs. 100+ Promo Code: MISSYOU (can be used 2 times)
Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 250+ Promo Code: FIRST
Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 250+ Promo Code: PAYZAPP
Bill Payment – 10% Cashback on Rs. 200+ Promo Code: BILLPAY (max cashback Rs. 250)
• Rs. 100 Cashback on 4 Transactions of Rs. 250+

Download: HDFC Bank PayZapp App

32 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments Rs. 25 Cashback on Rs. 100, Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 250 – HDFC Bank PayZapp”

  1. sachin garg says:

    payzapp ke ab konse offer chal rahe hai

  2. PANKAJ says:

    Payzapp CODE per 100 show karta hai bt aya 50 hai

  3. Amit Garg (amitnrw) says:

    @Avinash Mail them

  4. Avinash says:

    Payzapp & First codes used successfully about 15 days ago but cashback not recieved till now.

  5. Amit Garg (amitnrw) says:

    Payzapp cashback processing time is always as per mentioned tnc only. If you do not like tnc , do not use the offer.

  6. prashant says:

    Payzapp Cashback processing time is too much :(

  7. Sanky says:

    Payzapp rocks this month

  8. Amit Garg (amitnrw) says:

    @ murugu.
    in how many days ?

  9. Murugu says:

    I got cashback Rs.100 for PAYZAPP code. Rs.25+25 for MISSYOU. Thanks SMI

  10. Mohit aggarwal says:

    Whr are these codes MISSYOU and PAYZAPP mentioned as it’s not there on PayZapp app. Only mentioned code is BILLPAY

  11. Amit Garg (amitnrw) says:

    @shirin. active is no more.

    now you have 10% for bill payment upto rs 250

  12. Shirin says:

    Is Active code now working? It says expired when I try to use it.

  13. Amit Garg Noida says:

    @ gabbar

    you are lucky one.

    but i dont know why someone else keep using same identity as mine to post here.

    I have changed identity twice already because of that

  14. gabbar says:

    Amit me too recd CB after a month for last month recharges this month recd it within few hours

  15. Amit Garg Noida says:

    @gabbar i m surprised as i got after exact 30 days only.

  16. gabbar says:

    now cash back is instant within a day

  17. Amit Garg Noida says:

    @SMI. thanks for updating

  18. Amit Garg Noida says:

    @SMI its 30 working days not 5 for cashback

  19. Amit Garg Noida says:


    yes 30 days waiting for payzapp now
    but Active can be used 4 Times in a month and amazon can be used only once.

  20. sunil says:

    Active code cash back is now taking 30 days after transaction to get it credited. better to avoid hdfc payzapp app.

    Use amazon pay insta cash back

  21. Amit Garg Noida says:


    ACTIVE code take 5 days for cashback

    For FLASH Code cashback they have mentioned 30 Days

  22. MD SHAKIL says:

    Till NOW i didnt rcvd cashback

  23. Anil says:

    I have got rs 100 cashback this month from promocode ACTIVE. THANKS.

  24. Amit Garg Noida says:

    your payment was not processed.

    i am getting continuously this error message

  25. Brian says:

    Cashback takes 7-8 days to appear credited in your account. Just don’t forget to complete transaction without entering the promo code

  26. Aryan says:

    @Amit, yes my KYC is competed already. I did 4 transaction of 100/- each using the “ACTIVE” code but received CB only for a single transaction amounting to 25/-.

  27. AMIT GARG says:

    @ Aryan & Bimal

    is KYC Done ?

  28. Aryan says:

    @Bimal, I also have not received cashback for the last month transaction

  29. Amit Garg says:

    @Prashant they have mentioned 5 working days and it comes with in that time duration generally.

  30. Prashant says:

    Pazapp cahskbacks are really damn slow, gave comments many time on their app in playstore…but no luck …still slow and slow :(

  31. Bimal says:

    Not working for me .
    I have recharged last month still not getting cashback

  32. Rajesh says:

    Thank you its working

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