Bus Tickets 50% off – RedBus

redbus• Get 50% off (maximum of Rs. 250 per transaction) on all Bus Bookings through PayUMoney.
• This offer is not valid on State RTCs and some private operators.

50% off upto Rs. 250 from: PayUMoney (Sign Up > I am a Buyer. In RedBus, Payment Option > Cash Card > PayUMoney.)

Website: RedBus

124 Responses to “Bus Tickets 50% off – RedBus”

  1. Ravindra says:

    100%, for 300 off… :) lovely

  2. Soorya says:

    Offer code is not working now…

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Mubeen says:

    None of the discount coupon codes are working

  5. ms says:

    Offer code RBFLAT10 not working now, though I used previously

  6. VISWANATHAN says:

    10% off Offer Code: RBFLAT10 (max discount Rs. 100) WORKING

  7. Naresh says:

    RBFLAT10 is working… thanks

  8. Nirmith says:


  9. Shaji says:

    its working – thank you

  10. Chaitali says:


    • Rs. 75 off on Rs. 500+ Offer Code: ILUVREDBUS
    • Rs. 50 off on Rs. 500+ Offer Code: RB50OFF

  11. Mj says:

    RBFLAT10 code is working….

    ty :)

  12. vijay says:

    the last one worked and i got 100 rs discount.. thanks a lot….

  13. Ramesh says:

    RBFLAT10 is working thanks…..

  14. UT says:

    RBFLAT10 working ……….Good.thanks

  15. Thanks SARA says:

    Thanks SARA..This code# RBFLAT10 is working fine

  16. vishwajit says:

    its working and best offer as compare to other travels must try

  17. sridhar says:

    RBFLAT10 working

  18. Sara says:

    RBFLAT10 is working :)

  19. amit says:

    RBFLAT10 works nicely

  20. Vivek says:

    RBFLAT10 worked for me

  21. AKSHAY says:


  22. Amit says:

    Thanks It worked for me i got 120 rs off

  23. Harikrishna says:

    RBFLAT10 is working.. Worked Like a Charm .. :)

  24. Dhamu says:

    Now its working this offer

  25. arun says:

    Hi. RBFLAT10 is working. Thanks for saving my 70 rupees.

  26. Sreeni says:

    RBFLAT10 its working find, thanks

  27. santosh says:

    RBFLAT10 worked for me now. Thnx :)

  28. Anisha says:

    Following codes not working today

  29. ashish says:

    RBFLAT10 worked

  30. Ahamed says:

    Offer code RBFLAT10 is working. Redbus rocks!

  31. Babu says:

    Offer code is working RBFLAT10

  32. Neminath says:

    Hi. RBFLAT10 is working. Thanks for saving my 60 rupees.

  33. Dpkalex says:

    IT WORKS..

  34. Ba says:

    RBFLAT10 working….got 100off

  35. Gowtham says:

    RBFLAT–working….really happy

  36. Ganesh TK says:

    RBFLAT10 working

  37. Archis says:

    Flat10 worked

  38. varma says:

    RBFLAT10 is working I am very happy save 56 rs

  39. niks says:

    flat 10 works!!

  40. AV says:

    RBFLAT10 works. Red bus rocks

  41. GANESH says:


    • Rs. 75 off on Rs. 500+ Offer Code: ILUVREDBUS
    • Rs. 50 off on Rs. 500+ Offer Code: RB50OFF

    RBFLAT10 also not working :’(

  42. Ramkumar G says:

    RBFLAT10 works. Red bus rocks

  43. SANKAR says:


  44. shatesh says:

    thanks for red bus,code is working 100 % and saved me 50 bugs ..thanks

  45. Raja says:

    Works.. :)

  46. Bipin says:

    RBFLAT10 works, Got 100Rs Discount on Rs1000

  47. sarma DNVSR says:

    RedBus services are excellent .
    Iam also from BITS Pilani, where the founders of RedBus graduated.
    I really appreciate their efforts for better services with largest network to serve the country
    in a different an dunique way.
    All the best for even for brigher innovations in future

  48. Palash says:

    works… saved 100rs… RBFLAT10 works

  49. TAMILSELVAN says:

    Hurray !!! RBFLAT10 works !!! Thanks, Red Bus….Interesting…

  50. nabisha says:

    RBFLAT10.. works.. thank u:)

  51. subham says:

    hey..dude its working…RBFLAT10…

  52. Sujay says:

    RBFLAT10 is working 100%
    Saved my 100rs. :)

  53. KK says:

    OFFER CODE RBFLAT10 is working.

  54. nirav says:

    Oops – sorry – typo – its 10% discount. not 100%.

  55. nirav says:

    RBFLAT10 works and gives 100% discount.

  56. harish says:

    RBFLAT10 is working thank u :)

  57. Anonymous says:

    RBFLAT10 gave 100rs off

  58. praveen says:

    its working for me 50 off

  59. Harshith NJ says:

    offer code is worked. Thanks a lot…:)

  60. sumit says:

    got 100 off on RBFLAT10.
    Make sure u r buying 2 tickets.

  61. Abhi says:

    the offer code RBFLAT10 worked. Thanks

  62. Rajesh says:

    offer code is worked for me

  63. srini says:

    RBFLAT10 is working for RED Bus

  64. thiru says:

    RBFLAT10 is working. I got 10%
    Thank you

  65. Mano says:

    RB50OFF is working

  66. Shantanu says:


  67. hi says:

    RBFLAT10 is working

  68. rakesh says:

    RBFLAT10 code is not working please send me or upload new code

  69. Ankit Rawal says:


  70. Anonymous says:

    RBFLAT10 code is working, thank you. I got 10% off

  71. Indhu says:

    RBFLAT10—-> Offer code is working. Thanks for sharing

  72. Ganesan says:

    RBFLAT10 code is working, thank you. I got 10% off

  73. raghuram says:

    thankyou RBFLAT10 code is working, getting 10% discount.

  74. lokesh says:

    RBFLAT10 is working and i got 10% discount….thanks

  75. senthilkumar says:

    its working…..thanks for sharing

  76. praveen says:

    can u plzz give a good coupon for hotel booking

  77. praveen says:

    heyyyyy its working……. yuppppppppppl

  78. rajul says:

    please try, RBFLAT10 and get 10% off on red bus.

  79. shah says:

    not working.!!

  80. sandy says:

    it works..thank you…

  81. Manjunath says:

    Thanks RedBus team,

    The Code is working…………

    Friends you need to select ‘I have an offer code’ post entering your details and then type in capital letter DIWALI2

    and It works out Rs 120 discount

  82. ram says:

    For those whose who are disappointed and dont want to be disappointed,

    Flat 100 Rs off on bus tickets on ticket goose. No minimum booking. I have booked 4 tickets as of now


    TicketGoose is offering Rs. 100 off on Bus Tickets.

    • Rs. 100 off (no minimum booking) Discount Code: BUSDIWALI
    • 10% off Discount Code: DIWALICPD

  83. Anonymous says:

    Useless stupidity

  84. gupta says:

    not working code

  85. avgr says:

    in redbus its displaying for some specific users only. i booked in abhibus with 150 off on roundtrip by using coupon code “roundtrip” . Thanks for the offer.

  86. no name says:

    Invalid number bata raha hai

  87. Ravi Raja says:

    Its working… Great Offer… :-) Thanks!!!!!

  88. Ravi says:

    It worked for me…Grt!! Thnx!!!!!!!!!!

  89. VIjay says:

    Its working yaar.. thanks for offer

  90. Anonymous says:

    uulu bana na inse sike

  91. Naresh says:

    People who got the FLAT150 code worked out, can help others and explain how they made it worked out in detail.. If you simply say it works for you others may not be able to get it..

  92. Balaji.T says:

    Its Not Working !…

  93. Kuldeep says:

    It is not working

  94. LIBIN says:


  95. Anonymous says:

    FLAT110 , FLAT150 both not working

  96. Anil says:

    Its fake offer

  97. KRISHNA P says:

    This offer is only valid for specific users

  98. Anonymous says:

    Its fake… not worth using

  99. Ganesha says:

    The code only works if you happen to click on the offer. Google for the offer and click on the offer. That should do the trick.

  100. Balaji says:

    Not working

  101. Suresh says:

    It was a very gud offer.. We travelled up & down with different IP addresses

  102. sam says:

    offer code is not at all working

  103. vasu says:

    Not working…Waste of time

  104. FLAT150. says:


  105. RAM PRASAD says:


  106. a says:


  107. midhun says:

    whats the crietria?
    most of you are able to use it
    It is saying though that it is for specific users only

  108. Ravishankar says:

    Excellent offer by redbus I and my family travelled in the offer and really worked well
    Thanks to redbus group offering a wonderfully discount

  109. Yeswanth says:

    This is not useful for me. It is showing “This offer is applicable for only specific users”.

  110. msk says:

    redbus is randomly giving that page to users.i used that two times but with different mobile number

  111. kamal says:

    Thanks for coupon bro…….

  112. chirag bhansali says:

    its woking bt u need to have d journey of atleast 500 km..

  113. shaki says:

    I got it.

  114. Hari Krishna .CH says:

    I got an error saying offer is valid only for specified users

  115. Venkata Prasad says:

    offer code not working now

  116. Anonymous says:

    It worked for me… Great .. Thnx

  117. Lakshmi Narayana says:

    This is the one time respone for one user and it works for the ICICI net banking users.

    I got the respone by using the promon offer code as FLAT150.

    Get this oppurtunity and enjoy ur journey.

  118. Saravanan says:

    Even I tried to use this code and I got an error saying offer is valid only for specified users

  119. ashish says:

    Thanx Awesome Offer

  120. ank says:

    ullu bana rahe he saale…………….

  121. Srinivas says:

    I have an account in Red bus. But offer is offer is not working.

  122. Hari says:

    Redbus send that coupon to some random users of their website. it will only for them.

  123. vijay says:

    It says this offer is for specific users

  124. vineet says:

    offer code not working now

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