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alpha-sale• Alpha sale is a sale conducted by the brand Xiaomi through which you can register for the ‘early access’ sale of the Redmi K20 smartphone by buying a Gift Card worth Rs. 855.
• The Alpha sale starts on 12 July at 12 PM and will continue until the stock of the Gift Card lasts.
• If you register during the Alpha sale by buying a Gift Card worth Rs. 855, only then you will be able to buy the Redmi K20 during the ‘early access’ sale.
• The ‘early access’ sale for the Redmi K20 starts on 17th July at 8 PM.
• In case you are not able to buy the phone during the ‘early access’ sale, you can use the same on any other purchase on Flipkart, including any future sales of the new Redmi K20 phone within a year.

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