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jd_aqamarine_nwShopClues has Revlon Aquamarine Shampoo & Conditioner 600ml for Rs. 88. Features goodness of Seaweed Extracts that deeply moisturize hair and Protein Conditioning Agents that makes hair smooth and shiny.

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32 Responses to “Revlon Aquamarine Shampoo & Conditioner 600ml Rs. 88 – ShopClues”

  1. Anonymous says:

    horrible shampoo. my hairs started falling after using this shampoo

  2. ajk says:

    This is the link for revlon site for this product. But that is 920 ml. This is 600 ml. So what it can be different volume unit.
    Shopclues is trusted site. I ordered park avenue deodorant, it was sealed original pack, not expired.

    Sometimes they send wrong product (many sites do). But they refund or replace. I have got a full refund for usb port even they didnt take the product back.
    And they are replacing ipad cover they wrongly send instead of laptop sleeve i ordered.

    I am not a shopclues employee just a satisfied customer.

  3. monarc says:

    guys pls pls dont buy this shampoo otherwise u will definately gonna be bald. i ordered 2 last time and believe me it is worst quality shampoo. my hairs getting fall. i am affraiding to comb my hair after wash. lumps and lumps of my hair getting out so dont buy this shapoo at any cost if u love ur hair.

  4. arun says:

    Now a days SC is more cheater then Tradus and others..agree guys…?

  5. nikhil says:

    i order park avenue & axe deo both deo shopclues send expire product plz not trust this site

  6. sandy says:

    the one in the Revlon link is of 920 ml and not 600 ml…

    so many clues you have guys to realize i would say…

  7. sandy says:

    I agree with MOhit and Vivek.

    @sanjay Gambhir: aap gambhir se socho.. ki yeh sab DIalog saley log india me hi use kar sakte hein… US etc me yeh log turant after selling FAKE items would be prosecuted i would guess.

    i also got WATER in the Park avenue cans… guys are right…

    see i too purchase items from SC but some how that Trust has decreased drastically now…

    Anyways, upto the individual whatever he or she wants to do can do…

  8. krishan says:


  9. Vivek says:

    The last time around I bought the revlon shampoo JWD. Trust me the quality of the shampoo is so inferior it is utter useless. I also have complain about their deoderants its just water with a little bit of fragrance that hardly last for 5 mins.Pls avoid shopclues now that they r selling all cheap stuff..guys beware of this deal do not go by brand name as u will repend later ….thanks vivek

  10. Mohit says:

    Worst revlon shampoo. Never buy revlon shampoo. It’s of poor quality.

  11. sanjay gambhir says:

    “Please Note. All products at are brand new, 100% genuine and come with Manufacturer’s warranty wherever applicable.”

    The above certificate is mentioned beneath all the products being sold on Shop Clues website, hence, Shop Clues Management is legally bound & responsible for any kind of duplicacy & ingenuineness of the products.

  12. RAHUL says:

    thik se dekho same hai….revlon site par shampoo & conditioner pe click karo

  13. Arpit Khandelwal says:

    dnt buy it, very bad quality…my hairs hv been spoiled…bought before from shopclues @ 48

  14. sandy says:


    there is diff between the product you showing on the revlon site and the one being sold by SC. please take a closer look. the look and feel itself is diff. the procut bottle looks very ligh of the one on SC but not so on the revlon site.

    hence, looks suspicious. anyways it has been seen that Shopclues has started backing the CHEATER sellers and hence gaining the popularity for the CHEATS website now i guess.

  15. Anonymous says:


    there is a lot of diff between the two … what u see on the revlon site is completely diff from what SC is selling.. a closer look will speak about it to you as well…

    hence cant be sure if you are right or not though..

  16. Gagan says:

    Though i got this product listed there. Still the shape of the bottle is different on revlon’s website.

  17. Gagan says:

    @ Sagar…The product displayed here are not listed on revlon’s website…Plz chk.

  18. pankaj says:

    kaafi din ho gaye jaw does not dropped

    also people need jaw breaking deals these days :D

  19. Sagar Rathi says:

    Rahul Arora

    Just check on The Revlon india Website

  20. vivek says:

    this is the costliest jdd ever….

  21. krishan says:


  22. Rahul Arora says:

    Hi Guys ..
    I bought the previous Revlon Shampoo Deal ..
    The quality of this is just too bad.
    It was not an Original product , a cheap copy/imitation.
    Just check on The REvlon Website .. they don’t make these Shampoos In or even For India.

  23. raj says:

    very bad quality have used before

  24. Sneha says:

    What about manufacturing and expiry date ? and Quality of Product ?

  25. sabyasachi says:

    its 600ml shampoo. pura khandaan ke liye hai kya?
    so why late just order karo

  26. Viral says:

    how about its manufacturing & expiry date? as it is not available in market nowadays, is it too old or near to expire?

  27. Dr abhishek Parashar says:

    Ordered 1
    Thanx smi

  28. SHRAVAN says:

    jaw not dropped …because of 66 and with shipping 88? common shopclues give us genuine jaw dropiing deals…

  29. Gagan says:

    Though the bottle is big but, the quality of shapmoo is avaerage. I ordered one from the previous deal.

  30. satyen says:

    Very nice, used by my family members.

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