Revlon Charlie Red Deodorant 150ml Rs. 58 – ShopClues

jd_revelon_sparyShopClues has Revlon Charlie Red Deodorant 150ml for Rs. 58. Features flirty fusion of blackcurrant buds, jasmine and tonka beans.

Coupon: SCRD39

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29 Responses to “Revlon Charlie Red Deodorant 150ml Rs. 58 – ShopClues”

  1. sara says:

    not working

  2. Richa says:

    Zero Inventory…. sold out… :( :( :(

  3. DHANRAJ KUMAR says:


  4. Bhaskar says:

    No mayur I got much products everything brand new.

  5. Mayur N says:

    nice find mkgp…
    Yes, ..
    is shpclues sending old stock then?
    SMI could you find out plz?

  6. Aakash says:

    bought 2

  7. Srinath says:

    good deal….ordered 4 from diff ids!! cheers

  8. mkgp says:

    here it is showing 33% extra in pack but on shopclues it’s not why????

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not able to add, scheme is active or not ?

  10. sajid says:

    I have used it , very good product

  11. Snikam6691 says:


  12. Mini says:

    Ordered 1 … will review after using it ;-)

  13. sri says:

    got one :)

  14. Rakesh says:

    Thanks a lot SMI for this dispaying this wonderful deal and Thanks to ShopClues for providing this deal to it’s customers. Ordered one for my wife. Was waiting for a long time so that I could gift it to my wife.

  15. Swati says:

    When i try to add in card, it says reload, not getting it :(

  16. Dr abhishek Parashar says:

    Bought 2
    Thanx smi

  17. vinay says:

    bought one

    but this time u were late smi

  18. Sandeep says:

    Not able to add, scheme is active or not ???????????????????

  19. gaurav says:

    It is Mother’s Day jaw dropping so it is for female only.

  20. ashish says:

    rand: Revlon
    Fragrance Specification

    Ideal For: Women
    Spray Type: Perfume
    Quantity: 150 ml.

  21. Harshita says:

    unable to add

  22. sanchita says:

    It is for womens

  23. Sarath says:

    @ GD Airan, you can check the deal page for all such details, U want SMI to spoon feed for everything??

  24. Alien says:


  25. youngtruk says:

    Ordered One….let see how it would be???

  26. Zabs says:

    Not able to add :(

  27. G D AIRAN says:

    is it for men or women

    SMI should provide detail in box also

  28. san says:

    not good for a buy

  29. Alien says:

    Female variant

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