Rin Detergent Rs. 3 – Tradus

rinTradus has Rin Detergent for Rs. 3. Features worlds best yellowness removal technology, that removes the faded yellowed look from your favorite white shirt.

Buy: Rin Detergent ( Gift Voucher: MEGAD76 ) | More Deals: Brook Bond Red Label 35gms Rs. 3 ( Gift Voucher: MEGAD70 ) | Tang Orange Rs. 1 ( Gift Voucher: MEGAD75 )

16 Responses to “Rin Detergent Rs. 3 – Tradus”

  1. sri says:

    got delivered yesterday. Worth a buy thanks SMI

  2. GANESH says:

    Thanks SMI….Ordered 2 qty…

  3. Number says:

    what if we want to talk in person SMI how do we do it then if you won’t allow us to share info………

  4. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    No trading/asking/giving personal information.

  5. Munna.n25 says:

    fuckk u @SMI. Deleting comments

  6. youngtruk says:

    Ordered 5 but never gonna do this again :o(

  7. Shub says:

    I need your number for buying 1 quantity

  8. Number says:

    yes munna I need it tell me your numbers…

  9. Number says:

    YES @SRI , zoombalic is right……..

  10. Munna says:

    Well I ordered 3 only today!

  11. Zoombalic says:

    We need new numbers every time. New number & new account. If you trying to purchase a product on same number with new account, u will get a error message “Gift voucher already reedemed”

  12. sri says:

    no need for new numbers, get a new account thats enough. I bought 3 with 3 different accounts

  13. Number says:

    still no solution to the missed calls problems…..how can we get more numbers….

  14. GANESH says:


  15. sri says:

    bought one :)

  16. wts up says:

    orderd 5 quantity…

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