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jd_rotomack_penShopClues is selling Rotomac 3G Refillable Roller Pen Pack of 3 for Rs. 38. Tip Type: Stainless steel, Tip Size: 0.50 mm & Smooth & Easy Writing.

Coupon: SCRP19

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35 Responses to “Rotomac 3G Refillable Roller Pen Pack of 3 Rs. 38 – ShopClues”

  1. abhishek says:

    got it today
    shopclues rocks
    thanx smi…

  2. arun says:

    i also got delivery today…but in one pen ink was flowing out.
    overall its not bad.

  3. Vvv says:

    I also got delivery today…..product was nice…..very nice….paise vasool…..

  4. Jitendra Jain says:

    I got the delivery today. the pens are worth the price. if you have ever used Rotomac Trimax then you would know about these pens.

    And by the way those who are saying that it is avbl in the market for Rs. 15 thn I wud suggest thm to go out & try to buy @ Rs. 15 provided the Brand is same.

    Completely satisfied with the Product.

  5. Sujit says:

    It is a nice deal, I got one!

  6. h.s.gupta says:

    aap customer care ko mail kijiye
    aj mera vi order dikha nahi raha tha but money deduct kar liya tha
    then maine mail kiya aur 30min k amdar cnfrmatin mail aur sms aa gaya
    @Sudîr rai sry yaar my last comment is for @satish
    Actually im using mobile to write this comment
    Im using uc browser so its hard to type sorry for any spelling mistakes

  7. h.s.gupta says:

    @Sudhir rai
    why lol bro its true that i hv used 26 clues bucks for this offer
    @Aap ko kiya aap k badho ne sikhai nahi hai k BINA SAMJHE KUCH MAT KEHNA?
    aap mentos khaiye , aap ki dimag ki batti bujhi hui hai

    & 4 all those who r wndring how i bought this @12
    i used 26 clues bucks, maine socha tha k ek item free main lunga clues bucks use karke , but sadly shpcls na clues bucks k upar validity period laga di hai isi liye maine use karli apni saare clues bucks
    @satish plz yaar bataoge k maine kiya negtv feedback diya aur time pass kiya?
    Dimag ki batti jalayie aur phir bbt kijiye

  8. CHETAN VADHER says:

    Thanks clues bucks.. Purchased free..

  9. Deepak says:

    Thanks Mayur.

    i mistakenly read available 3 colors as 3 pen in one set.
    anyway lucky enough, still managed to order from Shopclues.

  10. Sudhir Rai says:


  11. Mayur N says:

    Dear Deepak,
    Plz give SECOND LOOK at Rotomac wesite…
    its Rs. 35 for 1 pen…………. Not 35 for 3…
    ShopClues is not like Tradus.. who fools people
    Especially JDD are always good…

  12. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Rs. 35 for 1 pen.

  13. Deepak says:

    People just buy without giving even a second thought. Guys plz check Rotomac website and you will see the actual price is 35 for 3 pens. Moreover you get an option of Red pen.

  14. raj says:

    these are not ball pens they r roller pens its a gud deal go for it

  15. Piyush Jain says:

    NO.I have received all products properly and in quick time,
    Though I live in Noida,so may be in benefit of it.
    Also I haven’t bought anything from Shopclues from last one month.Till then whatever I have purchased I got all product in time.
    All thanks to SMI and Shopclues

  16. sunil says:

    I have not received my order no 2847848 ordered in early march. of previous JDD of shopclues n shopcljes is also not responding..shopclues is fraud site…they have stolen my money twice… not trustworthy..

  17. Sid jain says:

    Don’t buy….

    Market price 15/- per Pen..

    Worst deal

  18. MANOJ says:

    yeh ball pen hai

  19. gupta.yash says:

    @satish tu pagal h….

    @h s gupta ji : ye shopclues walo ne do order cancel kar diye ..aj 25 din ho gaye but refund a/c mae ni aaya ….ab kya karein???
    Pls help gupta ji…ye smi to bta pyga ni

  20. Gagan says:

    Not interested in today’s not buying today

  21. Chew says:

    ab le he lo yaar…. acche JAW do not exist anymore…. they’re extinct….

  22. satish says:

    h s gupta sahab bas time pass karne aur doosro ko negative feedback dene aate…

  23. Anonymous says:

    not required bad deal…

  24. Praveen says:

    Not a good deal. Waste of money

  25. H.S.Gupta says:

    PURCHASED @ RS 12 ..

  26. AliEn says:

    Not interested

  27. vishal says:

    Thx SMI order one qty lets hope its worth it

  28. Man says:

    Guys these are refillable ink pens just like Pilot V5 Pens. U can buy them if you use gel pens. They will write smoothly…..

  29. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    vishal: Try in Internet Explorer.

  30. joy says:

    i think rs 38 is too much for 3 pens but m confuse to buy or not…….

  31. vishal says:

    I am not able to buy it how did u bought it its showing cart empty

  32. sridhar says:

    Looks are bad. Not worth ti. waste of Money!

  33. arun says:

    i dont know about quality but buy 2.

  34. vishal says:

    Its showing cart empty is SC still adding inventory?

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