Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 1 – HyprMart

hyprmartHyprMart is offering Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 1. Numbers transferred from other networks through MNP cannot be recharged. A successful recharge would take upto 24 Hours.


Buy: Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge (new website)

61 Responses to “Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 1 – HyprMart”

  1. nikhil says:

    cannot connect…kaisi sii site hai…ban it

  2. Mehul Shah says:

    Its only for new customers. Pl avoid this site. Not looking geniune.

  3. Gotu says:

    No Confirmation email come….

  4. vabnish says:

    fake hai……..saleeeee fudu bana rahe neeeeeeeee

  5. Keny says:

    Done Recharge in Rs. 1 :)

    Use coupon Freecharge

  6. Imran Ahmad says:

    Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it’s usage limit!

  7. Ritesh says:

    Warning: Gift Voucher is either invalid or the balance has been used up!

    Kya bakwas site hai..

    Already 5 Rs dikha raha hai..

  8. zeeshan says:

    guyz i dont know why u all keep posting it as fake.

    yesterday i placed 4 orders on two differnt numbers

    2 of them got cancellewd,,i got recrge value for two just
    in the norning as usual..

  9. G D AIRAN says:

    IT SHOWS FOR OLD CUSTOMERS Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it’s usage limit!


  10. imran says:

    hypar mart wale chor hain saale jab bus ki nahi hai to daalte kyu hain aise offer………………

  11. Hyprmart says:

    We are upgrading our systems, the site went down for a while. it’s back up again.

  12. Mehul Shah says:

    Are register hua hai woh login nahi ho Rana hein

  13. kiran says:

    aray yar register hi hona nahi hay

  14. rajat says:

    its fake

  15. sanjiv says:

    site not working. donot post fake offer smi

  16. mankit says:

    fudu bana rehe, site to chal ni rehi, checkout par ja kar hang ho jata screen, bana rehe hyprmart wale. donot waste ur time

  17. zeeshan says:

    website not working properly :(
    got the rehcgre previously

    hope to get this time also if able to placed any order today

  18. Neeraj says:

    fake hai…jinke recharge ho rhe hai woh farzi comment hyprmart k sales wale daal rhe hai…ghar baithe bheek mangne ka new trika hai 6-7 bhikhario ne site kholi hai 1rs ki bheek mang rhe hai

  19. Deepak says:

    Ghanta Website to chal nahi rahi
    Recharge To Kaha se denge yee

  20. girish says:

    Its not fake, its working fine.

  21. Hyprmart says:

    We’re the people running and nothing on the site is fake. For the customers who haven’t received a recharge can contact us at with their order numbers to get their issues resolved.

    Regards, team

  22. fudu says:

    this sirlte is totly fake

    upr jo rrcharge received waale comments hai kesee lodu ne jaan bujh kr daale hain

  23. Reena says:

    dint receive recharge yet I purchased 2 @rs 5. fake been 3 days

  24. Kalindi says:

    I got my recharge. Guys it takes time but you’ll surely get your recharge.

  25. kashinath says:

    Kya maskara pana hai…mobile recharge karne ku address kaiku :O

  26. Thiru says:

    same issue to me harsh

  27. Bawar says:

    Out of stock

  28. harsh says:

    fake site I ordered but not received balace yet

  29. Mehul Shah says:

    Accepting orders n number of times for same mobile no. Risky.

  30. Boss says:

    I got recharged :)

  31. zeeshan says:

    got my 2 numbers rechrged today in d morning

  32. pradeep says:

    i got my both mob no. recharged successfully today morning :) :)

  33. vishal says:

    i got the recharge today itself

  34. Batman says:

    today morning they have recharged my number for Rs 10..

  35. Vishwas says:

    Not FAKE…..

    My 2 Mobile Numbers Recharged Successfully this morning with Rs.10 each.

    Thanks SMI….

  36. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Fantastic, Order Processed & Recharge done for 10 Rs. Great

  37. Mouli says:

    waste deal not in stock

  38. Ashish says:

    Abhishek same happened with me too :-(

  39. Abhishek says:

    taken my 1rs nd then website crashed…. its fraud.. no order published and money deducted.

  40. Neeraj says:

    @Praveen: You are right, guys check out About us it seems funniest I ever see looks site made by some illiterate peoples

  41. karan says:

    just recharged for Rs1, ha ha, really funny, dont know if money would be delivered? Anyone got the money?

  42. dinku says:

    this has recieved money and then said error

    theres is no response from customer care

    its not a matter of money but its cheating

    dont buy any things

    savemoneyindia plz dont publish these sites

  43. rebirth says:

    Please do not worry/repent for just Rs.1/- ‘BECHARA’, 66 logo ko lootega tab 1 dollar aayega!

  44. Aryan says:

    recharge succesfull but doesnt asked for network….totaaly fake…..ek rs loot liya… :P

  45. zeeshan says:

    ther are not asking for sunsbcriber because
    they are goint to recharge from online site like paytm or freecharge
    perhaps in which there is automatic detection of network
    thts why they mentioned dat number which have gone through
    MNP process will not be rechaged

  46. ajk says:

    They are not asking about service provider. How will they do Recharge. Fake…

  47. Praveen says:

    Bakwasss website… chk about us page.. lolzz….

  48. harsimran says:


    It seems an error has occured, the page you are trying to reach is not accessible.

  49. Ankit says:

    je fake h esme campany toh puchi nai knsi chahia sidha out of stock ja available bol rhe h

  50. Bidts says:

    ordered… :)

  51. Ruchir says:

    Free Shipping: Rs. 0
    Coupon(freecharge): Rs. -4
    Total: Rs. 1
    At 3:53 PM,order was successful.1/= gamble at the most

  52. ajk says:

    Ye aajkl 1-1 rs ki fraud site khul gyi hn.. Ek woh hai…

  53. pradeep says:

    did the second recharge for 1 rupees

  54. pradeep says:

    just now ordered one.
    its 1 rupee

  55. Gaurav says:

    Back in stock

  56. spiderman says:

    I have seen this when it was available. But seeing the pathetic site design I didn’t bothered to order one !

  57. Rahul says:

    Hahahaha :D True.

  58. Jatin Gupta says:

    Availability: Out Of Stock

  59. Praveen says:

    i Ordered 1, But now website is not working

  60. sky says:

    frst it’s 5 rs. not 1. and sencnd it’s out of stock :-|

  61. Vineet says:

    out of stock before launch…

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