Rs. 10 + Rs. 10 + Rs. 10 + Rs. 10 + Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 18 – FreeCharge

1. Enter recharge details (Rs. 10+) > Proceed to coupons.
2. Select FreeCharge Rs. 10 Instant Discount offer 4 TIMES. (4 x Rs. 2)
3. Complete transaction.
4. Redeem 4 x Rs. 10 Instant Discount.

Note: Currently Rs. 10 Instant Discount is working on same Mobile Number multiple times. If you receive error that code can be used only once, try again.

Website: FreeCharge

99 Responses to “Rs. 10 + Rs. 10 + Rs. 10 + Rs. 10 + Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 18 – FreeCharge”

  1. Ajit says:

    Guys its useless, as u cant redeem these coupons with same account or same number.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello frnd….give me idea how to procced it nd how can i get coupens?

  3. rahul says:

    freecharge fixed their mistake. No only on one number you can use the coupon.
    So please share the rest of the coupons so that we coulld use it.

  4. Ashish says:

    Frnz….I have purchased almost 50 coupons….In which i used around 27 coupons on the same number…bt now it shows only 1 for 1 …what i do

  5. steel says:

    not able to see the freecharge 10 rs. please help.

  6. vamsi says:

    I received 4 -> 10rs coupons on recharge of 10rs

    free recharge rockz…….

  7. Andy says:

    woww used almost 16 coupons

  8. KAMLESH says:

    this promotion has ended. .

  9. fahad says:

    hunn. i too got it

  10. gopal says:

    Cupon not available …..not working….

  11. Parth says:

    LOL !!!
    frecharge updated its system !!!
    ” A code can be used by a number only 1 times for this campaign.”

  12. anup says:

    coupons not available


    Coupon to dikh hi nahi raha h

  14. ramana says:

    Coupon not showing..

  15. Aarav says:

    Deal Expired !

  16. brian says:

    On 14th May night I saw the coupon was available via freecharge mobile app. Today 15th May its unavailable. Must have expired.

  17. Sam says:

    There are no coupon
    I think deal expire

  18. subashbks says:

    deal expired.. Coupon not showing..

  19. Prasad says:

    Can we use same account for multiple numbers!!!!?

  20. r says:

    working 6 june 2014

  21. r says:

    A code can be used by a Login ID only 1 times for this campaign. 4 june 2014

  22. himangshu... says:

    smi… deal expires….no coupons is there.
    . kindly post as expired…

  23. dts says:

    i am trying but there is no 2 rs coupons its showing 50 rs coupons how?

  24. amit says:

    plz say me if any one see coupons nw

  25. himangshu... says:

    deal expire.. there is no coupons… :( I am unable to get

  26. Chetan says:

    Recharge karte karte bus ho gaye hai….Thanks

  27. Rahul says:

    These coupons were available for few mins. So, this means Freecharge is adding it time to time. I got 8 coupons in 2 recharge and used all :-) Thanks SMI for update.

  28. andy says:

    i just tried credits also working.

  29. andy says:

    can we buy more then 4 coupons together ??

  30. Hemanth says:

    working for me

  31. Hemanth says:

    @andy…..yes u can use credits

  32. andy says:

    @SMI can we use credits??

  33. mohit says:

    got it… thanxx! !

  34. candy says:

    yar coupan ab nhi dikh rha hai

  35. zeeshan says:

    guyz dey hav stared bthis offer again from 6pm eveing..i hv cheked it personally..and dey r giving coupons instantly this beetr hurry

  36. Metal Thrasher says:

    Thanks sonu, used 2 out of your 3 yesterday and got it working! And 4 more from my recharge so 6 numbers recharged!

  37. SRT says:

    No such coupons I found now..

  38. Metal Thrasher says:

    Offer over guys and who didnt get coupons to their mail, check again, i got it today recharging yesterday!

  39. krishan says:


  40. sanjiv kumar says:

    no freecharge coupon showing in freecharge coupons. is game over?

  41. Raviraj says:

    Even i too got it today. My observation is wrong thats good :-)

  42. SANJAY says:

    recharged tommorow, got coupons toaday morning

  43. JAYENDRA VARDE says:

    got 4 coupons on today morning at 9 AM.

  44. zeeshan says:

    got my coupons toaday at 9 am in the morning..have used freefund code for coupons

  45. Raviraj says:

    those who used free fund and recharged have not got coupons is my observation .

  46. ankit says:

    Coupons comes after 2-3 hrs and with 1 month validity.
    Free charge always follow their promises.

  47. Ritesh says:

    No coupens seen.. I guess offer is over

  48. Anonymous says:

    see the expiry date on coupon

  49. amar says:

    got coupons.thanks to smi and fc

  50. r says:

    aa gye bapis dekho:)

  51. priya says:

    kha h coupen

  52. anshul says:

    Not showing coupon

  53. vinod says:

    2rs coupon is not available

  54. bhupi says:

    offer removed just now

  55. chandu says:

    its working….

  56. r says:

    mere dosto coupons aa gye hai apne account check karo :)

  57. r says:

    Guaranteed freebies with every transaction lelo :)

  58. rahul says:

    not recive any code after rechagre.

  59. kanna says:

    Working working.Thanks SMI n freecharge:-)
    Got the coupons n recharge. Its saying only1s per mobile number n a/c also. I did 4 recharges from different a/c s.

  60. harish soni says:

    Coupon hai kaha???

  61. Anmol says:

    mujhe ab tak coupons nhi aye

  62. Geetika Hirawat says:

    anybody have extra coupons ?

  63. ankush says:

    there is no freecharge coupon in coupon section now
    is it right?

  64. saurabh Khabani says:

    The coupons are not shown in the list

  65. dude says:

    Where is the coupon i am unable to find

  66. sonu says:

    Extra coupons

    1st cum 1st

  67. MayurN says:

    Note you can use one coupons per mobile no & per account,
    so buy limited coupons only.. if you have 2 mobiles then buy 2 coupons only… :)

    I booked my 4 mobiles with 4 diff freecharge accounts.. :)

    coupons working perfectly..

  68. subashbks says:

    just now recharged vodafon Kerala with 50 paid 58. got cashback of 10… I used opera mini…

    visited and added coupon in desktop mode of freecharge…

    it was a New account.

    got all coupons instantly

  69. abhi says:

    oho.. I was thinking that only i m who didn’t got those coupons.. By the way it may be any fault… I wrote to freecharge. Lets see what happen? their customer satisfaction service is good.. In many Earlier cases i got my solution.. Hope freecharge will mail those coupons.

  70. Sumit Khandelwal says:

    Abe sab ke sab ho coupon k upar validity dekho pehle fir comment karo

  71. vikash says:

    10rs success with RS 18 , but not received the 4 coupon. Where is they are???

  72. Ankit says:

    Krna kya h. Plz btao frndz

  73. manas says:

    10rs success with RS 18 , but not received the 4 coupon

  74. zeeshan says:

    i was thinking dat i m the only one who didnt got coupons because i had paid through
    freefund coupon…thnx got m not alone

    spam them on their fb page and also email them guys ..hv done the same

  75. Raviraj says:

    I still dint get coupons. looks like the coupons job is running with delay

  76. Rajeev says:

    No Coupons yet!!!
    recharged at 8:10 PM, still no coupons in email.
    My Coupons section in freecharge says :You don’t seem to have any coupon at the moment !”

  77. Prasad says:

    thank u

  78. amar says:

    smi please remove this offer else people will loose much more.Its like freecharge is taking back what it has given in previous days

  79. Prateek Jain says:

    Guyz Coupons may not have been sent to your mail..but you can also access throgh your account in freecharge website version..
    Click on your name on the top drop down menu select My coupons..
    All of your coupons would be displayed..

  80. karan says:

    i dont understand

  81. amarjyot says:

    coupons nahi mile mujhe bhi, guys u need to mail your recharge id to fir aayenge coupons shayad…

  82. sd says:

    bt they have charged for coupons.

  83. nanhakumar says:

    not receive coupon

  84. raj says:

    no coupons received

  85. Rishab Jain says:

    is offer mei karna kya h freecharge accont mei cash add karna h kya rs.18

  86. sd says:

    (0) Coupons worth Rs.0 Rs.0
    No INSTA coupon(s) sent on

    guys dont recharge

  87. mahendra says:

    Coupon not received

  88. atul says:

    Coupons will not come as it is clearly mentioned no insta coupons sent when clicked on transaction id…..

  89. Anmol says:

    didnot get the coupons

  90. SANJAY says:

    amount paid bt no coupon recived

  91. amar says:


  92. r says:

    coupon late aa rahe h

  93. rohit says:

    coupens not found

  94. Amit says:

    I also don’t received coupons. Amount deducted.

  95. R1 says:

    not received the 4 coupons

  96. Uttam Kumar says:

    4 coupon will come in some time may be 30 min

  97. pooja says:

    i also no recd my 4 coupon

  98. lalit says:


  99. sam says:

    10rs success + 2 rs cash back success , but not received the 4 coupon

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