Rs. 100 Mobile, DTH, Datacard Recharge or Postpaid Mobile Bill for Rs. 49 – FreeCharge


Pay Rs. 49 Now and Get Rs. 100 Balance on FreeCharge. Can be used to recharge all products, including Prepaid / Postpaid Recharges for Mobiles, DTH TV, Data Cards and MORE.

Buy FreeCharge Voucher from Groupon: Listing 1 | Listing 2 | Listing 3 | FreeCharge Website

210 Responses to “Rs. 100 Mobile, DTH, Datacard Recharge or Postpaid Mobile Bill for Rs. 49 – FreeCharge”

  1. mithun mondal says:

    Is the offer valid till date i.e.22th August,2014? If so how do I pay Rs.49/-. Plz tell me the process.

  2. jimmy says:

    Those facing problem with groupon Fc codes use app for recharge. No problems ever with app site also working fine thoufh :p

  3. him says:


    did your problem got resolved?????
    me also facing same prob…

  4. dan says:

    same problem with me too showing technical error

  5. manyu says:

    I have few freecharge codes (from different email IDs) bought from groupon (with this offer only) with validity till 15-Aug-14, but they’re not working, I followed up with freecharge customer care…awaiting their response.

    Getting following error:

    “There was some technical issue in the redemption of this code. Please contact and mention your registered email id and the coupon code in your email”.

    So be aware.. will update here on resolution.

  6. vinu tepan says:

    m waiting for this offer.
    its best deal.

  7. smitha says:

    hi… @ gaurav…
    hmmmm now the offer is expired to buy…
    but if u already buy any coupon that works till 15th august 2014

  8. gaurav says:

    pls tell to buy voucher and from where ???

  9. kashyap says:

    Thanks @ smitha

  10. smitha says:

    enjoying by recharging self no.s and relatives no.s and also friends no.s … full funnn !!!

  11. smitha says:

    kashyap : you won’t be able to recharge same mobile no or same dth no twice from freecharge


    sumit guts : buy 49 and recharge for 100 then u won’t be need to pay remaining amount

  12. kashyap says:

    @ RISHABH ,… Can i recharge same mobile no. twice???

  13. Rishab says:

    used this offer 21 times.

  14. Sumit Ghosh says:

    pathetic experience in first time I have recharged with 49 and didn’t get 100 balance

  15. king says:

    freecharge wale loot gaye lagta he….1 week se koi offer nai he….site bandh kar deni chahiye……

  16. Tanzeem says:

    Freecharge waalo k pas koi or offers ni h Kya
    Jaldi offers start kr de

  17. Atul Goel says:

    its amazing:I have used it five times & everytime it is successful

  18. bablu prajapati says:

    please SMI new offer do na

  19. raj says:

    when can we expect this agian

  20. Tanveer says:

    Try with free charge android app promo code will work

  21. sib says:

    I have 3 coupon but when recharge from freecharge it showing server busy last 2 days. Any help ??? please i am waiting replay.

  22. G D Airan says:


  23. raj says:

    getting servr busy mesage…what is this SMI

  24. bablu prajapati says:

    mai jab bhi code use karta hu tab ye msg milta sarver busy please use after some time

  25. dinesh says:

    what the hell with freecharge. when i using coupon on freefund code it say incorrect code. i have 6 coupon all coupon say incorrect code. r groupon giving fake coupon or some major problem in freecharge. freecharge plz. clear it

  26. satish says:

    Nice deal please place the deal again and continue upto 25thjuly

  27. happy says:

    Are ye deal to 25july ko finish honi thi ye groupon
    Ne mail me v 25 last date di thi ye phle kyu ho gyi finish farzi hai groupon k .

  28. shubham says:

    shud I recharge same no again which I did in past

  29. Kamal says:

    Will deal be open again?

  30. Rohit says:

    Postpaid payment option not available on freecharge.

    please advise.

  31. sandip says:

    i take 15 coupons. Great deal.

  32. Anonymous says:

    ab tak 82 n still waiting for count….thanks fc

  33. Lucky says:

    only 19 left for use thanx for this great deal (Y)

  34. Lucky says:

    Now deal closed….i bought above 50 coupons

  35. ramu says:

    So many times recharge was not done…. some distribution is their. .. showing oops some thing…. I think website problem…

  36. Madhuri says:


    its not posible..u need to have an individual mail id to recharge,even u buy in different lists

  37. Rohan says:

    @madhuri kya me tino list me se 1-1 buy krke me di ek hi numbr pe recharge kr sakta hu?

  38. Madhuri says:

    hey Haxorioux mind
    try to use that coupon with other gmail accout

  39. Arun Sathiya says:

    Thanks Baibh. I forgot about the Gmail dot trick.

    Helped me! Cheers! :)

  40. Haxorioux mind says:

    I bought it yesterday. But i didn’t used this coupon for particular number but it is showing “this coupon is used for one registered mail and for one mobile number even from a new mail in a new no” WTF..!! My 100 Rs. Wasted.. Bullshit..

  41. BAIBH says:

    Hi, This trick will help you to buy multiple coupons from groupon using same gmail id although groupon restrict only one coupon per account.
    The trick is as such :- 1. visit groupon
    2. create new account with same name, password and other details but while entering email id insert a dot somewhere in your gmail id coupon
    4.visit your gmail account and you will see coupon and confirmation mail there.
    So create new accounts on groupon to buy coupons by inserting more dots in gmail id but you will get all reply mails on same gmail account.

  42. Rohan says:

    kya koi bata sakta hai tino list me se 1-1 buy krke me same numbr pe recharge kr sakta hu? ??

  43. satyavinay nimmalapudi says:

    Ya wat u say is correct
    But u can still do recharges for u’r family members
    I did 27 recharges

  44. Gopal says:

    Now its useless, who have used once. Rechrge is nt applicble fr that number. Pls. Bring the same fr the used mobile as well. Neither the REMINDER is tanse to ZERO.

  45. PARTHA says:

    hi madhu you now first create a new account from new email id and new phone no. and then recharge your mobile no.ok.

  46. Divya says:

    Dear @Baibh desribe the process google dot trick
    step by step ??????

  47. madhu says:

    i had purchased this coupon on 24.06.2014 i didn’t used this coupon for particular number but it is showing “this coupon is used for one registered mail and for one mobile number”

  48. smrsh says:

    brought one coupon but how to reedem??? voucher showing REF:Security Code:Groupon code…which code to use??? please help me……no voucher code available in the coupon..

  49. Aman says:

    Thanks Baibh.. for google dot trick….Its working

  50. Baibh says:

    For all friends who want to buy multiple coupons using same mail id,
    Just visit link given by SMI, buy coupon each time as a new customer using gmail dot trick.
    Gmail dot trick – dots are irrelevant in gmail id, hence u can as many random dots in gmail id as u like and hence u can create new accounts easily
    eg.,,, etc can be used to create new accounts on other sites however inbox on gmail for all such accounts are same.
    In short, use dots in ur gmail id to make accounts on groupon and u will get all confirmation mail and coupons in same gmail account

  51. lokesh says:

    Verry excellent deal… Thanks freecharge…. v v nice

  52. akki says:

    Hi ritika
    If u recharged with old promo code then u can again recharged with new code on same number.

  53. ritika jain says:

    guys , kissi ke pass same number ko multiple times recharge kerne ka trick hai ?? Pls let me know yr

  54. akki says:

    No vasu its not possible

  55. vasu says:

    hi….can i use same mobile number and email id to get another voucher….plz help me someone..

  56. Madhuri says:

    @ABC try with other gmail account..

  57. Abc says:

    Hey Darshan Patel. Kudos to you. your trick worked and and got two double recharge….:)

  58. ABC says:

    Sorry, you cannot buy this deal. Have a look at some other deals here!

    unable to purchase even 1 coupon anyone help?

  59. Shiva says:

    @ jimmy

    Thanks bro I will try.

  60. Jimmy says:


    Bro, see above. There are three listing given. Listing 1 2 and 3. Click on anyone and you will be taken to groupon website. Now there you need to click buy on it. On next page create account and move to payment for paying Rs.49. Pay using your credit/debit card or netbanking. Now after completing the payment, check your order history on groupon and there you will find your coupon code. Also you will get mail on your registered ID.

    Now you can use this coupon on If you recharge with 100 and apply code you need not to pay anything extra. So in short you will get 100 recharge for 49. If you recharge more than 100 you will need to to pay the extra amount.

  61. Rahul says:

    It,s LoL

  62. satyavinay nimmalapudi says:

    Ya its really super
    I did recharges exactly 20
    To my friends and family members
    Still its working
    Even i have 3 coupons in my hand now
    Its working friends

  63. rahul says:


  64. Shiva says:

    Hi friends , somebody explain step by step how to buy the groupon coupon and get the promo code. please…

  65. Preetesh says:

    Gr8 Deal. Its Working.

  66. Pranay says:

    Gr8 ofr. Thanx to smi. Did 130 :-D

  67. MANISH says:

    Yeah Darshan Patel could be right. Just order for a friend multiple times and you get the coupon in your orders list. But, that trick is also been sensed by them. Not working anymore from same account. I tried to do the same but to no avail. :(

  68. Dinet says:

    ya.. its working..

  69. Darshan patel says:

    Nice…Deal…I Buy 100 coupans…

    I Have a Trick to Buy Coupns…




  70. abhi says:

    yes. Taken a risk and able to recharge the two no twice.. Means i already recharge that 2 mobile no at 27th june and again able to recharge. Just check the coupon that u used to recharge the no was 25.june to 15 aug and now they giving coupon 3july to 15 aug. So, u can recharge the same no twice. If u used 25to15aug coupon on the no earlier then u can also use this 3to15aug coupon for that no again. Thanks

  71. Vasu says:

    Best offer…i got the 51/- …Tanx to Groupon and freecharge

  72. Avinash says:

    can i recharge same number again with different promocode

  73. mk says:

    Now freecharge have blocked the option of recharging for same number and same ID, so never disclose these options on public forums.

  74. mik says:

    How to buy more than one coupon from ? It is allowing to buy one coupon per id.

  75. mohit says:

    same id se purchase nhi ho rha …

  76. Rock says:

    @Hari, Thanks mate, your post was the reason I took risk and got recharge twice for same number. One when offer and one now :)

  77. Hari says:

    last time one weeks back when the offer is live i made the recharge..

    Then again now i made the recharge with same mobile no.. Its only once per no for a offer period.

  78. Rock says:

    How many times can we recharge same no ?

  79. Hari says:

    yep.. I made the recharge with the same no.. It worked :) Thanks

  80. Jimmy says:


    Today I bought 10 and they were instantly appeared in My orders. :) So maybe some are facing problems. I used delhi-ncr link.

  81. Gags says:

    It used to show under my Orders as soon as you complete the payment. But now its been more than 2 hrs i’m still waiting for the coupon. Already mentioned in the forum ppl are getting it next day now.

  82. Pranay says:

    Can i recharge in same no. which i have recharged in first time offer..?? Make me know guys..

  83. datta says:

    Yes you can .

  84. Hari says:

    will recharge will work again with the same no. .

    i need to recharge the same no. last time i recharged. help me guys

  85. abhi says:

    can i recharge the same number. Which i recharged on first day.

  86. satya says:

    its working……. u can recharge

  87. Krant says:

    works good with diff mob nos, cool offer, nice

  88. Mahesh says:

    Actually it was closed yesterday but its again started evening.Friends who didnt get copoun yesterday dont worry chect it now in my orders you got cupon in PDF format

  89. Madhuri says:

    ofer stared gain!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Anil says:

    I had ordered the coupon yesterday, today i got the code!!

    U can never go wrong with Freecharge !!

  91. sandy says:

    Can any one clarify, whether offer is closed or not?
    If not closed, when is it going to closed.

  92. Yenom Khurmi says:

    Ordered a coupon yesterday. Paid the amount. Not received yet..!!! its not secure anymore!

  93. Madhuri Raj says:

    offer is closed.:(

  94. Madhuri Raj says:

    Hi Hitesh,

    i checked in order is saying same Order successfully processed. Your voucher will reach you shortly! Enjoy! And thanks for shopping!”

  95. Hitesh says:


    Check purchase history on groupon and download the voucher and use the code from the voucher.

  96. rajasekhar says:

    Now, after paying money in groupon, it is saying “Order successfully processed. Your voucher will reach you shortly! Enjoy! And thanks for shopping!”.. Don’t know whether it comes or not… :(

  97. rajasekhar says:

    when u will close it!!!

  98. Mehul Patel says:

    works well !! did recharged for 10 mobs

  99. Partha says:

    Yes This is a Nice Deal and i get 4 coupon in defrent mobile and email id.

  100. abdul says:

    one coupon can be used form one id for recharge of one mobile no or dth or data card

  101. Puneet says:

    this coupon is not working on same numbers… i recharged my dth, mobile number & its working

  102. Bharat says:

    I tried this Promocode GRTWZB3RQ4GN8 now but this showing the message that you reached maximum no. of redemption.

    Now What can i do ?
    Please Tell me.I Want TO done the Recharge By USing the Promocode>
    Please Give me the Suggestion.

  103. guru says:


    are the people who are claiming to have recharged multiple times are just faking???

    i want to recharge my DTH (it will be same number) multiple times… how to do that because is says one number could be recharged only once.!!!

    please some one help with the process, if its possible…

    SMI…pls help

  104. Shiva says:

    still I could not understand how to use this offer. freecharge must give user friendly offers. I am going to miss this offer. so sad..

  105. Sunil Jain says:

    COD is also working.
    Got the printed coupon via courier.

  106. Kamal says:

    Nice deal
    have recharged more than 15 successful no

  107. guru says:


    i want to recharge my dth with more than 1000 rs.

    how to do, pls someone explain

  108. ashraf says:

    Nice offer my best freecharge

  109. amit says:

    i got it

  110. munish says:

    It is so simple yaar. Pata nahi kuch bhai logon ko kyon dikkat aa rahi hai.

  111. r says:

    bought 100 coupons

  112. akki says:

    Hi anonymous and umesh
    Jo link (liating1) h us par click karo
    Uske baad buy ka option aayega click here
    Sign up karke apna account create karo
    Or payment ka mode laker pay karo
    Pir b problem aae to batao

  113. F R MEV says:

    Apne email pe milega bhai

  114. F R MEV says:

    Nice offer my best freecharge

  115. neha says:

    did more than ten successfull recharge.

  116. vab says:

    Why I can’t recharge my idea Punjab prepaid no.please help smi

  117. Anonymous says:

    coupan kaha se milega bhai koi to Bata do

  118. umesh yadav says:

    Can not be able to buy coupon
    Plz help me friends
    When clicking buy tab
    Going again and again
    To login page


    Nice offer

  120. Nishu says:

    Bought 20 coupon and recharged successfully !! Awesome Deal

  121. Harry says:

    SURENDRANATH VEGI aap 100 rs. donate krdo purey…

  122. Hari says:

    how many days the coupon will be valid?

  123. ATUL says:

    Buy 5 coupons.



    I REQUEST THE ADMIN TO SPONCER the Rs5/- to the country development.


  125. AKASH says:

    pay by Payu money to get 5%extra discount.

    hence in 46.5 you get benefit of 100

  126. vishal says:

    valid a coupuon per id = 1 coupoun only

  127. shashi says:

    varrrrrrrrrrrry nice deal
    i got more then 25 code
    working on all recharge and paymant

  128. Bhaskar says:

    @dharmesh, on same number or different number ? ? ? ?

  129. dharmesh says:

    got 3 recharges.

  130. Himangshu says:

    Prince @
    thanks… I have receive the coupons

  131. Sanjay says:

    Recharge done successfully

  132. rockstar says:

    The code is working all over india yaar on any network.

  133. rahul89 says:

    I tried both link, i am from mumbai, I am getting error, Sorry, you cannot buy this deal. Have a look at some other deals.

  134. Bhaskar says:

    It is valid for 1 transaction in a email id at freecharge. But what’s about mobile number ? ? ? Plz frnd help me..

  135. SRT says:

    if you dont get the code by mail log into your groupon account and go to my orders.. from that you can copy the code..

  136. Rajiv says:

    very badly handled by groupon . Very poor .Saying everytime “sorry some error occur” .

  137. dude says:

    nice deal…got 5 recharges :)

  138. pradeep says:

    CHECK SPAM , your mail may be their

  139. Prince says:

    @Himangshu , check your email dear ! Still if could not get freecharge discount code then email to groupon !

  140. Tanzeem says:

    Bhai logon ye batana k ye 49 ka coupon kharidne k bad eska use kaha p hoga or ye code Kaise redeem hoga
    Please help someone

  141. Parth says:

    is other state no. also working ?

  142. shubham says:

    how to get code

  143. Himangshu says:

    I have not receive the code yet… please somebody help

  144. abdul says:

    times deal in may 2014 was better even though you had to pay Rs 5 to get vouchers. there every one could purchase but at groupon it is only for mumbai , hyderabad, chandigarh. when we from other parts of country try to buy it says you cannot buy this deal .good deal from freecharge but worstly managed from groupon

  145. vishvendra singh says:

    page not found

  146. bhargav says:

    goa also working..check it out..finally u won’t get coupons.. I tried times but after payment no coupons will reflect

  147. Gagan says:

    Still one id = one phn no.

    DOn’t know why they have 2 listings for the same offer.

  148. bhargav says:

    thanks smi.. Deal is working like a charm..till time

  149. sud.. says:

    coupon code will be there in your my orders section in group on account.

  150. sud.. says:

    nice deal..
    go to group on home page, you will be able to see freecharge deal on right side tab.
    open that deal, you will be able to buy.

  151. satya says:

    where should i got coupon and how please let me know…?

  152. Niraj says:

    It’s showing “Preorder” tag. Not available for purchase. How folks r making deals with it?

  153. mahendra says:

    Dear Rage at the time of recharge you not to pay any more up to 100 Rs.

  154. sanjay shah says:

    its working friends …I got 500rs…super offer by freecharge ….freecharge always rocks

  155. Surendranath says:

    Good Deal.

  156. DEB says:


  157. vishvendra singh says:

    help plZ. pre order q aa rha h

  158. chirag says:

    nice offer .

  159. chandu says:

    deal closed…

  160. ram says:

    Offer is closed?

  161. rajasekhar says:

    is the deal over?

  162. Hiral says:

    Bhai log deal is over kya?? Cannot buy coupon from groupon.. Any luck??

  163. Aman says:

    @Bhupinder Sahrawat bro …recharge ki shop h kya :D

  164. vishvendra singh says:

    bhupinder sahrawat ji y smjh m nhi aaya ki tumne kma kese lye.

  165. Puneet Gandhi says:

    Bhupendra g jhut kyo bolte ho 500 plus k liye id and no generate kha se kroge

  166. Dhanumjay says:

    Nice deal got 2 coupons

  167. Shiva says:

    how to get this offer? anyone explain it pls..

  168. Bhupinder Sahrawat says:

    Purchased 500 + coupons successfully and earn 27000 + rs when reedemed these coupons ha ha FREECHARGE ROCKSSS

  169. Shanky says:

    Offer over???

  170. rahul kashyap says:

    is the deal expired now???????? seems soo

  171. Jayant Jaiswal says:

    Deal over. It is asking me to preorder. :-(

  172. Nirmal Kumar says:

    I got coupon from groupon but not able to redeem it since Freecharge website is down … :(

  173. IT says:

    We’re sorry! is unavailable at the moment.
    We’re working hard to restore it.

    Check here for more information

  174. Gagan says:

    recharged 5 no’s successfully (y)

  175. r says:

    Not valid on Add Cash Transactions ?

  176. Diwakar says:

    can we buy more than 1 coupon? if so, how many can we apply on one ID at freecharge?
    This is the first time for me, so bought one to try it out and it worked, but not allowing me to buy more coupns.

  177. ABHISHEK says:

    got recharge nice deal

  178. SANJU says:

    What a offer….freecharge u r awsome….bought 2

  179. Tushar says:

    Thnx smi & groupon purchase 8 coupons

  180. r says:

    Not valid on Add Cash Transactions

  181. vanzarabharat says:

    i got it thanks SMI

  182. xyz says:

    i got 100 rs recharge

  183. Avtar says:

    Awesome Deal I bought 5 coupon all work thanks smi & freecharge & groupon……….

  184. Rage says:

    sorry guys was in sleepy mood …ITS Good deal ….was on mobile internet….mind not working!!!
    great just buy coupon from groupon and get code and recharge with free charge …you will get 100 credit in your free charge account.!!!

  185. sunil says:

    I got recharged.

  186. Gaurav says:

    Guys plz tell me can it be used for any other state?plz reply fast

  187. riya says:


  188. Rage says:

    WTF …Rupees 49 you have to pay for 100 talktime and the voucher value is 51 …it means do all this thing and finally pay 100 get 100..not even 10 rupees off…worst ever deal…better i will wait for a good deal.

  189. Rahul says:

    After purchase at groupon, got mail that ” Thank you for ordering a Groupon for the deal Get Rs.100 Balance for Prepaid or Postpaid Recharges at Freecharge – Online Service. You just saved 51%
    Your Groupon will be sent to you shortly in a separate email and will also be available in your Groupon account. ”

    15 minutes comes to end but still not got any coupon..

  190. Kartic says:

    Upon purchase, you will receive a voucher with a Groupon code
    Log on the website OR Download the Freecharge Android / IOS Apps here
    Choose Prepaid Mobile / Post-paid Mobile / DTH or Data Card
    Enter number, Amount & Click to Proceed
    Pick equal value coupons for the transaction amount equivalent (optional)
    If an existing user at FreeCharge, login with details OR Sign up if new user
    Enter Promo code & Click ‘Redeem Now’ to continue
    Balance amount if any, Pay online (via Debit Card / Credit Card / Net banking / Cash Card / ATM Card) Freecharge credit should also be added as a payment option
    That’s it. Successful transaction is done!
    If opted for Value coupons, it will be delivered to your inbox instantly via email once the transaction is successful

  191. pramod says:

    Any one from any state can avail this offer…But limitation is there.

    1) Only one mobile/DTH/etc can be recharge per one ID.

    If you wish to recharge more you need to make another IDs at Groupon as well as freecharge.

  192. deven says:

    Which code should I use. Security code or group on plz help.

  193. shovan says:

    plz can anyone explain the process step by step? :(

  194. Mujju786 says:

    Any State persons can use

  195. sanjay says:

    its offer only hydrabad not other state ?? pls mujju reply me fast

  196. Mujju786 says:

    good deal ..i successfully recharged..thnks Smi

  197. DC says:


  198. Rohan says:

    Nice deal. It is working

  199. Anmol says:

    thank u SMI

  200. Anonymous says:

    Nice Deal:) Thanks SMI …….

  201. G D Airan says:

    BOUGHT 8

  202. SUPROTIM says:


  203. vamsi says:

    Can i use this deal for prepaid mobile?

  204. ronak says:

    Is it only for Hyderabad??? Because it is redirecting to

  205. manu says:

    Will freecharge website charging only Hydrabad’s Mobile Number or any state’s…?

    Did anybody try charging in other state than Hydrabad?

  206. Ruchir says:

    Mere bhai Sumati use karo to coupon cup mein aayega,sudak jao ekdam

  207. kranthi says:

    bought 2 coupons, got immediately, check in your orders list after login… verify of mobile,emaill…so can buy as many by creating accounts…

  208. Lucky Bhumkar says:

    @sumit As soon as you purchase the deal from Groupon, you will receive the coupon code via email..

  209. sumit says:

    how to use groupon coupon in freecharge ???
    someone plz explain .. !

  210. Mahesh says:

    Nice Deal:)

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