Rs. 300 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 160 – Sendly

sendly20Sendly allows you to quickly and easily top up prepaid mobile phones.

All 4 discounts add up:
Rs. 300 Mobile Recharge for $3.39 (Rs. 200): Already discounted.
5% off: Invite A Friend. (Left Menu > Claim Bonus)
5% off: Review Sendly. (Left Menu > Claim Bonus)
10% off on First Recharge: New Users Only.

Note: Enter mobile number with country code (+91).

Website: Sendly (Download App > Select a contact > Choose the amount > Confirm your payment)

55 Responses to “Rs. 300 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 160 – Sendly”

  1. navi says:

    nice offer
    superb scheme

  2. Ashu says:

    Working perfectly.. Did total of 20 recharges until now with maximum 2 rechrges per account per mobile

  3. Anirudh says:

    Works Great ! 162 rs For 300 Full Talktime Recharge Airtel karnataka

  4. G D Airan says:

    It recharged one new a/c with one card on one mahine
    if you open new a/c on same machine and recharged with the card charged previously
    transaction failed

    So recharge with new machine

  5. ram says:

    Don’t recharge Fack site
    Only Freerecharge is reliable site.

  6. gurjit thind says:

    Smi why do u post their offer??
    They are theives.

  7. appy says:

    out if three payments made 2 were refunded n the other was not. N these ppl are not responding to the complain in a good way they said that they never got the money. but i did get 1st recharge but after that non.

  8. Yasir says:

    ICICI Bank had declined my transaction with Sendly for security reasons. May be there is some issue with Sendly. There is some problem with Sendly. Either debugging of their app is required or there is something fishy becuase I tried numerous time but for different reason transaction was never successful.. I invested much of the time to do a recharge in greed of discounts. But waste of my time transaction didnt happen.

  9. Vj says:

    @Jimmy. Wow. U hav Great knowledge bro. Now understand how online transactions/payments done. Thnx for giving valuable information. :)

  10. donald says:

    I tried today… I lost 188 rupees…. Lost faith in this app
    … Really a fake company…

  11. pankaj says:

    Guys tell is it working for ported number . As operator selection is not available.

  12. deven says:

    Thank u very much @jimmy. And sorry for doubt on u.

  13. anand says:

    Yes sendly is not a fraud site its a reputed site in other countries as rebtel telephonic site i got failed transaction and got refunded soon
    Many transactions failed as they told 1 card can be used for 2 accounts only creating many accounts gets transaction failed so use one card for as many as for 2 accounts only

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jimmy,

    I appreciate your effort in making people understand about the process.
    Guys, I am too a IT Professional in CRM and Financials.
    It’s all about the process which everyone most understand and follow :)

    For every failed payment, reimbursement is done by bank, only if you are aware for your money :)

  15. baadshah says:

    payment denied…

  16. Gaurav says:

    Guys don’t try it they fool people buy telling transaction is failed and payment get deducted from account they fool mee for 1000rs guys plz don’t try.

  17. donald says:

    I never received my money after transaction failed…. This was during first offer of sendly… 3 months back I guess…. I mailed them many times… Even sent them screen shot of my icici net banking transaction… They never reply….

  18. Jimmy says:

    @deven, This process is followed by banks and payment cos all around the world and no doubt about it.

    I give you an example, we receive mails from CCAvenue while we transact on TimesDeal for coupons or any other merchant about confirmation of payment but it doesn’t mean they (Timesdeal) have got the money. They get transaction slip from bank that user account had sufficient funds and has been debited and payment will be made to merchant. Bank just blocks the particular amount and release it to merchant via payment gateway on third day. The accounts which holds our funds for transaction gets debited on third day and merchant receives it if and only if they presented successful receipt on day of transaction.

    Now take example of Mobikwik/PayTM/FC, when we add money to it, our wallet don’t get credit by our bank but money is put into wallet by bank where Mobikwik/PayTM/FC holds accounts and after they receive successful holding of funds receipt from our bank, they credit money in our wallet. It is so fast because of system. On day 3, Mobikwik’s bank acc receives the payment from our bank. When we redeem a promo code like 50 cash back, this cashback is credited in our wallet after debiting money from bank acc of Mobikwik.

    When a cashback offers comes, merchant set aside a particular amount for it in their account. When the limit is reached like if they set maximum 10 lakh we get errors like Maximum number of redemptions have reached i.e their bank account which was maintaining/ crediting cashbacks is empty now.

    I am an IT professional and with good knowledge of financial system also. So knows about it since many years.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Savemoneyindia should ban Sandly and also other such fraud sites offer.

  20. Jimmy says:

    @Anil, Sendly has a condition that you can recharge a number using 1 debit/credit card twice a week and if you use more using same card, the top ups fails.


    Yaar paypal use kiya toh tumharey card se kaise paise katt ge? Clear karo paise cut kaha se huye hai. Agar paypal se huye hai toh uski statements mein dekho kya likha hai aur agar card se huye hai toh apn netbanking open karke statements check karo. Agar netbanking nahi hai toh ATM se Mini-Statement lo. Pata ni yaar tumharey 351 ki payment ke 62 kaise cut ge. Agar card invalid bata raha toh paise cut kaha se ho ge?

  21. deven says:

    Thanks for your comment @jimmy and proper guidance about the process.
    I have one more doubt. Are u sure about this process?

  22. Bijit says:

    bhai log sendly paisa khaa gaya mera….i used paypal …i wanted to recharge with 351…vodafone
    i entereed my card details it said…card invalid ..uske baad 62 rs khaa gaya for no reasons..what to do..jimmy bolo yaar

  23. Anil says:

    HI Jimmy,

    You are absolutely right, Sendly is no fraud. 3 of my topups failed and all 3 times i got my money back. But one thing i dont understand is why the topups are failing?

  24. Jimmy says:

    @NK- Tygi

    You don’t actually need to visit bank. All you need to do is, call customer care and tell them about failed transaction along with date. Most banks have toll free customer care. So no problem with that. Please understand that money of failed transactions is hold-ed by banks and its on them to refund. But some crap Govt/PSU banks don’t have IT system of auto-refunds especially if failed transaction is on international merchant. There is a different process for both domestic and international merchants.

    I give you one more example: My cousin uses Citi Bank credit card and he used it on Sendly. He did transaction on May 28 for Rs.100 Top-Up and paid $1.13 (Rs.71) and his account was debited on May 30 as per statement i.e payment was given to Rebtel Services on 30 but charges of 71 were blocked on May 28 itself and as bank received the successful receipt from sendly, they released funds to them on May 30. He did another transaction using same card on May 29 and it was a failure. Banks blocked the funds but as it was failed transaction, they didn’t release it to sendly on May 31st and his account was credited on June 1 i.e credit card statement shown a reversal. This is how it all works. Sendly don’t lie when they say they don’t get funds for failed transaction. It is a truth and you need to understand whole system.

  25. Jimmy says:

    @NK- Tygi

    If you had understand my comments you would have asked this thing. When sendly/merchant don’t get payment for failed recharges, how can you expect them to refund. On their part they just send failure receipt of transaction to bank and it is bank duty to refund the amount on time i.e on 4th day but as I said most private banks auto-refund and others PSU/Govt. One of my friend using ICICI Bank debit card had a failed transaction on April 10 and his money was auto-refunded on April 14. If you don’t get it as many banks don’t have auto-credit process, you have to call them.. It is the bank who keep the money of failed transaction in their sundry account and not sendly/merchants liek freecharge/mobikwik/paytm etc.

    You can ask sendly of refund if your transaction is shown successful but you don’t get the recharge then only sendly can help in refund. For failed transactions they or any other online merchant never receives the payment from bank. Bank just deduct it from our account and pay to merchant only if transaction is successful otherwise they hold in in their own sundry account.

  26. neo says:

    sendly is not fraud. my two transactions were failed money deduct but got refund after one month. i made one mistake that i didn’t contact my bank which holds money.
    but sendly provided me the original transaction receipts.

  27. Jimmy says:


    What else you can post? You don’t have courage to post your own name. Neither I am agent not connected with sendly in any way. Just a normal user like all but the only difference is I am aware and you are sleeping like 90% Indian youth which hardly understand financial system. Losers like you who are illiterate enough not to understand all this and how stuff works blame companies like Sendly. I am also using different online merchants but rarely faced problem with anyone. They are not cheaters but you are noob.

  28. NK- Tygi says:

    @ jIMMY

  29. vab says:

    Please tell me this is working for postpaid no.

  30. pankaj says:

    hi my number is ported one from DOCOMO TO BSNL.

    i want to can i recharge my ported number as they have no option for operator selection.

  31. Riya says:

    Thanks for info.

  32. Anonymous says:

    @sugumar and @jimmy your comments is like that you are the agents of sendly…..

  33. Sugumar says:

    Don’t create hoax here, this is one of the most trusted app which has a better service and will refund the same if the recharge goes wrong. I had almost recharged above 20 numbers with the discounted price. As a safety measure you can use virtual cards. thats it.

  34. Jimmy says:

    Missed one point that Sendly has allowed users to delete card info in their new App version. So you can delete it. Moreover if you use your debit card then it always ask for 3D secure and those who say that it don’t are making fool of others.

    Top-Up failures ke case mein 72 hrs baad bank ko contact karo like agar aaj tumhari transaction fail huyi hai 13 June ko toh 17 June ko bank ko call karke apne funds release karwayo.. Transaction agar successful ho tab bhi sendly ko 3 din baad paise miltey hai chahe hamarey account se ussi time deduct ho jata hai par bank tab tak payment nahi karta jab tak merchant successful receipt na present kar de. Failed cases mein paise bank ke pass unke account mein hi pade rehte hai. Kuch bank automatically reverse kar dete hai like ICICI, Axis, HDFC aur kuch nahi kartey. Sarkari bank kabhi ni kartey auto-refund after 72 hrs. Unko call karni hi padti hai.

  35. RVB says:

    Thank you all for your information. I will not try this website.

  36. Jimmy says:

    Please read my comment carefully:

    I have recharged 30+ times from Sendly under different offers and success rate is 100% until now. If you are concerned about your debit or credit card details then you can create VCC i.e Virtual Credit Card if you have account in SBI/HDFC or use any online VCC providers. I have account with HDFC and used my VCC on sendly always. Maximum time you can use a card is 2 times a week.

    If your recharge fails, Sendly don’t get money as banks around the world including India release payment of successful transactions to merchants on third day after transaction and if transaction is failed then money remains with the bank and you have to call bank to release it.

    One of my friend faced same failure issue with SBI and on 4th day he called up bank and asked them to release the funds. He got his money back within 48 hrs. So if your transaction fails, you don’t need to contact Sendly.. Wait for 72 hrs and then contact your bank for refund.

    Most of the people here in India don’t understand the payment mechanism and they blame recharge providers. If your transaction is successful and you don’t get the Top-Up then you need to contact Sendly. In case of failures, contact bank after 72 hrs.

  37. NK- Tygi says:

    PLease beware of this crap and fraudulent website. It will deduct your money and you will remain forever worried in your life untill you destroy the card you had used.. because i am a bhukbhogi of this service.. they dont require your 3D secure or OTP when WANT to deduct money from your account. Be safe.. avoid Sendly..

  38. deven says:

    I think there is trap of being collecting debit card and credit card details. I think only those individuals are getting recharge who are using their cards first or second time. After that from that card recharge is not done but the amount is deducted. Because this happens to me. 3 or 4 months ago I used my card and done two successful recharge but afterwards many times I tried to recharge, the amount was deducted and recharge was not done. Thankfully I got all my failed transaction amount back but after complaining to by bank. Sendly never pay back itself.

    If someone feel I am right please stay away from sendly.

    Thank u all for your comments and support.

  39. sam says:


  40. aman says:

    Those whose money has not been refunded contact your bank and clam for failed transaction
    Amount will be refunded

  41. Uday says:

    Yaar yeh toh hadd hi ho gayi last 6-7 time se recharge kabhi successful nahi hua aur paise hamesha hi kate hai… yeh ho kya gaya hai sendly ko…. sahi me kya “chor” company ban gayi hai…

  42. anish says:

    By reading these comments definetly never going to use sendly :)

    Thanks for spreading the awareness :D

  43. ashwini says:

    chor company hai ye sendly .. 2 mahine se upar ho gaya mera paisa 116rs account me wapas nhi aaya . please dont use this app

  44. Anonymous says:

    Yes Rachit Singhal you are right ? Sendly storing our card and next with out asking 3d secure password it deducts our balance.

  45. Rachit Singhal says:

    Please DO NOT use your CC for payments. My CC details were leaked by Sendly. And a day after I recharged my phone using Sendly, Someone attempted to buy goods worth $1000. Luckily my CC had only Rs. 30k limit. I had to block and cancel my card after that.


    And yes I am sure the details were leaked by Sendly as I had not made any payments using that card for 15 days prior to using it on Sendly.

  46. Anil says:

    Hi friends, recharge success, dont worry for failed recharge, sendly refunding the money for failed transaction, it happened thrice for me and u can trust them.

  47. ajay saini says:

    Beware of dogs and beware of Sendly. These are totally fraud frnds. Dont waste your money.

  48. sd says:

    those who are afraid of payment failure try paypal ,it was very quick

  49. Kartic says:

    use debit card for safe transactions.

  50. Malik says:

    Deeply discounted recharge only once on one number, not working for MTNL & BSNL, don’t worry about your balance deducted refund is done within 3 weeks. I got refund earlier for many failed transactions.

  51. dev says:

    Selndly is very bad app as it always fails the transaction. Amount deducted from account but recharge not done. Wholly crap!!

  52. pappu pager says:

    working fine

  53. nitya says:

    i lost my money. they did not respond. worst one; not to be trusted.

  54. donald says:

    I still did not get back my money from there first offer…

  55. Charanjit Singh says:

    No response from sendly for recharge

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