Rs. 1000 Big Bazaar Gift Voucher + Himalaya Lip Balm 10G Rs. 820 – IndiaTimes Shopping

Using IndiaTimes Shopping Rs. 250 off coupon, Rs. 1000 Big Bazaar Gift Voucher and Himalaya Lip Balm 10G worth Rs. 1070 can be bought for Rs. 820. Price includes shipping.

Rs. 250 off on Rs. 1000+ Coupon: TIMESAXIS

Buy Big Bazaar Gift Voucher: Rs. 1000 or Rs. 500 (2, Rs. 850) or Rs. 250 (4, Rs. 910) + Himalaya Lip Balm 10G (required for coupon to work) | More Gift Vouchers

29 Responses to “Rs. 1000 Big Bazaar Gift Voucher + Himalaya Lip Balm 10G Rs. 820 – IndiaTimes Shopping”

  1. Amit says:

    Thanks SMI…

    Just Purchased 1000X5…. Great Offer!!!

    Gift Vouchers still available

  2. husain says:

    last time I purchased with Himalaya and had shopping just yesterday :)

    Again purchased today for 500 x 2

    Great Opportunities

    Thank you SMI.

  3. samiran says:

    thanks save money

  4. samiran says:

    working ,1000 gift voucher available

  5. akhil says:

    tell me wat am i doing for redemed this coupon? this is first purchse with india times

  6. akhil says:


  7. NEERAJ says:

    it is working

  8. NEERAJ says:

    Ihad used it once only means first time only and the reply is

    You are eligible for Rs0 as a discount

  9. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    NEERAJ: It is working. Coupon can be used once per account.

    DRRAMDOSS: Add Himalaya Lip Balm 10G.

  10. DRRAMDOSS says:

    The Coupon Code TIMESAXIS eligible for Rs. 0 Discount

  11. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Thanks SMI, purchased 3 in 3 accounts

  12. NEERAJ says:

    TIMESAXIS COUPON is not working
    What coupon is it now

  13. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Refresh page few times. Still in stock.

  14. Ketan says:

    5:21PM – out of Stock!

  15. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    5:05PM – In Stock!

  16. MEHUL SHAH says:


  17. srinath says:

    taken 4 cheers

  18. Anshuman says:

    Got this. Thanks but one has to pay shipping charges for every gift voucher(30/- each) and 15/- for soap. This will make min. amount payable as 1095/- and then you can apply the coupon for getting discount of 250/-

  19. adfadsf says:

    815 price is only for 1000 Rs voucher right ??

  20. prakash says:


    •Gift cards are redeemable in all Big Bazaar & standalone Food Bazaar outlets pan India.
    •Gift cards are not valid in Food Bazaar store within Pantaloons/Central/Brand factory.
    •Gift cards are not applicable for Electronics, mobile, Gold Bazaar, Cooking oil, Sugar & Shop in Shop Purchase.
    •Validity of Gift cards is 6 months from the date of issue.
    •Cheque payment is subject to realization
    •This voucher has to be redeemed in full as no partial redemption is allowed.
    •This voucher can not be exchanged for Cash / Cheque.
    •No duplicate of voucher will be issued if it is lost / misplaced.

  21. john says:

    hmm so what are the conditions for these vouchers? are they applicable for groceries as wel? prakash

  22. prakash says:

    @John – These vouchers are to redeemed at the Big Bazaar outlets in any cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. and not meant for online shopping..:)

  23. john says:

    is there any online shopping for big bazar expect mumbai prakash?

  24. Ankur Jain says:

    Also valid on all Gift Vouchers.

  25. prakash says:

    I missed one ‘S’ in between. Now it’s working after using the correct code.. Thanks SMI..:)

  26. prakash says:

    It says ‘This is not a valid gift certificate number.’ Please help..:(

  27. Manas says:

    250 coupons are exhausted. Ordered 500/- coupons. Thanks SMI.

  28. KD says:

    Love U SMI For dis deal…………… i Stole it before it went out of stock ………………….

  29. Harish says:


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