Rs. 104 PayTm Wallet Balance + FreeCharge Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 100 + Sulemani Keeda Movie Access Rs. 99 – TVFInboxOffice


Pay Rs. 99 using PayTm Wallet & Get:
• Rs. 104 PayTm Wallet Balance (Terms & Conditions)
• FreeCharge Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 100 (Inaugural Offer)
• Sulemani Keeda Movie Access

Website: TVFInboxOffice

190 Responses to “Rs. 104 PayTm Wallet Balance + FreeCharge Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs. 100 + Sulemani Keeda Movie Access Rs. 99 – TVFInboxOffice”

  1. vinu tepan says:

    showing FC Code in tvf a/c main page

  2. mohit says:

    got code after submitting ticket in tvf

  3. hariom says:

    Anybody plz help.Is this offer is expired or working.

  4. Mahi says:

    Hi guys

    Be cool ull get FreeCharge promo code after few days still u don’t have patience means raise a ticket in support ull get in two days k

  5. RA says:

    Got paytm cash Rs104. Mail sent has (blank) freecharge coupon code. Freecharge guys replied by saying that TVF guys will look into this. TVF guys havent replied yet.

  6. pc says:

    i got only free charge coupon code and paytm caseback only 4.95

  7. rohit says:

    got 6

  8. Merv says:

    There is no freecharge code in d mail and not recevied FC Credit also. however got 104 in paytm. Pls help how do i get the freerecharge code n credit also.

  9. kartik says:

    How it it expire as cashback is still going on

  10. zishan ali says:

    dear i bought this product and eceived mail by freecharge but no prmocode received yet…

  11. PK says:

    He guys, keep calm… Don’t worry u will get freecharge voucher few days later.
    I had transacted on 31st March.. got the paytm cashback within 3 hours but I have just received the freecharge voucher today. On 8th April..
    They have also appolozised for the delay on mail..
    Just keep checking your mail everyday!

  12. mil says:

    got freecharge code today…

  13. Sanchi Gupta says:

    getting blank screen after payment
    Balance got deducted from paytm but no freecharge coupon.

  14. kapil says:

    same issue …this is fraud. I got email from tvfinboxoffice regarding free charge coupon code. they write that you free charge coupon code is …
    left blank space
    total fraud and also debit my paytm balance 99
    beware don’t transaction on fake website

  15. Sid jain says:

    There is no freecharge code in d mail. however got 104 in paytm

  16. vinod says:

    hey which browser u r using?
    i’m getting blank screen after payment,
    pls help me n i’m using chrome

  17. rahul says:

    freecharge code is not showing in gmail.what should I do now. plz tell me

  18. ashish says:

    this is fraud. I got email from tvfinboxoffice regarding free charge coupon code. they write that you free charge coupon code is …
    left blank space
    total fraud and also debit my paytm balance 99
    beware don’t transaction on fake website

  19. SSG says:

    I got a mail telling “FreeCharge promo code is”. But there is no code. WTF? Did anyone receive the code.

  20. kartik says:

    Freecharge coupon code os empty

  21. mohit says:

    received paytm cash but freecharge code is not in the received mail …
    just written in mail your freecharge code is then blank …

  22. Anonymous says:

    i got both code

  23. chintua says:

    Friends where should we get the free charge coupon

  24. bhags says:

    Admin, Shall I use freecharge credit for 100 rechrge.

  25. mohan says:

    I got both paytm cashback as wellas freecharge coupons, Thanks SMI

  26. priyanka says:

    if any one not got cashback of paytm go to facebook and go to paytm page and do coments they will givee paytm is wastte website dont belive all fakee

  27. mayank says:

    paytm k cash back nahi mile abi tk. .

  28. kartik says:

    I too get it???

  29. we says:

    got code. thnx smi, fc, tvfinboxoffice & paytm

  30. Vj says:

    I too Got Code today. Yippee :)

  31. yogesh says:

    thanks free reechage code recive

  32. ImmI says:

    Hey Baibe…Today Morning I got Freecharge Code and Movie code…Wow

  33. mayank says:

    dono me se koi b offer nahi mila…

  34. Parthsarathi says:

    Facebook pe Paytm ko likho Rs99 wapas milega ye frude ofr hey don’t buy this

  35. yogesh says:

    vtf wale reply nahi kar rahe or log afwaf faila rah e hai maine 3 account se kiya 1 hi bar lekin ek mai bhi free chagere coupon nahi aya pi ek acconut se 1st aprial ko kiya tha fir 2nd apr. or 3rd aprial.

  36. yogesh says:

    freecharecoupon not recived , kya karna hai bato please

  37. yogesh says:

    sir ji abhi tak nahi ayae hai coupon

  38. kartik says:

    Not there bro

  39. krishnareddy says:

    today i had received coupons …they are sending FREECHARGE coupons.. check ur registered mails … so check ur mails

  40. Bindal Lab says:

    jinhe fc coupon nhi mile thay check kro.aaj subah unki mail id pr aa gye hai

  41. shasank says:

    Awesome offer! Got both the cashbacks.

  42. rajesh says:

    bewkoof ho tum log jo itni bar sb bol rhe h ki nhi arha code n cashback fir b wha payment krk yha rone ajate ho.. thoda dimag h ki nhi khud k pas bhi

  43. priya says:

    Wallet debited but no confirmation receipt

  44. rajesh says:

    Koi Batayega ke yeah scheme abi chalu hai ki bandh hai

  45. Omar says:

    I successfully paid and even I got mail but free charge code is showing blank Wats this bull Shit!!!

  46. sameer says:

    99 paytm wallet se do 104 rs milenge 2 baar 1 paytm id ko use kar sakte hai aur 100 ka free charge coupon bhi mil raha hai paytm me 2 ghante ke baad 104 rs cash back milega,

    isliye koi bhi dost tention naa le

  47. suraj says:

    paytm se 99 rs pay karne per 104 cashback abhi bhi mil rhe hai kya, aur agar mil rhe hai to ek user kitni bar kar sakta hai transaction

  48. yogesh says:

    ye to sarasar chori hai freeghage coupon nahi diya aur na hi coustmer care wale reply kar rahe hai

  49. Tushar says:

    Hey just write to PayTM either on fb or mail or Twitter

  50. ankit says:

    after payment it shows your freecharge code is – which means codes are not getting generated now. also in mails it shows nothing. So don’t try it. was working fine till 3:30 PM yesterday. After that no codes coming but mails and paytm cashbacks coming. jisko 4.95 mil raha hai woh paytm se maang lo baki ka 99 bhi mil jayega

  51. run says:

    Kal din kay baad say blank vc aa rhe hai fc kay,kisi ko aaj fc ka vc aaye to text here plz

  52. kartik says:

    NO One will get freecharge coupon after 31st of march
    Cuz TVF has provided coupon
    with expiry of 31st march itself

  53. VI says:

    i just received only 4.95 Paytm cash back on my 2 accounts.frends now wat to do?

  54. Tanmay says:

    Now there are not giving coupons. Its coming your freecharge voucher is___ (Blank)

  55. yogesh says:

    sandeep ji hum to free mai hi loot gaye hame to freechagre coupon nahi gaya bhaya sandeep hamara bhi bhala karba do.

  56. yogesh says:

    ye to galat baat hai jab payment hui hai to aana chaye.

  57. sandeep matwa says:

    Freecharge coupon TVF inbox office ke account or mailid dono par instantly aata h isliye jinke nahi aaya h, usko aayega bhi nahi

  58. sandeep matwa says:

    Freecharge coupon TVF inbox office or mail id dono par instantly

  59. sandeep matwa says:

    Jiska paytm se payment ke baad blank page aa rha h usko paytm cashback to milega par freecharge coupon nahi aayega kyonki is site par payment show nahi karega

  60. rajesh says:

    guys jo bhi ye bol rha h ki paytm cashmil rha h wo jhut bol rha h kyo ki offer close ho gya h paytm cash ka click on terms and condition the product is out of stock and if it is out of stock they will not give you any cashback..

    dusro pe na jao apni akl lgao

  61. yogesh says:

    sandeep ji freechare ka coupon / code abhi tak nahi aya hai kaha se milega please tell

  62. sandeep matwa says:

    PC karo freecharge code instant milega

  63. sandy says:

    i purchased this. paytm cashback received but freecharge code didnot received. i mail to tvfinboxoffice but didnt reply. what i do?

  64. vikas says:

    Paytm cashback still working. Didn’t get freecharge coupon. Even subscription didn’t get till now.

  65. vab says:

    i had done yesterday and got both paytm cashback as wellas freecharge coupons, paytm cashback came after around 10 hours

  66. rajesh says:

    guys offer is closed now… so please dont waste your money because paytm cashback will not come now only freecharge code will receive and its last date is 30-4-15. dont use paytm wallet for cashback for this offer as offer is closed

  67. LALIT SINGH says:

    I m not recive any paytm cashback of 104 Rs i am recive only freerecharge coupan of 100? please help me guys…

  68. Blackout says:

    great stupid offer.
    99 rs deduce from my paytm account but neither it show in my paytm transaction history nor it show Viral fever inbox subscription. and no frecharge coupon. great now my 99rs are in garbage bucause of garbage BETA site.

  69. Omar says:

    Those who can see free charge coupon after payment page I jus want to know which browser used and platform either mobile or computer.

  70. abu says:

    FreeCharge code ki validity kitni hai yaar

  71. chandu says:

    I got both free charge code and paytm cash back.
    Freecharge code will be sent to your registered mail id immediately after payment and the same will be showed instantly on the TVFInboxOffice.
    for paytm cash back you need to atleast 3-5 hours,

  72. dhruv says:

    payment ho gai thi paytm se but ye website load nahi hui . Too iss website par dikha raha tha that i have not placed order.

    But after 5 hr paytm par rs 104 aa gai at least rs 99 dube nahi, but koi freecharge coupon nahi aya abhi tak.

    But abhi bhi iss website paar yahi dikha raha hai ki payment nahi hui, but paytm ki payment history mein its showing ki payment ho gai hai.

  73. kartik says:

    This offer is still working?

  74. yogesh says:

    freecharge coupon kitne samay ke baad ata hai

  75. priyanka says:

    helllo guys after doing payment of 99rs in inbox office you can see freecharge coupon on that page only as well as they will send the coupon to the maild with wich ur going to register on inbox office enjoy guyss

  76. Abc says:

    I have Done Transaction yesterday. Freecharge coupon not received till Now. But Received 104rs in paytm Wallet. When will i Receive my Freecharge Coupon

  77. Rajesh says:

    Out of Stock showing any body pls check and reply

  78. yogesh says:

    piease tell , freegharge coupon kaha par se milega kaya e-mail id par ayage.

  79. Rahul says:

    Where will I get freecharge coupon?

  80. yogesh says:

    thanks paytm i will recive rs 104/- in two saparte account , but i anot recived freecharge coupon

  81. suresh says:

    any one please tell how to pay with paytm on through ccavenue paytm?

  82. arun says:

    Freecharge coupon not received

  83. RG says:

    How to complain
    didnt get Freecharge coupons

  84. Rahul says:

    not proceed to paytm wallet in payment mode.

  85. dhruv says:

    chor website hai 99 rs lutt liya

  86. vinay says:

    i get the freecharge 100cashback

  87. Anonymous says:

    cash back not recivrd not coupon & not film

  88. aayush says:

    I got 2 freecharge coupons and two times 104 rs in my paytm wallet.

  89. Anonymous says:

    deal is expired. now no cashback for paytm acc. even it says u will get 104… don’t buy :(

  90. harish soni says:

    Yesterday I m done this ..same day I got cash back paytm ..but I n not yet get Freecharge cash back…guys plz tell me where I get Freecharge coupon

  91. Goyal says:

    free charge coupan received but Valid till 31st March 2015

  92. loki says:

    Hi friends, how i want to purchase this offer… plz tell me any one clearly frnds…

  93. Bharath says:

    In which browser payments are getting successful?
    In which browser you people got freecharge coupon???

  94. vikram says:

    But the FC coupon recieved today . It says that it is valid till March 31st.

  95. dipak says:

    oh ya..I got cashback but not coupon ..thnx manu sharma

  96. arun says:

    my payment done but the page is white what shall i do now please any body help me

  97. razat says:

    Please don’t post April fool offers ???

  98. DEEPAK says:

    Even the mails are bounce . Will I get paytm cash or not. I looted by this people’s.

  99. zeeshan says:

    Guyz i have palced order at 6 am in the mroning and gto cashback fro same
    @ 9;30 am
    so plz be pateint,they are taking time in gngv Cb but giving for sure

  100. Ankit says:

    my payment page is blank n i hve nt received any fc coupon or paytm cash… wht can i do…???

  101. nitish says:

    same here got fc coupon but didnt get paytm cash

  102. rajat says:

    get freecharge coupon but can’t get paytm cashback any one plz help me..

  103. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Payments are failing. So be careful. You will not get any Freecharge Coupons but get cash back in Paytm.

  104. DEEPAK says:

    My payment page blankblank pplease tell me what benefit I will get

  105. loki says:

    Hi friends, how i want to purchase this offer… plz tell me any one clearly frnds…

  106. Manu Sharma says:

    Dipak if payment page goes blank after payment. means u only get 104 rupe in paytm not freecharge coupon

  107. rachit says:

    not get freecharge coupon

  108. Dipak says:

    Not got cashback and no coupon. After payment ka page got blank.
    What to do…? Please help anyone..

  109. rohot says:

    Tnks god…at last i got my 99 paytm money…
    no fc cashback coupon…

  110. Manu Sharma says:

    Minimum amount for rch is 100 in freecharge. The terms say not on credits. but by mistake i have made from credits. also i got 100 fc

  111. Raja says:

    I get 4.95 at first thn I commented in paytm fb. Then paytm replied to me and give my cashback 99. So, if you get 4.95 thn report in paytm fb. They will give you cb

  112. Sacheen says:

    Mene 2 time kiya
    1st time me 1fc code turant mila but paytm 104 nai mila
    2nd time fc code nai mila :( aur paytm me 4.90 mila cb :( yeda banaya paytm n ye tv ne :(

  113. Anonymous says:

    offer expire

  114. king says:

    still it is showing you will get 104 cashback

  115. Ankit says:

    Someone please help
    Minimum amount of Recharge to use that freecharge code is??

  116. pankaj says:

    I got cb but what is fc code pls any body tell me

  117. yu says:

    which browser are youb all using???

  118. rizwan says:

    The freecharge is not valid on credits
    You have to use credit card , debit card or net banking

  119. vik says:

    Got 300+15 using, three different accounts. 3 mobiles to use freecharge code using app.

  120. saurabh says:

    bhaiyo mera bhi ni aaya abhi tak 2 hr ho gaye hai kiye hue…na toh cash back aya aur na he coupon aaya…chor hai sale

  121. him says:

    those who are getting only 4 cashback, i there any way to cancel the order???
    is fc code valid on credit or not???

  122. samkit says:

    whether valid on net banking or not

  123. kul says:

    only 4.95 rs cashback received its a cheat by paytm think before transaction

  124. sabya says:

    where is freecharge coupon?
    in email or tvfinbox accnt or, any other option pls someone tell me.
    i got only 104 credit in paytm

  125. rizwan says:

    Got both cashback of 104 and 100 freecharge coupon.
    It takes 2hrs for cashback.

  126. saurabh says:


  127. Kiran says:

    Not working. I lost 99/- from my paytm account.

  128. ricky says:

    2hrs ho gaye abhi tak na cb na refund na any mail :(

  129. tinu says:

    na mail aaya na msg, na he code aaya na cashback… upar se 99 rs or kat gaye :(

  130. aLiM says:

    bhai 4rs aaya CB
    don’t buy

  131. Himanshu says:

    bhoopendra bhai tumhara bhi payment katne ke baad ban ho gaya tha please bhai batao kyon ki mera bhi waise hi hua hai

  132. bhoopendra says:

    bhai log tantion mat lo after 15 minit me 104 rs account me return ho jayega

  133. Himanshu says:


  134. rajesh says:

    Working I got free charge 100 credit and Paytm 4.95 Paytm making fool

  135. rohot says:

    ky kare bhai ?
    wallet se 99 cut hogeya,but no processing…
    felling sad.
    help me…

  136. Merv says:

    cant c Captcha code

  137. ricky says:

    bhoopendra bhai mera bi paise kat gaye aur abhi site khul nahi rahi .

  138. bhoopendra says:

    ha ankit bhai mera to paisa b kat gaya h ab site open hi nhi ho rahi

  139. Ankit says:

    Website h nhe open hoo rhe hai :’(

  140. Amit says:

    Bought 10 times from 10 different paytm acc for 99*10=990. Got Rs.104 cashback 104*10= 1040 in PayTM wallet in 5 mins of every txn. FC coupon all 10 were delivered instantly to mail box and also you can see it on tvfinbox website after it shows payment successful. On same page FC coupon can be seen. total benefit- 1050 :P

  141. rohan says:

    can any body tell me ki ye freecharge ka coupon email id pe aaega ya tvf k account me ??

  142. Hiral says:

    Hello Guys.. Please tell me how much time it takes to get the cashback once payment is done from paytm ??

  143. rajesh says:

    SMI ne kal 400 rs ki chot krwa di ye bol kr ki till 11.59 pm.. bs sab log tut pade eksath or tvf ki site ki amma ho gai… jaldi jaldi me uski site kuch na kr ski..
    offer aj b chal rha h yr aram se

  144. sam says:

    Wait till the page fully to be loaded and after that you will saw the option of pay via PayTM and cashback details will be mention below that.
    I request that please use lumia phone for fast or google chrome on android. Don’t use uc web.

  145. atulgarg says:

    I got 104 ,
    But no freecharge code yet

  146. Santosh Kumar says:

    Free charge kya coupon nahi mila.

  147. vikram says:

    yeyyy!!!registered 5 times and got 520 from paytm and 5 coupons from freecharge.

  148. Tushar says:

    Now its not showing pay via PayTM …I think expired… Only debit payment showing

  149. Bhaai says:

    website ki to lag chuki h bhai..
    not opening up..

  150. zeeshan says:

    paytm casback offer is mentioned on both Paytm wallet offer section on paytm website
    and on tvfin boxoofice website when you choose to pay with paytm,its written there addtional 104 cashbacks
    those who are getting rs4 cahback must have not choosen paytm wallet option dusring transaction on first page
    you have to choose Paytm wallet option on the page wher a pop up window apperas for
    filling phone number

  151. archana says:

    Got both 104 paytm cashback and freecharge code for 100 cashback on 100.

  152. abc says:

    But there is nothing mentioned about paytm cashback on the offer page. Tvfinboxoffice only shows about freecharge offer. Whether paytm cashback will be recd or not?

  153. Daya says:

    Not getting paytm cashback still.

  154. Eldho Jose says:

    Complaint to paytm. You will get 99 rs. Othere wise you will not get your money.

  155. Praveen says:

    Got both 104 paytm cashback and freecharge code for 100 cashback on 100.
    You will find your FC code mailed to you.

  156. dillip says:

    where I will get the freecharge coupon help anybody, a blank page only open after given payment through paytm the coupon being sent email or any other way

  157. sam says:

    i got rs.4.95 only as cashback in paytm :(

  158. suresh says:

    Payment don through Paytm wallet but after deduction of balance site not working, only blank page showing, no any Cashback receive. Please helf me

  159. rakesh says:

    Hello friends tell me where to find 100 freechargecopen

  160. ms says:

    I got it cashbak in both paytm and freecharge

  161. rajesh says:

    guys ye paytm ne kya kr diya yr…

    bs 4.95 rs cashback diya 104 rs ki jagah… :( mene 7 account se order kiya tha yr or unme se 5 se to freecharge code bhi nhi aaye wo to alag, mere 700 rs dub gaye ulte.. 5 5 rs cashback de diye mujhe…

  162. sd says:

    Kisiko fc credit code mika ? Kaise mila

  163. Ram says:

    @SD, @DP, same here too.. Payment status shows as SUCCESS in paytm wallet but order not confirmed. :(
    No voucher and no cashback yet :(

  164. Pradip says:

    Be calm guys.within 2-3 hours u will get the cashback.

  165. saurabh says:

    I am not able to open this website

  166. shiva says:

    its better to download movie from torrent then paying :) Got Hd print For free :)

  167. Rajkamal says:

    Site toh open hi ni ho ra h bhaiyon??

  168. sam singwani says:

    where is paytm cash back 104 ><

  169. Samik says:

    Its till 31st

  170. Manpreet singh says:

    Offer Has Been Expired Please Do Not Vaste U R Money.
    Please Save U R Money.

  171. crimemaster says:

    yes it’s work i got a cash back of recharge done

  172. DP says:


  173. DP says:


  174. Ramneek says:


    Pay Rs.99 for the movie & get Rs.104 Paytm cash when you transact using Paytm wallet at
    Valid for 2 transaction per user
    Cash back will be cancelled in case of partial/full refunds or cancellation of orders
    Mobile number needs to be verified to be eligible for cash back
    Valid only for today

    Ref. Paytm website where coupons are displayed

  175. sd says:

    payment was done and then site didnt load. didnt receive freecharge coupon

  176. mahesh says:

    thank you smi

  177. ms says:

    waste of time

  178. viru says:

    not gud offer

  179. Prasant says:

    Don’t try this guys, after payment their site is not opening.
    Lost 99 rs.

  180. ashish says:

    hey nothing about paytm cashback only freecharge coupon???
    sm1 please reply

  181. tushar says:

    got coupon and recharge also done freecharge credits also credited

  182. archana says:

    Got FreeCharge Coupan, waiting for PayTM Cashback of 104 .Smi plzz follow-up

  183. riper says:

    i showing when you go to last payment page

  184. Tushar says:

    Its only showing FreeCharge Coupan not anything like PayTM Cashback of 104 etc.Smi plzz check

  185. sam says:

    Waste of time …

  186. udhaya says:

    webpage not available :(

  187. Anonymous says:


  188. prateek jha says:

    Yrrr its not showing aby thing like 104 rs paytm cash

    So i thibk it will not give that

  189. Raju says:

    Site is down :(

  190. prateek jha says:

    Ese offers raat 11 bje hi ate h
    Lekin mwne iss baar iskw ate hi dekh lia

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