Rs. 250 BookMyShow Voucher Rs. 79 (New PayUMoney Users) or Rs. 99 – ShopClues

250bookmyshow550000+ Sold.

Redeem for Movies, Plays/Dramas, Sports, Parties & Events. (Terms & Conditions)

New PayUMoney Users:
1. PayUMoney: Sign Up Offer (Sign Up > I am a Buyer)
2. Buy from ShopClues: BookMyShow Voucher
3. Payment Method > Cash Cards/Wallets > PayU Money > Continue > Place Order
4. Sign In at PayUMoney > 20% off

Old PayUMoney Users:
1. Buy from ShopClues: BookMyShow Voucher
2. Payment Method > Cash Cards/Wallets > PayU Money > Continue > Place Order

105 Responses to “Rs. 250 BookMyShow Voucher Rs. 79 (New PayUMoney Users) or Rs. 99 – ShopClues”

  1. Kishan says:

    Sold out…

  2. shreya says:

    Trying for one day to get the movie coupons. I think they’re over.. I can’t get any of it now

  3. shashank says:

    i think these coupons are sold out.

  4. Sindbad says:

    I think they are sold out. I tried ordering several times, but could not complete transaction. Voucher gets added up in cart, but while checkout cart goes empty.

  5. mahesh says:

    not able to place order. showing cart is empty

  6. YO YO says:

    #Sahil just 1 coupon can be applied on a single transaction

  7. sahil says:

    does anybody knows if i buy 5 coupons from same payu money account then 250 x 5= 1250 discount will be applied on single transaction?

  8. Anonymous says:

    how to create payumoney account

  9. ramleela says:

    thanks for such a good offer

  10. Rajkamal says:

    Jaan bcha liya yaar, jb se coupon aaya tb se 18 ticket kr chuka hun… Thanks Payumoney, SMI and shopclues!! bhagwan hmsa aap logon ka bhla kre…

  11. Vivek says:

    i got it..
    Thanx smi..

  12. Gaurav says:

    got the coupon code and booked the ticktet.Badia coupon hai.

  13. Nadzz says:

    Got the coupon code & booked ticket for tomorrow.. yeyy..!!!

  14. Robin says:

    No 20 % off to new paUmoney users… When I sign in paUmoney I get no discount… I am a new user and I am getting it at 99 only not for 79,

  15. jay says:

    Bookmyshow application main PayuMoney,ka option,nhi hai go to web site select seat and in payment option select PayuMoney option and login karna hai jo id say Shopclues say coupon purchase kiya hai 250 discount link automatically aa jayega…

    N joy

  16. anand says:

    Wow brought voucher for 79.80 rs great now waiting to book ticket on book my show

  17. Amar Kumar says:

    For all those who are not getting option of PAYU money as the payment option do these:-

    1. Select Movie, and then Seat(s) from bookmyshow website or app

    2. Go to payment option

    3. Click “PayUMoney 15% (or 20%) Extra Discount”

    4. Skip Offers (if it comes up)

    5. Login to Payu Money with ur email id and password

    6. You will get an option to apply Rs. 250 coupon (which you got thro’ shopclues).

    7. Just apply that and pay the discounted amount (if any)


  18. Raghava says:

    I’m not seeing Pay u money option in the payments select as cards/Wallet .So what is the procedure.. are bluffing the customers..

  19. amrutha says:

    i bought one coupon and the amount is debited from the account but i got an error page! and i didn’t get an email. what should i do?

  20. shashank says:

    got it but discount not given to me.

  21. nitish keshari says:

    Got…but not a very good offer !!!

  22. Deepika says:

    Dear Aashish You will get automatic discount after login in payumoney… don’t be so dumb

  23. ASHISH says:


  24. deepti says:

    the payment failed intially and later i did not received any option to make payment.

    Please help

  25. Himanshu Singhal says:

    Awesome offer ….working

  26. P J Sudharshan says:

    Enjoyed Lingaa today!!! thx for the offer! #Superstar #rajinikanth #pvr #bookmyshow #shopclues #PayU

  27. ASHISH says:

    Friends what to select for redeeming coupon in payment option

  28. umesh says:

    u will get voucher in email within 5 min.

  29. kashyap says:

    voucher is coming in email?? Or printed at home??

  30. prince says:

    awsome offer redemmed three.. saved 450rs on movie tickets.. go ahead its fantaboulous offer

  31. sumit says:

    Fantabulous offfeeerrr yaar… bought two and watched PK today…Movie and deal both are just awrsome…:)

  32. batistafan says:

    Thanx SMI / SC / PAYU / BMS for awsome offer…. — Got 3 Tickets At 99+99+99+33+33+33.

    Jisko bhi Offer Use karni ni aayi, rehne do , tumse naa ho paega :D :D

  33. SUPROTIM says:


  34. Deep Parekh says:

    Awesome. Very Very simple.

  35. Radz says:

    how can i use this coupon code in book my show ? please help

  36. pankaj says:

    Dont worry just pay through payumoney account you will get discounted there. Voucher will be applied there without worrying about copying from mail.

  37. Uttam says:

    I buyed it but coupon code is not provided and it’s not in my email box too.

  38. Uttam says:

    I don’t know at which place this code will be visible to me

  39. kapil says:

    plz note Minimum transaction amount at BMS needs to be of Rs 251/-

  40. RAHUL says:


  41. Gags says:

    Not working now…unable to apply coupon

  42. Manish says:

    bought 6 tickets from 6 different id of pk at cinepolis patna.without it I have to. pay 1698 but by this I paid only 520. Thnx

  43. umesh says:

    bought 2 ticket from 2 different id of pk movie tomorrow. thanks smi for this wonderful offer. without it i would have to pay 600 but now paid only 300 for 2 ticket at pvr.

  44. VISHAL says:

    Hi SMI I have paid amount using payu money but no mail received can anyone help

  45. Jagadeesh says:

    - Minimum transaction amount at BMS needs to be of Rs 251/-

    - The expiry date of voucher is 12th Jan 23:59:59

    - For unused coupons money will be refunded to your payumoney account

    - No two vouchers can be combined

  46. MG says:


    250 Rs. are off on the total amount to be paid.
    Your example given below is correct.

  47. kathik says:

    you don;t get coupon by email

    after selecting tickets, on payment page, select payumoney. then login with account which used while buying in shopeclues. ON TOP U SEE WRITTEN ABOUT COUPON. CLICK APPLY..

  48. jay says:

    Yaar yea code sirf ek muvi ticket buy karne pe apply hoga,ya firr 2, 3 ticket lene p work karega…
    Lyk 1 ticket = 260 ( amount payable 10)

    2 ticket 150 = 300 ( amount payable50)

    2 ticket ek tym pr le toh work karega,yea

  49. sachin says:

    I buyed one ticket…applied and 250 rs got deducted. on entire amount
    .but my bookmyshow transaction was time i am trying to book tickets..the coupon is not flashing ..(applying)

    Problem :coupon applied but transaction failed.
    how to reacivate the coupon code.

  50. Ganesh says:

    @ agam do not spread wrong info. Coupon is valid for payment thru payumoney, not paytm.

  51. agam says:

    The coupon is only if you choose cash wallet>paytm,and coupon is valid till12jan

  52. Ganesh says:

    No coupon in payumoney yet.

  53. varun says:

    Dear all,u no need to worry about coupon,go to book my show,go for payment with pay u money account,u will get all u coupon there and pay ur rest balance

  54. ashish says:

    Guys frm same payu account can i get two codes for two diff id? I have not got code for another id

  55. visesh says:

    frds it a true…i purchase this coupon and also purchase 2 …pk movie tickit on just rs 200 instreded of 350rs in inox cinema

  56. Samik says:

    Even i haven’t recieved the coupon!!

  57. Ganesh says:

    payumoney login seems down now

  58. soni says:

    bakwas hi…
    there is no coupon.please donot post such fake offer

  59. balaji says:

    Thanks MG for information.. I,will try ..

  60. ASHISH says:

    79.8 RS

  61. VISHAL says:

    I have purchased coupon but still no code received where the code will cme?

  62. ashish says:

    Guys plz help in afternoon i purchased one code at tht time while payment payumoney username password was askd but now i purchased from diff shopclues id but tht time payumoney username password was not asked and i have not recieved code also on my mail id.

  63. ASHISH says:

    434 Sunday evening show 2 tickets
    262.5 in 11 am show sunday
    For movie P K
    BOTH Executive class

    Morning show pay 99+12.5- 111.5
    Evening show pay 99+185- 284
    56 per ticket
    142 per ticket

  64. ravi says:

    Plz tell how to redeem in bms. I’m not able to find payumoney payment in bms

  65. Mritunjoy says:

    In my area bookmyshow ticket is only Rs 130/-, can I buy 2 ticket using this coupon? Including internet charge it showing Rs 305/- for 2 ticket, then how much amount of discount I get by using this coupon? Please reply & help me anyone.Thanks in advance.

  66. MG says:


    when you have purchased the voucher, those vouchers are present in your payumoney account. This account is the same account by which you purchased the voucher from shopclues. While purchasing, u had selected Payumoney as payment option. There you signed up with an email. The same email is your id. And password link is sent to this Id by payumonry at the time of purchasing voucher only. Now If you book tkt through bookmyshow, there u will find the coupon and apply link. If voucher is not there in your payumoney account, No apply link would be shown.

  67. balaji says:

    I donot see where I can enter coupon code in bms..pls help smi

  68. mehul says:

    @Ashish , select ticket around Rs.230/- or 240/- after internet charges it will Cross 250+. Do a single ticket booking by using this voucher. Then you see the benefit of this voucher. Purchase more voucher in different SC Account but you may select same payu account.

  69. Friend says:

    Ashish @ do this way… buy 2 coupons.
    250 – 217
    250- 217

    99+99+66 = 264.

    264 for 2 tickets.

    you saved 170

  70. ASHISH says:

    200+17tax- 217

    217*2- 434

    434+100- 534

    534-250 – 284rs for 2 tickets

    Not a good offer like win pin gave before

    300 off on 2 tickets

  71. Arun says:

    i got 2 coupons thanks smi

  72. Akshay Kaushik says:

    Please tell me how to get this coupon code

  73. Payal says:

    thanks arun n sarthak I got it for 79.20 rupees only..dont understand why but very happy with the purchase

  74. Anmol says:

    How to apply on while payment

  75. Credit89 says:

    Bought 1, and eagerly waiting.

    Thanks for informing such a good offer..woohoo

  76. arun says:

    its free just create a/c thats it

  77. Sarthak says:

    Hi Payal.It is Totally free.

    It is good service,you save everytime you shop online…Go forward…and book yours…

  78. pankaj says:

    Hi thanks for the info
    Received voucher immediately after purchase through e mail.

    Validity till 12 jan 2015

  79. shravan says:

    sUPERB oFFER tHANKS To Smi And Shopclues And Pay U Money I Got 2 coupons With 2mail I.d’s

  80. Payal says:

    I dont have payumoney this free service or they charge some money for registering or using it…please guide me someone who use it

  81. shashank says:

    gr8 offer smi

  82. Sheetal says:

    ordered 2 voucher with 2 diff. account. got the code in the emails..thanks SMI

  83. mahi says:

    The Voucher can be purchased only using PayUMoney as the payment option
    (2) A maximum of one transaction per user is allowed.
    (3) The voucher can be redeemed only on
    (4) At the time of redemption, the Voucher code must be entered by the customer on PayUMoney’s payment page on
    (5) The Voucher is valid only till 11th January, 2015.
    (6) The Customer shall be required to make a transaction of a minimum value of Rs. 251 on, in order to redeem the Voucher.
    (7) In the event where the customer is unable to utilize the voucher by 11th January, 2015, PayUMoney will refund Rs. 99/- in the customer’s PayUmoney account.
    (8) This Offer cannot be clubbed with any other Promotion and is subject to general terms & conditions available on PayUMoney, Shopclues and Bookmyshow.
    (9) The voucher would be sent by PayUmoney within 24 hours of placing the order

  84. HR says:


    Hi there,

    Your PayUMoney Bookmyshow coupon is here. Now get Flat Rs.250 off on your next transaction on Boookmyshow using PayUMoney.

    Coupon Code
    # Valid till 12th January 2015, Max discount Rs.250

    Book Your Ticket

    Redeem your PayUMoney coupon in 3 simple steps:

    1 Choose PayUMoney as a payment option on Book My Show

    Book My Show Payment Options

    2 Login to PayUMoney & click on Apply link to use your coupon

    3 Pay remaining through Credit Card, Debit Card or Netbanking Account

  85. Rox says:

    Please tell the validity of the voucher

  86. kanna says:

    brought 2 from different payu payment then only coupon applied. Coupon delivered via email.if payment successful n if u get error on shopclues don’t worry check ur email n payumoney a/c

  87. kiran says:

    tik se dekho yar jan 12 is the expire date if u not utilized then payumoney refunds u r 99rs to u r bank account

  88. DJDEAL says:

    validity till 14 jan & if some not using the above code then the money will b cb to payumoney wallet.

  89. vishal says:

    whats the t&c?

  90. HR says:

    Purchased one… It will be delivered to your email…
    Thank you SMI…

  91. Niraj says:

    I bought 2…Its working ..Great offer

  92. vishal says:

    the code which u got is16 digit ? and start with which number

  93. krishn says:

    what is the validity

  94. kapil says:

    pagal bna rhe hai… kuch toh batana chahiye… no idea of validy. if they send through courier, toh shopclues ka koi idea hi nahi hai kab tak courier delieverd ho… they are cheap site. baki jab tak courier aye tab tak validity na khatam ho jaye… SMI PLZ Clear the condition of deal

  95. HR says:


    How did you redeem it… you got it via email?
    website gives a delivery date of physical voucher

  96. kiran says:

    aray yar mail chek karo coupon tho ahi gaya

  97. pavan says:

    I received the coupon immediately..

    They mentioned :

    #1. Only one amongst PayUMoney discount or coupon would be applicable on the transaction
    2. Amount would be refunded to your account if the coupon is unused till 12th January 2015.

  98. Deepak says:

    got one coupon. redeemed successfully…

  99. krishan says:

    what is the validity

  100. hudhud says:

    Why they don’t mail us coupon code ??

  101. vivaswan says:

    bought 2 .. i hope kaam ka ho :P

  102. gaurav says:

    its done but come in 5 days I wish they sent the coupon by mail

  103. ramu says:

    How many tickets? Plz tel me any one procedure of this

  104. rajesh says:

    Already taken one.Attempting for the second one.

  105. nishu says:

    bought 5 from different id and address.
    Thanks SMI

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