Rs. 10 + Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 31 – FreeCharge

freecharge30Enter recharge details (Rs. 10+) > proceed to coupons > select FreeCharge Rs. 30 Instant Discount offer for Rs. 1.

Website: FreeCharge

101 Responses to “Rs. 10 + Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 31 – FreeCharge”

  1. San B says:

    Thanx for sharing…yes! it’s working…on credit also…

  2. anjali says:

    Coupon available in store section
    On desktop site
    Good working

    this coupon available only on web not on Mobile app.

  3. tusar says:

    beta rahul aab bek milega mene 15 leliye

  4. RAHUL says:

    bhai fake information kyu dete ho?? mne toh av check Kia but show nh kr rha. rply

  5. tusar says:

    coupon aa gya bhaiyo

  6. tinu says:

    @prince… can we do more than 2 recharges by bluestack using different user id’s ??

  7. Ron says:

    @Sanjeev – U r most welcome :-)

  8. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Thnx bro…it worked like a charm…got Rs.120 recharge after paying just Rs.12. How? Let me tell u. Actually i had Rs.50 in my FC wallet which i earned from the last offer (50cb on 10). So the equation is like this: 50-[(10+1)+(50-30)+(10+1)+(50-30)]=-12
    So my i just debit my account by 12 rupees n got 10+50+10+50=Rs120.


  9. Ron says:

    This deal is back!!!
    Just recharged and got the coupon at 1.40 pm on 15th august.
    But this time capped to only 2 coupons per user.
    Coupon valid till 21st August.

  10. vijendra says:

    i Got 6 Coupons at 11:44pm on 14th august

  11. xyz says:

    coupon is back but only one coupon can be choose for a transaction. valid till 12 aug.

  12. ashish says:

    Android app i have dwnloaded but i cant find any offer?

  13. sam says:

    thanks ,working got coupon from desktop site, at 11:55am today. but coupon of Rs30 off Rs 50 will work on mobile app only. coupon validity till 12 august .

  14. sam says:

    @ ritika ,no bluestack work on laptop/desktop. you can also use “YOU wave android” which is just 150 mb flie and works on almost any computer

  15. G D Airan says:

    Only 2 recharges one device only
    just like Mobikwik

  16. ritika jain says:

    @prince .. To use bluestacks , do i need an android phone ? Pls let me know soon

  17. Siva says:

    Its not instant discount, now they changed to instant cashback

  18. Prince says:

    Coupon is available only one website ! But to redeem it, use android mobile or any other device running on android platform. If you do not have , no need to worry. Just download BlueStacks on your lappy and after installation, search freecharge in BlueStacks and install it. After its installation, just enjoy to avail all android app offers!

  19. ritika jain says:

    @ahsish .. No coupon availble .. why r u posting wrong info ??

  20. Raghavendra says:

    it’s working great
    1st coupon working for me

  21. Anish says:

    its working now grab it…

  22. Gaurav says:

    Bro where in mobile app or mobile site or website

  23. gaurav says:

    Where r coupon available?

  24. siva says:

    coupons are available now

  25. Sachin says:

    No coupon available

  26. tusar says:

    Coupon not now

  27. pankaj goyal says:

    Scheduled downtime from 1:30AM to 8:00AM IST on Friday, 8 August

  28. Aritra says:

    Coupon not available now

  29. sneh says:

    I recharged yesterday. Coupon money was deducted but coupon not received till now. No customer care is available. Paytm service is much better.

  30. GANESH says:

    OFFER for one day only 5 august
    working fine i got 12 coupons from 3 id
    evening site is crash
    but working fine now time to redeem coupons

  31. tinku meena says:

    any problem tell me.

  32. tinku meena says:

    Click here to go to FreeCharge.
    This is an E-COUPON delivered to your inbox instantly.
    Get Rs.30 instant discount on minimum recharge of Rs.50. To avail the offer customers have to Download FreeCharge Android Mobile App on their Mobile and transact via the same. FreeCharge Android App link
    Discount capped to four transactions per Customer.
    Valid for all products Post paid Mobile / Prepaid Mobile / DTH & Data Card available on FreeCharge Android Mobile App.

  33. Shiva says:

    Is working on android app or on website only?

  34. YOGESH says:

    NO COUPON :(

  35. ponnaganti says:


    no coupons available but mentioned that expiry is till 10th aug 14…….more over yesterday night after 7 pm website was under maintenance not able to do


  36. SAMPREETH says:


    yesterday night website was under maintenance, now this offer is not there :-(

    tooooo bad

  37. xyz says:

    acha bewakof bna rhe h logo ko . phele offer 1 din ka do fir pure din site maintaince ka error do or 12 bajte hi coupon remove karlo or site start kardo.
    5 ghante to inki site band rhe h bas kuck lucky bando ne coupon utha liya .

  38. xyz says:

    bhaio coupon to aa he nhi raha mail mein:-(

  39. vinod says:

    I didn’t get the coupons

  40. jugal kishor says:

    freecharge coupons. No coupons found :(

  41. Vj says:

    Just now Checked freecharge coupons. No coupons found :(

  42. vijendra says:

    working now.. got 21 coupons and recharged 12 time same mobile on 3 different devices.. Valid for only 4 times per device..

  43. jer says:

    are bhai done nowww

  44. Jignesh says:

    Please allow D2H recharge for rs50 on website , as we need to recharge for minimum 100rs and not able to get benifit of this offer

  45. vishu says:

    Freecharge app will working soon acc to freecharge customer service.

  46. Raviraj says:

    Site down hain

  47. xyz says:

    im trying from 4hr and still same error 503

  48. Vimal says: iz down…

  49. SANJU says:

    trying for 3 hrs…..unsuccessful

  50. Raja says:

    Site down….Why this kind of stupidity is happening when offer is there…it may be intentionally by freecharge??????

  51. xyz says:

    site down

  52. Uttam Kumar says:

    WHEN THEY GIVE ANY OFFERS,Mostly u encounter:

    We’re sorry! is unavailable at the moment.
    We’re working hard to restore it.

  53. nnohit says:

    first recharge from website n get a coupon of 30 .
    then recharge minimum 50 to get this promocode on android

  54. GANESH says:

    Coupon available in store section
    On desktop site
    Good working

  55. nitesh says:

    recharge for Rs.10 through website…the dicsount coupon is available there.

  56. prashant says:

    Yesterday it was available for free have used 8 coupons… ;)

  57. Lucky says:

    This coupon available only on web not on Mobile app.

  58. deep says:

    Got it.. it take little bit time to find.
    just go to coupon section and just select only store option in categories and then will be there.

  59. mayur says:

    this coupon is still available .. I used 4 of them just hour before and checked now also.
    it is available..
    reduce your coupon search to “Store” only.. ans scroll down 4-5 rows.. you will get it :)

  60. Arun Khatri says:

    Nice offer friends….Hurry….i got 7 coupons. Will buy more…..

  61. cba says:

    Still Working, Just now i Recharge with 51 and got 3 coupons, in android app just select “STORE” at the top of the page. you will see this as the first item for Re.1, or on desktop just scroll down a little you will find the coupon for Re.1

  62. saurabh says:

    free charge se ye umeed ni thi…
    bakwas hai

  63. Munish says:

    got only 1 smi was late this tym…

  64. anjali says:

    rs 30 coupon for rs 1 not available
    Freecharge and SMI please check before posting deals

  65. rohit says:

    2 baar kia then coupon disappeared

  66. karthik says:

    no coupon showing realeted freecharge in coupon my android ph pl… help me smi users

  67. G D Airan says:

    rs 30 coupon for rs 1 not available
    Freecharge and SMI please check before posting deals

    Pl confirm when coupon available on freecharge

  68. Ritika says:

    Coupon finished now…

  69. mayur says:

    @ankur: it is for this month of August. :)
    I did four recharges using coupons under this offer.
    @lalit: do search coupon under “Store” section of coupons. you will get it. :)

  70. syama kumari says:

    dosto recharge kitne ka kare aur discounte kaise milega

  71. anonym says:

    Its over now got 1

  72. ankur says:

    is it for august or april……bcz its showing coments of april

  73. lalit charan says:

    no coupon showing realeted freecharge in coupon section

  74. SUDHEER says:

    Working Great

  75. SUDHEER says:

    Working Great :)

  76. subashbks says:

    mobil users Will be charged rs 10 while pc users only 5

  77. pintu says:

    My balance is now 1650+

  78. raj says:

    working!!!! (-:

  79. SANJU says:

    awsome….freecharge has gone offer crezy

  80. naushad says:

    iske liye apps download karna jaruri ha ye direct website pe nhi ho sakta ?

  81. aan says:

    recharged 2 tyms with android app btt didnt get any code :(

  82. Aritra says:

    Yaa ri8……cost of the coupon is rs10 not rs5

  83. ankush says:

    people says it is for rs 5 but I got in rs 10
    someone got in 5 and other got in rs 10 this is not cool by freecharge

  84. Deepak says:

    Its working fine ……..
    get 30 at the cost of rs 5
    thanks man

  85. Anonymous says:

    pls tell the procedure to recharge from mobile app.

  86. Prashant says:

    The coupon is applicable only once per mobile number during the promotion.

  87. Mehra says:

    Got Cheated. In the offer it does not say Android Mob App

  88. manish bharti says:

    koi batao yaar recharge kaisa hoga coupon genrate kaise hoga

  89. BHARGAV says:

    You have to made recharge for Rs.10 for first.. and you have to select above shown coupon… after the successful payment… you will get the coupons @ your mail.. use that coupon on android mobile app…

  90. Gags says:

    Is there any coupon to get Rs 30 talktime extra ?

  91. aan says:

    please can any one tell me the breif prosedure

  92. Anonymous says:

    downloaded app what coupon to be apply at app

  93. murali says:

    Got it

  94. @min says:

    @Free Freak how do you rate in app.. pl give the step

  95. Free Freak says:

    Do the same recharge by creating new account on . You will get a additional amount of 20 INR for rating your first transaction. Enjoy..!!

  96. SG says:

    mast hai yaar recharge done…………..maze karo

  97. dude says:

    How to proceed to coupons on android app

  98. unyk says:

    My bal is now @700 ..Thanks SMI :)

  99. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Now not for 5 but charging 10/-

  100. Anonymous says:

    Working Great :)

    Paid Rs. 15, Got Recharge for 40/-
    Balance came for:
    Rs. 10/- = 07.80/-
    Rs. 30/- = 23.73/-

    Total 30/- around
    So double recharge

    Caution: This freefund/promo code is allowed only for android app,

  101. Anonymous says:

    This freefund/promo code is allowed only for android app,

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