Rs. 40 PayTm Wallet Balance Rs. 10 – Groupon

Paytm-wallet40PayTm Wallet Balance can be used to recharge, pay bills & buy stuff.
• The deal will only be valid if the transaction on the payment page of Groupon is done using the PayTm Wallet.
• A customer can buy and use 2 vouchers.
The Cashback will be credited to the PayTm Wallet within 72 hours.

Steps in Groupon: Buy Now! > Paytm Wallet (PayTM Exclusive – Rs.40 Cash Back) > Paytm Wallet.

Buy: Paytm Wallet Balance from Groupon | PayTm Website

360 Responses to “Rs. 40 PayTm Wallet Balance Rs. 10 – Groupon”

  1. arun says:

    i too got it, cash back will take time

  2. sonu nirman says:

    How can we get 40 rs at the recharge of 10 rs by payment while promo code is not showing in offer.

  3. KAKA says:

    Now the Paytm exclusive is not available…!!! Be aware…!! No 40 cash back

  4. Zishan says:

    Hey I Got it.Received Rs 80 by Paying Rs 10 two Times.
    Thanks Paytm,SavemoneyIndia(For Giving Details) & Groupon.

  5. akash says:

    i purchased 2 cupons on 14th january but till now i didnot get cashback when i entere groupon code then message shown as invalid code anyone please tell me how i have to recharge.please

  6. SHUBH ROckS says:


  7. SHUBH ROckS says:

    Hurray,I got whopping cash back of Rs600 from 12 accounts,means 120 extra…And now i again trying my luck.Hope i will get more.

  8. Neeraj says:

    9 rs wale me cashback nahi will get cashback for transaction of 10 +

  9. lakshmi says:

    i got 80rs cashback thank u paytm

  10. ram says:

    cash back nahi aa raha h,i am sure about it ,

  11. Suresh says:

    any one got cashback for purchasing of other deals?

  12. Killer says:

    is there ny other offer plz give detailed link..
    # baibh

  13. jignesh says:

    i got 40rs thanks…to…group on

  14. mahendra says:

    mil gaya cash back 80 rs


  15. Prasant says:

    Thanks #Baibh and #Raj
    I hope your trick will work.
    Here is another deal I found which may be helpful for others too.
    enjoy friends.

  16. Praful Bari says:

    Thanks #Raj I have got Cashback of 80 in only 18 rs Today, and i have purchased 2*9 coupons today, and got the cb same day within an hour.

  17. raj says:

    i got cash back in my 8 account
    8*80=640 (purchased on 15 jan 2015 1:00 pm)
    profit 640-160=480
    thank paytm

  18. Kumar gaurav says:

    Ye 9rs wale me cashback aayegen Kya pls confirm this.

  19. Moumita says:

    Got the cashback yesterday

  20. Moumita says:

    Now the groupon deal is showing preorder, so i think its closed almost. But got the cashback (did it on 15th Jan).

  21. naga says:

    Finally received cash back after 5 days.

  22. Shruti says:

    I received cashback in 3 accounts fr purchasing coupons on 15th jan
    Msg dem in fb,they wl giv cashback instantly

  23. rahul says:

    I have got cashback of rs. 80 two times in my three accounts.
    Total 480 cashback.

  24. sanjiv says:

    today i recived rs 40*2=80 cash back on 2 coupons. paytm rocks

  25. Ankur says:

    Anyone received cash back for coupon purchased on 15 or 16 January?

  26. Amit Ranjan Gupta says:

    I got Rs 320 in 4 different a/c
    Thanx SMI & Paytm

  27. prince sharma says:

    i had also purchased rs9 deal from groupon but didn’t received cashback yet

  28. Sagar says:

    For all smi user… As I said I have purchased a deal of Rs. 9 from Groupon twice using Paytm.. I got cashback.. Same Paytm n Groupon id is not mandatory. Enjoy..

  29. Baibh says:

    Thanks Raj for pointing the hidden deal and shareing it. I purchased 2 deals from this trick. Hope they will give the cash back (I had already got 160 cash back from original deal). Let me elaborate this for everyone :-
    1) Initiate any deal at groupon. The lowest priced deal costs Rs.9. (Ex link :-
    2)On payment page choose last option (PayTM Exclusive – Rs.40 Cash Back)
    3)Pay from paytm wallet
    4)Wait and Pray for cash back.
    Note :- Follow other rules like same groupon and paytm account etc. Although cashback is limited twice per account, buy deals one at a time. Use the trick at your own risk. I had not recieved cash back yet using this trick as I bought deal a few hours ago so I can’t give guarantee for this trick.

  30. Sagar says:

    #raj I think so.. Did you get cb for k
    Other offer?? Recently I have purchased from Groupon. Let’s see what happens..

  31. venki says:

    On Groupon page, its showing deal closed

  32. Raj says:


    Lets the user know that this deal is still alive …

    there is a away from which user can get cashback…

    no need to wait for the same deal…

    Choose any deal …search for Rs 9/- deal on groupon and purchase it via paytm…than u’ll find there that cashback of Rs 40/- will be credited to your acocunt.

    Its valid on any deal over groupon…try and go to payment page and check

  33. suresh says:

    this deal is currently showing as ‘preorder’. does sombedy else got like this ??

  34. sanju says:

    got cashback successfully

  35. rohit says:

    will this deal come back..??

  36. sushil says:

    Maine bhi 10 accounts se 20 coupun purchase kiye the lekin ek mai bhi cash back nahi aaya

  37. amit says:

    got 560 rs..thanx smi and paytm

  38. Shashank says:

    got cb in 10 a/c. gr8 paytm & smi

  39. king says:

    just got Rs 80 CB. Paytm Roxxx

  40. SK says:

    i bought 2 coupon , but i can not understand that how to use ?? help please

  41. Sacheen says:

    Mein ullu bangaya mere 20 se jyada verified paytm account the but mere sadele faltu reliance 3G net ki wajh se aur groupon coupon purchase nai kar paya :( warna aaj 20×80 =1600 aajate the

  42. Sacheen says:

    Finally i just got 320 Rs in 4 account :P
    Facebook pe Paytm page ko inbox karo apna email id or number 1 hour me cashback mil jayega :)

  43. Nilesh says:

    Still i cannot got any cashback in my paytm account

  44. sonu says:

    kb deal de rhe ho.

  45. rahul says:

    Recieved 240 cashback in 3 accounts.
    Ab lag raha hai ki kaash 7-8 aur accounts se coupon kharide hote to 4-5 months tak free mein recharge hote.

  46. sai says:

    Amit all know that you are a big fat fool all the time showing your cunning and bluffing behaviour be a gentle not a mischive person you fool…

  47. Deepak says:

    Those who hadn’t received their cashback go to and on the last post comment with your order id and mention you hadn’t receive your cash back. They ll provide you immediately within next 2 mins. !! Yeah i got in 4 mins Thanx !!

  48. Arun says:

    Recd 80 Rs in paytm wallet…

  49. rahul says:

    I have complained about not recieving cashback on gmail and Facebook both.
    But even then also I haven’t recieved any cashback.
    These is very inconvenient from Paytm.
    Paytm sucks.

  50. amit says:

    i nave open new account every time and purchase more coupons so thats why it is possible and their was no required to veryfy account so i have got this cash back i m so happy your fool…ha.ha…

  51. sai says:

    hair friends don’t believe amit statements his words are lies he is a big fool and trying to fool others.amit don’t act over smart shut up and get lost from reviews community.

  52. Karthik says:

    I have complained PAYTM on sunday morning and by evening i got cash back

  53. amit says:

    i have purchased total coupons of 528 and i have got cash back of 42240rupees…wow….hooo…

  54. ashish says:

    On sat i complained to paytm fb page they said i vl get soon.then sat evening i got rs80 cb yday again i got 80rs…total 160? cb thanks smi.those who not got complain on fb page of paytm

  55. mohammad ashraf says:

    how use coupon

  56. raj says:

    coupan to buy kar liya use kha hoha

  57. G D AIRAN says:

    those who have purchased other than PAYTM WALLET
    ask Groupon to canceel
    i received refund from groupon in my 3 acounts

  58. surendra says:

    Got cashback of Rs.80

  59. Rahul Mishra says:

    They didn’t give any cash back. .

  60. prakash says:

    thnx paytm I got 80rupee caseback after after 84hour

  61. kartik says:

    I have purchased 2 coupon
    by debit card
    what to do next
    please help

  62. Aparichit says:

    got cash back in 3 accounts 40*3. Thanx Paytm and groupon

  63. Pintu says:

    Got the cashback Rs.80/- . Thanks PAYTM & SMI.

  64. Tanmay says:

    aaj sirf unko cashback mila hai jinhone 14th ko kiya tha…
    15th waloon ko pata nai kab milega par mil jayega. PAYTM NEVER CHEATS..
    PAYTM mein DER hai ANDHER nahi…

  65. sumit says:

    Got cashback 80 thanks smi love you paytm

  66. chandra says:

    Got the cashback. Thanks PAYTM & SMI.

  67. jyoti says:

    Got cash back

  68. Abhi says:

    @rajkamal to jis tranx k liye cashback nhi mila wo amount to refund karega na???

  69. amarluck says:

    Please complain and give them ultimatum to complain to govt of india in finance ministry.theywill pay you.i have sent 3 times and got.

  70. anil says:

    Valid until: 31.01.2015 what does that means …we have to it b4 this date???

  71. ROCK says:

    Fir deel chalo kab hoga

  72. Jitender says:

    Got the cashback. Thanks PAYTM & SMI.

  73. vennela says:

    I parchesed 10 I’d s 10*20=200 80*10=800 not received cash back waiting cash back lass 200 my husbend is craidme

  74. Rajkamal says:

    @ abhi No you will get just 2 cashbacks means 80 only!!!

  75. Arkpro001 says:

    @Partha. .Please can you tell me the proces.

  76. manny says:

    I have got the cashback again. ek baar pehle unko complain karne pe diya tha, and ab shayad automated wala bhi aa gaya. those, who had complained to Paytm, recheck your accounts

  77. narayana says:

    i got my cashback sending mail abt problem to paytm

  78. Prabhat says:

    Got cashback in 5 accounts…feeling happy

  79. Aadil says:

    @rahul write on paytm page ? what s that ? if anyone knows plz share

  80. aayush says:

    Got cb by dropping a mail

  81. sud says:

    got Rs. 40

  82. Abhi says:

    i have purchased 13 groupon coupons from one single paytm account. will they give 13*40=520 rs. cashback or not??

  83. Partha says:

    Got twice first fr posting in Twitter in 3 accounts…den agen few minutes back I think the automated one…60 pe 480 just like Rahul who commented here…But I think dey l take back the extra one not sure though..Nevertheless Paytm Rocks !!! :D

  84. Vijay says:

    As gaya saari ID me cashback…


    Enjoy…Paytm rock…

  85. Rahul says:

    I again got in my 3 accounts…I also got by writing on their page…i.e two times :D
    20 pe 160 in three accounts 60 pe 480

  86. Rajkamal says:

    No need to write anywhere. They are giving cashbacks of 14th jan purchase now and after that they will settle down the next days. I have got in 13 accounts without writing anywhere. Si sit back and relax. U will get it surely. :-)

  87. singh says:

    cashback received after sending email at with 5 minutes

  88. Deepak says:

    I got cashback… late but forgiven… :P

  89. suMit says:

    i got 80 rs, cash back after post my order details on paytm fb page.

    Fake#paytm likhna na bhoole…tabhi milega. :D

  90. Vivek says:

    i got it..
    Thanx smi…

  91. zeeshan says:

    They have started giving cash back now
    Just received on some of my accounts as per the date of order placed

  92. sri says:

    I receved cash back thanks semi 10minutes

  93. Bhaai says:

    got cashback in 2 accounts without any message just 10 minutes ago.
    They have started sending the cashback now.

  94. MUSTAFA says:

    send mail to paytm after some time wait cash back credit to your wallet

  95. riyas says:

    i got 40rs on my wallet thanks smi

  96. Akash says:

    I Got Cash back on paytm now I order 14 Jan

  97. Tanmay says:

    maze aa gaye …
    aap sab bhi fb ya twitter pe msg bhejo aur cashback lelo. They r giving cb in few hours after posts

  98. Bala says:

    I got my recharge today thnk u groupon and paytm

  99. shrvn says:

    guys just message to Paytm on facebook with your Paytm email id and mobile no with order id , you will get cash back in your wallet after that i have got in my account 80 for 2 coupons

  100. singh says:


  101. Myself akash says:

    Yipee… got 40×6 = 240 cashback in 3 a/c. 40 more to come.
    You need to contact them on fb or twitter to get cb.

  102. Mukesh Verma says:

    Totally Fraud Groupon.

    I purchased the coupon from groupon but didnot get any voucher code and after complaint they said we will refund your 10rs..

    Don’t purchase anything with Groupon.

  103. bhupi says:

    cheat offer, no cashback given even after 72 hours, paytm trying to work like mobikwik (chor)

  104. ahahaha says:

    ahahaha guys all trapped. only verified account will get cashback. they will do it manually… :D :D :P

  105. sunny says:

    Himanshu, Jan 18, 13:12:
    Hi there,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Please note that cash back was not credited due to some technical issues. It will be credited within 24 to 48 hours. In case it’s not credited, please get back to us at

    I hope this helps. Should you need any further assistance, let me know.

    Look forward to see you again at Paytm.

    Best wishes
    Team Paytm

  106. Avish says:

    At last Paytm starts cheating customers… very bad.

  107. Killer says:

    Offer closed or what… plz reply…

  108. sruuuu says:

    paytm custcare no call me or emai order id gt cash back

  109. Myself akash says:

    I have mailed paytm and look at their reply.

    Hi there,
    Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience
    you may have experienced in respect to groupon cashback.
    I’d like to inform you that groupon cash back will be credited
    into your Paytm cash wallet within next 72 working hrs after a
    post verification.
    Note: As per the groupon promotion T&C user can buy
    maximum of 2 vouchers only. Hence, User will be entitled for
    cashback benefit for maximum of only 2 vouchers.
    I appreciate your patience and understanding.
    Look forward to see you again at Paytm.

  110. manny says:

    those who have not got cashback, sent a tweet or msg to paytm on twitter.facebook. they are giving cashback within 10/15 mins after complaining. you may see here.

  111. Gags says:

    No credit recieved even after 72 hrs :(

  112. Abhinav says:

    Fb pe msg karo yaar

  113. KAMS says:

    it is 72 WORKING hours, so may be they will credit on tuesday…lol

  114. Santosh Kumar says:

    Maine sirf buy kiya hai but cash back back kaise aayega mujhe pata nahi kyuki paytm wallet coupon use kar raha hu. Kaam nahi kar raha hai. 72 hour upper ja raha hai cash back abhi tak nahi aaya. Please guide me.

  115. rock star says:

    paytm logo ko Chuna lagana suru kar diya h jara sambhal kar paise invest karo yaar nahi to sare kangal ho jayoge hny thanks

  116. Raj shekhar says:

    I purches 20 coupan but didn’t cashback in my paytm kindly send cb in my a/c.

  117. Chandra says:

    Hi all

    72 he’s over already still now I did not get the cash back

  118. srajan gautam says:

    cant login in groupon
    they have disabled ur account
    always showing wrongp/w and i asked to reset the p/w it said this mail is not at all registered with us…

  119. Nausuad says:

    Chill Guys, Don’t worry just now i got email from PayTM as”Hi there,

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in respect to groupon cashback.

    I’d like to inform you that groupon cash back will be credited into your Paytm cash wallet within next 72 working hrs after a post verification.

    Note: As per the groupon promotion T&C user can buy maximum of 2 vouchers only. Hence, User will be entitled for cashback benefit for maximum of only 2 vouchers.

    I appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Look forward to see you again at Paytm.

    Best wishes

  120. sri says:

    Tomorrow waiting cash back

  121. Rajkamal says:

    @Abhinav khn msg kr re ho bhai?? facebook pr ya phr mail krna h??

  122. SU says:

    Its not working any more at Groupon. I guess stock has been finished @ Groupon. Bad luck :(

  123. Santhsh says:

    My debit cards se payment parrots n chooses I’d paytm walletse payment Kara hamarko cash back Satyam nah I aatha Bill friends

  124. RJ says:

    Not got any cashback

  125. Abhinav says:

    Aur muje sai me mila av cb…log bkwas kr rae hnge pr muje av paytm ko msg krne k bd mila..Hey Abhinav, We have added the cash back in your Paytm wallet against order id. Have Fun!
    This was the rply of paytm…so msg karo guyz paytm ko turant…

  126. Abhinav says:

    I received 80 rs cashback in each of my 5 ids..just now…
    I msgd paytm about my ids n order num and they added the cashback instantly…
    Paytm rocks…

  127. Ajnabee says:

    Hi Guys,

    Maine Paytm mein phone karke puch liya ki aisa kyun hua ki cashback nahi aya. unn logo ne bola kuch technical problems hain. Woh thik honey ke baad sabko milega cashback. bindass raho guys

  128. Avish says:

    Its not fair that making us to wait for three days

  129. ROCK says:

    Yahapa kuch log hai jo apna apko bohat sayana samajta hai. I think kisiko avitak caskback nahi mila. So why the shit guies tell that they received cashback. Babaji ka thullu for those guies

  130. Sarabjeet says:

    72 hrs has been completed balance not transferred in Paytm wallet

  131. SAM says:

    paisa le kar baith gaye time par ab jo bola vo nahi de rehe mere 10 me se kisi par bhi cashback nahi mila jo bol raha hai vo time pass kar rehe hai

  132. shashi says:

    lag raha hai paytm v mobikwik ki tarah chuna lagana chalu kar diya bad

  133. Rahul says:

    Bhai logo ye coupon apply karte time invlid aa rha h. kaise kam me lena h groupon code ko

  134. mona says:

    guys paytm hmare rs lekr bhag gya lgta h, paytm ki site open hi nhi ho rhi h

  135. Ramandeep says:

    In my circle, no one has recd cash back so far. Dnt worry. Wait

  136. Debasish says:

    Mera 400 chala gaya.14 ko coupon liya tha ab tak kuch nehi mila

  137. raju says:

    mere Rs. 5000 hazar ka chuna laga diya paytm ne bhai

  138. harish rajsthan says:

    Kangal ho gay h an paytm cb nhi dega

  139. sunny says:

    I have received rs 80 fist day. Another account not receive after 72hr

  140. Ajnabee says:

    Maine toh 15th jan pe eve mein coupon purchase kia tha. mujhe bhi ab tak nahi mila

  141. PANKAJ says:

    ya abhi tak nahi mila
    Customer care bhi phone nahi utha rahe
    mail bhi sent kiya refund ke liye
    par karenge ya nahi
    maloom nahi
    shyad holi manane ke liye paisa ekahta kar rahe ho

  142. cheenu says:

    hi friends

    plz confirm agar kisiko cashback mila hai toh. agar mila hai toh exact kitne time baad mila hai. plz dont lie. everybody is waiting for dis…

  143. Anburaj says:

    Not yet received Cashback… txn done on 15-1-2015

  144. aayush says:

    Got the cashback in 34 acc still left in 3 acc

  145. aayush says:

    Not got till now.please paytm give fast

  146. Neeraj says:

    ye rahul sabko misguide kyo kar rahe ho.abi tak kisi bhi account me paise transfer nahi hue hai.

  147. karma says:

    miane to use hi incognito window mein kiya tha mujhe bhi ni mila cashback.

  148. Rahul says:

    I got 80rs cashback in my all 10 accounts.. Cookies clear kare bina jinhone multiple account se order kiya hai unko shayad problem aa rahi hai..

  149. shekhar says:

    cash back not received till now
    72 hours has ended

  150. Run says:


  151. Parthsarathi says:


  152. Myself akash says:

    hey guys… pls dont listen to others. No one has got cashback yet. I have msgd paytm on fb and they said that it will paid by today night. So wait few more hours.

  153. sunny says:

    72 hr ke bad babaji ka thula mila :(

  154. ramleela says:

    Kuch log ko achhe cashback mile hai..wait guys they r doing their work

  155. chetan says:

    Yar kuch to karo is cashback se regarsing..i buyed 21 coupons..stll i havnt got any cashback…where should we can complain regrding this


    Cashback not received yet while I bought when it comes

  157. Sacheen says:

    Cashback not recived today 3rd day (72hr) :( mere 4 account me se 1 bhi a/c kuch bhi nahi aaya..mail bhi kiya tha fir bhi

  158. Parthsarathi says:

    Hi group on plz Ye Deal Ek din ke liye lao plz. mein miss kargeya

  159. sud says:

    cashback nahi mila.

  160. rahul says:

    got cb after complaining on fb.

  161. SAM says:


  162. Killer says:

    no cash back till now… wating nd el I get..
    plz reply admin…

  163. shekhar says:

    purchase 100 coupons from 50 diff IDs
    now waiting for cashback

  164. vivek says:

    Why deal is closed

  165. kartik says:

    What if we pay by card
    How to redeem voucher
    please help

  166. Avish says:

    48 hrs crossed, still cash back not received.

  167. shubh says:

    Waiting for cashback…

  168. sushil says:

    Bhai ye deal to 31 January tak thi phir ye closed kaise ho gai?

  169. Sri says:

    Deal closed tomaro cash back receive exsactly pls offer in 1day thanks group on

  170. Shamikh says:

    Friends deal closed.

  171. avi says:

    Deal closed???

  172. Subhajit says:

    deal end

  173. Kartik says:

    Brought 2 coupons but paytm showing Please enter valid promotion code.

  174. Tanmay says:

    its over

  175. Vijay says:

    Now deal closed…!!!


  176. zeeshan says:

    bought from 40 diif ids on 14 but didnt got casback on any
    but m sure that I will get cashback

  177. Aaaa says:

    Unable to buy deal right now. similar problem ?

  178. Debasish says:

    Still don’t get the cash back.Purchase on 14

  179. Tanmay says:

    u too please provide details…

  180. Tanmay says:

    Please give us details. If u used the same email id for both or same number…

  181. Anonymous says:

    be sure, all of you will get cash back within 72 hrs.Just wait i am also still waiting for cash back

  182. vinay says:

    yeyyy purchased 30 coupons ,received cash-back of 22 coupons till now(46 hours)…22*40=880

  183. Rahul says:

    Just now i got 80rs cashback in my 10 account..

  184. sumit says:

    in paytm wallet its showing 2 enteries , One is +20 Rs and one is -20 Rs, Wat does it mean

    Paid for Order

    CCAvenue Order #CCACA2ABP998 Paytm Cash Txn ID 0252632D60170FD5
    -Rs 20
    2015-01-14 15:06:40
    Added to Account

    Paytm Cash Txn ID 77DF345930875E94 Bank Txn ID: 0707456983
    +Rs 20

  185. SUVRo says:


  186. avi says:

    Those who have got, can you please tell exactly after how much time you received cashback

  187. manish says:

    Still wait for caseback…paytm

  188. GauravGM says:

    Upon purchase u will get the code from groupon. But the same is nt required for availing cashback. Infact, cashback will b automatically credited.

  189. bharat says:

    Guys how to select payment gate way paytm option its showing only debit card option please tell me any one how to sselet paytm wallet option

  190. pia says:

    I got a groupon code… but how to use it I dint understand plz talk me

  191. ashish says:

    Paytm se cashback 2hours mein milta hai but this time very late..i doubt v vl get.groupon ke customer care ko phone karna padega

  192. sanky says:

    I got cashback of rs 40 within 4-5 hrs after purchasing the deal…

  193. Vishvendra says:

    did not get any cashback untill now.

  194. Parthsarathi says:

    Abhi 48 Hours Hua Hey
    Itni Utahble Kyun hote ho.
    After Passed 48 hour Then talking

  195. Ramandeep says:

    Cashback abhi kisi ka nahin aaya hoga. Today eve or tomorrow mor probably.

  196. Unknown says:

    abhi 72 nai hue sirf 47 yrs hue hain…

  197. ashish says:

    More than 72 hours but still did not got paytm cashback now wat to plz help

  198. ankit says:

    Help me koi poorer step bato kaise use hoga

  199. RV ;] says:

    Code is not showing in PDF

  200. krish says:

    I had purchased 10 rs. X 2 = 20 RS. what is the next step?

  201. balaji says:

    as per description, cahback would come in account automatically. so, we need not to redeem the voucher we received in groupon. also, people who is seeing issue during purchase — have to try purchasing after 2 to 3 hrs.

  202. veeranji says:

    Sir I got receipt for payment.
    How can I get 40 ?
    Any process is there or it will automatically
    Credited to my wallet
    Tell me plz

  203. suraj says:

    How to Redeem
    Customer clicks on Buy Button
    Customer is directed to the payment gateway where he/she needs to purchase using the Paytm wallet option
    Cashback of Rs. 40 will reflect in the customer’s Paytm wallet within 72 hours

  204. sumit says:

    ye yaar voucher code mil gya credit card transaction se pr use to nhi hota

  205. Anonymous says:

    hello friends, where i have to use coupon code ,plzz tell me

  206. venkat says:

    I was purchased through ,I received coupons also,when I am applying the coupon in paytm website it is showing. Please enter a valid Promotional or Voucher Code`any one use the coupon. ??

  207. Abhinav says:

    @ankit how do u maintain so many accounts…plzzz tell me also

  208. G D AIRAN says:

    Ankit why are you lying OF RECEIVING CASH BACK OF 4000/-

    give a snapshot of your cash backj received from PAYTM

  209. sri says:

    Grouping and paytm is India’s no business company s so offer is true pls use deal and not publeshed fulish Ness thanks paytm n group on I waiting cash back

  210. Ankit says:

    Yipee got

    100*40=4000 CB

    yeah ab 6 months tak recharge ki chutti

    Thanks SMI :)

  211. suresh says:

    i just sign up at groupon and select this offer. but it is showing “sorry u cannot buy this deal”.
    also this deal is on.

  212. tanishq says:

    @vishal how can use grupon voucher in paytm account plz say

  213. deepak says:

    once again I think paytm will not give any offer because of this fraud activities enjoy coupon now itself…

  214. zabee says:

    Got a voucher from Groupon. But did not receive the amount in paytm account. Purchased using Paytm wallet, can some1 clarify on this

  215. ankit says:

    yaar coupon purchase katne k baad ek mail aa gayi..
    or usko open karne k baad ek pdf file download ho gayi..
    ab samj nahi aa raha ki cash back kesr hoga..?

  216. Aakash says: groupon voucher…but where to apply this code…??

  217. nayan says:

    Can we paytm wallet money or pay thru net banking?

  218. Anamika says:

    How many times we can purchase from same paytm wallet ?? 1 or 2..

  219. Dharmin Shah says:

    still waiting

  220. Abhinav says:

    @Ravi how did u buy from 70 paytm accounts…plzzzz tell

  221. Manu says:

    @ Raju… Plz tell me the procedure to apply the coupons…

  222. ravi says:

    @Anonymous different account. I have more than 500 acc.

  223. aayush says:

    @pintu u got the cb

  224. Anonymous says:

    @ Ravi did u use 35 diff paytm accounts or one account

  225. ravi says:

    I got 70*40 = 2800 guys u check your paytm account.

  226. pintu says:

    Got the cashback in 2 accounts thanks

  227. raju says:

    finally got the cashback in 30 accounts(out of which 7 were non verified)
    now waiting for the cashback in 29 more accounts(all non-verified)

    u need to use the groupon voucher in ur paytm account ot get the cashback guys

    + buy as many as you can
    vouchers are 1 lac in no. ; 96 k already claimed (grab as many as you can)

    Happy looting!!!

  228. aditya kumar mishra says: back 2 times @40

  229. mohan says:

    maja agata got 40+40+40 in three paytm account.

  230. Rajkamal says:

    Is there any minimum amount limit required to be in the wallet for this offer?

  231. Deepak says:

    anyone received cashback from Paytm till now?

  232. Rahul says:

    can we use paytm wallet case to purchase voucher?

  233. karthic says:

    Guys any body got 40/- in your account.
    The procedure is true.
    Groupon>paytmwallet>debited money from my paytm wallet>receieved voucher.
    Then what I want to do.

  234. Harsh says:

    i purchased 2 but not able to get the coupo code . i received the voucher but cnt find coupon code

  235. srajan gautam says:

    After the purchase Whether we send to verify the mobile no or not???
    As its mentioned der click here to verify ur mobile no

  236. Sacheen says:

    Ashish & abhinav@ itna jaldi cb kaise aayega ? 72 hours (3days) wait karo..shabrra ka fruit sweet hota hain :P

  237. Sacheen says:

    8 coupon buy :D
    4 paytm & groupon id x 2 coupon

    Now waiting for cashback

    3day wait karna pata chalega cb milega ya babaji ka thullu :P

  238. Abhinav says:

    Aisa kch nai h…agar aisa hota to paytm kbke per device ka limit laga chuka hoga..use v ache se pta h ki ek debit/credit card se log 5-10 id maintain krte h…par paytm aisa limitation ni lgata…aur kyo lgaega uska business isi karn flourish kr rha h…not lyk the rubbish mobikwik n freecharge…

  239. Parthsarathi says:

    Abe Upbah mat Phelao .
    Kyun logo ko dara rahe ho.

    Groupon ne Paytm wallet systems start kiya hey air testing me liye Kash back offers diya hey.

    Jisko naa lena ho WO naa le Apbah naa phelaye.

  240. Harsh says:

    FROUD of paytm and Groupon…registered with two id on groupon…on first ordered two coupons it was showing that u cant purchase this deal…on second it was showing that option only to buy 1 coupon…and on payment it was showing u cant buy this deal…

  241. Vishal says:

    A trap has been put on by PayTM and Groupon to make up for losses that previous deal of Rs.9 for 50 cashback made to them. Now they will get to know all about you and will ban the wallets in bulk. :P Lalach do aur fasayo policy. I am not buying a single coupon for this deal. It’s a pure trap.

  242. atul says:

    Don`t buy much coupons from a device , the are tracking your ip address , your name , address , phone number etc ,
    Multiple accounts belonging to same person may not get cashback

  243. ashish says:

    me not yet recieved anyone recieved cashback?

  244. Abhinav says:

    Has anyone received the cashback yet???

  245. Avish says:

    Guys , use desktop site to pay via Paytm wallet.

    I purchased 2 coupons. But don’t know how to redeem. When I applied the coupon code on paytm , it says “Please enter valid promo code”. What should I do?

  246. KIRAN says:

    how to get 40 ?
    1. click buy now and then select paytm wallet (cashback 40…)option in payment .and you will tow option after that card and wallet
    2. select wallet and choose paytm.
    3. it will directly go to paytm wallet site.
    4. make payment
    5. and in paytm wallet of your a/c shows RS10 added but your wallet doesn’t show 10.
    6. after 3 days, the amount will be credited.

    Firstly I done through ordinary debit card option in groupon and i lost my amount of 10 :(
    so friends make payment what i said above.

  247. mahi kumari says:

    groupon account and paytm account same hona chahiye tabhi purchases karo warna paisa barbad ho jayega. kyoki ek paytm wallet se 2 hi coupon kharid sakte ho or dono ka id ek hona chahiye. jo jo mistake kiya baba ka ghantha pakdo

  248. mahi kumari says:

    don’t purchases any coupon android mobile only purchases laptop n desktop through payment paytm wallet only not payment debit/credit card or net banking. jo jo debit/credit card or net banking and android mobile se coupon kharid rahe ho uska sara paisa barbad ho jayega. paytm sab ko baba ko ghanta pakda diya…

  249. Deepak says:

    1. Only 2 coupons u should buy otherwise you ll in loss.
    2. No coupon code will be provided only cashback will be added to paytm within 72 hours.
    3. Payment to be made by paytm wallet only otherwise money will be automatically refunded to your bank a/c.
    4. No loss if you ll do the same and no fraud please !

  250. r says:

    are kyo pagal ho rahe ho
    coupon buy kar bs paytm wallet se max. 2 coupon per user
    1 coupon buy karoge to 40 ka cashback milega yani two order place karne hai or 40+40=80 ka cashback. 72 hrs me coupon kahi apply nhi karne. sb automatic cashback aa jayega bs payment karo is wallet se>>>PayTM Exclusive – Rs.40 Cash Back) > Paytm Wallet.

  251. raja says:

    @lali tohra, if you don’t know anything, don’t talk crap. Ulta sidha tum bol rahe ho.

  252. aj says:

    bought 6 coupons…
    lets see after 72 hours…

  253. Anonymous says:

    no coupon r working…6 coupon code…all not working…showing invalid coupon

  254. Anonymous says:

    Kharid lo 1000 coupons.but you’ll only able to use two coupon per mobile number.Paytm sare farzi logon ki is baari kas k legaaa.

  255. Raj says:

    Plz suggest me.. what should I do?

  256. Abhi says:

    i ordered by debit card. git a code how to use it now

  257. Raj says:

    Maine bank transactions kiye or 2 coupan khride.. pr baad me maine dekha,wallet se khridna tha. Now what should I do??

  258. jyoti says:

    Can anyone tell how to pay rs 10 by using paytm wallet

  259. parag says:

    You can buy this offer using mobile.
    open groupon desktop site from mobile browser.
    It is working 100%.

  260. sushil says:

    I have no laptop or desktop then how can buy coupen using wallet with mobile.

  261. Abhinav says:

    I bought 10 coupons from 5 diff ids…now waiting for cashback…
    As told by paytm…cashback will be added automatically…no need to apply coupons…

  262. Farhan says:

    bhai jise kuch bhi smjh nahi araha hai wo plz mera post padhlo maine isime kuch ghante pehle ek post likha tha..aur agar wo bhi padhkr kuch doubt ho (@ab) ab isse zyada kuch nahi karskta mai.

  263. Anonymous says:

    GUYS this offer can be grabbed only in laptop or desktop(no mobile site)

  264. sushil says:

    Mujhe to much samajh nahi a raha hair.PayTM wallet she coupen Kaiser kharidte hai

  265. shrvn says:

    how to use voucher code

  266. ab says:

    When i am trying buy dis offer it only shows debit or credit card option. Then how may i buy dis from my paytm wallet??? Pls help me @ Farhan

  267. Run says:

    sab kuch 72 hour main clear hoga. take a break..then after earn huge…

  268. rahul says:

    PayPayment method of paypaytm is not showing

  269. Nitin says:

    Got the cashback …chekc your account.

  270. sandeep matwa says:

    Mujhe voucher codes received hue h inka use kaise hoga

  271. srinu says:

    i have bought 2 coupons but how to redem it any
    procedure to get balance or automatically add the balance please help me…

  272. Varun says:

    i did buying from groupon but it takes me to paytm wallet via ccavenue and after paytm transaction it redirected to ccavenue and it stopped automatically i tried refreshing it say i didnt bought it in groupon while when intry again its aint letting me any other solution?

  273. Tanmay says:

    @sandeep matwa

    is it necessary>???
    n wht abt others??

  274. vishnu says:

    Thanks @faran….Actually i have one for both paytm and groupon also. Thats why i was worried, but now i got the point. Thanks once again…:)

  275. KaranKD says:

    youll get the cash back in wallet, no code required, just purchase coupon using wallet, simple!

  276. sandeep matwa says:

    friends groupon or paytm ki mail id same honi chahiye

  277. Aisha raizul says:

    Kya koi bta Sakta h ki paytm ki site se recharge krke Cashback milega key.???!!! .

  278. suraj says:

    @shrvn ,then check for mail confirmation

  279. prachi says:

    How to buy coupon through paytm wallet .. Mere mai option ni aa raha .. Bs visa card ka aa raha hai

  280. Rox says:

    Thank u farhan cleared my doubts

  281. mona says:

    guys account varified hona compulsary h kya? mera email id verified h but mobile no nhi..
    pls help

  282. Farhan says:

    @Vishnu–you will get your Rs 40 cashback in your Paytm wallet within 72 hours on your Paytm ID not on your Groupon simple..the deal clearly says you will get 40rs cashback in your Paytm Wallet.

  283. Anonymous says:

    FarHan.. GREAT!!

  284. vishnu says:

    @faran.. my groupon id was and paytm id was So where will i get rs 40 as cash back @abc or @xyz??

  285. shrvn says:

    In Groupon account history its not showing purchased coupon

  286. KILLER says:

    @ Sacheen, dude just make a new id on groupon don’t need to make a new one on paytm but only two per paytm account.

  287. Farhan says:

    Guys dont worry at all

    I too have the same problems & doubts which u r saying here like is it compulsory to use the same email id of paytm (while making payment of Rs 10 or 20) which is on groupon..answer is its not compulsory..2nd doubt which most of u have is how to redeem it..u dnt hv to do anythng..just pay rs 10 (or rs 20 if u have bought 2 coupons) through paytm wallet..thats the main condition..dnt pay through any other options..only through paytm wallet..and after paying u wil get an email from groupon like this–

    Thanks for your order Farhan,
    Your Groupon for the deal Pay Rs.10 and get Rs.40 Cashback in your Paytm Wallet is now available to view and download in your Groupon account. To redeem your Groupon, please follow the instructions in the fine print.
    View Voucher
    Order summary:
    Pay Rs.10 and get Rs.40 Cashback in your Paytm Wallet
    Payment made by Net Banking
    Thank you for shopping with us,
    The Groupon Team

    just see whether this mail came or not..and dont try to understnd whats written in the mail..if this email came to ur acnt then it means u will surely get Rs 40/Rs 80 for buying 2 coupons in your paytm waller within 72 hours..u dont have to redeem the code written on the deal voucher u got in the email..its of no use..Some are saying that in the voucher u got its written – “This is how it works
    Copy voucher code
    Enter code into the voucher field on
    the merchant’s website”

    Dont confuse from this thing as i called the groupon customer care toll free no- 18001083000 just now and asked the same that why its written in the voucher to copy the code and blah they told that plz dnt wry..u dnt hv to do anythng after buying the deal..we cant change some lines for one deal..its by default written n every deal..thats y its written just sit back and relax..and wait for 72 hours..cashback in ur paytm wallet will come automatically :)

    I hope evry1s query is now slvd..and ya those who have mistakenly not paid through paytm wallet for that plz directly call on toll free number 18001083000 of Groupon customer care..they will surely help u to resolve your issue.

    For my conversation on phone with Groupon Cstmr care i also received this email-

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for calling us and hope we have provided all the information necessary.

    Pay Rs. 10 using PayTM wallet, and get Rs. 40 back in your PayTM Wallet
    Cashback of Rs. 40 will reflect in the customer’s Paytm wallet within 72 hours

    Please feel free to call us between 8:00am-11:00pm on 1800-108-3000(Toll free) or write into us and we would be glad to assist you further if need be.

    Thanks for using Groupon.


    Your Groupon customer care

  288. manny says:

    Those who could not buy it in first attempt due to payment failure and then groupon was not allowing to buy, may try after 3 4 hours. I have bought it after 4 hours. So just retry after 4 hours. and remember to make your payment by paytm only. Also, it will be best if you add 20 Rs to your paytm wallet. Chances of failure will be reduced then.

  289. Ashish says:

    Can any friend tell is this offer applicable for recharge.

  290. Dpk says:

    kisi ko milne se bolna..

  291. KILLER says:

    @Vab usually it will be automatically cancelled and amount will be refunded but if you don’t see mail regarding cancellation in two days, just drop a mail to groupon. but from experience it will be automatic as only paytm wallet needs to be the payment mode. ad be assured just read this they have clearly mentioned they will refund it. just read this phrase from general fine print itself.
    Deals bought by paying through payment mechanisms other than paytm wallet will not be valid and the amount will be refunded by Groupon to the user

  292. sanjay says:

    kise ko mila kuck cashback abhi tak

  293. Sacheen says:

    Defualt browser me desktop select karo than groupon pe jao tab paytm se payment hoga
    Mera to net hang hua payment k time ab nahi le paunga :(

  294. vab says:

    @KILLER aapne aap ho jayegne ya mail karni padegi

  295. DEEPAK says:


  296. A says:

    Are you sure that the cashback will be credited automatically? .As the coupon is showing—
    —-This is how it works
    1.Copy voucher code
    2.Enter code into the voucher field on the merchant’s website
    3.Redeem and enjoy
    Please tell..Thanks

  297. yash says:

    how to redeem the groupon voucher? pls help…

  298. KILLER says:

    @vab yup it will be srely refunded but they are bit slow. it might take 2-3 days to initiate a refund but they will do that’s for sure.

  299. kanna says:

    In smart phone open groupon link in desktop mode then u ppl ll see paytm or wallet ccavenue click on wallet again

  300. vab says:

    i buy 4 coupon with credit card it will refund or not…anyone tell please

  301. vijay says:

    no option of payment through paytm wallet
    got the code now what to do

  302. aayush says:

    Wallet option is not shown on smartphone

  303. raja says:

    Hey, please reply me. I get mail from Groupon, get two voucher code. Now, what I have to do. Tell me

  304. kiran says:

    Paytm is cheated me i purchased coupons but codes not applicabled

  305. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Steps to Claim:

    1. Buy 1 x Coupon from Groupon with your ID:
    2. Make payment from your Paytm Wallet under ID:
    3. A max of 2 coupons can be bought from an ID.
    4. Cashback of Rs. 40 per coupon (80 in case you bought) in form of Paytm Cashback will be credited in 72 hours.

    It’s that simple, not complex at all. Complex is Mobikwik deal published this morning.

  306. ANKUSH says:

    Hi all
    yaar jab payment page pe aate hain to credit card ke neeche wallet likh kar aata hai
    uspe click karo apna paytm account login karo aur coupon purchase karo

    kuchh bato ka dhian rahe
    1. aapke paytm wallet mein 20 rs se zyada balance hona chahiye
    2. agar dobara se purchase karna hai to different groupon id & different paytm id hona chahiye
    3. agar ek baar error aa gya kisi bhi karan to different groupon id se try karo

  307. kk says:

    how to redeem ?? i have 2 voucher codes from 2 groupon account

  308. GANESH says:

    Thanks SMi, I bought this 2 deal groupon and paytm account, Lets wait and check after 72 hours payment credit to paytm wallet.

  309. Tanmay says:

    @gags it will take some time to refund and also now you cannot do the same with that id of yours try makin a new id

  310. Avish says:

    Where is paytm wallet payment option?

  311. samarth says:

    How to redeem??

  312. Gags says:

    I bought the vouchers through my a//c credit by mistake instead of paytmwallet and now i’m not able to buy the deal again from same a/c…also the balance deducted not refunded by groupon.

  313. Tanmay says:

    don’t worry your money will be refunded… to your account

  314. Azhar says:

    Payment via paytm wallet is not available anywhere..
    pls someone tell me what to do

  315. Shamikh says:

    purchased 17 from 17 unique account lets see after 72 hour.

  316. naresh says:

    ek paytm wallet se kitni war kar sakte hai

  317. AB says:

    Getting message

    Sorry, you cannot buy this deal. Have a look at some other deals here!

  318. viru says:

    dekho bhai
    payment sirf paytm wallet se hi karni thi
    kisi or se nahi
    paytem ka option sirf jab full site khulti hai jab aata hai (laptop or pc)

    The deal will only be valid if the transaction on the payment page of Groupon is done using the paytm wallet
    Deals bought by paying through payment mechanisms other than paytm wllet will not be valid and the amount will be refunded by Groupon to the user

  319. Surya says:

    Can any one buy two coupons from Groupon? They are not allowing to buy second one.

  320. ashok says:

    bhai logo ye cashback apko payment karte samay paytm se 10 rs pay karne hai, kisi aur se kar diyo to milage,,, babaji ka thilu

  321. satyavani says:

    How to redeem this coupon?

  322. ImmI says:

    pooja ji kuch redeem nahi karna…pay 2 coupon’s Rs.20 from paytm wallet (select last option)…and automatic cashback will be added in ur paytm account…

  323. pooja says:

    arun g kaise use hoge coupn plz tell me

  324. ram says:

    person paid via debit card or credit card is fully wastage of time and Groupon customer care and talk about it.

  325. warriorhero says:

    Only card payment option is there

  326. sd says:

    Deals bought by paying
    through payment
    mechanisms other than
    paytm wllet will not be valid
    and the amount will be
    refunded by Groupon to the

  327. pooja says:

    How To redeme it this coupan frnds

  328. Anonymous says:

    Friends, Am getting this error if i select. “Sorry, you cannot buy this deal. Have a look at some other deals here!” plSSSSSSS help me

  329. ImmI says:

    u buy and pay money from paytm wallet

  330. sanjay says:

    Shit purchased 20 coupons without following smi instructions. paid via visa card :( would i get cashback???

  331. arun says:

    sab ke sab pagal hai yaha kya? Yeh deal paytm wallet ka use karke buy karni hai. groupon ke page pe 5 payment oiption aatey hai jisme se last wala PayTM Wallet ka hai. Jisne direct card ya netbanking se payment ki hai woh toh bhul jayo. unke paise waste ho gaye.

  332. Tanmay says:

    Pay using paytm wallet only and they will automatically add cashback with 72 hours…

  333. Trolled says:

    For those who has bought it through debit card seems to be trolled

  334. ram says:

    Nothing you have to do, simply we have to buy voucher by paytm wallet .after 72 hrs u will get cash back amount.

  335. vab says:

    fudu bana diya sab ko neeee

  336. WhiteOut says:

    How to redeem it?

  337. vishnu says:

    I think it will automatically credit to the paytm wallet used for transaction

  338. abhinav says:

    How to redeem the coupon ?

  339. karan says:

    Hi… i cannot see the paytm wallet as payment option.
    It’s giving the option only for payment through cards

  340. har says:

    but how it can be automatically credited…they haven’t asked for our paytm details

  341. Pavi says:

    Can we buy it by using debit card.? No paytm wallet option fr buying.?

  342. bhupi says:

    got 2 in each 4 accounts lets see when we get cashback :)

  343. karthikeyan says:

    I guess, this cannot be redeemed unless u buy the voucher in groupon through paytm wallet. Agree?

  344. Tushar says:

    Please select Paytm as payment option. Do not use directly debit card or netbanking. And autometically other payment option selected so select only paytm wallet. Otherwise you will not get cashback

  345. Joginder says:

    It will redeemed automatically to your paytm wallet in 72 hours.

  346. chaitanya says:

    you dont have to do anything you will get cashback automatically

  347. har says:

    i received the voucher mail but where is the voucher code. which code to enter?

  348. suraj says:

    How to Redeem

    Customer clicks on Buy Button
    Customer is directed to the payment gateway where he/she needs to purchase using the Paytm wallet option
    Cashback of Rs. 40 will reflect in the customer’s Paytm wallet within 72 hours

  349. Anup says:

    Does anybody know how to redeem?

  350. sanjay says:

    how to redeem? should we have to enter the code on paytm wallet promotion redeem section?
    and which code we have to enter? security code, Verification code or REF?

  351. Anish Raj says:

    what to do to get cashback…

  352. ano says:

    anyone know about process of redmee…???

    got 2 copupon but , don know how to redmee?

  353. Anonymous says:

    How to redeem??

  354. Navjot Saini says:

    My debit card’s expiry year is 2034. But groupon is showing upto 2030 :(

  355. Rajat says:

    How to redeem??

  356. Kaka says:

    Need verified acs or not?

  357. sharad says:

    got two :-)

  358. Blackout says:

    Valid until: 31.01.2015

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