RuPiZo Wallet Free Rs. 100

rupizo• RuPiZo Wallet (by DBS digibank) is offering Free Rs. 100 on Sign Up. Rs. 100 will be credited in your account within 5 Days.
• You can use the RuPiZo Wallet to Shop with your RuPiZo VISA virtual debit card at over 100000 online stores, Easily recharge your mobile phone and pay all your bills.
• Not valid post 26/10/2016.

Download: RuPiZo Wallet Android App

25 Responses to “RuPiZo Wallet Free Rs. 100”

  1. Krishna reddy says:

    Installed on or before 26oct only wil get 100rs…

  2. sbm says:

    10 days now, signed up on 22nd oct, did 2 transactions, still no sign of 100 rs. finally closed my account, absolute fraud

  3. azmi says:

    installed this on friday,now four days over still i had not received any amount.please help friends hoe to collect it

  4. Sanju says:

    Exp DT.kya hh bai

  5. mahinder kashyap says:

    kisi ko Rs.100 mila…

  6. Ragu says:

    Got the amount after 4 days. Most of the time app is not working. Keep trying for sign-up

  7. rohit says:

    App wasn’t working properly; Couldn’t sign up.

  8. sbm says:

    @kiran, wht transaction will fetch rs 100, wat transaction did u do? add money or recharge? smi doesnt mention any such thing

  9. Krishna reddy says:

    I had transferred 100to my savings account which I got from rupizo!!!

  10. Akram says:

    Are rahne de kyun kisi ko koi bata raha, Jo jitna janta h utna kare urna ye rupizi wale pasa dena band kar denge..

  11. kiran says:

    it has normal t&c Just like any other wallet at a monthly limit of 10000

    we can transact any amount between 1 to 10000 rs according to you wish

    daily bank transfer limit 2000/-

    daily purchase limit 10000/-

  12. anix says:

    Hi kiran , what is tge terms AND conditions.
    What is tge minimum transaction amount

  13. kiran says:

    make a transaction then it will be credited

  14. SBM says:

    still waiting fr 100, its been 5 days…

  15. kiran says:

    i got a 100 in app

    just taked them out using ATM

  16. aftab says:

    I also got 100

  17. vinay says:

    can we use this money for recharge and bill payment

  18. omm says:

    Got 100

  19. Sam says:

    I also got 100 after 5th day

  20. Harsimran says:

    Got 100 rs. Thanks smi.

  21. B A Swamy says:

    I was signed before 5days. But till now i didn’t 100rs. I think it’s fake offer

  22. MahaBhooteshwar says:

    i have signed but no 100 after 3 days

  23. Samarth says:

    Time waste don’t try it won’t work.

  24. rakesh says:

    fake totaly fake, make owl for just downloading their app, not able to signup, but sign in working perfectly, totaly fraud, smi plz delte this fake post

  25. Laila says:

    not able to signup!

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