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samsung-galaxy-pocket-neoFlipKart has discounted Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo to Rs. 4399. Features Android Jelly Bean, 3G and Wi-Fi Connectivity, 512MB RAM + 4GB Internal Memory & Enhanced Dual SIM Experience.

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  1. Ruchir says:

    @Ankit-I mention all things I know from A2Z.Memory is not that good but I am sure I wasn’t quoting Snapdeal and the issue still is manufacturer plays bluff and EVERYBODY knows that.For ex. all say 4 GB in ICS and varying actual mem,Xolo ICS mine is 500 Mb usable and 2 Gb for storage.2.5Gb but MAIN is int. and here 500 and Xolo will never say that.Samsung may have more Mb maybe etc.
    As far as ICS is concerned,99% min is 4Gb total,so mem is expected.I am not sure the heading was for this phone then.
    In any case besides minor points,this phone at such price is practically free and hard to ignore VFM of the month.

  2. Ankit says:


    I think you have wrong concept about this phone.Or do i say snapdeal website content managers have poor knowledge.They fail to post proper details as they are always in a hurry

    Anyway it has internal memory.And its 4GB.So aroung 1GB+ should be avaialble as internal user space.
    And do check proper specs here

    And compose a mail to snapdeal to update the specs on their page :D

  3. Ruchir says:

    Internal NA
    Expandable Memory 32 GB
    To fool.How can internal storage mention is not available or applicable.Even if it is 2 Mb as mentioned with antique Nokia phones like 2626,2610 etc
    Prima facie manufacturer does to avoid repulsion rather than portal who copies these specs from box,tech blog,manufacturer site etc.

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