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samsung-galaxy-s-duosShopClues has Samsung Galaxy S Duos for Rs. 8238 and on order completion you will earn Clues Bucks worth Rs. 165. Features Dual SIM Always On, Exciting Entertainment with 4″ Large Display, Optimized Android ICS & Exciting Chat On.

Coupon: SC1SD94

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45 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S Duos + Rs. 165 Cashback Rs. 8238 – ShopClues”

  1. ankit jain says:

    the cost is mis printed. its 9238 and not 8238…. its availaibel in local market in the same price. Shop clues does’nt have have a customer care also so if the product is damaged u willl not b able to do any thing and ur hard earned money will go in vain so be ware before u buy it online !!

  2. sunilk says:

    Subtotal :
    (-)Order Discount :
    Price after Discount :
    Shipping Cost :
    Total :
    On Order Completion, You Will Earn Clues Bucks: 185
    Congratulations! Discount/Promotion Successfully Applied

    Special Deal Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562


  3. sunilk says:

    price increased

    its 9238

    please correct smi

  4. RK says:


  5. Rajeev says:

    Gift coupon can not be redeemed because it has already been used before. Please try another coupon code

  6. Rajeev says:

    It’s saying coupon is already used plz try another coupon….plz provide me another coupon code

  7. Anil Garg says:

    Apply coupon “MOBDEALS” on Payment page

  8. yash gupta says:

    How to get in 8447..pls tell

  9. rajinder pal singh says:

    in ebay its not 8593

    really in ebay its price 9148 after using 7.5 per coupon

  10. Anonymous says:

    SMI please explain how to get it in 8593????

  11. Vineet says:

    Fake deal… list price 9890.. after max discount it’s 9148.25

  12. saurabh kumar says:

    Its not Rs.10198, using code u will get it at Rs.11198, whereas one can get it @10551 at using code MOBDEALS

  13. Sachin says:

    Shopclues are best and they are rewarding too. I availed so many offers and be smart when somebody provide offers check the seller ratings, product description and price in market. Once you check these conditions then you will come to know where and which website to buy.!!! If the offers looks ok after comparing with other website then buy it otherwise drop it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Super Deal . If we purchased before 1pm means amount only 10.2k. Great Deal

  15. amit says:

    real price is 11198..
    plz correct the amt

  16. Amandeep Singh says:

    but now it 11174

  17. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Till around 1PM price was Rs. 10198.

  18. Amandeep Singh says:

    SMI please check price it is 11174

  19. Gagan says:

    Correct..The orignal price after adding the item to the cart is Rs. 14,203 and when you apply the above coupon it shows Final price as Rs 11,198.

    SMI please chk

  20. Ram says:

    CORRECTION – 11198 NOT 10198.. CORRECT IT….

  21. Sanjay Suri says:

    Shopclues shows 11198 instead of 10198. Please check SMI

  22. Shekhar Ahuja says:

    How to post a deal on savemoneyindia. I am offering OTG cable just at Rs.69. Including shipping.

  23. Gaurav says:

    Shopclues shows 11198 instead of 10198. Please check SMI

  24. Arun Mangla says:

    Save money india please check the price : its Rs.11,174 after all the discounts

  25. AJ says:


  26. Ruchir says:

    @vishal-Bhai aisa mat kaho.

    @vankat-Problem resolved.That explains high % and +ve experience are two-way linked.

    To anyone who has used this and Xolo A700 bought at 6972 via SMI find,I challenge which is better.My opinion is clear.By specs also Xolo is much ahead and in experience,well test it.Indian company and a diff satisfaction for free.
    What a bomb.Users are comparing it with Iphone 3,Galaxy Grand,etc and ALL dual users say it defeats MMX A-110 in all rounds hands down.
    Think about a big saving and triple smile than these minus S3,Note,A-116 and upcoming A-111 etc.It works as a 15k phone minus quad core and 512 Mb and Jelly Bean which I am sure will be there in 6 months as update.

  27. venkat says:

    come below to last of the page. you find manysellers. among that choose SUPER CAM DEALS SELLER. MUMBAI. price after discount is around Rs.10790. worth.
    I already bought same product from him. nice packing. and original product. you mail them I need product quickly. or else they deliver you in min 7 days .
    don’t buy from first seller for Rs.10300. because he made only 12 transactions among that 20 percentage negative.

  28. Suraj says:

    Anyone Purchased from this seller ?
    Which seller is preferable as seller 1 has only 12 transactions ?

  29. vishal says:

    moderator so raha hai

  30. vishal says:

    How about the Seller?

    Did anyone purchase this mobile at this price?

    Why the price is so low?

  31. Ruchir says:

    Maybe,its specs are copied by a child.But possible if low CPU,GPU,ROM,no dual core,low RAM etc.
    Probably reason why from 18k,steadily down and will touch below 10k soon.

  32. priya says:

    friends don’t purchase this phone. its very slow

  33. Ruchir says:

    @msquare-what is the sample space and who has defrauded whom and how?Has one read all comments previous buyers wrote.If previous buyers are fooled,it is called unawareness.

    Buyers are naive then if they called a spade a diamond.It happens by the way.A powerseller has tricked but that is rare for me.Mark Info who has 99.4% rating and a powerseller has sent me 2TB WD which is AV-GP whereas listing stated explicitly and is still stating as caviar green.Clear lie.Caviar is 6Gb/s and AV-GP is 3 and is SATA-2.EURS is AV-GP not caviar green.
    But previous buyers who were fooled could anybody notice it.No.Nobody goes into that detail.Green Tech and caviar green are two absolutely diff things. 2Tb and that is enough for most to be satisfied.Most won’t understand diff. in technological nuances.

    If any of many who have bought same thing had alerted me via feedback,I would have bought EARX or EZRX same price same Tb same ratings different seller.But I believed in 99.4%.Nothing more I could have done.All net tranx are risky by the way.But ignorant buyers are also a non benign thing.If anybody would have exposed this,Ebay would not have shielded his comments.Most transparent system. Ebay cannot visit every Godown or audit seller’s IT returns.Not in the U.S.We are failing and are blaming others which is the most easy thing to do and will keep doing same.
    Tradus shields those comments and show 9x.xx% etc and God knows actual comments,ratings,loss,experience etc. Indiatimes doesn’t show at all.
    I have commented negative where I felt cheated and all were refunded or resent for free etc.Safe place than many others.

  34. msquare24 says:

    Ebay India is not fraud. But 70% of the sellers on ebay are fraud.

  35. Nitin Raikar says:

    Indiatimes has blocked any coupon for this mobile..Better to buy on Homeshop18..Ebay in India a strict no no..Ebay india is a Fraud co..

  36. Dikshit says:

    Coupon is blocked…

  37. Ruchir says:

    Ultimate deal.For this price,one should buy even if range out by some thousands.Canvass more or less costs same and selling as hot cakes.I rely on Samsung than MMX.

  38. ANURAG says:

    this site is not ok , not able to login even after resetting password.

  39. Ruchir says:

    @Sandarbh- And Ebay Hater list will increase by 1

  40. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Seller feedback 47.

  41. Sandarbh says:

    Doesnt deserve the first page deal, its available on ebay @12025 only(with 7.5% off coupon-applicable for all)

  42. Ruchir says:

    How do you find such amazing deals?Not only that this is a great deal,probably lowest online till date but no coupon is wasted.It is a task to utilize each coupon to its best,not forced use which results in use of coupon but overall loss.Tremendous combination of both worlds SMI.

  43. husain says:

    it says service temporarily unavailable……the site is not working for this pffer of Samsung S Duos

  44. Ruchir says:

    Outermall is out or kicked out and the deal is overshadowed now

  45. Tushar gupta says:

    Clues bucks are never awarded.

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