Samsung MV800 16.1 MP Digital Camera Rs. 8990, Micromax Wireless Router Rs. 2199, Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Rs. 8989 – HomeShop18

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5 Responses to “Samsung MV800 16.1 MP Digital Camera Rs. 8990, Micromax Wireless Router Rs. 2199, Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Rs. 8989 – HomeShop18”

  1. Sachin says:

    If you are more interested call customer and asked about the order and complaint status. There is difference for customer service, Customer service means if you registered a complaint with them, they should followup till they resolve. Here I followed up and not getting proper response from them till today. I have submitted four complaints for three products and one was already closed. Let me see how long this goes.
    90% people wont go consumer court for resolving these kind of complaints unless the purchased amount is high. Anyway I can hear some positive response from you, I will wait and see.

  2. Sachin says:

    Please find my Order no : 919869230 and the complaint no 77241305,77394231 and 77394263 and 77244477.

  3. Ruchir says:

    Never heard anything like this for HS18. SMI knows much better than me but for me most respected sites are 1(Best)-Flipkart.2 99 percentile FKrt A-HS18,B-Yebhi(Narayana Murthi is something chairman emeritus and founder.Only Indian site in the world so far having won some others are US,UK,NZ,Aus,Ger,etc.B2-Goodlife,Zovi,Inkfruit where quality and consumer comes first,although limited area.Long list.
    But if you are speaking true and I should hope,plz tell the order ID,what product,date,link etc,emails exchanged,etc.
    I will pursue the case and before that HS itself may search your review just like companies does at Grahakseva,Mouthshut,Akosha etc.

    Personal grudge and rivalry is different from helping others by outlining all the details as much as possible and different than solving your problem from any quarters.Instead of shooting at air and enunciating here,describe the problem.You have generalized which an average person does.If the magic undisclosed product is actually fake,plz go ahead and file a consumer complaint.You have all the chances to win the case.Post what compensation courts give to you.I will be glad.

    Many times we are the problem if not liar.At SMI,daily somebody gets the deal,some don’t understand the procedure.There are very few hardcore techies and not easily panicking brand of people.

    They are not sellers.They have a tie-up with many manufacturers like Crystal etc and whatever they give,HS packs and dispatches.The manufacturers won’t ever do that.Direct importer and top distributor will be ruined by chavanni athanni although 1000 is a big sum for most consumers.

  4. Damru says:

    One of the best trusted sites, i ve placed several orders and recieved products as promised along with assured freebees.

  5. Sachin says:

    Do no buy any product with homeshop18 as they are cheating the people and making fraud not helping customers too. I have spent 1000rs for buying a product but they send some fake product which cost only Rs300. But in website they say genuine product but still sending fake product and not providing proper responnse . It beens two weeks now and still they are in helping tendency.

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