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sando-vestShopClues has Sando Vest Pack of 3 for Rs. 298. Fabric: 100% Cotton & Fit: Free Size.

Coupon: SCRV64

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7 Responses to “Sando Vest Pack of 3 Rs. 298 – ShopClues”

  1. anand says:

    dont know what their plans are mr shopuli but certainly not a good experience. rs 1 doesnt matter ofcourse but this dissatisfaction at first instance will make itself count. its a new site should have endavoured to meet schedule to a reasonable extent( cant ask much). even the new mind blowing offers from them will now suffer as buyers ( including me) may not be attracted seeking previous issues.

  2. Ruchir says:

    Even though you apologized,it is human tendency to blame others without proper thinking but you should try to become special and not Tom,Dick and Harry.You can.If you were not out of control,you would have realized that ALL sites had that deal and SMI is the only one whose disclaimer was more prominent than the deal itself.Had Shopuli bought the whole net,I fail to understand and other sites were not mentioning the risk.
    @ak-These shopuli people are fools.By not informing about orders,dispatch,they are destroying themselves.By the tiime things reach customers,there will be litigations,very bad reviews.LOSS+ABUSES.This chap was selling things at Ebay till April,ratings about 70% and was hammered and now unemployed at Ebay.
    Anyway,it was saying since 3-4 days ago till Saturday it will reach all.Hasn’t reached me but in metros,it must have fulfilled most.Blue Bird will be the courier,I am told.Engage them if Shopuli still deludes you till receiving.Next 1 week will unravel Shopuli and its ways.

  3. sk says:

    Sorry I take my comments back, just now got my both the items. Only thing I will still say is that the site should regularly keep buyes informed about order status by sending mails.

  4. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    It was mentioned Shopuli is new website.

  5. Sudha says:

    yes got both orders

  6. sk says:

    I had placed order no communication till date ,seems to be a scam in connivance with SMI. I am sure lakhs of rupees must have been collected by creating fake site and promoting thru SMI.

  7. ak says:

    smi published two deals a week ago from the website

    anybody placed the order
    if anyone
    got item yet
    any shipping detail???
    any communication with customer care????

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