Set of 3 Organic Towels Rs. 59 – CraftsVilla

Fabric that makes you and the planet breathe easy. Back to Basics bath range is made from certified organic and pure cotton using innovative yarn and weaving processes. These unique bath towels absorb water faster and offer anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, giving your body a soft and luxuriant feel.

Size: 30×30 cms.

Buy Set of 3 Organic Towels: White

18 Responses to “Set of 3 Organic Towels Rs. 59 – CraftsVilla”

  1. ut says:

    here it says Rs.59/-… but the product on site says Rs.89/-!!!

  2. vikas says:

    donot get the product and hey dont answer your calls not evev mails if u wnt to waste your money go ahead……………. cuz its 50 days i gave not got my productnt buy u will

  3. hasnain says:

    always out of stock….only site publicity….fake offer
    if craft villa want to give scheme or do buisness really they should kept stock what they been keep in scheme…only doing tie tie fishhh
    iski race lambi nai chalegi

  4. ruma says:

    ***************DO NOT BYE ANYTHING FROM CRAFTSVILLA************

    CraftsVilla is fake. Last time I purchase 3 set of towel worth rs 75/- size – 30*30 the same thing what they selling this time.But I receive 3 handkerchief size – 15*15.

    Shipment # 100026127 for Transaction # 100035812

  5. Jinky says:

    SaveMoneyIndia should not allow Craftsvilla to post such fake offers …. its always out of stock …

  6. kranthi kumar says:


    I got at night 12.05 a.m mostly crafts villa products will be there for few mins only.. And product is good. Already i received red one its awesome.. it is bit small but really worthy for 49/- im dam sure u cant get this product quality in 49/-. so get it enjoy.. crafts villa products mostly quality product only. So enjoy wit their updates..

  7. Perkmania says:

    Its again out of Stock…. :(:(:(
    @kranthi, Naresh – How u guys able to get it? Any tricks… ;)

  8. Vijay says:

    Hey please do not buy it.

    I bought when previously this deal came, towel it too much small and not a good.

    Here they have written 30 X 30 but on product it comes with 28 X 28.

    They are cheating with us.

  9. Himanshu bansal says:

    am not sure whether save money india give product to their customer or not i’ll order 5 things and till after 17 days am not geeting any one of them ….is this is fake website ?

  10. Naresh Jain says:

    For a change 2day afta ages it has worked!!! Phew…Patience has paid off :P

  11. kranthi kumar says:

    its working.. go and grab fast… i just bought one… :)

  12. Manoj Gupta says:

    Your products always out of stock, i dont know why you post the products here. Our time is important.

  13. Ruchir Bansal says:

    Maybe huge demand.But no loss anyway.Its rates are highly competitive and things not found on other ecommerce portals.Maybe actual workers making many items are getting some good employment which is an excellent thing.

  14. varun kapila says:

    its working for all colours now

  15. SUMAN SAHA says:

    Crafts Villa product always stands for out of stock

  16. Rajesh Malvekar says:

    Crafts Villa product always stands for out of stock, then why they posting on the net. This is marketing gimmick

  17. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Off white & white still in stock.

  18. krish says:

    craft villa product is always out of stock…………….. unnecessarily why to post the add…………….

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