ShopClues 100% Cashback (no minimum purchase)


• Pay with MobiKwik Wallet on ShopClues and get 100% Cashback on your order.
• Max Cashback Rs. 100.
• All MobiKwik users will get 100% Cashback on ShopClues only once.
• Cashback confirmation link will be sent via e-mail & SMS within 48 hours. Click on the link to claim the Cashback.
• Mobikwik Wallet can be used to recharge, pay bills & buy products.

Website: ShopClues

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63 Responses to “ShopClues 100% Cashback (no minimum purchase)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The wallet shows the shopclues order ID
    May be they will cancel all orders if it is an error

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are they sleeping with such a big error for so long time

  3. mehul says:

    Recd for 6 orders & waiting for balance 20 orders.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like some error…unlimited times for same account..surely not possible

  5. Uttam says:

    2 message for cashback fingers crossed

  6. Raj says:

    I received cashback twice. and again i have order 3 more order with cashback amount. hoping to get cash back again. so will place more order.s :)

  7. Rishab Jain says:

    Did we get this message at the time of payment??

  8. nicky says:

    ek account me max kitni barr mil sakta hai…

  9. naresh says:

    paid 93 only for axe perfume, got 100rs cash back ;-)

  10. Sureshg says:

    I got CB 100 within 2 hrs of transaction

  11. Shyam says:

    I got for 14 orders now Thanks smi.

  12. g d airan says:


  13. balaji says:

    not working

  14. Sevy says:

    100% working… tried from 3 different ID’s got cashback in two till now in just 2 hours but now tried with new id and cashback on left side is not showing so not taking risk being skeptical.
    thanks SMI

  15. Gotu says:

    Deal will start on 6pm, abhi jisne bhi order kiya hai unko cashback nahi milega..

  16. saurabh khabani says:

    yuppie i have received the cashback 2 times from different Id’s….

  17. Vicky Raj says:

    I think its working in some accounts . Its showing in one of my 3 accounts. I did it once.
    Message will be shown before final payment.

  18. neel says:

    got cash back.
    ty smi.

  19. manju says:

    Cash back received on my 3 id

  20. rip says:

    expired after 4:30

  21. sam says:

    I didnt receives the cb message till.nw but i paid for the ordee

  22. aman says:

    can anybody confirm is it working still or not?

  23. Sunny Grewal says:

    think they wont give it twice as they said they will take 24hrs to process so they will check n then give

  24. Sunny says:

    Bhai kisiko abhi tak cashback mila

  25. Abhishek says:

    got cashback everytime

  26. sk says:

    try 2 times but no message of 100% cashback so cancelled

  27. Sunny Grewal says:

    can i get it again ona same mobikwik account ?

  28. Prasant says:

    100% cb is showing even on 2nd time payment.
    Tried twicke on same mobikwik id, let’s see what happens ?

  29. sam says:

    No cash back receives till now. Hw to get the cash back.

  30. anand says:

    Didnt got any cash back nor any message of cashback so cancelled my order

  31. mehul says:

    CB will take time, have patience.

  32. Jagadeesh says:

    it’s working for me. They displayed 100 Rs cash back. but if you place real order then only we can know. other wise we are not able to know the offer.

    try your luck friends

  33. Rohit says:

    Working. Got the cashback.

  34. sonaj says:

    i got it

  35. nicky says:

    getting message but no credit

  36. krishnareddy says:

    whats that code?

  37. Rahul says:

    DONT TRT ITS 100% NOT Working

  38. Raman says:

    Not Working Now, try at your own Risk Didn’t Got Cashback Msg.
    even its more then 1.30 hrs still no cashback wasted 200 :(

  39. prth says:

    work with my 3 ccounts

  40. pankaj says:

    Not getting any message.

  41. SAN says:


  42. Akash says:

    Yeah! Worked…

  43. rajesh says:

    100 rs. cash back

  44. sonaj says:

    i did nt show plse tell me

  45. surendra says:

    offer is working fine…

  46. Kumar says:

    Got cashback message in mobikwik only after clicking ‘Pay Now’ button. Order success but shopclues website crashed.

  47. mehul says:

    its showing come on guys do it.

  48. Kamaldeep says:


  49. sampath says:

    its showing at your mobikwik payment page @ siddarth

  50. GANESH says:

    Thanks SMI…Bought 2 items 2 accounts and mobikwik screen showned Rs. 100 cash back… lets hope they will cash back it.

    how many times used for this offer in one mobikwik and shopclues account…One time or more.. pls reply..

  51. sampath says:

    still working @div

  52. sampath says:

    now its working @ babjan

  53. balaji says:

    babjan — its expired.. it worked sometime ago

  54. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Bought Gift Certificates. Thanks SMI. I cannot see this offer been shown any where. Thanks again SMI.

  55. Bhaai says:

    its not showing on my account either.
    BTW at what step does it shows..??

  56. Rahul Jain says:

    Its not Showing

  57. Dpk says:

    I not got the message of “Congrats! You will get (100%) Cashback on this transaction.”
    can anyone help me…

  58. prem says:

    @bhargafv at what stage it is showing that congrats message exactly ? anyone please tell quick because i dont get that message any where !

  59. vivaswan says:


  60. siddarth says:

    Its not showing

  61. bhargafv says:

    bought one Rs.100 gift certificates, thanks smi.
    Shows Rs.100 cashback will be in 24 hours

  62. div says:

    Is it still working

  63. Babjan says:

    Is this offer is working now or today evening 6-7 pm ???

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