ShopClues Box Office Deals

shopclues-blockbusterRs. 39 Deals from 9AM: Pond’s Men Ecb Face Wash 50gm | Iodex Ultra Gel 30gm | Lotus Herbals Cocoa Lip Therapy Spf 15 4gm | Snickers Chocolates Pack of 8 | Pigeon Magic Gas Lighter (automatic discount in step Payment Options)
Half the Price Deals from 11AM: Samsung 32″ HD Ready Slim LED TV Rs. 16000 | Philips Hair Straightener HP8658 Rs. 847 | HP Deskjet 1010 Printer Rs. 1236 | Eveready CFL 15W Pack of 4 Rs. 370 | Sunflame Crystal Plus Toughened Glass Cooktop 2B-BK Rs. 3203

Extra 15% off upto Rs. 75 from: PayUMoney (Sign Up > I am a Buyer. In ShopClues > Payment Options > Cash Card > PayU Money > Continue > Place Order > 15% Discount.)

ShopClues: Box Office

83 Responses to “ShopClues Box Office Deals”

  1. tasleem says:

    cheap site…no no actually a site…shit to the product…they wont accept your return request…never ever buy at shopclues

  2. Ajay says:

    Still i am saying Shopclues is collecting you money & not refund. This is Nehle pe Dehla.
    this is again Shopclues himself cancelled order of buyer and take money. My before diwali order still i am not received my refund money.
    CHOR – Thief – CHOR
    Don’t use this site for Online shopping. He is not able to deliver items then why they start or why they running business.
    In short Gujarati ma -> tevad na hoy to dhandho karva na nikalay.

  3. ketan says:

    i was placed order first shopclues confirmed order and then next day it’s cancelled automatically by shopcluse. i think shopclues is cheating customer and got money from customer and then refund after some days. worst…

  4. nizam says:

    uber k saath ek aur cheez ko ban karna zaruri ho gaya ha abbbb!!!!

  5. AJay says:

    Shopclues is not a genuine site they never take back any product and always deliver you duplicate & cheap products have experienced the same in my previous deals

  6. kimi says:

    Worse website SHOPCLUES. My own experience don’t buy anything even if they give 99 % discount …

  7. Ganesh says:

    zero inventory even before 9 am. Cheaters

  8. Nishtha says:

    fraud website after booking Samsung Galaxy Core 2 they say the order has been back order due to low inventory.. jab stock hi nai tha toh cart mai add kyun kia aur payment lene ke baad order cancel karte h… Chor website.. Fraud company. i want my money back..

  9. ms charan says:

    ye duniya ki sabse ghatiya company h
    isase to free m deve to bhi mat lena
    kya pata usme inki koi sajish ho.
    shopclues ko barbad ko bhaiyo.
    flipkart,snapdeal are best
    Amazon videshi h fir bhi uski selling polices achhi h lelo usse bhi
    but is firangi shopclues ko wapas California bhej do

  10. anti says:

    i bought benetton sports deo its duplicate they are fraud .never buy anything from shopclues

  11. netrafter says:

    Yesterday also bought Ambrane P-10 Plus Power Bank (5400 mAh) White with free Power Bank cum Mobile Case and paid just Rs 48 (51 cluebucks + 200 paytm cash).

  12. Amup says:

    fake offer,product not fund,cart empty

  13. neha says:

    waiting since 11am for the samsung galaxy core 2 ,bt not yet avalible.

  14. G D AIRAN says:

    all are sold out/cannot added to cart

  15. mani says:

    empty box office. no product found.

  16. Nishtha says:

    I have ordered samsung galaxy core 2 but it says your order has been backordered due to low inventory. we will contact you at the first opportunity.

    Does any1 else has faced this problem before…???
    What to do now i have made the payment…???
    Please Help Guys…

  17. G D AIRAN says:

    Maggi Healthy Soup Set of 3 has zero inventory

  18. netrafter says:

    Yesterday I managed to buy thermometer and wildstone soap at 34 each and masala packs at 74.

  19. DINESH says:

    guys saste k chakker me mat pado. .. mai experience se bol raha hu rest is up to u

  20. fi says:

    Smi.plz check on click Axe….Handgrip link is open

  21. prateek says:

    shopclues making just a fool…timeof the deal is 9AM andnw it is 10Am till now deal are not soon it will be live all are out of stock

  22. kishore says:

    it is not opening. unable to buy

  23. Mohammed Javed Doby says:

    Its a fake deal it is 0917 now but the page said no product found.

  24. Rahul says:

    Fake offer iphone already sold out when live

  25. Rishi says:


    After hard efforts, finally got success to buy soaps.
    But not happy becoz I wasted lots of time behind it.

  26. pranav says:

    he is just acting over smart he got one big babaji ka thullu

  27. Samkit says:

    Only vasline is available other are out of stock
    risha bh..plzz give us detail of ur order we r also waiting

  28. Ravi says:

    Banata hai…its last warinig for shop clues…nxt tym aisa kuch fake offer dala to I swear I will case on U

  29. Anky says:


    Can you showcase your order details? Couz for thousands of us it never got over from ‘SOLD OUT’ status :P

  30. Nitin says:

    ordered Wild Stone Deodorant Soap 125gm each Pack of 3 FOR RS 20 ONLY
    Nice deal

  31. risha bh says:

    yeah…!!! got iphone 6 at 27000/- i m lovin it

  32. dheer says:

    We should do the case on these website who – who are with me as they always make people fools

  33. yy says:

    guys wildstone soap and vaseline are back in stock ..
    hurry …

  34. nitish says:

    iphone 6 slod out before it arrive fake deal

  35. samkit says:

    bt in this link i phone 6 is not yet open..and the site tht smi has given is saying sold out…

  36. Samik says:

    The Coupon code is only wrong like yesterday’s case with Philips Trimmer!!

  37. sunil says:

    Where is the link to i6 ?

  38. Sunny28 says:

    Your cart is empty, so you cannot proceed to checkout.WTF

  39. Anonymous says:

    show se pahle hi sold out

  40. rajat says:

    sold before starting..shopclues trolled us all.

  41. lofar says:

    kyaa mila sabko :P baba ji ka thulluu :D

  42. Parth says:

    help mobile in my cart but not abble to apply the coupon :(

  43. saurabh says:

    sold before opening of deal.rubbish

  44. Parth says:

    Not able to apply the coupon given SCGOSFHF01 :(
    Any other coupon applicable??

  45. rishabh says:

    its 11:22 where is my i6 ???

  46. rajat says:

    NOt started ..lookin for I 6

  47. Nikhil says:

    Not getting anything..neither iPhone 6

  48. Kumar says:

    No link of 11:00 AM are not working..trying from sharp 11:00AM

  49. Harsh says:

    11:06 nothing is there u shopclues

  50. HARI says:

    ShopClues don’t make public fools pls

  51. karan says:

    provide link for iphone 6

  52. shravan says:

    iphone 6? Shop clues

  53. Vivek says:

    I hate shopclues.
    Worst experience !!

  54. Vivek says:

    very bad experience.
    U shopclues!!

  55. gajraj says:

    I booked Thermometer ar 39 rs including shipping charges

  56. saurabh says:

    Kuch ni milne wala kisi ko.

  57. mehul says:

    Claiming to sale Apple iphone 6 at 26000/- . Not able to sale soap or masala powder at price which they adverstised. Complete waste of time.

  58. Samik says:

    Not able to add to cart!!

  59. Prem says:

    Wildstone shows that it is in stock .,. but if you click buy it is not added to the cart . since tthere it shows no inventory. . bakwaas site

  60. srinath says:

    wildstone stock unavailbable and masala powder shipping 50rs!!

  61. Tushar says:

    He has totally fooled the public again with his old trick… No stock but full advertise

  62. mehul says:

    Wildstone Soap not adding to cart.

  63. kapil says:

    Vaseline same price 85 wild stone same prise…… deal not start yet

  64. deepak says:

    shopclues walo ka add band karo band karo… waste of time

  65. tinku meena says:

    pay u money give only 5% they written as 15%?

  66. he says:

    full offf time barbad its 9:30

  67. he says:

    kay bakwas hai SMI very disappointed shopclues 0

  68. Rahul says:

    I think, they will directly show the product with Sold out tag :). As usual shopclues is just trying to show off with no real deal.

  69. ARSHAD says:

    ordered Wild Stone Deodorant Soap 125gm each Pack of 3

  70. it says:

    Shopclues sells fake goods and has really bad customer service. Check reviews on Mouthshut and search for the press articles released over retailer…shop for fake products on shopclues.

  71. dinesh says:

    cmon shop clues
    its fake?
    i trust this site but offer ois not started yet

  72. Tushar says:

    I guess he has wrongly put it as 9am. It was supposed to be 9pm I guess….:-)

  73. vivaswan says:

    waiting for apple iphone 6 :P

  74. shravan says:

    Ha Ha,No Products Added It Already 9.20? Come on Shop Clues!

  75. veer says:

    Its 9:16 but still deal is not started

  76. nikhil porwal says:

    deals hasn’t started till 9:15 am what is this?
    poor site

  77. KP Raju says:

    Offer not yet started, its 0913 Hrs…

  78. sitar says:

    not yet started

  79. Bh says:

    Still not started…

  80. Parth says:

    Link to buy??

  81. saurabh says:

    No products 9@m passed

  82. Sarthak says:

    Its already 9…but no link on the products…till now

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