ShopClues Independence Day Sale 100% Cashback

shopclues-independence-day-sale• The 100% Cashback Offer is valid from August 11th – 15th, 2015, and will be given in form of CluesBucks only.
• Minimum Cart Value of Rs. 690 is mandatory to avail the 100% Cashback Offer.
• For Orders worth Rs. 1000 and more, maximum Cashback of 1000 CluesBucks can be availed.
• Offer valid only once per user.
• Cashback based on your purchase will be issued in form of CluesBucks, after 10 Working Days of your Product’s delivery from I-Day Sale.
• CluesBucks earned from I-Day Sale should be redeemed within 10 Days from date of issue.

Extra 20% Cashback upto Rs. 150: On transactions made through the Citrus Wallet (Terms & Conditions)

ShopClues: Independence Day Sale | Terms & Conditions

Example: Eveready LED Bulb 7W Pack of 4 + Rs. 1000 CluesBucks + Rs. 150 Citrus Wallet Cashback Rs. 1054

89 Responses to “ShopClues Independence Day Sale 100% Cashback”

  1. prabhat says:

    Thanks Shopclues…its fantastic

  2. anonymous says:

    received 1000 cluebucks today with 10 days validity for independance day offer. thanks shopclues.

  3. sravan Baggali says:

    Guys I purchased Kent water purifier worth of 2350 on 11 th august. Deliverd on 20th. And I got 1000 cluesbucks on 1st of this month. And I used that bucks also. So this is not fake. Am fully satisfied with this offer.

  4. vishnu says:

    Check in the shopclues account to know which is our date of order completion. My order was delivered on Aug 24, but the date of order complition is Sep 3. So the cluebucks will credit within 10 days of order completion (in my case it is Sep 13)

  5. vinod goel says:

    i have also not received 100% cash till today though order competed by 23d august.
    same standard reply will get back in 10 working days.

  6. abhi says:

    product delivery on 24 september but after 10 days not get cashback.
    It is fake offer by shopclues.

  7. mehul says:

    Real Cheaters. My order delivered on 22/8/2015 but they market the order completion date as 4/9/2015. So that they can delay in giving 100% Cashback. @partha check the order completion date of your & not order delivered date.

  8. RDXIIX says:

    Got my CB of Rs838/-. Bought 3 more 16Gb Pen Drives with it by paying 200 more.

  9. PARTHA says:

    10days alredy is gone my product is delivered(date-27/08/2015). Till now not add my 100% cluesBucks…
    Today I will contact castomar care …
    He ans me after the 48hours…

  10. AMIT GARG says:

    Now even customer support is not responding

  11. pankaj says:

    Ab tak nahi aaya

  12. Mani says:

    Got 1000 Bucks and spent too, Thanks SMI

  13. Adi says:

    Got 712 cluebucks

  14. Anshuman Goyal says:

    I am still waiting for my one to be credited. I received the product on 19th August. So I should ideally get them today. Kaya baat hai.

  15. AMIT GARG says:

    @ mehul product delivered on 20th aug, clueucks rceived on 31st aug.

  16. Shannu says:

    Got The 100% Cashback As Cluesbucks In My Account On 31st August I Received The Product On 18th August

  17. mehul says:

    Thanks Sayad, I also recd the order on 22 Aug 2015. Others who got CB pl post date of delivery.

  18. sur says:

    Thanks Sayad, I got on 22 Aug, let see

  19. sayad says:

    i got 1000 cluebucks after 10 working days of product delivered.
    my product delivered on 18th august.
    i got coupons on 26th august to my mail.
    i got cluebucks on 1st september that means shopclues considering saturday n sunday as not working days so every one will get cluebucks after 10 working days

  20. Harry says:

    They will inform by mail.

  21. ajay says:

    received today…

  22. damodar aghaniya says:

    not recieved.

  23. Ravi chandan says:

    I also not get

  24. shital says:

    I have Not get clue-bucks.

  25. pankaj says:

    I also not get

  26. vijay says:

    I still not received by which mode they r giving mail or in account

  27. sravan Baggali says:

    Received 1000 cluesbucks

  28. HARRY says:

    i also got 755 cluesbucks today with 10 days validity.

  29. Suresh says:

    I also got the cashback with 10 days validity,very thanks smi teams & shopclues team

  30. Rinku says:

    got the 1000 cluebucks just now with 10 day validity

  31. AMIT GARG says:

    Received the cluebuck

  32. chandan says:

    Frnds twitter PR shopclues ki complain krte hai aao

  33. mehul says:

    Got the following message :

    Thank you for contacting
    Based on your concern, we would like to inform you that the 100% cashback offer (from 11th Aug-15th Aug) is applicable for all product across the website.
    The Cashback will be given in form of Clues Bucks with minimum cart value Rs 690. However, for Orders worth Rs 1000 and more, will be eligible for maximum Cashback of 1000 Clues Bucks.
    Please note that the Clues Bucks would credit in your ShopClues account within 10 days after the completion of the order.
    We request you to read all Terms and Conditions carefully with the below mentioned link:
    If you have any further concern or queries, feel free to contact our customer support team and we will be happy to assist you further.
    Best Regards,
    Customer Support Team

  34. ajay says:

    10 days over after receiving the product …cashback not received

  35. SANTOSH says:

    me too waiting for my 100% cash back. the product has been delivered to me 5 days back but still no 100% cluebucks in my A.c.
    Hope shopclue will not break his promise

  36. vishnu says:

    In terms condition ,it says the clubucks will issue within 10 days from the product delivery. My product delivered on Aug 24. So i think they will give my cluebucks on or before Sep 4…(fingers crossed..:p)

  37. ajay says:

    I have make a request for refund at shopclues and in reason option…I have mention this …Dear sir,

    I have purchased Karbonn K105s Mobile phone under 100 % cashback deal of shopclues Independence deal dated 12-08-2015. As per your T&C 100% cashback clue bucks will be credit to my account within 10 days after order.But now 18 days gone already, and I have not received my 100 % clue-bucks, that’s why I am going to refund this product. Kindly return this product and refund this order and credit my money to my bank account.
    ajay prajapati

    lets see what happen…

  38. abhijeet says:

    Good offer.
    It is fake offer.
    Idea internet jab Lagaing ,shopclues dekho ooluuuu banaing.

  39. rahul s says:

    WTF.. Its clear cheating.. they didnt give cashback but give stupid coupons of stupid brands that we r never going to use..Its a clear Online fraud. :@

  40. Vinod says:

    Anyone received cashback on that products where 100% banner was not displaying.
    Shopclues has hired fool peoples to deal with persons. Some of them are saying that I will get cashback and some of them are denying.

    Please let me know asap.


  41. Sanjay says:

    My order was returned to origin and shopclues will refund my money, there is no cash back.

  42. AMIT GARG says:

    @ priya – i also received coupons on 26th evening. i am expecting cluebucks latest by tomorrow.
    So wait for 1 more day.

  43. Priya says:

    Still not received the cash back. Got only useless coupons of yatra etc. I even raise a ticket on customer support but ShopClues is not replying to that also. I received useless coupons on 26th Aug. How long I need to wait for cash back?

  44. pradeep garg says:

    Thanks smi and shopclues I got 100% cashback yesterday

  45. vamsi says:

    @vishnu you are giving new ideas to shopclues.

  46. AMIT GARG says:

    CASHBACK to be received after 10 days of delivery of product ( not on 25th Aug)
    Vouchers were supposed to sent after 7 days of delivery of product additionally.
    So who ever received vouchers , please wait for 3 more days for clue buck.
    once you receive the cluebucks then you have 10 days time to Spend them

  47. sukhdev singh says:

    I have completed the criteria to receive cluebuck on 15 Aug offer on shopclue 100% cash back sale of 10 day

  48. vishal says:

    @andy when u bought bcos i bought on 15th but not got my 100% yet

  49. andy says:

    got 100%

  50. vishnu says:

    Now i am affraid. They will give our cluebucks. But i think at that time majority of products will be sold out or their price may increase than usual. Tricky shopclues…

  51. Sanjay Aggarwal says:

    They have offered 100% cash back with ten days validity. So revert back so ShopClues and online consumer foremost for cash back. Also send image of one tooti chappal to them.

  52. Gopalr says:

    Where is our clues bucks…. shopclues has made us fool this time.
    Please suggest how we can teach shopclues a lesson…

  53. Prabhat says:

    anonymous, please don`t feel cheated, this voucher is complimentry and cluesbucks added in your account within 10 days…

  54. anonymous says:

    The shopclues has cheated friends w.r.t. 100% cashback offer, They have given gift vouchers instead of cluebucks. The gift vouchers are of lesser known online brands e.g. Droom, Yatra & Vendantu. As was being expected, the shopclues have back tracked from their original commitments as per terms and conditions. (Read them again carefully). So guys, can’s these things be termed as online frauds? Any expert should have a say.

  55. ajay says:

    anybody got cashback ?? Ireceived mail today but it was not 100% cashback instead they have provided me coupons for yatra,DROOM and Vedantu.

  56. abhijeet says:

    i have placed the order date of 16 aug 2015.
    offer is valid till 15 aug 2015, but advertiz is avalible on 16/08/2015 before at 12 am.
    i dont know, cashback get or not.

  57. VIJAY says:

    clue bucks will be given after 10 days of shipping the product & will be valid for 10 days from the given date

  58. phani says:

    now in shopclues order showing complete but i am not received any cluesbucks i received 4 days back. item was faulty at least if i got cashback ok then waste

  59. ajay says:

    I placed order of Rs 790 but they have cancelled one order of Rs 300 this means I wont be eligible for 100% cashback.

  60. Venkat says:

    I have received damaged product,if I return the product they don’t provide the 100%cash back I think ??

  61. Anonymous says:

    they have no stock available & order chaged

  62. AMIT GARG says:

    @ Priya – Wait for 10 days

  63. Suresh says:

    Anyone got cashback?

  64. Suresh says:

    Got citrus pay cashback,but till now not got shopclues cluesbucks :(

  65. Priya says:

    I product I have ordered is delivered but I have not receive any cash back. What to do guys?

  66. Nil sen says:

    Worst service ever I seen. Trying last 1 hour but unable to place a single order. Shame.

  67. mehul says:

    @ Airan its a site wide offer, Check T & C, You can purchase any product any qty only cart/payable amount should be more than 690/-.

  68. G D AIRAN says:

    you can buy i or more product where independepent day offer is highlighted as OFFERS

  69. AMIT GARG says:

    @ pankaj
    As per t&c cluebucks will be received after 10 days of product delivery

  70. pankaj says:

    Yaar muze cash back Bhi nahi aaya Aur nahi club bucks

  71. Mahesh Sulakhe says:

    Eveready 9W6500K Cool Day Light Led Bulb 3 Pcs Pack this items are sold out

  72. nandram says:

    yaaro last kitne rupee tak ki cheez (thing) kharid sakte h is par

  73. zishan ali says:

    dear dosto clear 690 available on all product or certain product,,,
    also clear about and no permo code required for this item purchase..
    if i purchase rs 690 item than 690 cash back in form of clue buks???
    clue buks expiry date???

  74. sanju says:


  75. aarnav says:

    can we purchase anything above 690 rs. or is the offer available only for selected items.

  76. archana says:

    Citrus wallet offer is going or ended ?

  77. Dhruv kanodia says:

    See terms n conditions. ..its mentioned thw offer is valis sitewide…

  78. alex says:

    we have to add money to citrus wallet then pay or we can pay directly through citrus using dc/cc to avail the cashback offer??
    please someone clearly confirm the same

  79. kul says:

    redeemed within 10 Days from date of issue

  80. Bhargav says:

    Please see the smi post.. Last point clearly shows.. Only with in 10 days we have to use it

  81. vamsi says:

    I think you are wrong, after cash back credited then day 1 starts up to 10 days expiry of cluebucks, please check terms and condition. But i am not sure about that.

  82. kul says:

    Transaction Clues Bucks that you earn as part of a prepaid order expire after 120 days from the date of issuance,where is 10 days expiry

  83. mehul says:

    On any selected items or site wide?? Pls tell anyone… No where mentioned this. Any update please post here.

  84. joy says:

    Thanks chirag for the update

  85. chirag says:

    NOTE: Tricky offer

    Cashback will be given after 10 days and validity of cashback is only 10 days… Paytm is best in tterm of cashback validity.

  86. Balaji says:

    On any selected items or site wide?? Pls tell anyone..

  87. Santosh says:

    Is citrus cb conformed?

  88. Suresh says:

    Thanks smi & ordered one :)

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