ShopClues Sunday Flea Market 90% Cashback

flea-market90• Get 90% Cashback and a maximum Cashback of Rs. 100 on your Shopping, when you pay using Citrus Cash Wallet on ShopClues. (Payment Options > Cash Cards/Wallets > Citrus Cash)
• A maximum of ONE Cashback per customer per week paying through Citrus Cash can be availed.
• The Cashback would be credited within 3 working days.
• Offer is valid from 19th December 5PM to 21st December 5PM.

ShopClues: Sunday Flea Market | Terms & Conditions (click “Get 90% CASHBACK”)

Lifebuoy Natural Hand Wash 215ml + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 114
Milton Water Bottle 1L Pack of 3 + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 118
Nivea Whitening Even Tone Cell Repair Lotion 35ml Pack of 3 + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 118
Amiraj Healthy Sprout Maker + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 125
Word Power Made Easy + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 130
Super Max SMX3 Razor with 10 Refills + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 130
Cadbury Gems Surprise Set of 3 + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 135
Ching’s Soups 30gm Pack of 5 + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 139
Jackly Screwdriver Tool Kit 6032-A + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 143
Gillette Presto Razor Set of 3 + Shaving Cream Set of 3 + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 158

86 Responses to “ShopClues Sunday Flea Market 90% Cashback”

  1. Qwerty says:

    Mera cb Tuesday ko agya tha.

  2. Anand says:

    Got all 3 cashback in 3 accounts

  3. himanshu says:

    I have got it on tuesday

  4. Mogli says:

    Anybody got the cashback from citrus???

  5. GEEK says:

    Got cb in three citrus a/c…waiting for another six…:)
    Guys! U’ll get the cb once the shopclues changed the status of your order. Either “dispached” or “ready for dispach”. So check your shopclues a/c first

  6. Mohit says:

    Mujhe bhi ni aya

  7. Yash says:

    Wait for three days..

  8. amar says:

    is bar cash back nahi aayega lagta hai

  9. Nikhil says:

    Mujhe bhi nahi aaya.
    Maine first time citrus se kiya tha.

  10. amar says:

    Yaro 19 ko order kiya tha abhi tak cash back nahi aaya kisi ka aaya kya???

  11. rohit says:

    SMI changed the date to 21st December.

    Any suggestions for which gift cards we can buy if offer comes again?

  12. VJ says:

    Offer is valid till 21st Dec or 22nd dec. In citrus website it mentioned as 21st Dec. But in SMI offset shows valid till 22nd. Kindly anyone clarify…

  13. Akshit says:

    Got cash back 3 time…
    First i make a purchase then got cb..then again using that cb got cb then again do shopping…
    Now hoping for best…

  14. Qwerty says:

    order placed out of the flea market, got msg from citrus cb will be credit in 1 working Day.

  15. Anand says:

    Not valid for giftcard

  16. balaji says:

    No. This is on only sunday flee market items

  17. krishnareddy says:

    u can buy anything.. But u have to pay money thru citrus only… then only u wil get max 100rs cash back into ur citurs account which u can transfer to bank

  18. VJ says:

    Is cashback is applicable when purchased through Mobile website??? Kindly clarify

  19. Priyanka says:

    Is this offer valid for gift certificate ?

  20. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    90% cashback upto 100 rs offer is available and is valid from 19th December (5pm) to 22nd December (5pm) 2015. offer is visible on

  21. Anand says:

    Is week 90% cashback offer hai kya not shown yet waiting for offer it was dam good offer

  22. pooja says:

    3 successful orders..thanks SMI, shopclues, CITRUS

  23. shopper says:

    @Priyanka..No Priyanaka… You will get only one cash back if you have used same mobile no for all the shipping address…They are tracking Citrus cash registered mobile no & Shipping address mobile no. also…Previous week I lost cash back for Few accounts due to this reason..So this Time I corrected Myself & received cash back in all accounts..My shipping address was same..But just changed the mobile no..

  24. Qwerty says:

    Got 3rd week cb, shopped in non-sunday flea market.{i.e random item from site}

    @prinka shipping address doesn’t matter but only 1 cash back for 1 phone number per week is applicable.

  25. Abc says:

    Got cb great SMI ,shopclues and Citrus.

  26. Priyanka says:

    MAybe i should cancel all the orders.

  27. neeraj says:

    no you will not get cashback.

  28. Priyanka says:

    I have used multiple account of shopclues and Citrus wallet but i did one mistake .
    I have used same mobile number on all the orders .
    I have received the cashback only for one order related to that number itself.

    Will i get the cashback for all my orders with same mobile no on shipping address ?

  29. Anand says:

    Previous 2 week got both times cashback this time third time purchase and waiting for cashback thanks smi shopclues and citrus

  30. pooja says:


  31. rohit says:

    Thanks a ton Vijay and San , love you guys.

  32. Rizwan says:

    Citrus payment gateway not responding.
    Unable to make payment through citrus wallet.

    Anybody facing similar problem ?

  33. San says:

    @ rohit

    1) 90 % on amount paid from citrus walley
    2) valid on all products

  34. vijay says:

    All product &cash back will be 90% of amt paid through citrus

  35. rohit says:

    Q1) I’ve 51 cluesBucks; if I buy product worth Rs 100 and use my 51 cluesBucks, then the 90% cashback I would receive would be on Rs 100 or on Rs 49?

    Q2) Is the 90% cashback valid on ALL products on ShopClues website or only Sunday Flea Market products?

  36. Tarun says:

    I also received the CB for the last two weeks SFM offers. Did’t receive SMS confiramtion thsi time from Citrus but CB received in my Citrus a/c.

  37. pankaj says:

    Yaar mera second time hai ab tak nahi ayaa

  38. Swapnil says:

    Got cashback for second purchase as well..:-)

  39. Rons says:

    Got this week cashback as well (overall second time). Thanks SMI, Shopclues and Citrus.

  40. Ashish says:

    yipee got 2 times cashbacks in two consecutive weeks from same deal ever..tnx smi

  41. yash says:

    Received cashback in my account just now .made purchase on sunday .
    old users which purchased last time will also receive cashback.
    so just wait and don’t cancel your orders.

  42. DEEP says:

    I got ll 4 100 rs cash back on different account.

  43. Mr X says:

    Mine also not received cash back..

  44. Dimpi says:

    received cashback thanks i got my order in effective price is 12

  45. Anand says:

    Still no cashback recieved what to do guy should I reject the order so order will get automatically cancelled or wait more

  46. Nikhil says:

    Hello guys
    I have contact to Regarding cash back.
    they are sayings wait for 3 days after order date.
    But still you have not received contact to customer care Shopclues or cancel your order.
    This case for who earlier benefited from this offer.

    But i have received in other account for 1st time.

  47. Qwert says:

    My 6dec order is also handed over to OnDot logistics it means i lost my more money.and citrus cb didn’t recieve till now.
    all in alll 300rs loss and bunch of time was waste.

  48. Qwert says:

    29nov order return back from midway, by OnDot logistic as they have head offfice 7km away from my home but the reason they provide is worst. they unable to find my address ,no delivery attempt & no one contact me . On 8dec parcel is out for delivery and on same day order is return to seller in UP..which is impossible
    now shopclues care is doing puppet talk no return
    i lost my money and waste my time.
    as citrus alredy said no return or cancel.

  49. dj says:

    Aa jayega let’s wait mera b nhi aya 1-2 din aur dekhte h

  50. Rons says:

    This week cash back not received even after 3 days, but last week got after 2 days. So it is only available for once for a user, not for a user per week. I have send an email to citrus team, but not yet get any reply from them.

  51. dj says:

    Saturday ka cashback to aa gya lgta h kal Sunday ka ayega

  52. prabhat says:

    Yes cashback received for saturday order…its true

  53. yash says:

    anyone recieved cashback??

  54. qwerty says:

    order done through citrus wallet, let see this week they give cb or not.

  55. vijay says:

    email is enough

  56. shashi says:

    @DK- Email IDN phoneno. need not be the same for shopclues and Citrus.But while making payments, even after lgging in the Citrus A/c, it does not show your Citrus balance and I had to make full payment theu my Card,which means Citrus balance becomes useless. I have written to Shopclues as well as Citrus reg this problem n awaiting feedback.

  57. Dk says:

    Email ID and mobile no. Should be same or only email id should be sama on payment page both citrus and shopclues?
    If any one know please reply in comment.

  58. King says:

    You should pay with citrus wallet only.
    Its very simple, Make your order and get to payment page, When you see final payment to be made.
    Simply add that amt to your wallet, Come back to shopclues tab.
    Select citrus wallet, There are 3 tabs for credit card/ Citrus account/ Debit card.
    Select citrus cube, Login your added amount will be there.
    Pay, & Done.

  59. Dhruv kanodia says:

    Citrus wallet ke through credit card se payt karenge to cash back milega kya…plz reply

  60. Ganesh says:

    @shashi bro,if purchase amount less the citrus pay cash means it showing payment through credit/debit card,or forget to login the citrus pay account,it’s my guess only

  61. shashi says:

    I ahve 100/- on my Caitrus cash a/c but when I am logging in to Citrus A/c while shopping with shopclues it is not showing my balance and I had to pay total amt. thru my credit card.

  62. krishnareddy says:

    u can buy anything .. there is no such type of condition…

  63. Sahil says:

    Kya te offer only Sunday flea market py he hai kya..???…pls tell me.

  64. krishnareddy says:

    its live… so go thru that

  65. yash says:

    go to and you see shopclues offers and detailed terms and conditions and you will see there the offer dates 05-12-15 to 07-12-15.
    and i have also confirmed with citrus team and they said offer is live.

  66. Venkat-Hyd says:

    Dear SMI,
    Please check T&cin last line (Offer is valid from 28th November, 5 pm to 30th November, 5 pm, 2015), I was called the customer care yesterday they said no citrus offer ???SMI please confirm. Offer is there or not for use of all your customers

  67. amar says:

    Offer is valid from 28th November, 5 pm to 30th November, 5 pm, 2015

  68. sunil says:

    Cash back available onv only see the term&condition last line wrong information be careful.

  69. Anonymous says:

    how to check for the cash back?

  70. Rohit says:

    I got the cashback thank u SMI

  71. priya says:

    got CB :)

  72. Rons says:

    CB received, thanks SMI.

  73. archana says:

    me too… :)

  74. vijay says:

    Me too

  75. prabhat says:

    cashback recieved…

  76. Suji says:

    Yes I got cashback thanks smi

  77. 0007 says:

    i got cash back in my citrus wallet…thanx smi

  78. Anand says:

    Buyed finger potato chips cutter 130 rs now waiting for 100 cashback

  79. qwerty says:

    citrus Wallet me cash milega as cashback.

  80. dj says:

    Ye offer sirf sunday flea market k products pe h i think so aisa likha tha waha.cashback 3 din me ayega

  81. Anand says:

    Cashback kahan pe milega citrus ac mein ya shopclues ac mein

  82. qwerty says:

    order done with citrus wallet, lets see when cb will be credit.

  83. Bhaumik says:

    order done with citrus wallet and now waiting for cash back…

  84. gowthami says:

    can we buy gift card ?

  85. 0007 says:

    order done with citrus wallet and now waiting for cash back…

  86. Bhaumik says:

    Milton Water Bottle – Pack of 3 1000ML not 100ML, please correct it.

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