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shoppersstop50ShoppersStop is offering 50% off on Clothing, Footwear & Accessories.

ShoppersStop: Flat 50% off (select Brand) | Special Offers | Sale

5 Responses to “Clothing, Footwear, Accessories 50% off – ShoppersStop”

  1. Debasish says:

    Page is not opening……..showing problem loading page.

  2. mehul says:

    They will not ship. Majority orders are cancelled.
    Go to, read review & then place the order.

  3. Jatin says:

    Hi chandrashekhar,
    Its not a big deal everywhere. Items priced at 100 around 5-6 months back are now priced at between 120-180. Its crap. Brands are minting money but sure, they show they are making losses. Who in this world runs a business on losses ??
    Enjoy the sale while stock lasts. I am going to buy 2 shirts and a jeans, all individually (1100+ each) to get a 300 extra off on all 3 things. Lets see if it works :)

  4. chandrashekhar says:

    not a big deal, thing which was 540 is now 820

  5. archana says:

    amazing coupon n reminder for s.s. sale. thank u!!!

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